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CHAPTER 20 They spent the rest of the day, sitting on the deck in the warm Colorado sun, talking and just relaxing.

They had dinner, watched some TV and decided to shoot some pool. Colin was wearing a pair of faded denim cut-offs and a black t-shirt, with only socks on his feet. Alisha is dressed in a short denim skirt and a white tube top. Her feet are bare. They play several games and each have won and equal number of games, in this game he sinks the 8-ball and wins. They both reach for their iced teas. "Nice game," she says, sipping her tea. "You're kicking my ass again tonight, Colin." "True," he says, putting his tea on the coffee table.

"But what a fine ass it is." "Wyyyy thank you," she says, turning around and racking the balls. "What do you say we place a bet on this game, Alisha?" he asks. She looks at him and can tell by the gleam in his eye he is up to something. "You know, just to make it more interesting." "What kind of bet?" she asks warily, knowing that there was a very good chance that she would lose.

"Remember that conversation we had in Hawaii, about your fantasies?" he says. "Yes," she answers softly, feeling a blush creeping into her cheeks. She grips the side of the pool table as a wave of embarrassment washes over her. She had had a couple of glasses of wine that night and they'd been more than frank with each other. He'd asked her what one of her fantasies was and before she could censor her reply, she told him that she'd love for him to watch her masturbate and that she'd like to watch him masturbate.

She half-expected him to laugh, that night, but he didn't. All he said was that it was an interesting fantasy that sounded like fun. She went to bed shortly afterwards, pleading a headache.

"Winner of this game gets to watch the other person masturbate," he says. "What do you say?" "Totally naked or not?" she asks, trying to quell the nervous butterflies in her stomach.

Arousal courses through her body and she feels herself growing damp. "Totally naked," he answers. "Deal," she says, "I break first." As she leans into the shot, she can feel her skirt ride up in the back and she knows that he can see a glimpse of her white cotton panties.

Her braless breasts brush against her tube top. Her nipples harden at the contact. "Interesting little wager you came up with, Colin." She doesn't sink any balls so she stands up as he takes his first shot. "It turned you on, I see," he says, looking pointedly at her chest. She looks down and notices her nipples straining against the fabric. "Quite a bit," she says.

She looks down at his crotch and can see his cock causing a bulge in the front of his shorts. "Looks like I'm not the only one turned on by our wager." She watches as he sinks all of his shots and she grows increasingly excited - and nervous - by the knowledge that if he sinks the 8 ball now, in just a few minutes he will be watching her masturbate.

"Nope, you're not the only one," he says as he sinks the 8 ball. "Good game," she says. "Thanks," he replies. She heads into the bathroom and returns a moment later with a towel. "Now, where do you want me?" she asks him, sounding braver and calmer than she actually feels. "Wherever you're the most comfortable," he tells her. Gathering her courage, she walks over to the wooden coffee table and clears it off. She places the towel on the table and reaches behind her for the zipper on her skirt.

She slowly slides it down as he sits on the edge of the pool table facing her. Her skirt pools at her feet and she steps out of it, tossing it onto the couch beside him. She keeps her eyes on him as she reaches for the bottom of her tube top and pulls it over her head. Clad only in her white cotton panties, she sits on the edge of the coffee table, making sure the towel is beneath her. She starts by cupping her full breasts. She gently squeezes them before circling her hard rosy nipples with her fingertips.

They're so hard and tight that touching them evokes a mixture of pain and pleasure. She moans softly at the feeling. Her pussy becomes even wetter with every brush of her fingers over her nipples. She draws her feet up and spreads her legs wide, giving him an excellent view of her panty-covered pussy.

Her swelled lips are pushing out against the damp fabric, making them very visible to him. He can see her wetness darkening her panties. She trails her hands down her tummy to her inner thighs. She strokes them softly before moving one hand to her mound. She rubs her pussy through her panties, pushing the fabric between her folds.

She brings both hands to the waistband of her panties and slowly pushes them down, over her hips and finally down to her ankles. She kicks them off and they land in his direction. She returns to her original position, giving him an unobstructed view of her smooth, shaved pussy. He can see how wet she is. Her moisture glistens as it drips down to her ass. She strokes her slit before slipping her fingers between her folds. Her juices coat her fingers and she begins to roll her clit between her index finger and thumb.

She sighs as her pussy begins to tingle. Her eyes close as she slides two fingers inside her hot love channel. As she begins to fuck herself with her fingers, she lets her mind wander.

She imagines his fingers inside her, fucking her. "Alisha, look at me." His voice breaks into her fantasy. She opens her eyes and looks at him.

"What were you thinking of just then?" She adds a third finger, pushing them as deep as she can inside herself. A thin sheen of sweat has formed over her body as she continues finger fucking herself. Her hips begin to thrust against her hand as she slides her fingers in and out.

Her juices are flowing freely from her body, coating her fingers and trickling down her ass. "I was imagining my fingers were actually your fingers," she says huskily. She can feel herself getting close to cumming. "Was I fucking you with my fingers?" he asks. She notices then that he has opened his shorts and taken his hard cock out. He begins to stroke it as he watches her finger fuck herself. "Yes," she answers. "Was I fucking you hard or slow?" he asks. "Hard and fast," she answers, increasing the speed and intensity of her fingering.

The pressure inside is building and she knows that she will cum soon. With her free hand, she begins to stroke her clit. As she watches, he strokes his cock harder and faster, almost in time with the thrusting of her fingers.

She cums hard around her fingers and she feels her juices gushing around them. He cums at about the same time, long white ropes of fluid erupt from the end of his cock, some of which land on her. She collapses onto the table, exhausted. He stands up and reaches for a Kleenex to clean himself up. After placing his softening cock back into his shorts, he comes over to where she is on the table. "You ok?" he asks, kneeling beside her. She feels slightly embarrassed, lying naked on the coffee table after having one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

"Alisha?" "I'm fine, Colin," she says as she sits up. She gathers up her clothes and picks up the towel. "Thanks, Alisha," he says as he walks with her to the bedroom, where she puts all the items in the laundry hamper "You're welcome," she says.

She gives him a hug and very deep wet kiss. "Now I'm ready to sleep," she says to him and smiles. "Next time, I pick the wager," she says as she pulls the covers up over her. "You're on," he says to her as he turns off the light. Monday came and Alisha knew she would have a lot to get done, since she and Justin had been gone for a week. Her Dad could take care of the day to day operations, but there were a lot of the new things he didn't know anything about.

His truck was parked in front of the office when she got there. She went into the office and he got up from behind his desk and came to meet her. He gave her a long hug and said, "It's really good to have you back, Pumpkin, I've missed you&hellip." He hugged her again, kissing her on the cheek. "And how was the honeymoon, everything go smooth?" he asked "Yes Dad, everything went smoothly and I had a ball.

We had a beautiful house and the four of us saw almost all of the islands. We had some really good food and met some really interesting people……I started to just stay………" she laughed. "Things around here went smoothly, nothing much going on.

The trespassers down on the south side have been quiet. I told Bradley about what was going on down there and he's keeping an eye on his side of the state line. We'll get those bastards red handed. Is Justin still alive," he laughed, "after that much time with Cody, I figured he might have checked into a looney bin." He laughed again "Oh he did ok, I think they are really good for each other……they are in love.

I saw a real change Cody while we were gone. I think marriage agrees with her." "Pumpkin, I've really missed being with you while you were gone. Maybe we can get together later, ok?" he said.

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"Let me see how things go today, I have a lot to catch up with, if I can get caught up a little, I'd love to, I missed being with you too. Justin will be here in a little while so we can get some of the records caught up and I need to know where all the cattle are for sure." she told him. "I know you're going to be busy, we have a huge operation here anymore, it's hard for me to grasp. I'm just glad you have it all in your head……Here comes Justin, I think I'll get out of here for a while, its conference time down at the coffee shop." Dad left after talking with Justin for a few minutes, then Justin came into the office.

He was smiling widely as he came around Alisha's desk, pulled her to her feet and gave her an intimate 'good morning' kiss……& he had gotten used to in Hawaii.

"You're looking good this morning, Alisha," he gold her. "I feel good too, it's great to be home and back to work," she replied grinning, "thanks for the greeting, if I had time today, I'd give you a blow job." Justin smiled again as they sat down to bring things up to date.

A lot had transpired since they had been gone. The guys had moved the cattle to different pastures, per their instructions before they left. At noon, they had everything brought up to date and entered in the data base.

The last of the breeding had been finished while they were gone, BioGen would be back in three weeks to preg check the cows and breed any that were still open. Bob had taken the open cows, that had been checked, to the sale ring and sold them and replaced them with bred heifers. Sometime after the last bunch was checked, they would sort out all of the cows that had missed breeding the first round and put them into a separate group along with the bred heifers that Bob had bought.

By then, it would be close to time to move the cattle up to the high range. This year an old tradition would be broken. In years past, they had a trail drive and moved all the cattle up to the high range. Now it just wasn't feasible to do that, as there are 10 bunches of cattle that would have to be moved separately.

They will still move the largest bunch by trail drive, while they truck the others. Alisha has made arrangements with 4 trucking firms to move the cattle, so the 9 bunches will be moved up within 2 days. Alisha had always liked the trail drive, it was just a little nostalgia for her, reminding her of the old days that had passed long ago. Justin left the office and she went to town to have lunch with a friend of hers that had left a voice mail while she was gone.

She had seen Gretta at her wedding, but she didn't have a lot of time to sit and chat with her. At one time, they had been the best of friends, but had drifted apart throughout the years. It was not that they didn't like each other or had any problems, life had happened to both of them and they both had been busy pursuing school and careers.

Alisha was looking forward to having a long lunch with her and getting caught up on the lost time. She arrived at Clancy's a little early, so she went ahead and went in and was seated.

She ordered a glass of iced tea and sat and caught up on some emails she had set aside this morning. In a little while, Gretta came into the restaurant and spotted her. She came to the table and hugged Alisha as she stood to greet Gretta. They ordered lunch, then just talked and talked. Both their lives had moved on into much a more complicated time. Gretta had been married for a while, but had divorced about 6 months ago.

She had been cheated on repeatedly and was very bitter. Alisha related her life story to Gretta……about all the hell Dayle had put her through before their divorce.

"But Gretta, I have found the man of my dreams, my true soul-mate. We are so much alike that I don't know where I end and he begins…&hellip.I've never had this feeling befor……ever." Alisha told her.

"Well I guess I just to have to keep looking, If you find anyone to set me up with, do it&hellip.I need the help," she laughed.

They finished their lunch and talked some more over another glass of tea. They both had things to do, so they went their own ways and promised to stay in touch.

Alisha knew that Gretta had some problems, but, she wasn't a practicing psychologist any more, and she really didn't want to be. If Gretta kept having problems, she would talk to her Mom about talking with her.

Alisha stopped at the Coop to pick up some salt and mineral blocks. They needed to get them out to the cattle. When she pulled up, here comes Fred&hellip.she really didn't want to deal with him right now, she had more important things to take care of&hellip.oh well, she would brush him off. "Well, it's the newlywed," he said as he walked up. "How is married life treating you? Are you ready to come to my bed for a little satisfying sex?" He laughed jokingly.

"Fred, one thing I have to say about you, you never give up…&'s good to see you. I have to tell you, though, I'm getting all the sex I can handle right now&hellip.when I get bored, I'll come over and you can fuck my brains out&hellip." The fork lift arrived and sat the pallet of blocks in the back of her truck. She went in and signed the ticket and went to the ranch to unload.

She pulled up to the storage shed and two of the guys unloaded the blocks. While they did that, she walked over to say hi to Jack.

He was standing at the coral fence watching her. If she showed up anywhere around the barns or corals, he immediately knew it and came to see her. She stroked him and talked to him, then the guys got her pickup unloaded, so she had to leave.

She decided to go home and rest, she was still tired from the trip. As she drove home, she thought back to last week at the hotel bar after the ball. By the time she got home, she was sopping wet. That had been an excellent experience, one she hadn't seen coming, but thoroughly enjoyed.

Still thinking about that night, she decided tonight was the night to show Colin the tape she had made that morning while he was at breakfast. Hopefully he wouldn't get mad at her……&hellip.she knew he wouldn't.

When Alisha got home she found Colin fixing dinner. She got a beer from the frig and opened another one for Colin. They kiss each other and she goes to take a shower and clean up. When she comes back to the kitchen, she is wearing a long t-shirt and panties.

Colin's eyes light up when he sees her. He can see her erect nipples pushing against the t-shirt and he is thinking how hot she looks.

Alisha finished her beer and opened another one. "Colin, I have a video I'd like for you to watch&hellip.I think you'll like it." she said. "What kind of video is it?" he asks her.

"It's a secret," she says back. "Well, if you're going to show it to me, it isn't going to be a secret now, is it?" he fires back at her. "True," she says, "but it's something I want you to see, honey." she tells him. "Ok," he says, "I'll watch it with you." They eat dinner and have a couple more beers, then do the dishes. Alisha goes into the play room and loads the disk into the video player.

Colin has gone to the bedroom and changed into shorts and a t-shirt and comes back. "Ok, I'm ready for your surprise video, let me get a beer and we can get it going& want another?" he asks "Yes, please," she tells him Colin settles down on the couch as Alisha first takes a deep breath, then starts the video.

As it begins, Alisha is talking to the camera………… "I just got a call from Jason, one of the guys I fucked and sucked last night.

He wants to come to my room and have sex with me once more. He told me that I am the best piece of ass he has ever had in his life and he would like to have me once more. I have to tell you the truth, Colin, I want to fuck him again, I want to feel that huge cock of his inside me. You are down having breakfast and I prefer to have a one on one with him, but, I'm videoing the whole thing so I can show it to you in its entirety." A knock at the door is heard on the video and Alisha answers the door, totally nude.

Jason enters the room, grasping Alisha by her ass and pulling her to him as he kisses her passionately. Jason speaks, "Good morning beautiful, you are absolutely breathtaking. I'm so glad that you agreed to have sex with me once more, as I will probably never see you again." He is fondling her breasts as he continues kissing her. He leads her to the bed and tells her to get on it. He removes his clothing…&hellip.exposing the huge cock that Alisha craved the night before and evidently, is craving again this morning.

He lays down on the bed and buries his head between her legs. Alisha is moaning and arching her back, feeling pure pleasure from his tongue and mouth. Within two minutes, Alisha is cumming, humping his face like a bucking bronco. Her orgasm is huge and she is convulsing violently as Jason holds her by her ass and keeps his mouth connected to her clean shaven pussy.

Colin looks over at Alisha, "You fucked him while I was gone?" Alisha, not knowing exactly what Colin was thinking, was wondering if she had done the right thing, showing him this video. "Yes, I did Colin." The video continued showing Alisha coming back to earth and settling down.

Justin rolled her over and pulled her up on her knees, her shoulders still on the mattress. He rubbed his horse cock along her crack and lubricated it. He put the mushroom head against her pussy lips and began to slowly work in in&hellip.only inserting a little then pulling it back, before he inserted it deeper the next stroke.

Alisha was soon fully impaled on his huge phallus and was groaning loudly. Jason had hold of her hips and was holding still, letting her pussy conform to the size of his cock before he started actually fucking her. He began to move in and out of her hot pussy. The position of the camera clearly showed her pussy, spread wide by his monster cock. Every thrust in and out of her could be clearly seen. Also very noticeable were the long thick streams of her juices dripping down from her sopping pussy onto her legs.

Jason was beginning to pound her box like a jackhammer. Alisha was pushing her ass to him wanting to take every centimeter of it inside her. She began to cum again and was moaning loudly. Suddenly, Jason pulled his big rod from her body, grasped her by her hair and pulled her head to his cock, pushing the head into her hungry lips. Jason was cumming before he got his cock in her mouth and had streamed two long ropes of cum onto her face. Once inside her lips, you could see his cock expand and retract each time he released another big shot of his sticky cum into her oral cavity.

She couldn't swallow the volume of cum he was delivering and a lot of his seed ran out the corners of her mouth onto her beautiful tits. After he finished giving her his hot sperm, he pulled his cock back and rolled her over onto her back. He immediately put his, still hard and fully erect 12 inches, completely into her waiting pussy.

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Alisha immediately began to lurch her ass up to him on every stroke of his cock. He must have fucked her for half an hour. Her legs were wrapped around his tight ass, pulling him into her as far as he could possibly go. Then his whole body tensed, making every muscle extremely visible, like the muscles of a body builder in a competition. He shoved his cock all the way to the hilt, his balls slamming into her soft ass, as he began to deliver another huge load of cream deep into the center of her being.

He delivered it with so much force, that cum was actually spurting out of her pussy, around his huge cock. Alisha was screamning, "OOOOOOOOH GOD, AM I CUMMMMMMMING&hellip.OH FUCK, JASON…&hellip.FUCK ME HARDER, SHOVE THAT BIG ROD ALL THE WAY INSIDE ME, MAKE ME HURT……&hellip.OOOOOOH SHIT JASON……&hellip.I CANNNN FEEEEEEL YOU CUMMMMMMMING INNNSIDE MEEEEEEEEEEE……&hellip.OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK!" Jason was ramming his cock home, listening to Alisha vocalizing her orgasm.

She was feeling him as he shot his full load deep inside her. The heat and pressure from his cum was sending her into orbit. Soon it was over and she lay on the bed, limp, unable to move. Jason pulled his cock out of her and wiped it off on her stomach as she lay there panting. He went up to the side of her head and wiped his cock again across her slightly parted lips. When she felt his meat there, her tongue came out to lick it as it was pushed and pulled across her lips over and over.

Once cleaned up, Jason stood up and just looked at her naked body lying on the bed helpless. His cock had begun to soften, but the longer he feasted his eyes on her nakedness, his cock began to recover and stand pointing to the sky. Jason grabbed Alisha by her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed and rolled her over onto her front.

He spread her legs and dipped up a gob of his cum that was oozing out of Alisha and smeared it on her ass hole, then began to fuck her ass with his fingers, stretching her sphincter out so he could push his horse cock into her waiting ass. He put the head against her anus and pushed it in…&hellip.inch by inch it disappeared inside her till it was completely buried.

Alisha wasn't moving, just lying on the bed groaning, asking for more and&hellip. Jason gave her more……he fucked her ass hard for at least five minutes then slammed his meat into her and moaned as he delivered another giant helping of his hot sticky cum deep into her body. When he finished, he pulled out and wiped his cock on her beautiful ass.

He stepped back and observed his spunk trickling out of her and down her crack. This time he simply got dressed and left the room.

Alisha laid there for quite some time, finally stirring and standing beside the bed. She spread her legs apart and watched long thick strings of cum run out of her holes and onto the floor. She made her way to the shower and soon the water stopped. She came out of the bathroom with a towel in her hands and wiped the cum up off the floor and off of the sheets. She ran a blow dryer till she dried the sheets, then she put the towel in the bathroom and pulled the covers up on the bed, covering the huge spot that had been made on the bottom sheet.

She laid down on top of the covers and rested. Soon, Colin came back from breakfast and found her there, horny as hell, as if she were waiting to fuck him……&hellip.which he did enthusiastically, not knowing that Jason had already pleasured her for the past two hours.

Before the video ended, Colin had gone into the bathroom and was showering. Alisha came back in front of the camera, "Colin, I know we will be back home when you see this……I hope you aren't upset with me, but I just had to do him once more. I just want you to know that I love YOU and only you. The extramarital sex is nothing but pleasure, I feel nothing for the men that give me this pleasure. The pleasure you give me means the world to me and is not just fucking, but making love, the love I feel for you.

Please don't be mad at me………just remember I am in love with only you……&hellip." Then she turned the camera off. Alisha was noticeably nervous.

Colin looked at her, not saying anything. He got up and moved closer to her. He got down on his knees between her legs and held her hands in his, then looked into her eyes. "Alisha…&hellip.I am so in love with you and I will always be. You can fuck anyone you want to, I know that you love only me and that you are only satisfying your animal urges with other men. I loved the movie&hellip.put it in the safe so it is secure. Now, I want to give you the fucking of your life, I'm so turned on I can hardly stand it.

He leaned up to her lips and kissed her then went back down between her legs and, with his tongue, began to give her the pleasure she lusted for.

Their bout of love making lasted for the next 3 hours, even Jason couldn't compete with that. Colin was happy that Alisha had showed him the video. It bolstered his faith in her even more than it was already. He now knew that there was nothing she wouldn't share with him and she knew there was nothing she couldn't share with him. In their erotic world, everything was good. The days flew by. Things were busy on the ranch.

The weather was warming up and Alisha's favorite time of the year was here. She rode Jack across the range one day, checking to see how the pastures were looking.

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The grass was beginning to grow and the snow was melting. She saw a flock of geese flying over headed north. Nature was at its best right now, with the promise of summer on the horizon. The weekend was fast approaching and the first hunt of the season had Colin and Alisha finding themselves very excited. They both had been hitting their tanning bed, to make sure that their skin wasn't too white and looked good. It was Friday and they would drive up to the property in the morning, trying to arrive about 10 am.

That night, they had a slow session of intimacy, bringing them both to a fulfilled sense of being. A closeness that they both cherished deeply……&hellip.tomorrow, anything goes. Morning came……they arose with a high sense of anticipation of the weekend to come. They got into Alisha's truck and headed for the Hunt Club.

When they arrived at the property, Alisha stopped at the gate and put the magnetic key into the receptacle.

The gate swung open and they drove in, the gate shutting behind them. There had been many changes since Alisha was here last. The first and most noticeable was the new security fence that surrounded the property. It was a 10ft high chain link with razor wire on the top. In the past, they had had some problems with the wildlife and knowing exactly where the boundaries were.

Now, the boundaries were absolute and the newsletter had said that a crew had cleared the premises of all wildlife, so there would be no confrontations this year like there had been in the past. They drove on about a mile, to the parking area. Alisha looked at Colin, "Are you ready for this?" she asked. He looked at her and said, "As ready as I'll ever be." They got out of the truck and took all their clothes off, except for their shoes. Colin looked at Alisha's perfect body and thought to himself 'whoever catches her, gets the prize." They kissed each other and started down the path into the trees.

Once inside they separated. Alisha stayed in the trees and in heavy cover, walking slowly, being aware of any movement or sound out of the ordinary. She knew she was the prey, but she had news for them. She was also going to be the hunter, she would stalk a guy and fuck him.

She smiled as she thought about turning the tables. She spotted a guy creeping through the brush. 'There is my first capture' she thought. She stealthily stalked him. Her mind was focused on "her prey" as she sneaked through the forest. Just then, arms and hands grabbed her and took her down to the ground. "Damn." she said as the guy that had caught her rolled her over on her back and spread her legs. He was smiling as he pushed his cock into her wet pussy. She just went with the flow and wrapped around him and began thrusting into him as he fucked her.

He didn't have a real big cock, maybe 6 inches, but it was a good fuck. She had an orgasm and felt him blow his load of cum into her pussy. He pulled out, smiled at her and ran off into the forest. Alisha was pissed, she had that other guy in her sights and was about to get him when she got caught. Alisha was about to get to her feet when two guys jumped out and caught her before she got to her feet. Both of them were fully erect and smiling. The one guy was on top of her immediately, she felt his cock searching for the entrance to her pussy, then slide in her cum filled hole.

The other guy brought his cock to her mouth and pushed it to her lips. She smiled and took it into her mouth. She liked sucking a guy off, she was the one that got the prize here……she wanted his cum in her mouth and then in her stomach. The guy fucking her shot his load and got off of her, disappearing into the trees.

The other guy, sensing that she hadn't cum, rubbed her clit till he felt her climax, then shot his load in her mouth. It was warm and tasted great. She smiled at him as he took off into the forest. When he split up with Alisha, Colin stayed in the trees, slowly moving along. He found a trail and followed it to a very dense patch of willows. He thought he'd hide in there and surely, a woman would come down the trail, not wanting to get off the trail into the trees……and he was right.

He could see a tall redhead slowly moving down the trail, peering into the trees making sure no men were stalking her. When she got close to Colin, he sprang out of the willows and grabbed her. She was a beautiful woman, about 35 years old with huge breasts.

She smiled when he grasped her, then she went down on the grass and waited for Colin to take her. He figured he must be the first man to catch her as she didn't have a creampie showing. He'd take care of that little detail. He mounted her and they fucked for quite some time. He felt her cum and felt her warm juice spray all over his balls as he blew his hot sticky load inside of her. She was holding on to Colin like she was afraid of falling off. Colin thought that it was a bad rule, to not be able to talk, he wanted to tell her how fantastic she was, but, following the rules, he pulled out of her, smiled at her and left her.

He looked over his shoulder and saw three guys grab her before she could get to her feet. One was on top of her fucking her, mixing his sperm with his.

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The other two, patiently waited their turns, jacking off as they watched their friend banging that cute redhead. He creeped through the trees for the next hour or so and came upon an extremely beautiful woman resting on a patch of grass. She was not paying a lot of attention to her surroundings, as she was picking wild strawberries and eating them. She was down on her hands and knees picking, as he sneaked up behind her.

He grabbed her by her hips and pushed his cock against her warm pussy lips. She spread her legs further and he slid in her. He knew he wasn't the first to get her, she was too well lubed. He gave her a good fucking and moved on. Colin and Alisha both got all the fucking they wanted. At dusk, Alisha went into the common area to get a blanket and something to eat.

There she saw a couple of guys that had nailed her. They both checked her out as she walked in. She went to the food tent and got a meal and sat down to eat it and rest for a bit.

Here, no one could take another so she sat quietly eating and drinking her bottle of water. When she finished it was beginning to get dark, so she got a couple of blankets and went back into the forest. She found a place that looked good to stay for the night.

She put a blanket down on the grassy area and covered up with the other. She was getting warm and starting to get drowsy when she heard someone coming.

She couldn't tell who it was so she just laid there quietly. Soon she saw a shadow walking toward her. As the shadow got closer, she saw that it was another female. The woman tripped over Alisha and fell down next to her.

The woman told her, "I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." Alisha, laughed, "I didn't know who it was and I was staying very still, otherwise, I would have warned you." "Do you mind if I stay here with you tonight, this is the first time I've been here and I don't know what to do." she said.

Alisha pulled her blanket back and invited the woman under it with her. The woman introduced herself as 'Jane' and told Alisha that her boyfriend had brought her and hadn't really indoctrinated her.

She had been caught 6 times, each time the guy would pull out and run away leaving her unfulfilled. Alisha explained the whole scenario to her and told her about the common area, where she could get food, water, blankets and any first aid that might be needed. Alisha liked the feel of her warm body close to her and Jane felt the warmth also. They moved closer to each other and Alisha felt Jane's lips press against hers&hellip.they embraced and began caressing each other.

As the night moved on, they enjoyed each other's bodies. Near sunrise, they were locked in an embrace under the banket, oblivious to the world around them. Suddenly the blanket was jerked off of them. Alisha looked up and 4 men were standing there, stroking their cocks. One man said to the others, "Look boys, we have found breakfast. The 4 guys then took them, one after the other, making their prey moan with pleasure as they were fucked over and over.

Sticky, warm cum ran from their cunts like rivers as the guys continued to pleasure themselves. Leaving the "prey" exhausted the men strode away into the trees. Alisha stood up, cum streaming down her legs. She told Jane goodbye and wandered off into the forest to see if she could find Colin. As she searched she found a man sleeping. He was a good looking guy, well built. 'here is my chance' she thought to herself as she sneaked up on him.

When she got close she straddled his torso and awakened him. "Got cha," she said.

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The guy woke up and realized he was the prey this time. He looked up at the beautiful woman astraddle of him and immediately surrendered. Alisha moved forward till her well fucked pussy was at his lips.

He understood what she wanted and began to lick her pussy, thoroughly licking the cum from it, cleaning her totally. Alisha came three times while he sucked her pussy clean of any remaining sperm. She needed a cock inside her so she slid down and put his hard cock inside her and began to ride him. In a short time, she felt him unloading inside her and felt another orgasm building, she embraced it and began to squirt all over her prey.

When she finished she stood up, smiled at her prey and ran off into the trees. Again she could feel warm cum running down her legs as she walked. She found a secluded spot out of sight and rested. She was hungry and thought she should go to the common area and get something to eat. She sneaked through the trees till she found the clearing and went to get something to eat.

There were several people there, men and women. She noticed all the women's legs had streaks of dried cum tailing all the way down to their feet. She got her breakfast, sat down and began to eat.

Someone was behind her, she turned to see Colin standing there. "I see from your legs you've been caught?" he said pointing at the dried cum on the inside of her thighs. "Yes, caught several times,: she said, "and I caught one and made him clean my pussy." Colin sat down, "Are you having a good time Alisha?" he asked.

"I guess its ok," she replied, "It's not as much fun as I remembered" Colin smiled at her, "It was fun for the first few hours, then I got tired of fucking.


I sat down by a little stream and rested. 4 women came out of the trees and grabbed me and made me clean them all.

It was kind of hot, but I've tired of it&hellip.I'd rather be in a warm bed with you." Alisha smiled at Colin. He could see her love for him in her eyes and the wanting for him.

They chatted quietly and finished eating. "What say we go back to the truck and go home," he said to her. Alisha was feeling the same thing, she wanted to be with her man, alone in his arms. "Ok, I'm in, let's get the fuck out of here." They got up and started down the trail toward the parking area.

They walked along, enjoying the morning. They arrived back at the parking lot, put their clothes on and headed home. Their conversation was different this morning. It was more about them being together than sharing and being shared……something very different than they had ever felt.

They arrived home and showered together, embracing and exploring the others body with their hands and eyes&hellip.kissing and holding each other close. They dried each other off with soft towels, caressing each other more, building the desire between them. They went to their bed and slowly made love to each other over the next two hours, each only cumming once at the end…&hellip.together.

They slept in a satisfied slumber that lasted till the next morning. They awoke in each other's arms, made love again and then got ready for work. There was no discussion about the hunt club.

Each was keeping to themselves their experiences there. Colin went to his office and began his day. Thoughts of the weekend at the hunt club continued through his mind. For some reason, the things there just didn't set well with him. Sure the sex was great, just grab a girl and fuck her, like a piece of meat.

He had fucked several women while he was there, in that manner, and he didn't like it. The lack of intimacy, not talking…& all was just too impersonal. It had sounded exciting at first, but now, he didn't care if he ever went back up there. If Alisha wanted it, though, he would do whatever she desired. He knew that he liked the relationship they had with Cody and Justin, it was intimate and personal and there was feeling there. He knew he needed to talk to Alisha about this and he didn't want to put it off.

In the mean time, Alisha had arrived at her office and began the day, with the same thoughts in her head. She hadn't enjoyed the hunt club at all.

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She had been taken in a way to which she was unaccustomed. She liked a little feeling and intimacy when she fucked someone, these guys were just out there to get their rocks off and go.

Then the stupid rule about not being able to clean up, that sucked. She liked her pussy to be clean and fresh for the guys that she allowed to enter her. She remembered Jane and how her boyfriend had just took her there and put her out there without any indoctrination about how things worked or how to take care of herself. The poor girl didn't even know that there were blankets and food available.

She just knew that every time she turned around, she got put on the ground and fucked till the guys got their rocks off inside her and then left her lying on the ground. Alisha knew she had to talk with Colin about the hunt club and it had to be soon.

If he wanted to return, she would go with him, just for him, but not for herself. She had to talk to him tonight when they got home. Alisha looked up from her desk and saw her Dad drive up. He came in and went to his desk, saying good morning to her as he passed by.

Something was the matter, his attitude was really bad. They worked in silence for some time before he got up and came to her desk and sat down in the chair across the desk from her. I "I need to talk to you Alisha," he said.

"Sure, what's up Dad?" she said "It's your Mom again, she and I have been arguing all weekend.


She is seeing someone, I'm sure of it&hellip." "Well, Dad," she said, "it's not like you're not fucking someone else. I mean you're fucking me and this chick down in New Mexico…& that ok for you and not for her?" Alisha knew her Mom still wanted Bob, but also had needs too.

"I guess you're probably right, Pumpkin," he said, "I guess that I'm being a little narrow minded&hellip.I enjoy being with other women and I suppose I should not condemn her for wanting to be with someone else too." Alisha suggested"Dad, why don't you take Mom on a trip this weekend down to Santa Fe or Taos……somewhere you two can be alone and talk without any interruptions.

Perhaps you two can talk this thing out and come up with a solution to your problems." "You know, that might be a good idea. I'm going up to the house and ask Anne if she's willing and give it a try." Bob was on his feet and out the door in short order. Alisha hoped that they could get something worked out, she didn't want to have to deal with their problems. In a couple of hours, as she was working on her computer, Bob came in the office. "Alisha, you're a genius, she agreed to go down to Santa Fe this weekend.

We can go to the opera and spend some time alone and do some talking…&hellip.she said that this might be a good idea for us……we're leaving this afternoon and won't be back till sometime next week………wish us luck." Alisha hadn't seen her Dad so happy in quite some time. She hoped that the trip would do both of them good&hellip.meanwhile, she has a ranch to run and she needed to talk to Colin about the hunt club. Alisha went home early and prepared a great dinner for Colin.

When he arrived home, he was surprised at what Alisha had done. They sat down to eat and Alisha quickly brought up the subject of the Hunt Club. "Colin, I need to talk to you about the Hunt Club. I'm not sure I really want to go there anymore." Colin smiled as he heard what Alisha said. He was grinning as he said, "Alisha, I've been trying to figure out a way to tell you that I really didn't like the Hunt Club, but I'd keep going if it is something you want." They both laughed when they realized that the other really didn't want it.

They had a light conversation during dinner before going to bed and making love. The Hunt Club problem had been solved. The next morning, Colin told Alisha that he had to be out of town for a few days as he had to be in Detroit for some more meetings about his planned future expansion. He asked her if she wanted to come on the trip and meet some of the people he dealt with there. She declined as the breeding season was not finished yet and she needed to be here.

Colin packed and kissed Alisha and drove to the airport.