Stunning MILF banged hard and splashed on tits

Stunning MILF banged hard and splashed on tits
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The Indian camp was just over the next hill. I had heard a lot of gun fire earlier in the afternoon coming from that direction.

I crawled through the dust until I could see down the slope and into what was left of the camp. Bodies were everywhere. Most of the structures were torn down or on fire or both.

I heard a woman's scream followed by a shot. So, there were still some murderers left around the camp. I brought my rifle to bear on the camp and waited. There was another terrified scream. Four drunken cowboys appeared out of the smoke dragging a young girl behind them on a rope.

She was screaming and crying, trying desperately to get away. They dragged her down by the creek. One of the drunks drew a knife and cut her clothes off. They all laughed and started to get undressed. As soon as their pants hit the ground I started shooting. Soon all four of them lay dead or dying beside the creek. The girl was lying on the ground by the water, quivering in fear. I watched for a long time to be sure there were no more of those murdering cowards in the camp.

Then I stood up and walked cautiously down the hill. As I approached the girl she started crying, sure that I would kill her or rape her or both. My knife made quick work of her bonds. Returning her chopped up clothing to her, I saw her smile for the first time. She was the prettiest Cheyenne girl I had ever seen. Luckily, I spoke her language, so I asked her name. "I am Moon Flower. Are you going to kill me now?" "Nobody's going to kill you.

Hell, I just rescued you. I am not the bad guys." She was young and frightened to death that bad things were going to happen to her. She draped her ruined clothing over her body, covering herself as best she could.

I helped her to her feet and started walking toward my horse. She followed close behind me. I mounted the horse and she took my arm and swung up behind me.

We trotted away from the carnage toward the Rockies. As we put some distance between us and the camp, I slowed my horse to a walk. The vast grasslands lay before us.

I knew it would take three or four days to reach the mountains. She seemed to be perfectly content with just riding along and said nothing to me all day. Just at dusk we came to a small creek so I dismounted and helped her down. She went right to work making a fire. When the fire was burning, she started mending her clothes. I unrolled my bedroll beside the fire and got some pemmican from my saddle bags.

We made some coffee and sat down by the fire. I finally got a good look at her. She appeared to be about twenty or so. She was a full blooded Cheyenne, pretty, slim and short with nice full breasts and a really curvy ass. When she saw me checking her out she smiled at me again. I guess she had made up her mind that I wasn't going to hurt her.

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As the sun set, we finished off the meager meal. I opened the bedroll and she got in beside me.

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For the first time I heard her giggle a little as she wiggled into a comfortable position next to me. I wrapped my arms around her, squeezed her and went to sleep. When I woke up at first light she had managed to wiggle around and had my morning wood pressed into the crack of her ass. When I moved, she wriggled back into me. "We've got to get going before anyone figures out what happened and finds our trail," I told her.

We had some hardtack and chicory for breakfast. Much to my surprise as we rode away from the campsite, she whispered in my ear, "Don't you like me?" "Well, yeah. I just don't know you very well," I stammered. "If you like me, why didn't you do it to me last night?" "I didn't know you wanted that kind of attention. I thought you might be scared." "I was scared yesterday until you rescued me.

I'm not afraid now." "Well, alright, if you feel the same way tonight we might give it a try." That seemed to satisfy her and she held on tighter as we slowly made our way across the plains. I managed to shoot an antelope before we made camp for the night. We spent our time dressing it and cooking some of it. The meat was tasty but tough. Most of it was hanging from some poles to dry. I sat down and cleaned my rifle.

When I looked up she was standing by the fire nude. She looked at me and smiled again. "Do you like me?" she asked. "Oh, hell yeah," I answered. She lay down in the bedroll. Well, there it was. She was a very pretty girl. She had small tits and a fine little butt. I took my clothes off and climbed in behind her. She giggled and grabbed my cock, slowly massaging it. I pinched her nipples and she sighed. She rolled me over on top of her and whispered, "Now, do it now." Her pussy was already wet.

I slid my cock into her and she moaned. She grabbed my nuts and gently squeezed them as I stroked into her. She made very little noise, only a kind of low moan.

I guess I was moaning too. It wasn't long until the moan was replaced with an "Oof, oof, off," as she neared her climax. She made a little squeaking noise as she clamped down on my cock. I squirted my load into her. She wiggled and giggled. All she said was, "Nice." We rolled apart and I let my cock rest in her ass crack.

Squeezing her tightly, I got drowsy and fell asleep. I could hear her softly breathing as she too, drifted away. I was awake again at first light and again my morning wood was pressed firmly against her crack. This time though, I maneuvered it around and slipped it into her. She moaned a little and wiggled her ass.

In less than a minute we were fucking like dogs. Little squeaking sounds came from her lips again as I jammed my cock into her pussy. I reached around her and tickled her clit. She came almost immediately. I continued to ram her fine little pussy until I felt that feeling deep in my nuts. She once again screamed and I came in the middle of her climax, filling her with my seed.

I held onto her and kept my cock pressed into her until it shriveled and fell out. She held her legs tightly together. "Are you trying to make a baby?" I asked. "Yes.


You saved me. I have nothing to give you but a son." Well! I had never thought of myself as a daddy, but in a funny sort of way it kind of appealed to me. So I just smiled and nodded to her. She squeezed me as tight as she could. We stayed there four days after salting the antelope meat, letting it get dry enough to pack. We fucked like animals every night.

She seemed to just love my cock and had her hands on it at every opportunity. The mountains were still far away to the west and we slowly made our way toward them. We traveled for three days without seeing a single soul.


Entering a big valley, we approached a huge lake from the south. It was there that we ran into the Salish. We stayed with the Salish two weeks. They tried to buy the Cheyenne girl but I told them that she was my wife and that she was pregnant. They seemed to respect that. We traded the antelope skin for a buffalo hide blanket and left the Salish to their war with the Shoshone. We continued west and ran into some really big, rough mountains. "We have to get through these before the snow flies," I told her.

It took us eight days to get through the mountains. We spent most of the time dodging the Blackfoot Indians. We finally broke out of the mountains and onto a large plain. Presently we encountered a big river and followed it until it joined another big river.

Making a more or less permanent camp by the river was all we worked on for the next two weeks. One night as we snuggled into the buffalo blanket next to each other she asked, "Did you mean what you told the Salish about me being your wife?" "Yes, I have grown to love you and I want you to be with me always.

I wasn't lying to them." "You weren't lying to them about me being pregnant either," she informed me. "Oh man, that's great!" I shouted. I was so happy!

I squeezed her tightly to me. "It's okay if we still do it isn't it?" I asked. "Of course, I'm not even swelling yet." I kissed her tenderly and felt her breasts. Her nipples popped right up so I sucked on them. "When will you have milk?" I asked. "Not yet, but you don't have to quit sucking them. It feels really good." I sucked and licked them for a while and then I rolled over on top of her.

Her hand found my rigid cock and she pulled me to her entrance. I entered her gently thinking I might harm the baby. She chuckled and said, "I'm not made of fragile pottery. You may do as you like. I like it hard. Come on cowboy, do it hard in me!" I felt her body tremble as I slammed into her with abandon.

Her pussy got tighter and tighter and my thrusts got stronger and stronger. Suddenly she quivered on my dick and came like an avalanche. I squirted my seed into her, grunting and puffing as I gained my release. "You've got to be the best pussy in the West!" I murmured into her ear. She just giggled and wriggled her fine little ass. Our little camp grew slowly and soon it was a real house. The forest supplied us with all the wood we needed and we built a little more each day.

I made a stone fireplace so we would have some heat inside in the winter to keep us warm. It was too late to plant a crop so we harvested what we could from the surrounding country side.

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From the way that she preserved and stored our bounty I could tell she was no stranger to living off the land. Fall was upon us and I shot an elk so we would have meat for the winter. We also found that we could catch fish from the big river and we dried them in the fall sun. One day it was fairly worm and the next day it was really cold. Then it snowed. We huddled inside our shack and cuddled in the blanket. "Where did you learn to live off the land?" I asked her.

"I was once married to a warrior. He was killed in the massacre that you rescued me from. We had not yet had a chance to have children. Sometimes I mourn for him." As the winter growled on the snow got heavier and so did she. By spring time, her belly was pooched out and she waddled when she walked. I thought it was kind of amusing but she couldn't see the humor. "You did this. Why are you laughing at me?" she angrily snapped.

"You've got to know that I love you. I think you are just perfect and beautiful but you must admit that you walk funny," I explained. I took her hand and led her back into our little house. As I undressed her I noticed that her little tits weren't that little anymore. I sucked one into my mouth and her milk flowed freely from it and into me.

It was sweet and light. "Mmmm," I moaned. "Don't stop! That feels so good!" she hummed. I never got tired of suckling at her breast. It was a huge treat out here in the wilderness. I slipped my cock into her pussy and we started doing what men and women do. She never got tired of fucking me. The longer I stayed with her the more I loved her. She started staying in the house more and more. I knew the time was near when we would have a baby. One day as I entered the house I heard her gasp. A large pool of fluid was on the floor between her legs.

"My time is now!" she exclaimed. "You'll have to tell me what to do. I've helped a couple of cows and a horse or two but I've never done this with a woman," I confessed.

"It will be alright. Just treat me like a cow!" she grinned.

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I held her hand while she lay on the blanket and delivered our baby. She made me cut the cord with my hunting knife. I wrapped the baby in some old, clean linen and handed him to her. She smiled up at me and said, "No pussy for you for a while." "I don't care as long as you and our son are okay." Six weeks later while Orville Corbin Jr.

lay sleeping in his home made cradle, she finally let me into her body. By that time I was so horny I could have fucked a buffalo. I kissed her tenderly and felt her pussy. She grabbed my cock and gave it a few little jerks. "So much for messing around. Put it in me now!" she ordered. I crawled in between her legs and let myself slide into her. She gave a little moan as I entered her. I stopped. "No!

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No! You're not going to kill me! Stick it all the way in. I want to be fucked!" In all the time I had been with her I had never had a wilder ride than I had that night. "You're going to kill me with your pussy," I panted. "At least you'll die happy!" she responded. She puffed and puffed and finally gave her little squeal. She came on my already dying cock.

I couldn't wait for her. She smiled triumphantly up at me.