Llegando del trabajo ella es buena conmigo

Llegando del trabajo ella es buena conmigo
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My Boyfriend likes to expose me or perhaps it should be called The exhibitionist no longer in denial by Vanessa Evans Part 29 The Admission ----------------------------- Okay, I admit it, I AM and exhibitionist. After I stripped naked and fucked Ryan on the back of the car in the airport carpark when I got back from China, and stayed naked all the way home, then fucked Ryan again in the hallway with the front door still wide open; we went to bed and when Ryan fell asleep I started thinking.

I'd been living and working totally naked for 2 months in China and I'd loved every seconds of it (apart from when I thought about Ryan). The fact that people were looking at all of my body, all of the time, and that I'd orgasmed in public so many times; got me thinking that maybe I do like being naked and being seen by other people. Those thoughts got me thinking about all the hundreds of times that Ryan had almost forced me to get naked, expose me to others, and do things to my pussy.

Okay, at the time I'd put my excitement down to the fact that I was aroused (what girl wouldn't have been?), but maybe I'd actually wanted Ryan to put me in those situations? Maybe my lack of serious objections to his requests hadn't just been because I love him and would do anything for him. Maybe I'd secretly WANTED to do those things.

I was having trouble getting to sleep because of all the excitement, but the more that I thought about it, the more that I realised that I HAD wanted Ryan to expose me. Ryan hadn't forced me to go to the Gym during my Flex-time off work; okay, if I'd discussed it with Ryan I'm sure that he'd have encouraged me to go, but, thinking back, I'd really wanted to go.

I'd wanted to get naked in front of those men, I'd wanted to fuck myself on the dildo in front of them, I'd wanted to stretch my legs wide and put things into my pussy in front of them, I'd wanted to cum while they were watching me. Was I a whore? Was I a slut? No; I didn't (and never would) go around fucking any man who asked me, only the ones that Ryan wanted me to. I was just a girl who got off by being seen naked, exposing my pussy to people, and cumming in front of people.

I was just one of about 10% of girls who love doing just that. I realised that I was proud to be one of those 10% and wondered what was wrong with the other 90%. They just don't know what they are missing. Finally, and with a very wet pussy, I fell asleep; only to be woken-up in what seemed like 5 minutes, but was actually 6 hours, to the feeling of Ryan's cock pounding in and out of my pussy.

Two hours later we managed to get out of bed and go for a shower. We made it through breakfast further orgasms, but we were soon on the sofa with Ryan closely inspecting my new, thicker clit ring. I got the control out of my bag and Ryan used it to make me cum twice more before I decided that we needed to go to the supermarket to get some food.

On the drive back I asked Ryan if the twins (Kate and Jude) had managed to keep him satisfied whilst I was away. I was sure that they would have, but Ryan was a true gentleman and told me that only I could truly satisfy him. As if on cue, when we got back home and I walked into the kitchen, I could hear girly moans, and seconds later, just after I'd taken my dress off, a totally naked pair of twins came bounding in and hugged and kissed me.

When their excitement subsided, Jude (I think I still can't tell the difference most of the time) said, "We thought that you'd like to fuck Ryan's brains out before we came over, but we couldn't wait any longer." "Oh," I replied, "I've done that a few times already; but what about you 2? Has he been keeping you satisfied?" "He certainly has," Kate (I think) replied, "apart from the last couple of days, he said that he wanted to save his energy for you." "Well, he was certainly full of energy when he fucked me on the car in the airport carpark." I replied.

"On the car? Airport carpark?" Kate said. "Couldn't he at least wait until you got into the car?" "That was Tanya's fault." Ryan said.

"She fucked me with all those people walking by and watching." "I'm not surprised;" Jude said, "You're such an exhibitionist." I just smiled, remembering my thoughts from the previous night. "I must talk to Ryan about that." I also thought. The 4 of us spent the next couple of hours in the bedroom doing lots of talking, interrupted by lots of pleasuring each other. Poor Ryan, he was exhausted by the time us girls got up to get some food ready. Work ------ It felt strange putting some clothes on to go to work, especially as the weather wasn't too bad and I'm sure that I could have survived the cooler English weather.

The thought of everyone staring at me as I travelled about the streets naked got me all wet. Everyone at work was really nice to me and they all wanted to know all about my trip. I didn't have the chance to tell anyone anything because as soon as I'd switched my PC on, Tim, my boss, called me into his office. "Welcome back Tanya;" Tim said, "I trust that the journey was okay.

I can't help but notice that you look really healthy; the weather must have been good." "I think that the lack of clothes helped as well." I interrupted. "Yes, well." "And it was good of you to organise the video calls Tim;" I again interrupted, "Ryan and I really appreciated being able to talk and see each other." "Yes Tanya, it was good to see you whilst we talked." "Yes, I enjoyed you, and the others seeing me when we talked." As I said that last sentence I wondered if Tim interpreted it to mean that I liked them seeing my naked body.

"Quite; Tanya, I went to a meeting at head office last Friday with my boss, Mr Nuwa and Mr Chang and we've agreed that I will setup a new department to work exclusively on the Nuwa Corporation contract. Mr Nuwa said that he was very happy with your knowledge and efforts whilst you were over there, and the way that you adapted to the Chinese culture.

He's asked that you head-up the new department." "Wow!" I replied, "I don't know what to say. Is there really enough work for an exclusive department?" "That was my reaction at first but Mr Nuwa continued to tell us that they were about to put a lot more work our way; so yes, I'm happy to setup a specialist 'Nuwa' department. Okay, we'd start out with just 2 or 3 people, but as the work-load increases we'll increase the staff levels.

What do you think?" "And you'd want me to run the department?" "Yes Tanya, you've proved that you're capable and that you understand and appreciate the cultural ways of the Nuwa Corporation. Of course it would mean a promotion and a 50% pay increase for you." "Err Tim, the female staff at the Nuwa Corporation all work totally naked; would you expect me, and my staff to work the same way?" As I said that I felt my pussy tingle and get wet.

"Well, Mr Nuwa did tell us that he'd expect the new department to embrace the Nuwa culture; so yes, working naked would be one of the desired requirements of the staff in the new department; its manager as well." "Oh, I don't know;" I replied, "Is it even legal in this country?

And I'm assuming that you'd only want women working in the department." "As long as it isn't compulsory and the nudity is kept on company premises then we wouldn't be breaking any laws.

And yes, if we had a man working in there he wouldn't be very productive would he?

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Chinese men may be able to ignore the fact that their female work colleagues are naked but English men would find it a big distraction." "Unless they were gay." I replied. "Hmm, let's not even go there Tanya, Mr Nuwa requested females, so females it is." "But we'd have to share the same facilities, the break room, the conference rooms, the toilets and I'm guessing that I'd have to have regular meetings with you and the other managers in the company and I doubt that they'd want to all gather around my desk." "Well, I guess that you would; would that bother you Tanya?" "Well, just about everyone here has seen me without my clothes on during some of the video calls whilst I was over in China; by the way, thanks for that Tim, I'm sure that some of the guys will have really appreciated that." "Did it bother you Tanya?

I suppose that I should have asked you first but knowing you as well as I do, I didn't think that you'd mind." "Relax Tim, I didn't mind. After all, most of them see up my skirt or down my top just about every day, and most of them have seen me naked on more than one occasion. It's a good job that I'm not some stuck-up prude." "I don't think that you'll ever be one of those Tanya." I smiled to myself as I felt my pussy get even wetter and thought that I was sure that he was right.

"And where would this new 'Nuwa' department be located Tim?" "Well, I was thinking about that vacant office out by the landing." "I didn't think that that room was part of our lease." I replied. "It isn't, but I'm sure that the company would be prepared to expand into it.

We could soon get it modified to meet our, your, requirement. What do you think Tanya?" "It's a bit public; I mean that there are people going up and down the stairs all day and the people in the other offices on this floor are always out on the landing. They'd be able to see us every time the door opened or one of us comes into the main office." "Don't they use the lifts?" "I'm sure that some of them do, but &hellip." I replied. "So Tanya, can I assume that the fact that we're talking about office space means that you'll accept the offer?" "Hmm, naked at work all day long, all my work colleagues seeing me naked, people going passed my office all the time and seeing me, having to attend meetings and presentation that are almost totally attended by men.

I'm not sure Tim." "I thought that you'd jump at it Tanya, after all, you're such an exhibitionist." "I'm not an ex………… Well I suppose that it is a promotion and you did say that I'd get a 50% pay rise.

I'll have to discuss it with Ryan. Can I give you my decision tomorrow?" "Yes of course you can Tanya. I'm guessing Ryan will want you to go for it; after all, he's persuaded you to get naked in public so many times and it's obvious that you like it. Do you remember the time you and Ryan came to the party at my house and Ryan hypnotised you and you ended up naked and sitting on everyone's lap?" "No I don't; that's a bit of wishful thinking on your part Tim.

Ryan just had me do a couple of stupid things." "Is that what he told you? Okay, maybe my memory isn't that good." I'd got a big wet rush when Tim mentioned his party. I remember every detail, including Tim putting his golf balls (yes, actual GOLF balls) in my pussy and his long cock into my throat.

"Okay Tanya, we'll talk again tomorrow." I had tons of work to get done that day but I didn't get much done. What with Tim's proposal and my clit ring torturing me, I just couldn't concentrate.

Of course Ryan was happy when I told him. It wasn't long before he was planning what we'd do with the extra money. He wants us to move to a bigger house with a secluded back garden. That idea sounded nice. When I went to give Tim the good news the next day, my pussy was dripping, I wanted to get naked there and then but of course I couldn't.

I had to settle for turning my clit ring up and running the battery flat before I went home. Tim was so confident that I'd take the job that he'd already told his boss that everything was going according to his plans. He told me that the building's owners had agreed to us renting the extra space and that we could have the key later that day. Then Tim asked me about staff. "Well," I said, "I was thinking about Grace.

She's been working on the account for nearly a year now and she's been to China. Having to work without any clothes over here shouldn't be too much of a shock for her." "Good choice Tanya, any ideas about a second girl?" "I was thinking maybe Emily; okay, she's quite young and new to the company but she's bright and picks things up quickly; and I'm sure that Mr Nuwa and Mr Chang will appreciate her shape.

Yes, I know that that's discrimination but those laws seem to have gone out of the window for my new team." "Hmm, Tanya's Team, that sounds good; Emily eh? Do you think that she'll cope with the nudity; she does appear to be a little mousey and shy; and I've heard that she still lives with her parents." Tim replied. "I think that I might just have the way to resolve any nudity issues and she'd just have to get used to getting undressed when she gets to work and dressed again when she leaves." Tanya said.

"Okay, let's leave it at just the 2 of them for now." Tim said, "We can easily recruit more when the workload increases. Now, as for accommodation; I'll get the key this afternoon; assuming that it's habitable I think that we should get you moved in tomorrow then workout what needs changing.

We can get that done along the line; assuming that you 3 will be able to work okay with few tradesmen in there for a while as well. As Grace and Emily will be reporting to you Tanya, I'll let you make the job offers to them this afternoon. If you get positive replies by tomorrow lunchtime I'll call a big meeting in the conference room tomorrow afternoon and make the announcement.

Does that give you enough time to prepare yourself for your new working situation?" "Yes, sure, I was naked all the time in China so it won't be a problem." "Actually, I meant working in your new office, but okay, it'll be good to see all of you again Tanya. Oh, I don't think that any of you should strip-off until the formal announcement.

It might be good for company moral if the 3 of you strip-off during the announcement." "Sounds good to me Tim, can I have the use of your office to make the job offers, it might be a bit awkward with some of the guys listening?" "Yeah, sure, just let me know when." "How about 2 o'clock?" "Okay." At 2 o'clock I went and asked Grace to come with me to Tim's office and as soon as the door was shut Grace started asking me what I got up to in China and had I been forced to do anything humiliating.

I told her about the product testing and the time I was strapped down and whipped in the town square. "Fuck Tanya, I wish that we both could have gone, I'd love to have done all that." Grace said. As she was listening to me I couldn't help notice that she was squirming in her seat. "This is going to be easier than I thought." I thought; then said, "Well Grace, an opportunity has arisen that I think might just appeal to you; and if you accept the offer that I'm about to make you your salary will increase by 50%" "WHAT!

Spill Tanya; spill." Grace's face was a picture as I told her everything that Tim had told me. She squirmed about much more and had one hand pressing on her stomach. Her nipples were so hard that I could see them tenting her bra and blouse. "So Grace, are you interested in becoming part of my team?" "Hell yes, when do I start?

When can I get naked?" "Woah there, slow down; don't you have to think about it, and don't you have to talk it over with a boyfriend or someone?" "Hell no, it's my life and my body; I make the decisions and I want in." "Excellent Grace, you're in, but can you keep it quiet for now. There's going to be a big announcement about it tomorrow afternoon." "Okay, it will be difficult but I think I can manage that.

Oh, will there be just the 2 of us?" "I'm not sure yet; ask me again tomorrow." Grace went off to the toilet, probably to give herself some relief; and I went and got myself a coffee before asking Emily to join me in Tim's office. As I started to explain the situation to Emily it was clear that she was shocked; but at the same time her nipples told me that she was excited even though she too had a bra and a blouse on.

"Naked!" Emily exclaimed; "You're going to be naked, here, every day, with all these men around?" "Yes Emily, it's the way things are at Nuwa HQ and we're embracing their cultural ways." I replied. "So why are you telling me all this? I thought that announcements like that would come down to us either by email or some branch gathering." "Okay, crunch time." I thought; then said, "I've called you in here to tell you this personally Emily because I'd like to offer you a position in my department." Emily's jaw dropped and she just sat there too shocked to speak.

I let her digest the offer for a minute or so then added, "Everyone in my department gets an immediate 50% pay rise." Emily just sat there. After another couple of minutes her mouth closed, then opened again, "I&hellip. I&hellip. I don't know what to say, I've heard rumours that you sometimes take your clothes off at parties and I have noticed that you don't wear knickers or a bra, so you I can maybe understand you, but me!? I don't know that I could do that.

I mean, I've been naked anywhere apart from my bedroom and the bathroom." "It won't be just the 2 of us, there will be a third girl and maybe more later and we'll be working in that vacant office near the stairs." "But we'd still have to come into the main office quite a bit with all these men there?" "Yes, don't forget the 50% pay rise and there will be plenty of opportunities to advance your career." "By being naked in front of all those men?" Emily asked.

"Emily, I can assure you that promotions and pay rises, apart from the 50% loading, will be based entirely on your work performance." "Good, that's nice to hear." Emily replied. "So what do you think Emily? Are you interested in joining my team?" "Can I think about it for a while?" "Of course you can Emily; but by asking that question I'm assuming that you're not ruling it out." "No, err no, it's just that it's a bit of a shock and I need to think about it." "I can understand that Emily, do you have a boyfriend or partner or maybe your parent that you can talk it over with?" "No, I live on my own now.

I've just rented a little flat not far from here and I could never tell my parents; they'd just die." "Tell you what Emily, I'm going to the gym after work tonight, do you fancy coming with me?

It will give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you think of during the day." "Okay, I'll have to go home first to get my kit, but yes, that would be nice." "Don't worry about your gym kit Emily; the gym provides everything that you'll need. Grace will probably be coming with us, although I haven't asked her yet." "Does that mean that you're going to ask Grace to be part of your team; she'll be working naked as well?

She was in here a while back, have you already asked her?" "Yes Emily, Grace is going to be part of my team; do you have a problem with that?" "No, no; I like Grace and we get on well together." "Would you like to take an hour or so and go for a walk to think about all this Emily; I know that it's a lot to take in." "Err, yes, that would be nice, will Tim mind.

Oh, does he know that you're asking me to be naked all day, every day?" "Yes he does, and he thinks that you are the ideal person for the job. He has every confidence in you." "Oh, err, yes; I'll go for that walk." Emily slowly got to her feet and walked out.

Tim must have been watching because he came straight in and said, "I'm guessing that things didn't go too well with Emily." "Oh, I don't know; she wasn't overly shocked and she hasn't said 'no'. I hope that you don't mind, but I've told her to go for a walk to think about it." "Sure; no problem. By the look on Grace's face I take it that she's in?" I laughed then said, "Yes Tim, she's in; it won't be long before you're looking at her naked body.

That is if you didn't when she was in China." "I err." Tim started to say something. "Don't worry Tim; I understand what you men are like." "What are you going to do if Emily turns down the offer Tanya?" "I'm not sure, I haven't really thought about it yet because I haven't given-up on her yet; I've got a plan." "Are you going to tell me about it?" "No, it's not a work-time plan so I'll keep it between us girls for now." "Sound intriguing." "Fun actually, let me just call it a girly bonding plan." "Okay, let me know how you get on in the morning." "Will do; now I've got to have another word with Grace then get on with some work." I went and had a quiet word with Grace and she was up for an evening at a gym.

When I told her that she didn't need to take anything with her she said, "We're not going to that gym where the girls are naked are we? I should have known that you'd go there.

You know, I've thought about looking for it but I've always chickened out." "Well tonight you're going to go there, and I guarantee that you'll enjoy yourself. Straight from work at 5 o'clock, okay Grace?" "Try and stop me." Grace replied.

"I saw Emily go into Tim's office earlier and you were in still in there; have you asked Emily to join your, sorry, our team?" "Yes, but she's thinking about it. I've invited her to the gym tonight but I haven't told her what she'll be wearing. She's agreed to come with us but can you keep quiet about what we won't be wearing?" "Yeah sure, no prob boss." About an hour later, Emily walked back in. She still had a sort of 'stunned' look in her face so I went over to her and asked if she was okay and if she wanted to ask me anything.

"Oh hi Tanya, err yes, I suppose that I'm okay, I'm still a bit shell-shocked. Can we stop at a bar on the way to the gym? I need a stiff drink." "Yeah, sure, but only one, I need you to be thinking straight when we talk." At 5 o'clock the 3 of us met up and walked out to the bus stop.

Grace was trying to quiz Emily about why she hadn't said 'yes' straight away. She was still at it when we got to the pub just down the road from the gym. Listening to Grace and Emily talking it became clear that Emily was worried about the embarrassment of being naked in public, and of what her parents might think. Although she wasn't really against being naked, her mother had always taught her to be a 'good little girl' and that nudity was for only for the bedroom and bathroom.

When we were about half way through our drinks I told Emily, and Grace, just how bag my mother had been, that she'd made me wear industrial strength knickers and bras even though I had nothing on my chest that needed any kind of support.

By the time that we left the pub Emily was a bit more relaxed, and Grace was a bit more excited. When we entered the gym Darren immediately got up and came round to greet me. He wanted me to tell him why I hadn't been there for so long.

I quickly told him that I'd been away on business then introduced Grace and Emily. "They want the free membership option I presume?" Daren asked.

"How come it's free?" Emily asked; "how do you make a profit?" "Hundreds of male members that pay over the odds." Darren replied; "hasn't Tanya explained how it works here?" "Explained what?" Emily asked.

I turned to Emily and said, "Trust me Emily, I'm your boss and I know what's best for you." "You're not my boss yet, I haven't said 'yes'. "You will in about an hour." Grace said. "Just fill-in that form like Grace is doing, it'll all become clear in a few minutes." I said. Grace and Emily got busy while I looked at a smiling Darren. Neither of the girls saw the naked Lucy walk out of the changing room and disappear into the workout room. "Tanya," Darren said, "we've got a new piece of equipment in the workout room; it's supposed to help you girls with those stupid heeled shoes that you all wear." Grace and Emily finished the paper work and Darren gave them their little black, plastic tubes.

"Sorry Tanya, I've run out of the eggs, I'll let you have them as soon as the delivery arrives." Darren said. "What are these for?" Emily asked as the both followed me into the ladies changing room. "Patience little one." I replied, causing Grace to laugh. "Tanya," Grace said, "we're both quite a bit taller than you, and both your tits would fit inside any one of ours." "Yeah, okay, pick a locker and put your clothes in it." I replied.

"So where are the workout clothes for us to put on?" Emily asked as she took her top off. "Patience little one." Grace said.

When all 3 of us were naked I looked them both up and down and was pleased to see that both were fully shaved. Then I said, "Right, we're ready, let's go ladies." "Go where?" Emily asked; "we need to put some clothes on." "No we don't." Grace replied and started following me towards the door. "You mean? No, no, you can't mean that. I can't." "Yes you can Emily, come on. You did say that you trust me so come on girl, you'll be fine. There will be lots of other naked girls out there." "And men." Emily replied; "I can't, they'll see me." "Ladies, apart for getting some exercise, the men come here to look at naked girls, and the girls, especially me, come here because they like to be looked at.

You're perfectly safe here, if any man even touches you he will get beat-up by the other men and he'll NEVER be allowed in again.

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Trust me Emily, you'll soon realise what power you have over the men." "What? I&hellip. I&hellip." Emily stuttered. Grace didn't give Emily the chance to say anything else; she grabbed Emily's hand and pulled her out of the changing room. "See," I said as a young man walked passed us, only giving us a quick look, "The world hasn't come to an end and that guy looked at you.

Put your hands down girl, or do you want us to hold one hand each?" Darren was sat at his desk and watching us. "Emily isn't it?" Darren said, "They're right; I can guarantee that the next time that I see you, you will be wishing that you'd found this place months ago." I mouthed 'thank you' to Darren and pulled on Emily's hand.

I led her, and Grace, to the workout room. We stood just inside the door while Grace and Emily took in what they were looking at. There were 5 other girls in there, all exercising, all with legs spread wide. Six guys were in there as well, all pretending to work-out, but all watching girl's pussies either, for real, or on the big monitors. "Fucking hell," Emily said, "what the hell is this place, some sort of knocking shop?" "No Emily, I've told you, deliberate physical contact is NOT allowed.

This place is for everyone to work-out and for the girls to tease the men. Come on girls, let's get on the exercise cycles before someone calls us voyeurs or something." As usual, I set the saddle way too high then told Emily to get off her cycle before raising her seat. "What are you doing?" Emily asked. "Trust me girl. Try that." Emily got back on and peddled, her groin sliding from side to side. "This is too high." Emily said. "No it's not." Grace replied.

"Doesn't it feel good?" "I guess that it does; but my tits are bouncing all over the place." "Hey," I said, "they look good." "Relax girl, enjoy the attention that you're getting." Grace said. "Yes, the men are all looking at me. I guess that it's kinda nice knowing that they want to look at me." Emily replied. "They want to do more than look at you Emily." I replied; "every one of them wants to fuck your brains out and you could get every one of them to do whatever you want." "You think so." "I know so." I replied.

After a few minutes Emily said, "I've got to stop this Tanya; I'm starting to get turned-on." "That's the idea," I replied, "I'm about to cuuuuuuuum." "Did you really just have an orgasm Tanya?" Emily asked, a minute or so later.

"Yeah, and by the look on Grace's face she's having one right now. "Can we stop now and maybe have a go on the treadmill?" The inevitable happened and I started to cum again. "Wow, twice in about the same number of minutes." Emily said. "You ain't seen nothing yet girl." I replied. "Forget the running machine, come and do some stretching with me." I led Emily to the floor mats and said, "Do everything that I do Emily. Don't think about it or think about the men watching; just do it!" "Okay, okay; I might have to get used to taking orders from you Tanya." "So have you made up your mind yet Emily?" "Maybe; I guess that I'm still on the fence.

Hey, I can't do that, I can see right into your hole." "I told you Emily, don't think, just fucking do it girl; and relax." As I held my leg way up in the air and started to slowly hop round in a circle I realised that I was being a bit bossy with Emily.

I looked at her and saw her bright red face. Then I looked down to her pussy. It was spread wide open like mine and just as wet as mine. Then I looked to my right and saw Grace doing the same. She had a big smile on her face and was looking at the guys looking at her. Ten seconds later Emily collapsed onto the floor in a heap.

As I lowered my leg and bent down it was obvious that Emily was cumming. Her body was jerking about and she was almost shouting, 'YES, YES'. "Relax guys," I said to the half a dozen or so guys that had gathered around us; "she's okay, she just needs a minute." Two minutes later, a relaxed Emily looked up at me and said, "Oh shit Tanya; that was soo embarrassing.

What the hell am I going to do?" "Do it again, and again, and again; as often as you can." I replied.

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Emily smiled then lifted her hand up towards me. I reached for it and pulled her up to her feet. Giving her a big hug I said, "Come on, I've got another probable first for you." I led Emily to the sauna, closely followed by Grace, opened the door and saw Liz up in one corner, legs wide open and rubbing her pussy. Three men were watching her. Emily just stopped dead in her tracks but Grace jumped up onto the bench below Liz and introduced herself.

"Up you go Emily," I said, "and sit like Liz is." Emily looked at me with a face that looked like she was about to say, "You've got to be joking." "Go on Emily." I said. Emily slowly climbed up and sat with both her legs up and facing Liz.

I climbed up below her, sat with one foot on the same bench that my butt was on, and the other on the bench below. Then I reached up and grabbed Emily's nearest foot. Pulling it down I got only a little resistance and soon there were 4 pussies on display. Looking over to Liz I said, "Oh, sorry, Liz, this is Grace and Emily from work.

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They're new here and are about to start working on the same project as me." I looked up to Emily and saw that she was staring at Liz's gaping vagina as her hand rubbed her clit. Grace had taken Liz masturbating to be a sign that it was okay to do that in there. It helped when I started doing it as well. "Which project is that Tanya, the one between your legs?" Liz said, then asked me why she hadn't seen me for so long. After that she said, "So does 'treadmill' still work with you Tanya?" "Ye………&hellip." I started to say as the orgasm hit me.

When I calmed down I saw 2 men, with tents in their towels, getting up and leaving. That left just 1 man and he was staring at Liz's pussy. That and her rubbing took Liz over the edge and everyone stared at her as she lost control then slowly regained it. That was it for the man; he groaned then quickly got up and left. As the door shut both Liz and I laughed and I said, "Only 3 that time, next time we'll have to stay outside until we see the place fill-up with men before we come in." "So is this some sort of game that you 2 are playing?" Emily asked.

"Well, yes and no. Okay, we love teasing the men and letting them see what they can't have, but we also like getting-off in front of them as well. It feels sooo good." Liz said. "I see that 'treadmill' still works Tanya. "Stop it Liz." I said when I was able. "So what's this about a treadmill?" Emily asked. I explained it to Emily and Grace then asked them to promise not to say that word at work. Grace just smiled whilst Emily said, "Sure thing boss." I looked up at Emily and smiled.

I couldn't help noticing that Emily's right hand was a little busy. A couple of minutes later Emily said, "I'm too hot; I've got to get out of here." We all climbed down and I led Emily and Grace to the showers. Liz jumped in front of me, had a quick rinse then told me that she was going for a swim.

After the 3 of us had rinsed and cooled down, I led them to the sun loungers. There were only 4 of them out, 2 facing the other 2. One was occupied by and elderly man wearing only a towel and lying with his knees up and bent. I guessed that anyone sat on the lounger opposite would be able to see his junk so I quickly pointed sat on the lounger next to the man and told Grace to sit opposite me.

That left Emily to sit opposite the old man. I lay on the lounger as I always do, reclining and with my feet firmly on the floor either side of the lounger. Grace watched me then did the same. Emily was more reserved, she kept her feet on the lounger, but with her knees up and bent.

From where I was I could see her pussy; it looked all swollen and shiny. "Hi ladies, it's nice to see young girls enjoying facilities like this; most of the gyms that I've been to in the past were usually full of women older than me. I'm Harry by the way and I've just joined. Only just moved into the area actually, and no one told me what to expect here.

I was only expecting to get a workout today but you 3 and the other girls have really made my day. Is this just a one-off, or are girls like you here all the time?" "I'm Tanya, this is Emily and Grace; it's their first time here too and I think that they're enjoying the scenery too." I was looking at Emily and could see that she was looking up Harry's towel. I wondered if he was hard. Harry was the talkative type, a salesman he said, and I could imagine that he was a good one; he could talk for England; and he has the knack of getting the people that he was talking to, to talk to him.

As he talked and got Emily and Grace to talk, I noticed that Emily's feet were slowly sliding apart. Before long her feet were on the floor and her pussy was as spread as Grace's and mine.

"I sure do love this place, and where do they get those videos from; I want some of them." Harry said. That reminded me of the big monitors around the place. "Oh, I forgot about those." I said looking up at the one in front of me and seeing a girl on one of the leg spreader machines. "They're not videos, they're live; there's cameras all over this place." That last comment got Emily and Grace to look up just as the display switched to a girl's pussy as she lay on a sun lounger.

Both girls gasped a little and Emily's hand moved to cover her pussy. She sighed and looked like she wanted to say, "Thank god it's not mine." I lifted my butt up and thrust my pussy up towards the camera that I knew was opposite me. "That's me!" I said. "But what's that metal ring thing?" Harry said, "I haven't seen one of those before, what is it?" "It's a little vibrator and it gives me little electric shocks." I said.

"Wow girl, that must hurt, but how the hell do you charge it?" "I sit on a pad." I replied, then to Grace and Emily, "It's one of the Nuwa Corporation products; I might be able to get one for you." "Cool." Grace said. "Oh I don't know," Emily said, "I could never wear one of those." "How do you know; you've never tried one have you Emily?" I asked.

"Well no, but." "You've got to try one Emily; vibrators are a girl's best friend." Grace said. Harry sat up and looked over to my pussy.

"Hell girl, that's a vibrator; and it gives you little electric shocks as well. When I was your age the best we had was a baseball bat. Isn't modern technology a wonderful thing? How do you switch it on and off?" "It's pre-programmed to come on at random intervals but it also has a remote control to over-ride it if you want." "Well I'll be damned; so I could fuck you while that little thing is driving your clit crazy, and if it gave you an electric shock whist I was fucking you would I get a shock as well?" "You could; but you're not going to, on both counts." "Well no, of course not; a beautiful little thing like you wouldn't be interested in an old codger like me.

I was just thinking and dreaming." While I was saying that I looked over to Emily, then Grace, both their right hands had drifted to their pussies and they were slowly rubbing away. Emily had obviously decided that it was time to ditch her inhibitions because her hand rubbed faster and faster.

Soon, all 3 of us were treating Harry to the wonderful sight of 3 girls masturbating. I wished that I'd taken my charging pad to work and sat on it all afternoon but my right hand was well up to the job and I was soon cumming just like the others. When things settle down, Emily asked me what the little plastic tubes were for. I asked her if she'd noticed Liz's gaping hole. "I did." Harry said.

"Well," I continued, "Liz is like that all the time and my boyfriend thought that it would be a good idea if all us girls could have gaping holes like her so he cut up some plumbing pipe and Darren gives them to all the girls. Come on, let's go and put ours in then we can go back to the workout room and flash our insides to the guys as well." "I can't." Emily said. "Yes you can; come on." Grace said. As we walked back to the changing rooms I told Emily that it was good to see her relaxing a little.

"Yeah," Emily said, "I am starting to enjoy it here." When we all slid our little black tubes into our pussies Emily said that it felt like a dildo that was blowing air into her. She sat on a bench in front of a mirror and said that she could just about see her cervix.

"And so can all those men." Grace said. "I wonder if there's a camera somewhere that will be able to look right inside me?" That gave me an idea. I decided that on another day I'd go round all the machines that have cameras pointed at the user's pussy and wait until my pussy got displayed on all the big screens. If the camera was directly in-line with my vagina I'd ask Darren if he could get a little LED torch mounted next to the camera. I got a little wetter thinking that my insides would be all lit up on the monitors.

"Push it in a bit more Emily," I said, "it's best if the outer ring is just inside you. That way there's less chance of it sliding out, especially as you walk around." "I've never walked around with a dildo half inside me before," Emily said, "It feels a bit strange; nice, but strange and all exposed." "Isn't that the whole idea?" Grace replied. "Yep, come on girls; time to let some guys see inside us." I said as I walked towards the door.

In the workout room Emily was still a little shy but she started to relax a bit when she got on one of the leg spreader machines and got a couple of compliment from a couple of the guys watching her.

When her pussy got displayed on one of the monitors she said, "That's me!" she almost shouted, causing a couple of the guys to look up and smile. She just stared at it for ages before closing her legs again. It was like she was examining herself. I remembered my idea about a bright light. After about 20 minutes where both Grace and Emily really relaxed and enjoyed themselves teasing the guys, I told them that I was just going to remove my tube because I wanted to try the new machine that Darren had told us about.

When I got back I went over to one of the floor mounted dildos and did the splits and impaled myself, cumming as I bottomed out.

Then I got up and looked at the new machine. It quickly became obvious how it worked, and I smiled as I read the notice on the wall next to it: - WARNING Please ensure that you are not alone when you use this machine.


There is a chance that the electric shocks could cause you to faint or even go unconscious with the obvious problems if that should occur. Basically, the machine is a knobbly, metal dildo on a metal pole. In front of where the pole is secured to the floor is a black metal box and either side of the pole are 2 feet rests.

Each foot rest has a loop for your big toe and a big wedge under your heel. These wedges are about 6 inches tall so your feet are angled like when you are wearing 6 inch heels. The wedges are on springs and you can see a little contact switch in the middle of them. Pressing down on one of them I could see the switch presumably, turn on.

Coming out of the black box is a cable to a smaller control box with a lanyard so that obviously goes around your neck so that you can't drop the control box. The control box has 2 turn controls on it. One lowers and raised the dildo, and the other, presumably, increases and lowers the level of the electric shock that the metal dildo gives you.

I lowered the dildo then put my feet into the 2 foot rests. Transferring my weight from my heels to my toes, and back, was effortless and silent. I couldn't tell if I had activated the switches or not. Checking that the shock level was set to zero, I raised the dildo until it penetrated my vagina. The knobbly bits felt nice and I gyrated my hips and thought that I could easily make myself cum doing that. Ignoring that, I transferred my weight to my toes then turned the shock level up; and waited, and waited.

I soon got bored and started gyrating my hips again. Then I bent my knees a little then straightened them over and over; effectively fucking myself on the dildo. Without realising it, my weight had slowly gone back to being on my heels and all of a sudden I got an electric shock inside my pussy and I screamed and went back up onto my toes. Grace and Emily, and 2 men who had been watching me, all jumped a bit, Emily stepping forward and putting her arms around me.

"Are you okay?" Emily asked. "Yes, yes thank you." I responded. "I was so not expecting that. I'll be okay now that I know what to expect." And I was. I soon got back to fucking myself and even raising the dildo a bit more.

When my feet gave way again, and I got shocked again, I froze and groaned, trying to suck up the pain for as long as I could before pushing up onto my toes again.

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I repeated the process again, this time cumming when the shock hit me. The shock lasted longer as I couldn't immediately control myself to push up onto my toes. I turned-up the power of the shock and did it again, cumming again as soon as the increased electric shock hit me.

Then I did it again, and had yet another orgasm. That was it for me, I was worried that I might faint if I got another shock like that, and I certainly didn't want to collapse with that dildo inside me. I turned the shock level right down, relaxed on my heels and just stood there for a few seconds before lowering the dildo. I got off the 'heels' and leaned against the wall, not saying anything for about 30 seconds, then I turned to Grace and Emily.

Liz had appeared next to them as well. I said, "That was fucking awesome; you 3 have just got to have a go." I said. "You've got to be joking." Emily said. "Maybe next time that I come here." Grace said. "Been there, done that and not sure that I want to suffer that again." Liz said, then continued, "You're only the third girl that I've seen on there and you lasted a lot longer than the others; and me." "Aww, come on Liz," I replied, "I don't believe that you didn't enjoy it." "I did, but I was scared that I might hurt myself." "Just get a couple of the guys to stand next to you so that they can grab you if it gets too much for you." "I suppose that it's one way to get my tits groped." "Yes, and I'm sure that at least one of them will volunteer to kiss better the parts of you that got the electric shock." "Stop putting ideas in my head Tanya." Just then I felt 2 hands on my hips (from behind) and slowly slide up my body and squeeze my tiny tits.

"Hey pervert, get your hands off her." Emily said. I leant my head back and confirmed that it was Ryan that was squeezing my nipples then looked to Emily. "It's okay Emily; this is Ryan, my boyfriend.

Ryan this is Emily, and I believe that you've met Grace before." "Oh yes," Ryan replied; "Good to see you again, you were wearing some clothes the last time that I saw you. So are you 2 Tanya's new team then? I guess that I'll be seeing a lot more of you then." "I don't think that there's any more of us to see." Grace replied.

"Err no." Emily replied, sliding her hands to cover her nice bits. "Relax Emily." I said, "It's only Ryan, he's no different to the other men that you've been flaunting your body in front of." "I have not." "Come on Emily, you've been quite relaxed for the last hour or so.

You've even cum in front of some of these guys. Ryan's just another man; tease him like you did the others. You're going to have to get used to Ryan seeing you now that you're going to be working for me." "I guess so." Emily replied, slowly relaxing and letting her arms drop down.

"Right girls;" Ryan said, "I need about 30 minutes to get my heart pounding before I take you home. My heart will pound even more if you 3 put on a little display for me while I get some exercise." And that's what we did. I got Grace and Emily to follow my lead while I flashed my pussy to all the guys in there, having another couple of orgasms as I did so.

The next morning at work I told Tim that I needed his office for a few minutes then asked Emily to join me. She soon confirmed that she did want the new job, and the 50% pay rise, but she admitted that she was nervous as hell about having to get naked in front of all our work colleagues. I lied and told her that I was too, but added that together we'd all get through it and soon be wondering what we were worried about.

Ten minutes later Tim told me that he'd only just got the key to the new office so we went and had a look inside. It's big; very big. Three desks in there would only take up a small part of the office.

Tim and I agreed that we'd setup at one end then Tim suggested that Mr Nuwa had an idea for the other end of the office. When he'd been told the size he said that he'd like to use the space for a display of his company's product. My thought immediately went back to the product testing room in China and I wondered, hoped that he'd replicate that here in England.

Tim went off and organised some Mr shifters to move our desks and a techie to move our phones and computers. When Grace followed her desk in she asked when we were going to get naked.

I laughed and said that I didn't know; that there was going to be a formal announcement that afternoon in the conference room. At lunchtime I saw Mr Nuwa, Mr Chang and another Chinese man arrive. They went to Tim's office shortly followed by one of our head office top guys; then 15 minutes later I got asked to join them. The 3rd Chinese man got introduced as Dr Yang but no one told me why he was there. Mr Nuwa thanked me for accepting the new position then told me that he was sure that I was the right girl for the job.

We then talked business for a while before Mr Chang told us that we were all going to a restaurant for lunch where we talked about more business issues. When we got back we all went into the conference room, closely followed by everyone else.

I wondered if I, and Grace and Emily, would have to get naked as soon as the announcement was made and my pussy got wet in anticipation. The guy from our head office started and announced the reorganisation, my new position and who would be working for me. Then Mr Nuwa took over and talked about the exciting opportunities and how he was pleased that our company had decided to adopt the Chinese cultural ways of working.

That statement got a few smiles and a few puzzled looks. Mr Chang took over and the first thing that he said was that the Nuwa team would all be working wearing almost the same attire as the girls in the Nuwa Corporation headquarters do.

He asked me to join him at the front then told everyone that I was about show everyone what he meant by that. He looked at me and told me to show everyone.

Kinell; what a rush. Okay, most of the people there had seen my tiny tits and bald pussy before, and some had even seen me totally naked before. A couple of them had even seen me perform the odd sex act that Ryan had got me to do, but this was different; I was about to get totally naked in front of the whole office, people who I'd worked with for a long time; and I was nervous and incredibly excited. My pussy was gushing and I just knew that it wouldn't take much to make me cum.

I didn't want my clit ring to zap me at that moment, but at the same time I did. There was total silence as I unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. My hard nipples started throbbing just as soon as they got exposed. Anticipating what I guessed was going to happen that day, I'd put my barbells and stirrups on my nipples but had left the rest of my intimate jewellery at home. I looked around and saw lots of faces staring at me, some smiling and some obviously thinking what they'd like to do to my body.

I unfastened my skirt and let it drop, leaving me naked apart from my 5 inch heels. I wondered if anyone could see my translucent grool (as Ryan has started to call it) running down the insides of my thighs. I was loving every second of it but I didn't want everyone to know that, so I just stood there looking down at the carpet. The silence didn't last long because Mr Chang asked Grace to join me at the front.

Grace didn't wait to be told to strip. Her top was off in seconds revealing a very see-through bra which soon joined her top on the table. As her skirt hit the floor everyone could see her very see-through thong.

That too was soon on the table. Then it was Emily's turn. I looked at her and saw that her face was bright red and she looked as nervous as she could be. She slowly, almost shuffled, to the front, looking down to the floor all the time. Emily came and stood in between Grace and I and I reached out and squeezed her hand. The silence in that room was deafening as Emily slowly un-buttoned her blouse and took it off revealing a boring white bra.

It was like everyone knew how embarrassing that it was for Emily to strip in front of them. Her face got even redder when the bra came off revealing 2 very hard nipples. I looked around the room and wondered if there was a cock in that room that wasn't hard. Slowly, Emily's skirt hit the floor revealing a lacy, red pair of bikini knickers.

There was a few seconds pause before Emily found the courage to slip her fingers inside the top of her knickers and slide them down. "This ladies and gentlemen," Mr Chang announced, "apart from the shoes, is how girls at the Nuwa headquarters work; and this is how the Nuwa team here will be working; and as a reward for their courage and dedication to their work, Mr Nuwa is pleased to present each of them one of our new, mark 4 clitoris rings.

As Tanya and Grace know, each new Nuwa Corporation girl has to undergo a medical examination on their first day. Dr Yang will perform that examination right here, today, and it will be repeated once per month to ensure that team members are medically fit enough to perform their duties. At the end of their examination, each girl will be fitted with her new clitoris ring. Tanya, please get up on the table and lay back." I had guessed what was coming but it was still so embarrassing, so humiliating, yet such a turn-on.

I really did want to put my hand to my pussy and make myself cum right there on that big table.


Before the doctor stepped forward, Mr Nuwa continued, "I like the shoes Tanya (I was wearing 5 inch heels); I think that all of the Nuwa team should wear shoes like that." (Tim later told me that Mr Nuwa had told him to give each of us a £200 monthly shoe allowance).

Doctor Yang proceeded to give me a physical examination right there, in the conference room, in front of my 20+ work colleagues.

He even got me to spread my legs while he gave me a gyno examination. The first time that he touched my clit I lost it and orgasmed right in front of everyone. When I'd calmed down he just continued as if it hadn't happened.

I'd forgotten what Mr Chang had said about the clit rings and when doctor Yang backed away from me I assumed that it was all over. I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the table ready to get down. I looked to doctor Yang as he turned back to face me and saw his hands. In one was a clit ring and in the other was a syringe. When Mr Chang had said that the 3 of us were getting one of the mark 4 clitoris rings I hadn't thought about how they were going to get put on us. I suddenly got all nervous as I saw the needle and wondered where he was going to inject me.

Doctor Yang motioned for me to lie back down and I automatically opened my legs. I soon discovered that the injection was going directly into my clitoris. I had another orgasm as I felt the needle go in. Then I started having this strange experience. In all the thousands of orgasms that I've had I could feel my pussy throbbing and the muscles around it contracting and relaxing. This orgasm started the same way but within a couple of seconds I could feel nothing between my legs yet the rest of my body was still having convulsions; so weird.

As my body relaxed I could see the doctor doing something to me but I couldn't feel a thing. A few minutes later the doctor tapped my leg and said, "Up; all done." As I got off the table the doctor gave me the box that the clit ring had come in.

I looked into it and saw the charging mat to sit on and the remote control.

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I decided that I'd leave those at work. I could sit on the mat all day and leave the control on my desk. Maybe a visitor would play with it and drive me crazy. The doctor only had to look at Grace for her to almost jump onto the table.

Ten minutes and 2 orgasms later Grace was back stood next to me with her legs slightly apart. Then it was Emily's turn. It took 2 requests from the doctor before she slowly climbed onto the table. Her face was so red as the doctor probed and poked all of her body. When it came to the gyno part she looked over to me. Her face gave the impression that she was asking me if she really had to go through with it.

I smiled at her, nodded and mouthed, "It's okay." She too orgasmed when the doctor touched her clit. The look on Emily's face when the doctor held up the syringe was priceless. She really did look as if she was about to shit herself. The doctor must have realised what she was thinking because he flicked her clit a couple of times causing her to cum again. By the time she'd calmed down the ring was where it belonged and the doctor was indicating for her to get up.

As she walked back to Grace and me she whispered, "I can't feel a thing." It was Tim that spoke next. "Right ladies and gentlemen; that's it except to tell you that I expect every one of you to treat the ladies in the Nuwa team EXACTLY as you did before this meeting.

Any form of sexual harassment will result in the offender immediately leaving the site and their P45 being put in the post that night." With that Mr Nuwa led the management party out of the room and the rest of the staff followed leaving Emily, Grace and myself just standing there. "What the fuck does this thing on my clit do?" Emily asked. "Torment you, tease you, please you, shock you; and generally drive you crazy; but you'll love it.

It's just the latest version of the one you saw on me last night." I replied. "We'll switch them on when we can feel out clits again. Right ladies; are you ready to face the world?" "No." Emily said. "Hey," Grace said, "you can do it. Just remember the gym last night. You'll be having fun teasing all those cocks in no time; trust me." She was right, but I had slight concerns about how much our productivity would drop.

I was pretty sure that mine would. It did; so did Grace's and Emily's. We had a constant stream of visitors for all sorts of pointless reasons. Emily started to relax and by the end of the next day she didn't think twice about going to ask someone a question or to get some prints from the printer that hadn't yet been moved into our office. Emily had got quite a shock when she switched her clit ring on; she'd never experienced anything like that before but she soon got used to it and then enjoy it.

Before the end of the week she was sitting on the charging mat all day and experimenting with the control. She didn't get much work done. When Ryan and I went shopping on the Sunday, I bought 3 big boxes of tissues and took them to work on the Monday. Putting one on each of our desks I told Grace and Emily that it was okay to cum while they were sat at their desks; there was no need for them to keep running off to the toilet.

We had quite a bit of fun teasing the tradesmen who came to remodel the office. I think that the job took twice as long as they'd originally estimated.

After they'd finished, the walls between our office and the main office, and the walls between our office and the stairs had been replaced with a glass ones. We were now on show to everyone in the main office and everyone using the stairs to get to and from their offices.

When I told Ryan about that he laughed and said that the voyeurs would at least get a little healthier. As I mentioned earlier, our new office is a lot bigger than it need be just for the 3 of us. That gave me a problem of where to put our desks in it. Originally they had been put at the end near our main office, and that gave our colleagues a great view of us, but I couldn't help think that we might have been better off having our desks at the other end which would have meant that outsiders going up and down the stairs and into and out of their offices would have a better view of us.

I decided to leave things as they were for a while, to get Emily and Grace more used to being on display. I also decided that I'd find excuses to go into the main office as much as I could at the times when the stairs were busy. After a couple of weeks the whole situation was starting to settle down as people got used to having 3 naked girls around all the time.

It was at that time that Mr Chang visited us again. After talking to Tim for a while he came to the Nuwa team's office and I got up to welcome him.

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After looking around for a few seconds he told me that from then on, whenever he or anyone else from the Nuwa Corporation arrived he expected the 3 of us to show them the respect that is given to male superiors in China.

"You want us to present ourselves to them?" I asked. "Yes, I do. Please demonstrate it to you team." He replied. I called Grace and Emily over to the large open area, explained what was required of us. I then got down onto my spread knees, sat back onto my heels and thrust my pussy up at Mr Chang while putting my hands behind my head.

I then told Grace and Emily to do the same. Emily looked a little uncomfortable having her spread pussy on display like that. Before Mr Chang left he told me that he was getting some Nuwa Corporation products sent over, along with some demonstration tables. My thoughts immediately went back to China and all the girls on the tables either making themselves cum or having someone make them cum. I wondered if he'd get Tim and our other colleagues to make us 3 cum, and if we'd be visible to the people going up and down the stairs.

I nearly orgasmed right there and then while he was still telling me. After Mr Chang had left I talked to Emily and told her to just imagine that she was at the gym and not to worry if she started to cum while she was like that. I told her that I'd cum when I was presenting myself to just about every one of the Nuwa Corporation's senior management when I was in China.

I then asked her if she was coming to the gym with Grace and me straight after work. She replied saying that she had a few things that she wanted to get done that evening but she'd meet us in the pub. "I hope that I don't have to make these gyms trip compulsory." I said.

"No, no; I want to come; I'm starting to enjoy myself more. I'm thinking of going there on a weekend as well." I squeezed her forearm and replied, "Good girl, you're learning quickly." Shoe Allowance ------------------- This didn't turn out like I expected it to. About a week after my department was officially started, the 3 of us got an email from Tim telling us to be at a shoe shop in town at 18:00 on the first Monday of each month. Now that particular shoe shop is a bit 'up-market' for where I usually get my shoes, buy hey, the company was paying.

On the designated day, the 3 of us all left work together and headed to the shop. Grace and I had quickly got into the habit of just wearing a coat to travel to and from work because it made things so much simpler and quicker but Emily still undressed and then dressed when arriving and leaving work but I've got her into the habit of just putting her coat on when we go to the gym and I guess that we'll be adding visits to the shoe shop to that small list now.

Anyway, when we got there the sign on the door said 'closed'. I knocked and soon a young man in a suit came and opened the door. I could see him looking us up and down as he invited us in. Once in, he told us that his name was Dave and I completed the introductions. Then he explained that he'd have to measure our feet then show us the range of shoes that we could select a pair from each month.

"Hmm, a free, new pair of expensive heels every month; that works for me." I thought. "Right ladies, in this store we measure our clients in a more sophisticated way than your average shoe shop, because we mainly sell high heeled shoes we have to measure the effect that each heel height has on the muscles in your legs.

To do that we ask our clients to put on each different height heels then walk up and down in front of some laser cameras. They monitor your muscle movements and let us know if there will be any problems. Of course, to be successful your legs must not be covered when the cameras are working.

I hope that your company asked you to bring some shorts with you." "We've brought what we usually wear for work, and that isn't shorts, trousers or skirts." "Oh …&hellip.

okay; we also have to measure your feet in different height heels as well. We do that by getting you to put your heels on different sized blocks and let a computer scan your bare feet." "My bare everything." I heard Grace whisper.

"Okay, who wants their feet measuring first?" Dave asked. "I'll go first." I quickly replied, wanting to get naked in front of Dave as soon as possible. "Okay Tanya, come over here and get yourself comfortable." As I followed Dave I unfastened my coat, took it off and when Dave turned around and saw me he said, "OMG; when my boss told me that the fitting was for some naked ladies I didn't believe him.

I guess that I'll have to apologise tomorrow." "Calm down Dave, all 3 of us are naked all day at work so it's no big deal for us." But it was for Dave; the rapidly growing bulge his trousers told us that.

Just the effect that I was hoping for. "Hmm, okay Tanya, please can you stand on those footprints and then follow my instructions?" "Sure thing Dave; relax, we won't bite you, will we girls?" "I might." Grace said; Emily blushed. The footprints were about a foot apart so when Dave knelt down in front of me to guide my feet to be actually on the footprints (naughty me), and he looked up, his nose was right in front of my pussy. Dave stared for a couple of seconds then said, "W.w.what is that?

That thing on your ……" "Oh that thing, it's a clit ring, it's a vibrator and it gives me electric shocks every few minutes. It makes me cum about a dozen times a day." I replied.

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"OH MY GOSH. I've never seen ………" "That's okay Dave, just try to ignore it." "I'm not sure that I can that, I mean, it's so …&hellip.

so." "So hot? Yes I know, you'll get used to seeing them Dave. We all have, and so have the guys that we work with." "You work with men around you?" "Yes." "Are they naked as well?" "No." "Wow; where is it that you work?" "Relax Dave; it looks like you'll see us once a month; and you may just have to measure our feet each time. Feet do change shape all the time don't they?" "No, err, I mean yes err, yes, I think that I'll have to check them every month.

We don't want you to be uncomfortable do we?" "No Dave, we don't. So can you lift your head and look at my face and tell me what you want me to do?" "Oh yes, sorry." "That's okay Dave, we don't mind you looking at us do we girls?" When I said that, both Dave and I turned to look at Emily and Grace.

Both had shed their coats and were as naked as I was. "Oh my." Dave slowly said. Dave managed to compose himself and get on with the job. He had me lift my heels to different heights whilst the computer scanned my feet and legs. I saw 4 red lights move over my feet each time. Then he went and got a few pairs of different height heeled shoes and asked me to go and walk along a white line that he pointed to.

First on my bare feet then in some 2 inch heels then 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and finally 6 inch heels. Each time I could see red lights presumably measuring my muscles as I walked. Dave explained that the machine would tell him if it was not recommended to me wear heels above any height.

At the end of it he told me that he had all the measurements to get shoes made for me and that I would be okay wearing heels up to 6 inches high; which I already knew because I've got some. Dave did the same with both Grace and Emily as well before we left after showing him the designs that we liked. We each left with a pair of 6 inch heels. They fitted okay but Dave told us that our next pairs would be more comfortable.

He also told us that he was looking forward to our next meeting. As we walked down the street I said to Emily, "You fancied him didn't you Emily?" "He is quite cute isn't he?" Emily replied. "I guess that he is," Grace replied, "why don't you ask him out?" "Oh I couldn't." "Yes you can." Both Grace and I said. Monthly Check-ups ----------------------- At the end of our first full month, I got an email from Tim telling me that there would be a meeting of all employees in the conference room where I was to present my departments progress, and then the 3 of us would submit to our first monthly check-up.

I told Grace and Emily about it and started compiling my presentation. Emily was a bit nervous, saying that she didn't really want all her co-workers seeing her examined so intimately by a doctor again. I reminded her that she was quite happy to spread her legs for all the guys at the gym to have a good look at her. "But this is different," Emily said, "these are the guys that I work with; they see me every day." "Yes, but they are still men; and of course a few girls, and they've all seen your pussy close-up before Emily.

Just pretend that they are all your lovers and that you want them to see you." Emily was still a bit unsure so I reminded her about her 50% salary increase. At the meeting, Tim conducted all the company's other business and news, then there was a short break as we waited for Mr Chang to arrive. I'd expected him to bring the same doctor with him and was looking forward to being spread and intimately examined, and hopefully cum, in front of all my colleagues again.

What I hadn't expected was a different doctor and a photographer. As they walked in, us 3 naked girls got down on our knees and 'presented' ourselves to Mr Chang. This, of course, went down well with our male colleagues, especially as Mr Chang took his time telling us to get up.

The 3 of us then stood by the white wall whilst I gave my short presentation. As I was doing so, I saw My Chang get out one of the clit ring remote controls and I soon realised that it was one that covered the frequency of all 3 of our rings.

All 3 of us were squirming and trying not to cum as our rings tortured our clits. I managed to get through to the end without cumming and I'm pretty sure that Grace and Emily did as well.

After I'd finished, Mr Chang switched our clit rings off then stood up and thanked me. Then he said, "As I said a month ago, each member of the Nuwa team would be subject to a monthly medical examination. Those examinations will commence in a minute. On a completely different subject, if Tanya remembers, each Nuwa Corporation employee has to carry an ID card all the time that they are on Nuwa Corporation property. Tim has agreed to that rule be extended to the Nuwa team hear in England.

With that in mind, after the medical examinations, each girl will have photographs taken for their new ID card. They will be issued with a lanyard and they will carry their ID card with them at all times.

These ID cards will conform to the latest Nuwa standard that is being introduced at all Nuwa locations this week. To get the desired photographs we will require the services of a number of men. I do hope that enough of you will volunteer to help us." Four male colleagues immediately put their hands up to volunteer, even though Mr Chang hadn't yet asked for volunteers, and they didn't know what they were volunteering for.

"Don't get excited yet gentlemen," Mr Chang continued, "let us get the medical examinations out of the way first, our photographer, Mr Wang will be photographing the examinations." Then came the part that I was really looking forward to; Mr Chang waved me up onto the table, the coffee cups that were on it rapidly being removed by everyone around the big table. The examination that followed, went very much the same as the first one the previous month, except for 2 things, firstly, Mr Wang's camera was clicking away nearly all the time.

The doctor even getting out of the way at times so that Mr Wang could get really close to my pussy take photographs, even of my insides as the speculum spread my vagina so wide that it started to hurt. That speculum must have been a special one that can spread vaginas really wide. The second difference was that Mr Chang was playing with a remote control all the time. It must have been a different control because I didn't see Grace or Emily orgasming like I was.

Four times I came before the doctor finally said that I was finished. I, of course, loved every second of it and was disappointed when it was over. Grace was next and she too looked to be really enjoying the experience. At first, Emily didn't look to be enjoying herself, but after Mr Chang made her cum with the remote controlled clit ring the first time, she relaxed and she too didn't look like she wanted it to finish. After the 3 examinations were complete, Mr Chang spoke to Tim then Tim announced that there would be a 15 minute break then he wanted 6 men to come back to the conference room to help with the ID card photographs.

He didn't tell them how they would be helping, and during the break, Grace, Emily and myself wondered what was going on. With 6 men waiting outside the room, and probably still not knowing what they'd volunteered for, the photographer lined each of the 3 of us up against the white wall and started taking photographs of each of us from all 4 sides.

All 3 of us automatically posed with our feet about a foot apart. When that was complete, the photographer told us 3 girls to perch on the edge of one corner (each) of the table and to lie back so that we were lying alongside the edge of the table with our butts just on the edge. Then we were told to close our eyes, and keep them closed, and open our mouths, my imagination ran wild and my pussy tingled and flooded.

It was then that the 6 men were called in and they found out how lucky they were. Tim told everyone that our new ID cards were to include close-up photos of cum leaking out of our open vaginas and of our cum-covered faces.

I heard Emily gasp a little but then she went silent as I felt my pussy get another big wet rush. The 6 guys probably couldn't believe their luck and at first there was just silence until Tim told them to get on with it. I turned my head ready to receive a cock and waited for 2 of my holes to welcome an invader. I didn't have to wait long as 2 cock, attached to guys that I knew well, but couldn't see who they were, invaded me.

As they both started pumping, I wondered 2 things, firstly what Ryan would say when I told him that part of my new job was to get fucked by male work colleagues; and secondly, what Grace and Emily were thinking. Was this gong a bit too far for Emily? Although I couldn't hear any protests from either of them. It didn't take long for me to cum, nor the 2 cocks pounding in to me; and before long I felt the cock in my mouth pull out then warm cum splash onto my face, and get deposited inside my pussy.

Then I heard few camera clicks above me then from the direction of Grace and Emily. As I heard 6 zips closing I had an idea. I guessed that we were expected to keep our legs spread so that the cum would slowly leak out of us and Mr Wang could get some good photographs, but what if I could use my pussy muscles to stop the cum leaking out of me? Would Mr Chang get Tim to get another guy to fuck me so that there was more to leak out?

Would he get Tim to fuck me? Would he fuck me himself? I squeezed my pussy muscles, happy that I still did my Kegel exercises. I still squeezed as I heard camera clicks from the direction of Emily then Grace and guessed that their pussies were leaking. Then they were told that they could go and get cleaned up. Tim, Mr Chang and Mr Wang were obviously stood close to me and as I felt the cum on my face start to dry then Mr Wang say, "Maybe we should get someone to put some more inside her?" Mr Chang then said, "Tim." "What me?" Tim replied.

"Unless you'd rather get someone else? You do have sex with the more beautiful members of your staff don't you? And you do punish them whenever you want to don't you? All the managers in China do." I was still laid there; eyes closed and clenched pussy muscles as I heard another trouser zip open.

Then I felt another cock at my vagina entrance. I relaxed as I felt what I guessed was probably Tim's cock enter me. I came again as the cock pounded my pussy until I got another load of sperm deposited inside me. This time I decided to relax and let nature take its course and a few minutes later I heard camera clicks. When Tim told me that I could go and get cleaned-up I opened my eyes and looked at the 3 men.

The 2 Chinese men had stern looks on their faces and Tim had a straight face as well. In the ladies room, as I cleaned myself, I thought, "Who were the 2 guys that first fucked my pussy and mouth?

And was it Tim or Mr Chang or Mr Wang who fucked me when we were alone? And had Mr Chang just told Tim that he expected him to fuck me and punish me; and maybe Grace and Emily too? Wow; what a morning I'd (we'd) had." I went back to the conference room but it was empty and only Tim was in his office; Mr Chang and Mr Wang had left.

"So when do we get our new ID cards Tim?" I asked. "I've just emailed the photos to the printers; our printers can't cope with cards this big. We should get them tomorrow or the day afterwards." Tim said.

"Did I hear things right Tim?" I asked. "Does Mr Chang expect you punish me and to fuck me, or Grace or Emily, on a regular basis? And what form would that punishment take? Spanking? The Nuwa Corporation sells a spanking machine, it's quite big but there would be room for it in our office; or maybe they do a small portable version that I didn't see." "Well, he certainly implied that I should be fucking the beautiful girls Tanya; and as we have 3 beautiful girls in your team I guess that he expects me to fuck all 3 of you.

Did you see any evidence of that going on when you were over in China?" "No I didn't, but I guess that I'd better clear some space in the stationery cupboard for you to fuck us, or will you be doing it in the open in our office? That could be fun. Do you want to work out a rota of who you will fuck and when, or shall I?" "Won't Ryan complain?" "I doubt it; he'll probably ask me to setup a webcam in there." "Err yes, okay, I'll let you know.

Oh, I've copied all the photographs onto the Shared Drive, to a folder called 'Nuwa staff photos'. "The drive that everyone has access to Tim?" "Oh yes; I'll move them to your encrypted drive." "Don't bother Tim; it isn't as if we have anything to hide anymore and 6 lucky ones got to fuck us; and I'll bet that most of the rest of them were watching on the video cams." "Hmm, I guess that nothings a secret anymore Tanya." "If you do get a spanking machine and put it in our office, would you time the punishments so that a lot of the other people in the building watch us as they leave to go home?" "Wow Tanya; I'm starting to think that you'd like that.

What happened to you in China? Did something change you? Before you always gave the impression that you didn't like to be exposed and only did what Ryan told you to do. Now you seem to be wanting to be naked in public, and to get your ass whipped in public by the sound of it. Does that mean that you'd take responsibility for every mistake that your staff make, and take all the punishments?" "You always told me that a good manager is responsible for everything that their staff do Tim.

Have you changed your mind?" "Well no, but I mean, to get your naked ass whipped, and in public Tanya? That really is taking one for the team." "My responsibility boss." I replied. Two days later, 3 6x4 ID cards arrived and got passed around the office before they were given to us. Each has a full frontal photograph on it, along with one of our cum covered faces and one of our cum leaking pussies. Emily went all bright red when she saw hers and Grace smiled. I nearly orgasmed when I saw mine and Ryan jumped on me when he saw it.

Oh, I was right about what Ryan would say when I told him that I had to get fucked at work. He did ask if we'd got a camera in the stationery room and one wherever becomes our spanking place. My Admission to Ryan -------------------------- I've spent years denying that I am an exhibitionist and Ryan has spent those years persuading me to expose myself. I now really do thank Ryan for knowing me better than I knew myself and I now need to talk to Ryan to see if / how he can help me to expose myself even more.

Even though Ryan will lose what must have been the excitement of almost forcing me to expose myself, I'm confident that he will continue to help me even though I have lost the reluctance that I stupidly had.

I LOVE THAT MAN, and I must talk to him about it. One night about a week after I got back from China, we were in bed having post orgasm talks, I got round to admitting that I was an exhibitionist.

All Ryan could do was grin and say, "Told you." I asked him if he would help me expose myself and if he'd miss having to persuade me to do things. "Hell no, perhaps now we can get you doing a lot more risky things and I'll be able to watch you and the almost forced voyeurs more." "How about we have another party? It's the twins 16th birthday coming up soon, and it'll be Halloween soon.

We could use those as an excuse to make it a Halloween Full Face Mask party with all us girls being naked. You could invite all your work colleagues and I could invite some of mine. How about inviting Karen and Emma?" "They're lesbians." Ryan interrupted. "So what? They like fucking guys as well, and if / when the fucking starts no one will know who they're fucking, especially if we all swap masks every 30 minutes or so." "All the guys will know if it's you they are fucking Tanya." "How?

I'll be wearing a mask as well." "You're a lot shorter than all the other girls TT and those gorgeous, tiny little tits are pretty unique; and your clit ring sort of gives it away. And what about your body jewellery?" "Grace and Emily have for clit rings as well, but your right, I am a bit different to most girls. But hey, I'd want everyone who fucked me to know that it was me. That's assuming that you wouldn't mind other men fucking me." "Of course not, it's your body and you can do what you want with it; besides, I've already fucked the twins lots of times and it'll be good to fuck your new staff members.

That Emily has a really nice body. I might even get to fuck Karen or Emma. I've know them all these years and never yet got inside their cunts.

And it'll be nice to watch you getting fucked." Ryan replied. "Karen's and Emma's pussies do look nice and inviting don't they? They taste nice as well." I said, jokingly trying to make him jealous that I'd already 69'd both of them. We went to sleep with Ryan's cock still inside me. Kegel Exercises ------------------- I've been doing these for years now, and I do believe that they work. My pussy always feels tight whenever anything (and everything) goes in to it and I can grip Ryan's cock and even stop him shooting his load into me if I try hard.

Anyway, about a week or so after I got back from China, I got home one night to find that a package had been delivered for me. I hadn't ordered anything so I guessed that Ryan was responsible. I opened it and was surprised to see something called a Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Toner, complete with something that looked like a gauge and what turned out to be 4 different vaginal probes. Ryan and I had quite a bit of fun playing with it that evening, and a few times since.

It's really encouraged me to work my muscles, even at work when I'm just sat there. I can't use any of the probes at work because they and the cables to the power-pack would be seen so I use them when I have to wear a skirt and I hide the power-pack on a hook inside my skirt waistband. I've worn it when we've gone to the supermarket and into town quite a few times. I usually end up with wet inner thighs, but that's quite common for me, especially if I'm wearing a vibrator.

I've been practicing a lot and I think that I can now make myself cum just by working my muscles. It's either that or the clit ring kicking-in.