Beautiful Booty On The Street

Beautiful Booty On The Street
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Nymphomania is named after a selection of minor deities in Greek myth. So just how did these creatures get connected to an uncontrolable sex drive?

What was the secret to these beings monthly romps in the night with each other. *************** "Oh my," Kasumi said. "What an odd looking apple." "Yes, it is an odd one," the vendor said glancing at the truly golden apple before her. "I bought it off a old man a few minutes ago. I was going to have it for a snack I, but if a fine lady like yourself would like to try such a delicacy." For some reason Kasumi felt certain that she should buy it.

It was pretty and it looked so tasty. A few minutes later it was in her possession and she was enjoying the almost honey-like taste of the strange fruit. She was feeling strange by the time she reached home. "Tadaima!" she called out as she came into the house, not minding that Nabiki was at school while Soun and Genma were out doing whatever it was they did while they were out, and Ranma and Akane had vanished on some adventure earlier in the day.

She walked into the kitchen, her mouth feeling dry for some odd reason. She set down her groceries and started putting most of them away. She felt altogether odd, and was starting to feel a trace faint.

"Hello!" somebody called someone from the front. "Is anybody any home?" "Oh, Ukyou," Kasumi called out, setting aside the groceries in her hurry to reach the voice, feeling a strange urge to do so. "Oh hi Kasumi," Ukyou said setting down her delivery box. "I guess my clock is broken, I thought Ranchan would be home from school by now." "Excuse me," Kasumi said confused.

She didn't pay too much attention to what Ukyou said, she was spending too much time noticing just how tight Ukyou's Okonomiyaki seller's tights were. "Todays one of the days they give me time off to run Ucchans'" Ukyou explained.

"I was coming to give Ranma a little surprise." "Oh I see," Kasumi said faintly. She had forgotten that Akane and Ranma had gone chasing some random martial artist earlier that day and so were not likely to be seen for a week or two. That didn't matter since she was not really paying attention anyway. She was quietly shocked at her behavior, so openly oogling another woman.

But she needed something, and she needed it bad. The need was getting worse as she stood there, so she continued to stare. "Are you okay, Kasumi?" Ukyou said coming closer, and seeming concerned. "Why do you ask Ukyou?" Kasumi asked, wrenching her face to look at the chef's brown eyes. "Because you look pale," Ukyou said. "And you sound tired, and you keep looking down. Kasumi when did your eyes turn gold?" "Hmmm?" Kasumi asked, not paying attention to anything else but Ukyou's face.

Her descision had been made, now just to see about implementing it. "That's it," Ukyou said. "I'm putting you to bed." Ukyou stepped forward to put an arm around Kasumi to steady her and started walking deeper into the Tendo household.

Kasumi stumbled along wearily for a moment before speaking. "Ukyou-san," she said. "I do feel I need something." "Yeah, sleep," Ukyou said, half-carrying Kasumi along. "Not precisely," Kasumi said. Then she tapped her index finger, and a sharp nail glistening as if covered with something, into Ukyou's neck where it put the shoulder. "Ouch!" Ukyou gasped.

"What the heck ar." Her voice trailed off, and Kasumi turned the chef around to face her. Then she sunk the other hand's index finger into Ukyou's neck on the otherside.


Kasumi smiled gently as Ukyou's eyes slowly changed to a grassy green shade. Ukyou was hers now. Kasumi leaned forward and kissed the formerly human chef passionately. She cradled Ukyou's head gently as she greedily tasted the essence of Ukyou's lips, instantly feeling better. Ukyou moaned softly and reached her hands around behind Kasumi as the Tendo girl lowered her to the floor. Kasumi continued kissing the younger girl for a minute before raising up over the dazed looking Ukyou, straddling her.

"I don't know why," Kasumi said. "But I'm afraid I need you Ukyou-san." She demurely unbuttoned her blouse and carefully set it aside.

"Kasumi," Ukyou sighed, blinking. "What are you doing?" As she asked she reached up to undo Kasumi's bra as the elder girl removed her skirt. Kasumi tossed her skirt aside and lowered herself down to Ukyou's face, smiling. A slender hand caressed Ukyou's face as another slipped into her top. Ukyou gasped and arched her back as Kasumi's hand brushed over the flesh on her breast. "Do you want me to stop, Ukyou-san?" Kasumi asked seriously.

She knew somehow that Ukyou would not want to stop, perhaps by some newly found instinct. "No, no Kasumi," Nabiki gasped. "Don't stop." Kasumi smiled and gently pushed Ukyou down, kissing her on the mouth again, as she efficiently undid the chef's top.

Kasumi found her newly sharp fingernails useful to strip through the bindings hiding Ukyou's wonderful breasts. Her other hand roamed down Ukyou's back, sending exceptionally pleasant signals racing into Ukyou's brain. Ukyou shrieked in pleasure as Kasumi's hand slipped around her front and down between her legs. The chef clawed at the floor trying to find a grip as Kasumi smiled down at her, gently and forcifully pleasuring her.

Kasumi's free hand finished with the chest bindings and she began to quietly massage the girl's breasts, taking them in turns, flicking the hard nipples and gentling kneading the soft, pillowy flesh.

Ukyou took great panting breaths as her legs curled and stretched in response to what Kasumi's other hand was doing between her legs. Her eyes remained unfocused as she gasped and shifted her body to move with Kasumi. "Oh my," Kasumi gasped as she felt a pair of hands trail down between her legs and rub at her sex through the panties. She smiled sunnily, still energized from the taste of Ukyou's lips and arched her back slightly, looking up and enjoying the feel.

They continued like this for a few minutes, heavy, panting breathing punctutated by a few sharp cries. Then Kasumi felt her lover's breasts starting to swell. "I think you're ready now," Kasumi said, as if she were finishing up in the kitchen.

She lowered herself down again and kissed Ukyou, staring into the younger girl's adoring face before closing her eyes. Then she broke the embrace gently and kissed her way downward. She licked the hollow of Ukyou's throat eliciting a low moan of appreciation as Ukyou's hands moved around to Kasumi's back and snapped the bra loose, before travelling lower to remove the panties, tearing those off. "Oooo!" Kasumi gasped as her undergarments were ripped off.

"Ucchan, be more careful." "Hai, Kasumi," Ukyou said apologetically in the pause. She leaned upward to kiss Kasumi, but the older girl gently guided her back down. "It's alright," Kasumi said lowering her head back down. "I'm sor.RrIEE!

Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!" Ukyou's eyes popped wide as Kasumi set her mouth around her nipple and began to drink. The taste of Ukyou's milk was wonderous, like nutmeg and cinnamon, and Kasumi could feel herself filling with power and life as she move both her hands around to hold Ukyou's back upright after Ukyou jolted them into a seated position.

"Oh Kami, Kasumi!" Ukyou gasped, her breath continued to come in sharp with soft moans in time to Kasumi pulling milk from her breasts. She was given a brief moment to pause and catch her breath as Kasumi switched breasts, then she was gritting her teeth and bucking again while Kasumi gently massaged her.

Kasumi's hands travelled low and gripped the tights and panties underneath this time, briefly and reluctantly removing her mouth from Ukyou's breast. A thin streamer of golden-white milk dripped from her mouth and landed on Ukyou's breast as Kasumi firmly pulled the tights down from Ukyou's waist.

A little more oozed out of Ukyou's nipple and began to mix with the sweat coating her chest. Ukyou catching her breath again arched her back slightly to help Kasumi removing her last item of clothing.

And then they were both completely naked. Kasumi slipped one leg between Ukyou's and entwined with the other as she bent down to eagerly lick up the golden treat that was lightly smeared across Ukyou's breasts. Then she returned to the rock hard needles and the milk still within.

Ukyou and Kasumi bucked their groins against each other stimulating their lower regions. Kasumi had to fight to keep from pulling away from the breast and its milk and howlind in sheer ecstacy a few times. Ukyou, had no such job for her mouth and she uninhibitedly screamed out her pleasure while clutching at Kasumi as if her life depended on it. Then Kasumi broke off from Ukyou's breasts. She smiled up at the exhausted seeming chef who gave Kasumi a questioning, but adoring look wondering why Kasumi was doing this to her, but not complaining.

Kasumi traveled down lower until her face was between Ukyou's legs. She smiled sunnily again, and licked some of the golden-white milk off of her face in a manner that was both demure and seductive.

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Then she ducked her head down, her hands gripping and massaging Ukyou's rear end. Ukyou felt the tongue begin to explore her inner most self and moaned, eyes rolling back as she dropped from her half sitting position to hit the floor. Small nips sent occasionally spikes in the overall pleasure that consisted of her buttocks being neatly massaged while she was being orally examined. "I suppose you're almost ready again," Kasumi said raising up for a moment and smiling as Ukyou's legs wrapped around her tightly.

One hand travelled from Ukyou's firm ass and then Ukyou felt something larger than a tongue slipping inside her and exploring deeper. The tension was enormous, and despite her calm exterior, Ukyou could vaguely sense it in her lover as well. She wanted to release that tension but first Kasumi needed something else from her, or at least so Ukyou felt. Ukyou held back her cries against the growing tension trying to let it build to a peak before it released.

She was feeling herself break, and held back. The longer she held against it, the better it would be, but it was so hard. She didn't want this to be over yet.

And then Kasumi took her fingers out of Ukyou's sex. Before the chef had time to lose her momentmum, however, Kasumi dipped her head lower and virtually attacked Ukyou with her tongue in a passion and fervor that Ukyou hadn't thought Kasumi possessed.

Then Ukyou exploded with a loud piercing cry, releasing into Kasumi's face. Kasumi greedily licked up the vital liquid.


It's taste and vigor were a hundred times more vital than the taste of Ukyou's milk, a thousand times more so than her lips. Ukyou slowlly and surely came down from the climax, muscles relaxing and falling limp as she recovered. Kasumi sat up over the insensate Ukyou and virtually pawed at herself like a cat to swallow all of Ukyou's cum. She was still burning with desire, both more and less incessant than the original drive of what she now recognized as hunger.

There no longer a fear of fainting away and possibly dying, but she perhaps needed something else now even more so than before from Ukyou. She remained pawing at herself, clutching desperately at her own groin and rubbing at her breasts, desirous of relief.

As she thought of that Ukyou recovered, her martial artist stamina bringing her back quickly, and saw Kasumi masturbating in front of her. She quickly wrapped her arms around the other girl and licked at Kasumi's tits, her hand moving lower to massage the older girl's mound. Kasumi's ministrations were firm but gentle.

Ukyou's came on like the sea raised to fury by the winds. She voraciously attended Kasumi's breasts with her mouth while sending one hand slamming into Kasumi's self and the other strongly gripped at her rounded rear-end, not so firm as Ukyou's but surely nothing to laugh at.

", Ukyou-chan," Kasumi gasped as her momentum built like a steam-rolling train.

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"I can't.can'.OOHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYIEEEEE!!!" Kasumi bent forward, physically spent but feeling incredibly recharged. Ukyou held her, still seeming both confused and uncaring at the same time. After a few minutes Kasumi kissed Ukyou lightly and pulled away from her.

With her life force filled and refreshed a race memory, mostly magical, but partially genetic, had made her aware of many things. She was a nymph now, having eaten one of the golden apples, Ukyou was her first dryad. Ukyou would love her, forever, and feed her forever. She would need to taste Ukyou's lips, milk and honey to refresh herself.

Once a month, at least, she would have to call Ukyou to her like this in order to continue to live. Ukyou would not be able to feed her alone, however, not without killing her. Fortunately, Kasumi had just enough venom left for one other dryad, and that was all she needed.

Which was fortunate since she would not rebuild another charge for the next fifty or sixty years. She briefly thought about warning Ukyou about her needs, but wondered what the point was.


Ukyou would receive the same knowledge she had after seducing her first naiad, and she would be just as desperate to proceed as Kasumi had been. "Kasumi," Ukyou asked panting. "What just happened?" Kasumi smiled and reached down to kiss Ukyou lovingly. She hoped that Ukyou would come over more than once a month.

"I needed you, Ucchan," Kasumi said, once more using the nickname. "Thank you. Now, I believe you need to return to your restaurant to handle business." "Hai, Kasumi," Ukyou said wearily. "Ummm.thank you too." She stood up and collected her clothes, which Kasumi had made sure not to damage.

"Let us wash up in the furo before you leave, dear," Kasumi said. "Hai," Ukyou said dreamily, already imagining that undertaking. ***** Kasumi waved the confused Ukyou off and smiled gently before turning inside. She found herself facing Nodoka, and recognizing what she was.

"Kasumi-ch.sama," Nodoka said. "How did you become a nymph?" "I bought an apple from a street vendor today," Kasumi said. Nodoka was naiad already, and not connected to anyone that Kasumi could see, meaning she was born that way. It certainly explained Ranma's appetite. "He said he bought it off an old.Ranma goes by that place most days." "In girl form to acquire cheaper prices," Nodoka said.

"He does make very good unconscious use of his resources." "Happosai," Kasumi sighed. "He was probably hoping for a permanent, sex-crazed, Ranma-chan," Nodoka sighed.

"It would have been interesting to have seen Happosai's face when it didn't do anything to Ranma," Kasumi said smiling. Nodoka nodded and considered. "Do you have anything in the collective memory that would say what would happen if we triggered Ranma's race memories," she asked.

"He already feels like a naiad in both forms. So the curse allowed the transformation to sort of transfer to his male body." "Hence the huge appetite and the incredibly powerful chi reserves," Kasumi sighed. "The naiads are best suited to war. I am sorry, Nodoka-san, I know nothing of what would happen." Nodoka looked down after Ukyou. "Is she your first?" Nodoka asked. Kasumi nodded. "Perhaps, if you take Akane as your second." Kasumi made a highly distasteful face at the suggestion.

"Even if I were inclined," Kasumi said. "She is gone with Ranma. "I understand," Nodoka sighed apologetically. "Please forgive the suggestion, I worry about her and Ranma sometimes, and if she needed him, or rather her, in a more immediate manner." "She doesn't need to be a dryad to convince her to marry Ranma," Kasumi said. "And it would be a poor idea to convince her to do so by such means." "Then I'll leave you to your privacy to acquire the second," Nodoka said "Thank you, Nodoka-san," Kasumi said, relieved.

"Tell me, Nodoka-san, would you be willing?" "If Ukyou or your second somehow waste their changes," Nodoka said. "I'll be willing to step in and help them live until the venom recharges, but I'd rather avoid any permanent ties.

I rather like avoiding attention." "Thank you, Nodoka-san," Kasumi said again. Naiads had it relatively easy, all they did to recoup their life force was eat a tremendous amount of food. At least there was a safety net for her love. "I shall be by again tomorrow," Nodoka said then she smirked knowingly. "Be sure to take your fill, Kasumi-sama." Kasumi blushed brightly as Nodoka walked away. ***** "Ukyou-sama," Konatsu said wearily. "Are you okay?" The chef was leaning wearily against the counter and staring dazedly into space.

And what had she done to change her eyes to that orange-gold. "I'm just feeling a little.strange," she told her ninja. She glanced down at her finger nails, they were slightly longer, and she thought harder and sharp. She felt oddly tempted to flex her fingers but some instinct warned her against doing so wastefully. She didn't know what it would waste however. "I see," Konatsu said.

"I heard that Ranma and Akane are again out of the area." "Oh damn," Ukyou snapped angrily, coming out of her weary daze for a moment. "If weren't coming down with something I'd out after them in a flash." She was confused at the intensity of her feeling for Ranma.

She loved Kasumi, didn't she now? Yes, she did love Kasumi. In fact, she had loved Kasumi twice already, though the second time wasn't so satisfying as the first. Kasumi could have told her that nymphs, dryads and naiads often married and bore children, but Kasumi wasn't saying anything, expecting Ukyou to learn on her own after her first naiad of course. She was distracted from her thoughts about Kasumi and Ranma by this growing, aching need in her gut.

She thought briefly about how Kasumi had seemed before she they had made love. Ukyou gasped and stood straight up. "Konatsu," she snapped. "I need you to go and find Ranma!" "But, Ukyou-sama," Konatsu started. "Now!" Ukyou said.

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"I can't watch him myself, and probably couldn't find him feeling like this, but you can, go, watch him and make sure he isn't doing anything I wouldn't like." "H.hai, Ukyou-sama," Konatsu said bowing and moving to collect his things. He expected that Ukyou just wanted privacy for a couple of days, that was usual way of things.

He wished she could keep her temper in check better at times. Ukyou watched him go with mixed relief and trepidation. She thought she knew what was going on now. Kasumi had needed her, and now she needed a girl, too. Just by chance, Ukyou knew of one such girl that was coming to her place tonight and smiled wickedly. Ukyou had grown up among boys, and now that her instincts were going along the same lines as the act she had kept up.

It was easy to accept and desire it, as more than just something to keep herself alive, which she felt it would do. She put the closed sign out front and ambled upstairs hoping that her guest wouldn't take to long to get there.

Ukyou licked her lips in anticipation, imagining the coming visitor's imminently fuckable body, one which she couldn't help but consider now, even if the girl tried to stay out of view.

Ukyou was already anticipating her taste. ***** Nabiki walked into the restaurant arching an eyebrow at the closed sign as she passed the unlocked door. "Ukyou," she called out, looking around. It was time to help the local business girl with her taxes again, after all, no one knew more about saving money than Nabiki, and Ukyou needed all the money she could get to keep this place running.

Nabiki's fees were somewhat less expensive. "Up here, Nabchan," Ukyou called out. Nabiki arched her eyebrow again and frowned slightly. She mouthed the nickname as she turned toward the stairs up to Ukyou's room and took the steps vowing to get Ukyou for that little remark. She turned toward the little room Ukyou had upstairs, turning her back on the hallway and stepped inside.

She looked around irritably wondering what the chef was playing at. "What's with the game of hide and seek?" Nabiki asked irritably.

"You know this is going to cos.ouch!" Suddenly two sharp points jabbed into her skin and she felt something pumped into her body. Nabiki took a deep breath as she felt a tingle spread through her body.

Neither she nor Ukyou could see it but her eyes turned a clear blue as the venom changed her species. When it finally cleared she turned around to give Ukyou a piece of her mind, though she had no edge to the complaints. For some reason, suddenly all her thoughts of Ukyou were quite affectionate, even longing.

Nabiki's words stopped cold in her mouth as she turned to get a load at Ukyou standing behind her, with nothing but a smug, anticipating grin. Nabiki noticed worriedly that Ukyou didn't look to good, in fact she looked quite tired. Somehow she felt she could fix that. "Wanna fuck?" Ukyou asked teasingly. Nabiki blinked and nodded dumbly, already feeling herself aroused by looking at the young woman.

"I thought you'd say that." Ukyou stepped forward swiftly and roughly grabbed Nabiki into a firm passionate kiss, pushing her backward and putting them both onto the bed. Kasumi had been in charge between the two of them, but Nabiki was UKYOU'S, and she would set the pace.

Nabiki's eyes stayed open wide in renewed shock as Ukyou's tongue dueled with her own for space in her mouth. Ukyou's hands roamed freely and grabbed at the Furinkan high outfit that hid Nabiki's slender form.

Nabiki had just reached her arms around Ukyou when the chef sat up, and ripped the dress apart between her hands. Nabiki clutched at the bed under her mind still trying to catch up as Ukyou's hands smoothly and forcefully rubbed their way up her stomach towards her breasts. The sudden gentleness was in contrast to both the destruction of Nabiki's dress that came before, and Ukyou firmly grabbing at Nabiki's bra and snapping it off in a straight grab.

"AHHH!!" Nabiki gasped as the bra snapped her flesh before Ukyou tossed it away. A flash of remorse crossed Ukyou's face at the sound. "Nabchan," Ukyou said gripping Nabiki's chin and turning the girl to face her. There was love and adoration there, like she felt for Kasumi, but there was an underlying fear behind it. Ukyou frowned at that, she wanted to be a little more.passionate than Kasumi, but she didn't want to scare Nabiki.

"Did I scare you?" she asked, firmly holding Nabiki's eyes and massaging her breasts. "Tell me the truth." "Hai." Nabiki said, wondering why she was admitting that. Ukyou frowned and nodded. "Sorry, Nabchan," she said. "I just need you so much." Ukyou kissed Nabiki's mouth again, shivering at the pleasant taste of Nabiki's lips. Nabiki closed her eyes and moaned softly at the contact, no longer frightened.

Ukyou held Nabiki to her, and stoked her back gently, kissing her lightly in between words. Ukyou slipped a leg inbetween Nabiki's and ground her crotch against Nabiki's panties, a barrier which wouldn't last long past Ukyou reassuring her Nabchan. "I needed a girl, Nabchan," Ukyou said. "You don't know how badly I needed a girl. And you're the best girl I know besides Kasumi and myself." "Th.ank you," Nabiki said, gasping and hesitantly reaching her own arms around behind Ukyou.

She was being incredibly submissive all of a sudden, and it didn't bother her. "I like things a little fast, Nabchan," Ukyou explained, whispering into Nabiki's ear and rubbing her own chest against Nabiki's. while picking strategic massage points on her back. "If I scare you, just yell stop, okay?" Ukyou was eager to go on, she was still feeling that aching need despite the charge she felt in kissing Nabiki.

"Mmmm," Nabiki sighed. "Hai, Ukyou." She was speaking dreamily moaning quietly as she clutched at Ukyou's back and leaned her head to make it easier for Ukyou to lick at the hollow of her neck. "Are you ready then?" Ukyou asked seriously, one finger teasing tracing the crack in Nabiki's butt. "Whenever you are, Ukyou," Nabiki said with a slight catch as hers and Ukyou's nipples flicked each other. Ukyou leaned up to her ear and, smiling vicitoriously, she whispered into Nabiki's ear.

"Here it comes," she started. "For once, someone is going to be milking you Nabchan." Nabiki would have smirked at the joke, but then Ukyou pushed her back down to the bed and disentangled from her long enough to remove Nabiki's panties. Nabiki idly wondered if there would be any comment about her coming home in clothes burrowed from Ukyou.

Ukyou firmly gripped both of Nabiki's breasts, larger than they appeared under her sweaters and concealing clothes, and massaged them roughly but in a way that seemed oh so good to Nabiki, who arched her back and kicked her legs, gasping at the sensations.

"Well I can see you're really enjoying this," Ukyou said. "Nice and full already." "Wh.ennnnhhhh.what?" Nabiki panted.

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Ukyou pulled Nabiki shifted to catch the "Y' of her crotch again in Nabiki's and then gripped with her legs as well as she could to force their sexes together again, without the panties this time. A hand pressing against Nabiki's rear, kneading the well-conditioned butt appreciately, helped the friction along and both girls cried out as they collided. Then Ukyou set a steadying hand behind Nabiki's back and lowered her head down to the tits standing in upright attention, just beckoning her.

As the mint and cream taste of her naiad's milk past her lips, Ukyou understood why Kasumi had so greedily and forcefully drank until her own supply had been exhausted. In contrast to her forceful and quick, sharp motions through most of their encounter, Ukyou slowed down and let herself savor the taste.

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The sound of Nabiki's long, building and ecstatic moans and cries did nothing to detract from the wonderous taste of Nabiki's milk. Ukyou continued on, bucking against Nabiki and switching from one breast to another, for what seemed like forever to Nabiki. Occasionally Ukyou would allow some the green-tinted milk to spread out over Nabiki's breast to mix with the salty taste of her sweat.

She efficiently and thoroughly made sure to cover every piece of flesh as she took in the liquid. Nabiki and Ukyou felt the tension building interminably. It was sort of an unbearable pressure of acquired pleasure that needed a release.

When Ukyou rose her head up without that release coming, Nabiki felt let down. "Is that all you have, Ukyou?" Nabiki asked, panting. "That's all you have," Ukyou said, smirking, but also visibily wearied. "There at least." Ukyou stood up away from Nabiki who lay against the bed catching her breath and trying vainly to hold onto the built pressure, not wanting it to fade away.

She wanted it to burst. She heard Ukyou walking around the bed, but couldn't figure out what she was doing until Ukyou's upside down head appeared in her view and lowered to kissed her. "Care for a little 69, Nabchan?" Ukyou asked. Nabiki smirked mischievously and darted her tongue into Ukyou's mouth.

Then Ukyou broke away and began to kiss her way down Ukyou's body, pausing at the breasts to kiss and suckle at them for a few more minutes. She gasped at the feeling of Nabiki doing the same to her breasts, and smiled as the minute amount of lost momentum quickly built up. Finally she moved down, smiling coolly at Nabiki's grasping hands as she shifted her body, and bent down between Nabiki's legs to taste the delicacy of her in most self.

It was moist and wet and Ukyou eagerly tasted the nectar even as she waited for something greater. She grasped under Nabiki's legs firmly and dived down into Nabs' crotch, trying to seek out her clitoris and curl it around in her mouth.

She could feel Nabiki holding apart her lips for better access and shifted her grip to allow that. Nabiki's grasp became erratic quickly as the pressure built beyond her physical discipline's capability to control.

Ukyou shifted about her body to aid the distracted Nabiki's attempts to bring her to peak. It worked to a point.

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Ukyou did not have the thunderous release that Kasumi had given her, but the girl under her, however, was another story. Nabiki's cry pierced the night, and had they not been inside padded walls, Ukyou would have worried about attracting attention. She eagerly swallowed the female cum that spread over her face.

She slowly and carefully cleaned up Nabiki's legs with her tongue, stroking the soft brown down of her muff, as Nabiki caught her breath. She sighed finally and stood up, noting the mess they had made of her bed. "Ukyou," Nabiki said wearily sitting up. "Just why did you suddenly decide to fuck me blue?" She spoke dryly, but the adoration Ukyou felt for Kasumi, and strangely now, Nabiki, was still there. "I told you I needed you," Ukyou said. "Go get a good meal and you'll figure it out." She smirked, having had the same awareness pop into her head that Kasumi did.

"You'll need to eat a lot fairly soon anyway." "Well, well, well," a voice said cockily.


"If it isn't the mercernary sister of that wretched Akane and my so-called competition the serving girl." Nabiki winced, though strangely enough Ukyou merely smirked at Kodachi's arrival. "What an interesting development this is." ***** Shampoo set down her delivery box and blinked around in surprise. She was quite certain that she had been called on a delivery to the Tendo dojo, and she had come at a run, certain that her Airen had called for her.

She never sensed Kasumi coming. The first sign she had was the feel of two sharp points jabbing into her skin. Then she was filled with an overwhelming love and physical desire for the most unlikely person she could think of. Kasumi. "I am sorry for the deception, Shampoo," Kasumi whispered behind her, casually unbuttoning the Amazon's chinese top.

"But I sincerely do need the meal." "Ka.Kasumi?" Shampoo gasped. "Meal in box." A pair of gentle, massaging hands reached up to knead her massive breasts, lightly pinching the nipples.

Something wet and warm flicked into her ear and trailed a slow path out. She could feel Kasumi's bear breasts pressing against her back, informing her that Kasumi was also naked. "No, I'm sorry, Shampoo," Kasumi said, turning the girl to face her.

"The meal is you." Yellow eyes met green for an instant as one of the hands caressing Shampoo's breasts shifted teasingly down farther and undid the draw string to her fighting pants before slipping in between her legs to pet the puff of purple there.

Shampoo's eyes registered confusion for a moment before Kasumi's lips met hers and the eldest Tendo's tongue slipped around within Shampoo's mouth, delicately dancing with her own. Kasumi pulled back to fall into a soft chair that was conveinently behind her. Shampoo's hands let out to cushion her fall and then she lowered herself down ontop the larger and older girl. Kasumi drifted her hands around from Shampoo's breast and vagina and shifted around to her back and rear, pulling Shampoo softly down toward her.

She slipped her knee up between the Amazon's leggs and smiled briefly as Shampoo arched her back up in surprise. Kasumi gently brought Shampoo back down through a mixture of coaxing and physical guidance. She pulled the cat-girl's head back down and held the kiss while moaning as Shampoo's hands began to roam themselves.

They were finding some interesting places that Kasumi had not known about herself. "Aiya," Shampoo gasped as Kasumi faded away from the kiss and gently directed Shampoo to sit up.

Shampoo was blinking to clear her head, wonder if there were some sort of perverted dream, when Kasumi began to draw milk. As before with Ukyou, Kasumi was still gentle overall, but by contrast she suckled greedily at Shampoo's swollen breast, holding tightly and doing her best not to part from the action until she was finished. Shampoo's milk also tasted of cinnamon and nutmeg, though perhaps the more forceful taste of cinnamon was more dominant, while Ukyou had a more subtle, sharp taste.

Shampoo's gasps came in ever increasing volume until she was crying out and her entire body was shivering from the pleasure. She clutched att Kasumi's back and wrapped her flexible legs around the girl's waist and leg to hold them together and brush sex to sex. Shampoo's vigorous activity almost distracted Kasumi from her suckling as one particularly powerful surge of emotion and sensation sent a shockwave through her.

She arched her back crying out ecstatically and then pulled herself back up to greedily lick up what milk had spilled in the shock. Instead she found herself crying out again. She blinked in mild fright as she realized that she's building up to climax already. Fighting to ignore, or rather act with, the overwhelming surges of pleasure Shampoo was sending her, she bent forward and latched onto Shampoo's breast to draw out the last drop of her dryad's milk.

Then she let herself fall back a moment almost losing her self in the sensations. "Sha.Sha.Shampoo," Kasumi gasped. "I need to be down there." Shampoo responded with a bright sunny smile, strained through the physical activity. Then she disentangled herself from Kasumi and flipped about somehow, leaving Kasumi sitting on the chair under her. Shampoo's head hung upside down in Kasumi's lap as Her legs gripped the chair on either side of Kasumi's head. Kasumi blinked and then smiled as she leaned forward to taste of Shampoo's flower and her hands reached down to knead and caress Shampoo's ample breasts.

Shampoo had her own hands arched back in a angle impossible for a martial artist and continued caressing Kasumi from her upside down and backwards position. Shampoo gritted her teeth as Kasumi's tongue explored her, and the sensations built up. She drew in a breath, held it, and then cried out. Then she drew in another breath, held it and cried out, each breath sharper and faster as her body rocked under Kasumi's ministrations.

Then she exploded, and by what she felt from her hands, so did Kasumi. She let herself sink in relaxation, too spent to be again aroused by the sensation of Kasumi licking up those fluids of hers that had spilled back down, covering her crotch and inner thighs.

Finally, Kasumi released her and fell back herself panting wearily. "Shampoo is confused," Shampoo said falling off the chair and sitting at Kasumi's feet. "Happy, but confused." Kasumi leaned forward and patted her.

"You'll figure it out soon," she said. "And I imagine you're feeling a little peckish so." "Tadaima," someone called out tentatively. "Give me a T give me an A give me a D A I give me an M A!! What's that spell!? Tadaima!" "I ordered out already," Kasumi said smiling.

***** Kodachi smiled superiorly, holding a packet of paralysis powder in her hands as she walked towards them. She flicked her look from Ukyou to Nabiki. "Now what would you be willing to do to keep this." Kodachi's speech was interrupted as she turned to look at Nabiki.

The Tendo girl saw Ukyou flash forward and sink her index fingers into Kodachi's flesh. She glanced at her own shoulders and noted the two small injuries that Ukyou had given her. And now that she thought about it, the same marks were on Ukyou. Nabiki panicked, wondering if she too was going to hunt down some girl to turn into a love slave. Then she decided it didn't matter if she could be Ukyou's love slave. Again, the thought came without any amount of disturbance.

"Nabchan," Ukyou said leeringly. "I think you'll want to clean up and go home, unless you want to join Koda-chan and me." She turned to Kodachi, whose clear blue eyes gazed lovingly up into Ukyou's green ones. "Uh," Nabiki said. "I should probably eat first, besides, if you have Kodachi to play with, it'll probably be too much for me." Ukyou's smile and Kodachi's expectant look certainly agreed with that assessment.

"I have a Furinkan girl's uniform in that drawer," Ukyou said as Nabiki turned to go for the bathroom. "I think you need to be punished, ne Koda-chan?" "Hai," Kodachi said looking up at Ukyou with a confused but desiring expression. "I love your taste in clothes, Koda-chan," Ukyou said smirking as she unzipped the leotard and let it fall. "I am glad of that, Ukyou-sama," Kodachi said in tone she usually reserved for Ranma. Ukyou cupped her chin hard and smiled before pulling Kodachi back with her and sitting on the bed.

A moment later Kodachi had been pulled over and laid across Ukyou's knees. Ukyou rose her hand and then paused, looking to Kodachi's preparatory face before she let fly. "You tell me if I start going too hard," she said insistantly.

"I shall do so, Ukyou-sama," Kodachi said, she was touched by the concern in Ukyou's voice when the young woman had temporarily dropped the act there. Then she let her hand fly smacking into Kodachi's rear end. The hand flew several more times and was still flying when Nabiki walked in. Strangely, the sight of Ukyou with a naked Kodachi across her lap and spanking her aroused her slightly. She momentarily regretted telling Ukyou she was frightened as she saw the weird, though ecstatic expression on Kodachi's face.

Some instinct told her she would need to eat quickly and in great amounts, so participating would be a bad idea. Maybe next time, she decided, if she didn't like it, she wouldn't do it again. So saying she left the other two to their games. This time she didn't even notice that the thought "next time" hadn't bothered her. She did try it next time, but decided she definitely did not like either doing it or having it done.

She preferred control through more subtle and delicate means if she was going to do any sort of control. Ukyou shrugged and followed a to each their own belief and kept the S&M games between her and Kodachi, who was happy as well that she had something unique to offer. Considerate that Kodachi's butt was probably exceptionally sore, Ukyou shifted around to come under her when she first started kissing the girl.

Her hands roamed over Kodachi's pale white back while Kodachi reached out to grasp at and clutch Ukyou's breasts. She broke away from the kiss to lick and nip her way down to Kodachi's breasts, viciously pinching Kodachi with a smirk when the gymnast tried to continue the embrace. Kodachi glanced at her with a smile that clearly expressed her satisfaction at that small pain. Again, Ukyou paid Kodachi's milk the attention a gourmet wine-taster attended a fifty year old bottle of a rare vintage.

The mint and cream was basically the same, though the sharper taste of mint was almost overwhelming in Kodachi's flavor. Ukyou appreciated the difference artistically. Her Nabchan, for all her outer Ice Queen act, was a little more refined and traditional when it came to sex. Her Koda-chan was the one that liked things kinky. "W.what," Kodachi gasped clutching at Ukyou's back and wincing in pleasure as her red bottom contacted something.

"Have I become?" "My naiad, sugar," Ukyou said, pausing her attention to Kodachi's breasts to answer for a moment. Then she smirked and returned to her activity.

Kodachi sucked in her breath and gasped out with a suffocated laughter as she felt Ukyou's tongue lap delicately over her skin, every so often sucking at one or another of her tits and wrapping her tongue around them.

Ukyou's hands, forgetful of the treatment she had given Kodachi, travelled done and grapsed Kodachi's ass, massaging it forcefully and sending waves of pleasant pain through her body. Ukyou pulled away regretfully as she had finished drawing on Kodachi's milk. She rolled over gently to put Kodachi under her and slid down smoothly with a smirk on her face. Ukyou rubbed the inside of Kodachi's thighs, resisting the desire to just dive in.

Kodachi moaned at the touches, which maintained her arousal without increasing to the point of climax and release. "You belong to me, Kodachi," Ukyou said. "After all the shit you put me through, you belong to me. Don't you?" "Yes, Ukyou-sama," Kodachi gasped with a sharp intake of breath.

She closed her eyes and gripped the blankets about her in a bundle. "What should I do with you, Koda-chan?" Ukyou asked slipping one hand into Kodachi and shifting around.

"I should take your payment out of my hide, Ukyou-sama," Kodachi said with an expectant smile. "Good idea," Ukyou said. "But you're too pretty to ruin, so perhaps something else for now." She smirked as she shifted her fingers in a sudden thrust deep within Kodachi. Kodachi's entire body shook with the thrust and the next, and the one after that. As Ukyou watched Kodachi reacted so strongly to this she decided to maybe buy something of the appropriate size for the next time.

She watched, with a slowly building arousal of her own as Kodachi's reactions grew stronger. Kodachi was holding back as long as possible to let the sensation build, but Ukyou moved too fast and too forcefully to resist long.

She burst in a long howling laughter, before fading back into small "ha's" and catch her breath as Ukyou bent to the task of catching the fluids their activity had released. She was about to let herself fade back into unconsciousness when she heard Ukyou's voice.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Ukyou said. "You're not finished yet Koda-cahn." Kodachi sat up, wincing at the burning still coming from her ass, and saw Ukyou sitting on a chair and giving a come hither gesture. The girl was leaning forward, emphasizing her groin, and smiling. "You have to finish me off now," she said. Kodachi smiled and padded over to kneel in front of Ukyou. "Hai, Ukyou-sama," Kodachi said with twisted good humor. ***** Nabiki came home to confusion.

Hers and the places. Genma and Soun were still gone, no surprise there, but that fortune teller girl from school was there for some reason.

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And there was some shouting going on upstairs. She glanced up at Nabiki with blue eyes, and Nabiki shook her head in realization. She sat down with Miyo at the table. Apparently she was waiting for dinner. "So, do you belong to Ukyou too?" she asked. She still thought it was funny that that concept did not bother her. "No, Nabiki," Miyo said. "Shampoo graciously accepted me as her lover, though I have not yet figured out why.

I am told that after a good meal that I shall understand things better." Nabiki heard the goings on upstairs and frowned. Ukyou she could forgive anything, even seducing her older sister, but Shampoo that was another story.

"Dinner is ready," a familiar voice called out. It wasn't coming from upstairs. Kasumi walked in and set out a large platter before Miyo. She glanced at Nabiki and gasped. "Oh my! I assume that my Ukyou must have taken you?" "Your." Nabiki blinked. "You mean this is YOUR fault? I thought sure this would come down to Ranma!" "I'm afraid that I ate something that Happosai was intending for Ranma," Kasumi explained.

"Everything else was necessary." "Can you explain how?" Nabiki asked, though she felt even more subservient to Kasumi suddenly than she had to Ukyou. Perhaps that was because this was her owner's owner. "Eat," Kasumi said smiling. "I need to prepare another helping." The house was split by an earth-shaking cry, that was spelled out. Everybody looked up and blinked.

"And I suppose that means that Shampoo is settled for this month," Kasumi said in relief. She disappeared into the kitchen leaving behind two very confused girls that were soon joined by Shampoo and that cheerleader martial artist with a goofy looking grin on her face as she sat on the other side of Shampoo from Miyo. "This had better be one hell of an explanation," Nabiki muttered.

***** "Tadaima," Akane called out as she and Ranma came home. "Just come in like we haven't been gone a coupla months," Ranma said with a smirk. "Have you been taking lessons from Nabiki?" Akane asked. "Oh," Kasumi said coming down the stairs and looking rather embarrassed for some reason. "Ranma, Akane, you're back!" She rushed forward and hugged them tightly.

"I was beginning to get worried." "All we did was elope and go on a honeymoon," Ranma said. "Oh, that's nice," Kasumi said, blinking. Ranma and Akane looked at her strangely. "That's what everybody's said," Akane muttered. "Oh, you've spoken to the others?" Kasumi asked. Though Shampoo's reaction had been the expected flaring angry.for about two seconds followed by an "I can live with it" reaction.

And Cologne had said something about Shampoo being beyond the tribes laws or something. The words "minor kami" had come up for some reason. Akane was still trying to figure out why Shampoo had told Mousse, "we go on date when I clear with girlfriends" after being dropped by Ranma.

It was half an attempt to get him jealous and more than half serious. Kodachi had been even stranger. She had ranted, raved and threatened, as expected. And then she had taken a big breath and limped over to her desk to grab a bouquet of flowers and one of those toilet seats hospitals give people with injuries in a sensitive area. She handed these to Akane with instructions to tell her sister that she apologized wholeheartedly. "The only person we haven't talked to yet is Ukyou," Akane said finally.

"Hey, Kachan, I'm really sorry about the silk nightdress," Ukyou said coming down stairs, holding the destroyed garment. "I was just a little over eager, that time of the month you know, and maybe I forgot I was with you not Kodachi and.well.what are you pointing at?" Ukyou turned to see a wide-eyed Ranma and Akane.

"Uhhh." Ukyou said nervously. "I should be going.Kodachi is meeting me at a cafe.I already.uh.saw.Nabiki so.ummm." The wide-eyes grew wider. "I should go now before I swallow my leg." A curious light came into her eyes as she said that and then left the building, practically fleeing. Ranma and Akane didn't like the look of that light, they turned toward Kasumi. "Some explanations are in order I suppose," Kasumi said, blushing red.