Floor Foursome sensual lesbian scene by SapphiX

Floor Foursome sensual lesbian scene by SapphiX
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Amanda stood up satisfied. Looking around her house she was making some progress unpacking but she was starting to get tired. Stretching her back she rubbed her breasts, even they were sore and tired from the move.

Picking up her glass of wine, she decided that she wanted a little fresh air before she attempted making the bed and so, stepped out into the night air. Her new home sat on several acres of land in the middle of nowhere.

Listening all she could hear was the night creatures singing their song to the moon and the gurgle of the stream that fed into the larger river and the very back of her land. The stream was on her property but it was the unofficial boundary with her neighbors to the North. She hadn't met them yet, but they were the closest people to her. The next closest neighbor was across the street and over a mile away. Sipping her wine, she stepped off the porch and into the warm humidity that only the South could offer.

Smiling, she watched fireflies dance their mating dance, lighting up to attract their potential mates. Amanda sighed.

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Divorced. Twice. Shaking her head, she turned to check out the stream. Walking slowly, she could hear things slink off into the dark of night. Despite the full moon, she was certain that shadows followed her. She was beginning to think she should turn around when she noticed a red glow in the direction of the neighbors land.

Walking closer but with more caution she smelled smoke. Nervous that it was a fire but trying to keep calm about it she pressed on to check. The bushes and trees grew thick in the area around the stream, blocking her view of the neighbor's land (and their view of her), causing her to do a little unprepared trekking. Stopping at the banks of the stream, she was shocked to see how deep the ravine was.

From her feet to the top of the water was about ten feet and who knew how deep it was once you got in. Deciding that she would not be swimming, she looked up and found that while there was trees and brush on the far bank, it was not nearly as thick.

She was able to move down the bank to a thinner spot and saw a group of people around a campfire. 'Maybe they're pagans.' Amanda thought eagerly. Being a practicing witch herself, she could make a mean tea with catnip but that was the extent of her powers.

She instead chose to focus on the religion aspect of paganism. So a group of people around a fire chanting, did not frighten Amanda, only make her more curious. It wasn't until she heard the roar of something both human and animalistic that her blood ran cold.

Looking around in the night, she realized how exposed she really was.

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Wearing a pair of running shorts and long cotton tank top, long red hair loose and a glass of red wine in hand, she could hardly battle an animal, or a mob. 'When could I have ever battled anything other than a hangover?' She thought pointedly to herself.

The roar, this time closer, caused her to focus on her situation and wonder who or what her neighbors were. 'Maybe they keep lions?' Even Amanda scowled her face at herself. Looking around quickly, she realized she would have to follow the edge of the stream back to where she was able to get through the brush, it was far too thick until there. She began to move slowly, hoping to not attract attention, when the group around the fire began to run away from the fire and into every direction.

Amanda froze and watched the group slowly, cautiously walk back towards the fire. In the far distance she could hear the occasional rumbling of a speaker, though he spoke as if he had a deep and commanding voice. The people in the group began removing their clothing slowly as if they were entranced. Standing around the fire the flicker of the fire light created interesting shadows across their bodies. Amanda wasn't sure if it was the long day or wine, but she could have sworn the shadows moved and undulated on their own as if alive.

Slowly people began grouping off, some coupling where they stood, others moving off to other places to take advantage of the terrain and surroundings. Men with Women, men with men, women with women, and everything in between. They all started to fuck. Slowly at first, some even with what looked to be gentleness and love but slowly began to grow more frantic and crazed. Amanda stood still again, this time turned on.

She had never been voyeuristic but now she felt a thrill watching these people go at it. A dull ache began to rise in between her legs and Amanda shifted her weight, inadvertently rubbing her swelling lips and clit against her little shorts.

Amanda bit her lip to keep from moaning. Slowly she crouched down, taking another sip of her wine. She waivered on the steep bank, her footing was not so good here, so she grabbed the trunk of a little tree nearby to keep from falling in the drink.


She wanted desperately to get in the midst of that orgy. It had been a long time since she had been with anyone and she had just began to think that she could go without a man and now, she was realizing how much she did miss cock. Her last husband had been a totally ass, but what he lacked as a husband and a decent human being he more than made up for it in the bedroom.

Crazy people were just better in bed. Frustrated and totally horny, Amanda set down her glass of wine and began rubbing her hand between her legs. The cotton of her shorts and her thong were thin enough that she could feel her clit swell beneath the fabric.

She was so sensitive so quickly, it caught her off guard, but she silently watched, trying to curb her lust. A couple not terribly far away on the far bank were in the middle of a beautiful love making session when suddenly the man sat up.

The woman slapped him hard across the face. Amanda winced and stopped her pleasuring. The man did not react but to look at her as he slapped her back. Rotating her around so that she was on her hands and knees the man continued the sex. The woman, not trying to get away suddenly swung her right fist back and hard, hitting the man in the temple.

Grabbing her wrist, he yanked back on her causing her to slide further back on his dick. A man walked up to this couple and laid down on his back in front of the woman who took her other hand and began sucking the man off with skill. Resting on her left elbow, she still managed to handle the prick with her left hand and mouth. As soon as the new man laid down a woman squatted over his face having dragged another girl with her. The two women began kissing and caressing one another, while another man crawled up behind the second woman and began to fuck her hand from behind.

One by one, the people began creating the fuck chain. Some were gentle but most of the people were violent, punching or slapping or twisting various body parts as they undulated and writhed in the shadows of the campfire. Amanda decided she had finally seen enough when she noticed the shadow of a person standing on the far side of the campfire. She could not see much of the person, only that it was a man and that he seemed very tall.

Arms crossed his chest as he stood watching the orgy. Raising his hands over his head she let out the animal howl she had heard before. Startled Amanda sat down and began to skid into the ravine. Tightening her grip on the little tree saved her from going in, but not before she made a lot more noise then she had cared to. Pulling herself onto the bank of the stream she looked back at the scene. The man at the fire was gone, though the fuck fest continued on.

Relieved, Amanda began making haste for the opening in the brush when she heard a light splashing. Looking to her left, she saw two yellow eyes in the darkness stare at her.

Her knees starting to go weak, she bolted for the break in the trees and got tangled up in the underbrush and fell. Amanda was not in shape. She was curvaceous and had maybe a little more meat on her bones then she was happy with, but she was not an athlete, so it never surprised her that the man would catch up to her if he attempted. He attempted.

Turning over on to her back to try to wiggle her way free, she was forced to look up at the man, if you could call him that.

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He was tall and huge. Arms as big around as her leg, legs as big around as, well her. "You're not one of them." He growled from the far side of the stream. Amanda blinked. 'Was that a good thing or a bad thing?' she wondered.

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Taking a step toward her, she noticed he did not have feet, but hooves. 'Like a demon.' Following his leg up from hoof to head, she took in his form and realized he had been bred for one thing, wrath. She began shaking as she closed her eyes and lay back awaiting the death that was surely to come. Maybe it wouldn't be death, maybe torture.

This can't be real, these things simply don't exist. It's the move, the wine, stress from work, and stress from her parents… She was having a mental breakdown. Opening her eyes slowly, she was alone in the night. Looking around only the fireflies in the distance provided any movement in the darkness. Sitting up slowly she looked completely around before standing up.

The sudden fear she was about to die made her body want to pee. Breaking free and rushing into her house, she locked up the door and ran upstairs to her room locking it behind her as well.

Running to the bathroom she peed but felt sick to her stomach too. Still shaking over what had happened, tired from the move and wine and still a little worked up. Amanda decided to take a quick shower then call it a night. *** Amanda moved slowly the following morning. Head hurting a little and her body sore she laid on her bed, refusing to get up.

She had been so shaken up the night before that she had neglected to make her bed. Instead she was still naked, wrapped in the damp towel she had used when she got out of her shower. It was a warm enough night that she wasn't cold, but she still was unnerved. Rolling over she pulled a comforter on top of her naked body and began to think of the beast that she had seen.

Real or not he was exquisitely handsome and clearly powerfully built. She wondered what it would be like to be taken by such a creature. Unconsciously her hand found its way between her legs, her middle finger rubbing her neglected clit frantically. Thinking of the creature pinning her there on the banks of the stream and having his way with her, excited Amanda more than she admitted. Inserting a finger in her pussy, she began using her thumb to continue its attack on her clit but it wasn't enough.

Shoving a second and a third finger inside her only serve to frustrate the woman. She needed more. Looking around she spotted her toy boy and opened it. Grabbing her favorite dildo and a bottle of lube, she attacked her pussy with gusto.

With the thrusting not doing it for her, she flipped over and mounted a pillow. Bouncing on the dildo, using the pillow to help it give some, Amanda began tweaking her nipples and thinking about the beast. Would he be a gentle lover or an animal? She began to think of the beast pinning her to the ground, her helpless to get away though she tried.

Screaming for help, trying to fight him off of her, to no avail. Ripping away the thin cotton shorts with his claws he split her legs wide, positioning himself between them. One of her legs over his shoulder, the other pressed to the ground and him in between. Pummeling her with his huge cock, Amanda envisioned the beast pushing harder and deeper into her.

Fucking her body so hard and so fast that it caused her multiple orgasms. Something she had never had. Amanda's body began to tense, the sensation was growing more intense. In her mind's eye she saw the beast thrust one final time before he came hard inside of her.

She desperately tried to get him to continue. Pulling out spilled what seemed like gallons of his cum out of her. Amanda collapsed in the bed. She was unable to orgasm on her own. Pouting, she threw her dildo across the room and curled up for a nap again. Finally around noon she sat up. Hunger getting the better of her. Vowing it had been the wine and being over taxed, Amanda began to dismiss the events of the previous evening.

She got up, got dressed and began getting some work done. At dusk, she decided to get some cheese and crackers and salami. She had a handful of things in the house but had not yet done the big shopping trip to the store yet. She would have to go the following day.

Opening a soda (and considering pouring out the rest of the wine from the night before) Amanda began to munch as she continued to tackle the unending task of unpacking. Hours went by when she heard the howl she heard from the night before, but it was different.

It was strangled somehow. A wave of mixed emotions flooded her brain. Joy that she was not crazy and that it really happened, fear that it really happened and maybe she was crazy and curiosity as to what that thing was she saw on the bank of the stream. The second howl was clearly a howl of pain and even the distance to her house from the source could not diminish the anguish that the voice felt. Amanda stood slowly, wiping her hands on her denim shorts. Walking slowly outside, she looked in the direction of the neighbor's property.

Another howl and it broke Amanda's heart. Steeling herself, she began to walk once more to the stream in the fading light.

Moving more quickly this time in the underbrush, she found that from her vantage point, she could see the beast had been chained by the neck, his hands shackled and all the chains leading to a huge cement plug in the ground. What caught Amanda's eyes was that he was injured. Looking around, she could not see anyone around, listening as best she could, she could only hear the water and this poor creature howling. Looking around, Amanda found a branch she could swing herself across the water with.

'Like the monkey bars when I was a kid.' She thought, he had been very good at them. Landing easily on the far bank of the stream, she paused, listening for anything out of the ordinary. When she was convinced she was alone, she stepped out of the trees. The beast started when she emerged, keeping his yellow eyes on her as she moved.

Amanda watched him carefully too. Looking at him she saw he was rest on his right elbow and his left side had been sliced deeply. A pool of blood had been growing around his body and he looked weakened. Looking around Amanda tried to find something she could use to help him. Looking over the chains quickly she saw they were held by one lock. Looking back at the beast she weighed her options. An injured animal was always more deadly but the hurt look in his eyes made her mind up for her.

"The key?" She whispered. The beast looked slowly over at a table that was a good 100 yards away. Pressing his lips together, he attempted to muffle his cries of pain. Amanda stood and quickly but quietly moved to the table. Overed in beer cans and discarded oyster shells, she found a book and a key sitting together. Taking the key, she made her way to the lock at the cement plug.

She looked up at the beast as she began to fumble with the lock. He watched her carefully. Amanda was pretty sure this was not a smart thing to do but she felt that she had no choice. She could not let any creature be made to suffer as he is clearly suffering. With a twist and a click, the beast was free. Standing slowly, the beast looked at Amanda. Unsure of what to do now, Amanda nodded her head back towards the stream and began making her way that direction.

If he followed her she would figure something out, if not, then it was no big deal. Still she couldn't figure out how to get him across without them both getting wet. As she stood trying to figure out what to do, she heard noise behind her.

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The beast jumped gracefully across the ravine and turned a looked back at her. The noise behind her continued to grow louder. The neighbors were home! Looking back to the beast she jumped on to the tree branch.

From here she was concealed from the majority of the neighbor's yard. If they got to the cement plug, she would be spotted. Swinging her way across the deep gully she froze when she heard voices. "What the fuck…? How the hell did he get out?" "Lucinda!" "It sure the hell wasn't me!" Amanda looked back and began swing her legs harder to get herself across. Jumping on the far side of the bank, Amanda felt a stabbing pain in her ankle but was able to get through the deep brush of the trees on her side of the water just in time.

"Think he crossed the stream?" "Nah, he can't, everyone knows demons can't cross running water." Amanda smiled to the beast as they sat quietly waiting for the people to move on before they made a break for the house. "Then he is here somewhere. We may need the dogs." Amanda looked at the beast with fear in her eyes. She had no idea if this thing ate babies, but she was concerned none the less.

After what seemed like an eternity, they both crawled to their feet and began making their silent way to her house. Sitting him on the front porch carefully, she looked at the injured thing and was at a loss. "What can I do to help?" She asked. He looked up at her and weighed her words carefully. "Blood." Amanda stood up tall. Not the answer she was thinking. "I don't have any." He stared into her eyes and narrowed his eyes. Amanda's eyes widened, slowly walking forward she smiled nervously.

"Just don't kill me please." Placing his hand on the back of her neck he pulled her close to him gently. His touch was hot, on fire scalding kind of hot but it woke up something dormant in her body as well. That familiar twinge between her legs was strong and it took all her will power not to drop to her knees and discover what demon dick tasted like. He let his hand on her neck fall to her waist as she stepped closer to him and took her right arm up.

Bracing herself, she bit her own lip and he bit into her arm. The pain was different than the one in her ankle but it was there none the less. Stopping he looked up at her. Looking back at him she noticed a glint in his eyes. She felt his hand on her back tighten just as he bit into her breast causing her to cry out. He drank deeply causing Amanda's head to begin to swim.

"Hey…" she mumbled before everything went black. *** A great pounding woke Amanda up. It was still dark outside and she was groggy. Making her way down stairs, she remembered she was now living in the country and whoever was banging on her door was trespassing by at least one acre. Taking the shotgun from the hall closet, she pumped it once and the knocking stopped. "What?!" She screamed. "We're from next door, can we talk with you?" She heard muffled.

"Talk." She screamed back. "Can you open the door?" "Can you come back at a decent hour? This early in the morning my aim is a little off." "Our…dog ran off and we wanted to look around your property." Amanda knew they were looking for the beast and wondered where he was.

Taking a deep breath she wondered what the best course would be. "You have one hour on the property after which I start shooting." "Thank you." Said the male voice, out of habit then actual thanks. Footsteps off the porch and silence. Amanda began shutting the blinds not wanting to see these people again and not wanting them to see her.

When she was certain that they could not see in and the house was locked up tight, she rested the shotgun back in the hallway closet.

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Trudging slowly back up the stairs, she was startled seeing the beast in her bed, propped up and looking at her. "Why are you doing this?" She ran her hand through her hair, not sure of the answer herself. "They were hurting you. That's never okay." "How do you know I didn't deserve it?" "I don't." She stammered. "Would it be different if I told you that I kill? Rip bodies asunder?" Amanda felt very foolish all of a sudden. Her gun put away and a strange&hellip.

Demon in her bed. "I… No. It wouldn't. I would hope that you would consider…not… killing in the future. No time like the present for a fresh start." She tried to say cheerfully but it came out broken and desperate sounding.

The beast chuckled before leveling his gaze at her. "You gave me your blood, willingly to save me." Amanda's eyes flickered to his wound, which was covered by the sheets. Instead she walked to his side of the bed and looked at him more closely. His skin had a red hue to it with slightly darker looking stripes across his body.

They reminded her of a tiger or a zebra's stripes. Looking at his face, she could see horns on his head, small satyr like horns that were more nubs resting in his black hair. "Yes." His yellow eyes followed her gaze as he drank in her own visage. "I thank you for it." "You're welcome." "I'd like to someday repay your kindness." "Oh, that's not necessary." She smiled. He didn't. Hers faded. "Your ankle is injured.

I could taste it in the blood." "It may be twisted. It's tender, but not bad." She said applying a little weight to it. Looking up into his eyes, she sighed. "Do you need more blood?" "Yes, but I won't drink as much this time." She nodded as she sat down on the side of the bed offering her left arm this time. The pain was sharp again, but it was over before she realized it.

She didn't feel much different and certainly no more woozy. "Thank you." He breathed, licking his lips. "Amanda. My names Amanda." "Thank you Amanda." "Are you a vampire?" She asked looking at the bite on her arm.

"No, I'm a demon. I thought that the horns would have given me away." "It was the hooves." She replied as another set of bangs began again at her door. "Not again." Standing Amanda closed her robe over her tee shirt and yoga pants and padded softly to her door. Without thinking she opened the door. "Yes?" She asked not bothering to mask her annoyance. The man standing before her was devastatingly handsome. Too handsome. Short brown hair, golden skin, white smile and a strong jaw was what fist caught Amanda's attention.

"I wanted to let you know we couldn't find out dog. I'm sorry for having bothered…" The man stopped mid-sentence. Amanda leaned up against the door frame. "Thank you, but I really do need to get to sleep I am very very tired." The man began to sniff the air. Amanda noticed this and stood up.

"I haven't showered yet on account of that whole lack of sleep thing." The man smiled at her and lunged at her. Amanda screamed as he put her into a sleeper hold, her air supply dangerously closed to be cut off.

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"If you want her, demon, you know where to find her." He cried out. The man tightened his grip and once again everything went dark. *** She heard the chains before she felt them. Looking around, she had been chained in the same fashion as she had found the beast the night before. Looking around a fresh bonfire was being built. It was late afternoon and the headache she was nursing caused her to suspect that something else may have been making her sleep throughout the day.

The fact that she was still chained up and not rescued caused her to wonder if the beast was still at her house or if he was already gone. Lowering her head back to the ground, she couldn't help but wonder how she got to this point and closed her eyes.

"But I want her, now!" Amanda fought the urge to open her eyes and instead listened to the exchange pretending to be asleep. "She's not for you. She's for the other demon." "You think this is smart?


So soon? We aren't at full strength." "It'll be fine. We just need to contain our energy for the ritual, so keep it in your pants, Sam." 'Other demon?' Amanda wondered then began remembering what she had seen her first night in the house. 'They had summoned the beast! That makes so much more sense now!' Hours later they unchained her neck and dragged her to a picnic bench tying her hands using rope to the table and laying her down on it. A man began fumbling with her yoga pants, trying to remove them when she suddenly kicked him hard in the chest.

He reacted by punching her across the face. Amanda saw stars and her eyes immediately welled up. She had never been hit before. The man yanked her pants and thong off her roughly. Then whipped out a knife and cut away her shirt and sports bra that she slept in. Now, total nude, Amanda was at her lowest. Face aching, ankle still sore and now humiliated she had very little fight in her left.

People began showing up and was interested in the offering. They poked and prodded her body and made comments to some of the others. Chatting casually it wasn't until dusk that they began to get serious. Circling the fire, the group of people began to chant softly. Amanda tried to figure out what to do, but kept expecting death instead.


This fatalistic stance caused her to miss the man that had attacked her appearing at her side. He suddenly was there, making her jump.

He smiled at her, rubbing his hand up and down her leg. "Soon, you will be a great gift to a very power demon." Turning, the man threw something on the bonfire that began to smoke. The chanting continued, but people stepped closer to the fire to inhale deeply. Amanda could smell it wasn't pot but there was something about it that wasn't right.

Amanda felt her body relax and she started to feel good. Spreading her legs open she writhed on the picnic table and waited for something to enter her. She needed to be filled. The man clapped his hands and the clothing began to fall away. People started groping and exploring each other's bodies before one man bent over a blond and shoved himself in her deeply. Her moans were loud and infectious. Soon more groans were filling the air.

The sound was driving Amanda nuts. The man with the smile stood next to her, his hand resting lightly on her thigh, just watching the people fuck. The contact with her skin was further driving her passions hotter. She could feel her pussy swell to an uncomfortable state, the warm breezes caressed her clit causing a soft tingling in her body. She needed release. Her stomach suddenly dropped. Amanda was alarmed but couldn't understand why. Looking up at the man with the smile he was staring at something below the table and out of her site.

An animalist howl filled the air from her feet.


Another demon was entering the world and she was to be his offering. In a flash, Amanda's beast appeared out of nowhere and slashed at the ropes tying her down. Biting into his wrist he held it to Amanda's face. "Drink, now!" He urged.

Amanda looked away but tried to wrap her legs around the beast. Flipping around on her stomach Amanda tried to wiggle her ass against the beast to encourage him to take her.

Instead he thrusted his wrist into her mouth. Unprepared, she took two swallows of his blood into her throat. Wrapping his arms around her, they jumped into a rift that had been opened for the other demon. .to be continued.