Gozando no cuzinho da esposa gostosa

Gozando no cuzinho da esposa gostosa
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First let me start off about myself, I am 24 years old and I am a closet CD (Crossdresser). Womens lingere and clothing turns me on, as well as their sex appeal to men. I came home from school and decided to take a shower. I needed to make sure I was shaved and smooth for my mistress. She would be home soon, and I needed to start dinner and have it ready. As I finished my shower I made sure I was smooth for my mistress. I powdered dry and wrapped a towel around me and headed to my room.

As I entered my room it was nice and warm from the space heater I had running. I slipped off my towel and slipped into my Satin white panties. My white stockings felt better than ever, sliding up my leg and being attached to my garter.

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I walked into my closet and grabbed my 4" black heels. Heels always make my calfs look great, and feels extra sexy to hear that little click from my shoes. I stepped into my shoes and walked over to my dresser. I opened my drawer and pulled out my favorite corset. It always clinches my waist and makes my fake breasts look even bigger. After tightening the strings, I opened another drawer to get my breasts. I have two sets, A C cup or an A cup. I put my C cup in today for my mistress, she always likes to see a big titted maid cleaning for her.

I sit down at my dresser and start to apply my make up, Which I only use a lite coating and go heavy on my lipstick. A nice slutty red should go great with my outfit today.

After being satisfied with my make up I go into my closet once again, to get my Maids outfit. I loved this so much, being my mistresses maid and satisfying her. After double checking everything I head downstairs. I walk into the kitchen and notice a pile of dishes, I start warming the water in the sink right away. As I knew if my mistress saw this mess she would surely punish me. I added the soap as the water started warming. While washing the dishes I couldn't help but wonder what my mistress had planned for me tonight.

Thinking this only got me aroused, and even more horny than I already was. I started to wash the next pan when I felt a body press up against mine pinning me to the kitchen sink. As I tried to react a knife came up to my throat, "Scream, and this floor is going to be blood stained" he said.

I nodded to him as he took the knife away, He dug in his pocket for something. He found it and brought it around my head, "open your mouth" he barked. As I opened my mouth a very large ring gag was forced inside.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me on the floor. "On all fours you slut" He yelled as if I had made him angry. As I assumed the position he wanted as I felt his hands on my ass.

He slowly took down my panties and started playing with my hole. My virgin little hole started to be violated by this man, he kept playing with it and teasing me. He continued to play with me as I heard another mans voice.

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"damn" the second man said, "well what do we have here" he said again as he undid his pants and let them fall to the ground. I looked up to see a 8" inch cut cock, as his got on his knees.


He stuck it in my mouth, working it in and out. I tried not to gag but it was impossible not too. He kept shoving it more and more in my mouth and throat. A couple times he started choaking me with it, shoving it down so far where I couldn't breath. After I started gasping a few times the man behind me yelled at him. He slowed down and still kept it deep in my mouth. I now felt some warm liquid on my hole, he had pulled out some lube and was getting me ready for him.

In and out he worked his fingers, oh it felt so good. He kept fingering me with one hand while undoing his pants with the other. I heard his belt come off and his pants unzip. I felt his crotch brush up against my ass, He had a nice hard on and it felt thick.

Although I would soon find out how thick. As he retracted his fingers from my hole, something else took its place. His rod was sitting at my entrance waiting to impale me. He wiped what lube was left on his fingers on his cock, as he lubed up the rest I was still being choaked to death by the man infront.

The man behind me now lubed up, pushed on my little hole. At first it felt great, then he started pushing in harder.

His cock was too thick, and he needed to go slower to expand my hole. He didn't care. He thrust into me again, it felt like someone had opened a air vent on my ass. The pain was sharp and never ending. "ahhhhh this bitch is on the rag" the man behind me chuckled out. I looked below me and a puddle of blood was starting to form. He had ripped my little hole, and still kept thrusting more in. "Look like her cherry is popped now" he said again as he resumed faster thrusts. The pain subsided and pleasure kicked in, it felt so wonderful to be impaled by two men.

Especially ones that knew what they were doing. The man infront of me kept pulling his cock out and rubbing his precum all over my face, He seemed to like it alot. As he shoved his cock back down my throat, he groaned. "Oh fuck I gotta cum" he said in a half wispering voice. "Yeah i'm close too" the man behind me said taking longer deeper strokes with is cock. "Wait a second" said the man infront of me, as he pulled out his cock and walked to the bathroom. I heard some rummaging around as I was still being impaled by this huge cock from behind me.

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He came back with something in his hand, he handed it to the guy behind me. I didn't see what it was. As he stuck his cock back in my mouth he groaned again.


Speeding up his thrusts and getting deeper I knew he wasn't going to cum in my mouth. He thrusted a couple more times and then Held it in, deep into my mouth and throat. I felt his cock pulse. As his cock was pulsing I started tightening my hole. Feeling cum rush down my throat and tightening my hole sent me over the edge. I tried to moan out, but I couldn't with a cock stuffed down my throat.

So I just impaled myself more on the cock in my ass. I took his cock all the way in, as I did he started grunting. "OH FUCK YES!!!!" I heard as I felt my ass being filled with his juice.

He was a big cummer, and filled me FULL with cum. He kept thrusting into me as he relaxed from his orgasm.

As he started to pull out, something else hit my ass. "Here ya go sweetie, this is for you being on the rag" He pushed in and I felt my ass being invaded by something plastic. As he pushed it into me, I felt a tampon eject from it. As the tampon did its work and swelled inside me it felt so nice.

It also kept all his extra cum inside me. OH I felt so slutty as I lay there in the floor with cum in my mouth and down my throat, and a tampon keeping me from leaking in my little pussy.

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As I relaxed on the floor I heard the door open, My mistress walked in. "I see you've met my friends" she said. As she walked into the room she barked at me to stand up. As I did she felt of my ass and looked in my mouth.

She looked me up and down and finally smiled, "Come here" she said. She had me sit in the floor infront of the couch, and lean my head back on the cushion. As I did she dropped her panties, and sat on my face.

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"EAT IT, EAT IT YOU FUCKING SLUT". Her pussy was soaked with cum, as I licked and licked cum kept dripping into my mouth. After another 5 minutes or so her pussy was free of cum. She told me to go douche and come back for more work. As I did I heard My mistress and the two men talking, they obviously had plans because I heard my mistress say "Yes that would work".