Innocent girl is gaping soft pussy in closeup and cumming

Innocent girl is gaping soft pussy in closeup and cumming
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It's Christmas eve and u've called to say you wont be home for Christmas so I planned to have everyone come to me so im not alone on Christmas so I finish what I got to do and make my way upstairs and b4 I get there there's a knock at the door and I turn back and answer it, "Miss Carroll 2 the bloke asks, "Who's asking" I reply "Can you sign for this" He asked I nod my head sign and off he goes, I open the box and there I see before me sexy underwear and a note saying ' hey babe, sorry I cant be home this Christmas but here is a gift for you to say im sorry and I want you to wear this to bed so would you plz do this for love you for eva ur babe' as you walk up the stairs with the underwear I sneak in the back door and follow you up the stairs very quietly I walk in to our bedroom and pull out the baby doll and thong and smile 'wish you were here to see me in it babe' I say as I undress and pull it on and I feel mega sexy I run my hands over my tits and then look at the beside drawer and walk over to it and pull out my vibrator 'looks like you'll have to do' I sigh and begin to rub the vibrating vibrator over my clit u stand still watching hiding outside the room watching u get ya self off and I wait an watch until the rite moment and when you really get going I walk in on u I strip down to jus a t-shirt and I jump on the bed next to u and I remove ur vibe and I start to kiss you we kiss so deep and I pull away, 'I fort you' you cut me off and kiss me then u turn my vibe off and hand it to me I look at u confused as u go down on me and I wipe it clean with a wipe and place it back in the drawer while writhing around on the bed as ur suck and lick my throbbing clit that's so sensitive I lift my head up from ur soaking wet pussy and a blow a stream of cool air on to you then I follow the air with my tongue I use to fingers to spread ur lips which enables my tongue to go down deep into u I can feel ur tongue pushing in and out of me as I writhe around on the bed so hot and u are like the expert at this im about ready to cum and you can feel it as I begin to moan and u lift ur head and smile at me as I smile back u go down again and u suck and lick in different directions sending me sky high but not enough to cum I pull u up wanting you inside but I want this to last long into the night I give u one last lick then I kiss a trail all the way up ur body to ya breast I flick each nipple with my tongue then I kiss my way up to ur neck and I kiss you all around I then start kissing u and I move ur hand to my cock and my other hand is gently squeezing ur boob I move my hand up and down ur hard knob and u groan with pleasure and I smile and I snog me again and I begin to rub faster and I know your enjoy it as ur eyes are shut and ur breathing faster and u lean down and suck both my rock hard nipples then u look at me I smile and u lay down and I slowly kiss down ur body and begin to give u the best blow job ever im starting to enjoy it a lot so I move around a bit till we are in a 69er position and I start flicking ur clit with my tongue and my hands are feeling ur ass.

You start to suck at my hard knob again.

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the faster I go the fast u go and already ur sending me sky high and I stop and u notice im so horny and turned on im going to cum so u stop and lift me off the bed and u stand me in front of the chair in our room as u sit on it I smile knowing what u want but u cant touch no hands allowed. as u kneel down in front of me I lay down a rule and the rule is that if I touch u then u have to gently bite my hard cock.

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You start to suck on my cock again taking as much as you can into your mouth you wrap ur lips around my cock and u slide up my hard cock with lips still wrapped round it I can see how much ur enjoying it and I know ur getting to the point of no return so I play ur little game and as I pull away I stand up and u look at me I walk over to the stereo and switch it on and begin to lap dance for u as I take off my sexy undies and watch u squirm I sit there staring and watching you trying so hard not to touch your ass but I cant resist any longer and I squeeze ur hot ass.

I turn round and look at u and u smile but I don't punish you I simply walk away and lay on the bed where I reach down and rub my clit and you are dying to help and you pounce on the bed I land with my head in between ur legs and I watch closely as you rub ureself of suddenly stick my tongue into you pink glistening pussy and I hear you let out a loud moan. I push u away and u look confused 'u touched baby I didn't say you could touch' u sit back and look at me with ur puppy dog eyes and decide to be a very bad boy and u grab my thighs and thrust them in to ur face and being to give me the best orgasm I start to lick u out in all kinds of directions slipping my tongue in and out and then I take my tongue out and I push 3 fingers into you wet pussy and I start fucking u with my fingers.

I scream in pleasure and u smile as u kiss my rock hard nipples and squeezing the other then u get faster and I cant take it any longer I grab u and say 'I want you deep inside me now baby' I roll you on top of me and you kiss me all the way down to my cock you take it in ur mouth and to pay me back from earlier u punish me and you suddenly bite my cock gently.

I moan and you release your grip and you suck my cock fast then kiss me all the way up to my neck.

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you then sit up and you slide down on to my cock and my cock is now buried in your soaking wet pussy I feel u inside me and im very happy as I begin to ride you slowly very slowly meaning we'll both take longer to cum and u smile at me as u realize what im doing so we both get so intense soon we'll come 2gether I squeeze your boobs and I can feel your juices run down my cock and then you use your hand to crap my balls and u gently feel them you start to slide up and down faster.

I go as fast as I think I can go and then u stop me and u slide out and u tell me to get on all 4s and I do as u say and u climb on the bed behind me and I feel u slide into me and begin to thrust harder and faster as hold my right hip but ur left hand play with my left tit I squeeze left tit and then I pinch a ur nipple im pushing my cock in you as hard as I can my cock slips out and pokes up the wrong hole I move my cock back to ur pussy and I start pumping you hard again get fasting at each thrust I love u thrusting harder and faster inside me and I start to moan louder and louder u know im about to reach orgasm so u slip out and lay my down u always want to finish looking in my eyes as we both cum 2gether I slip my cock back into u and I thrust hard and fast, getting harder each time I let my head drop and kiss each of your nipples then I move slightly up and I kiss you so passionately as u kiss me I can feel myself getting there I know that I am because my pussy tightens round ur cock and you smile at me as I begin to erupt I thrust my hard cock into ur tightened pussy really hard and fast on my next thrust I pump my cum deep in to your pussy and my thrusts slow down and our orgasms end at same time.

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