Smooth twink stretched big time by friends huge dick

Smooth twink stretched big time by friends huge dick
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A young teenage boy laid sprawled on the table. His wrists and ankles bound tightly at both ends, his dick lay flaccid between his tightly spread legs. He wearily began to wake up. Tugging at his binds he lifted his head and stared at his naked and bound body.

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Immediately he began to struggle and screamed. "Good morning, you little dick." The women said harshly. "Do you know why you are here?" She asked. He screamed in response, "Untie me you fucking bitch, what's going on here!?" "I think you know very well what is going on," She began, "You raped both of my poor daughters. You ruined them! The were honor students, so out going. and look at what you've done. I refuse to sit back and let you get away with your fucking crimes.

I've decided to take the law into my own hands." "I didn't fucking rape your stupid daughters--" She snatched large blow-up dildo and Shoved it down his throat, silencing him immediately. He could breath, faintly through his nose, but even that was difficult.

He gagged on it for a few moments and began to adjust. "Let's start with your punishments." She walked distinctly over to his dick. "Look at your man hood, the tool that destroyed my daughters. In return, I think it's only fair that I destroy it, but first I think you would be up for a little bit of masturbation?" She smiled cruelly as grabbed a hold of his cock and began to pump her warm hands over it. It quickly grew hard, and started getting close to release.Just as he was about to cum, she stopped.

He pulled at his bonds, trying to get to his cock so he could cum. Soon it calmed back down into an erection and she began masturbating it again.

She repeated the process again and again everytime he became more and more frustrated. Soon just touching his erection seemed to get him on the brink of explosion. His wrists had grown sore and bloody from pulling at the binds.

Then she picked up a bucket from the floor. Tipping it over his cock a pile of ice pored onto his erection. He cried out into a surprise, although it was hardly audible, quickly he lost his erection, without ever receiving the release he desperately needed.

"Get used to not cumming." She dumped the ice back into the bucket and set it aside. Then she pulled the small table over. On it lay clamps, hat pins, mouse traps, clothes pins, rods, whips, and an assortment over other useful items. She picked up one of the large metal clamps. It was jagged along the edges and very wide. She put it over one of his balls and allowed it to snap tightly shut, he howled in pain and strained his neck while his head shot up. Only a low moan escaped from under the gag.

She twisted the nob and allowed the clamp to close tighter and tighter on his testicle, his face turned bright red in pain and all the muscles in his body flexed, he looked like he might explode. She picked up another clamp and once again twisted it around his other ball.

Sweat began to appear along his forehead as she twisted the other clamp tighter on his balls. On the clamps were small holes, just large enough to fit needles through.

She picked up the box of large thick needles and inserted one into one of the numerous holes. It pushed through until the needle reached contact with the other side of the clamp. Impaling his ball entirely. His head, neck, and chest was pooling sweat now.

A severe look of concentration and pain was covering his face. Tears streamed freely out of his eyes and down his cheeks. Slowly and painfully a needle filled each hole in both clamps. Then she gabbed what appeared to be chicken wire--but with thorns and sharp points sticking out everywhere.

She held it up and showed it to him. And then grabbed his cock. She pulled it tight around his rod, covering it entirely, and pulling it around twice. It cut razor sharp into his delicate and sensitive flesh, the pain was unbearable.

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His cock and balls began to drip a small amount of blood. His face was still bright red and he was obviously having a hard time breathing, from the pain and the gag. She walked up to his face and grabbed hold of it. She slammed it on it's side and tied it down. She then grabbed the near by tv set and turned it on.

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Porn flashed onto the screen. Despite the pain and the agony; his tortured rod began to get erect, again. She moved back down to his cock and rubbed the base, causing him to become more and more hard.

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As his cock grew the chicken wire cut more deeply into his flesh. He tightly closed his eyes, but could still hear the sex from the porn.


After his cock was fully erect and bleeding, she picked up a metal rod. "Doctors use this to do check-ups on your penis. They of course do it very gently and use lubrication, but in my method; I won't be practicing either of those things." She shoved it viscously into his pee hole.

It ripped up the passage and his body strained again in shock and in agony. She fucked it up and down, over and over. Blood quickly covered the rod as she fucked it in and out. After a few minutes of this torture she pushed the rod fully into his cock.

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She put a small metal clamp onto the end of the rod sticking out of his penis. A wire connected the penis to an eltro-board. She turned it on and an electric bolt of energy shot up the rod. He screamed through his gag again and strained as he took the force of the blow.

The electricity continued to flow into the rod, it felt like he was on fire. She walked up to his crying face, "See how painful and degrading it is to be fucked? Wait tell we do you ass." She smiled, "I'll be back eventually, enjoy your electric shock therapy." She finished turning to leave the room.

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He coughed on the dildo again, his mouth was so dry, from the crying and screaming. As the pain continued to sear through his soft young flesh he felt more and more frustrated. He was constricted so painfully tight, and he couldn't move an inch. With all the pain, there was also a large amount of boredom. Sitting there, head tied down, staring at an empty tv screen, while experiencing the worst pain he could ever possibly face.

His wrists felt sore and painful as he once again tried to shift. He had raped those two girls. The two little sluts. He had even gone as far as to tie them down and fuck them in every way possible, for several hours.

Now look at what was happening to him! He thought he had gotten away with the rape, as there was no evidence; because the girls came forward long after it would be possible to take a rape kit. He was already certain he was going to hell. But, he wished he was dead now; there is no way hell could be worst then this. He was sure that the electricity had burnt a hole in his penis now. He couldn't cry anymore;his eyes were to dry. He had stopped purposely pulling at the binds, they were so tight all it served to do was cut deep painful gashes in his wrists and ankles.

He lost track of time, even though it was ticking by slowly. The edges around his eye sight had gone black, he was falling out of consciousness from the exhaustion and the pain. His skin was slick with sweat--moisture he desperately wanted and needed. Several hours later the women walked back into the room. The boy had passed out, just like she knew he would. She pulled the electric current off of his dick. Which had become very swollen and red from the electricity and was still lightly bleeding out of the cuts he had suffered from the chicken wire.

She left everything covering his dick in place. She continued to untie his arms and legs, taking a moment to look at the sores covering them; she snickered at his pain.


She flipped him over on his stomach and proceeded to retie his arms and legs just as tightly as they had been before. He woke up with a gasp as the ice water pored over his face. He had been repositioned. His dick was still throbbing painful; now underneath him, but the electricity was gone.

His mouth was still full of plastic dick and his arms and legs were still restrained. "Good afternoon, my little cunt. I have a surprise for you. Remember how much fun we had fucking your piss hole? And I told you how much more fun it would be to fuck your ass? Well, that's exactly what were going to do." He felt a chill on his puckered ass hole.

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His butt cheeks had been spread wide and held in place by some sort of clamp. He felt something hard and big touch his ass hole; and braced himself as he felt her pushing with all her might to get the dildo in. After a few seconds of peer forced, the plastic dick head dryly slid in ripping at his intestinal walls and tearing his ass hole.

It must have been 4 inches wide, and could he could feel inch after inch being shoved through his intestine as his body raged with pain.

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It burned through his ass cheeks and sent waves of pain up his body and into his brain. He uncontrollably pulled, twisted, and tugged at the binds; trying desperately to escape the pain. Finally, the entire length of the dick had enter his ass hole. As suddenly as it was in, it was pulled almost all the way back out again. And quickly shoved in again.

Ripping his ass to shreds. His throat screamed hoarsely from beneath the plastic dildo, as he embraced the assault. She continued fucking him for several minutes, before stopping and pushing the dildo all the way in again. She but a strap around his ass and attatcked it to the end of the dildo. Flipping a switch, the strap responded by quickly pulling the dildo out and forcing it back in again. "Now your being mechanically fucked. I don't want you to pass out from dehydration, it just isn't the same as passing out from pain, so I made you a drink." She brought a bucket towards him, "This is a bucket of week old urine, cum, and pee mixed.

It smells pretty awful, so you should drink it all so I don't have to put up with it anymore." She said placing the pail in front of his face. The smell hit him a moment later and he nearly puked right then. "Now I am going to take this gag out of your mouth.

If you scream, you won't alert anyone as this room is sound proof, and you will be severely punished. Your not going to scream, right?" He lightly moved his head, "I guess I'll take that as a no." She tugged at the inflatable and eventually coaxed it out of his throat. He choked and gagged, after a moment of panting he spit on the floor.

"Bitch." He said faintly, she slapped him hard in the face, "Please, I don't like to be called names." He glared at her, "Fucking let me go. or you will regret it!" He tried to scream but, his voice cracked. "Look you really need this drink, and then I'm going to put this gag back in your dirty little mouth so I don't have to hear your idle threats." She finished, lifting the bucket to his face. "You can either drink this peacefully or you can fight it, drink it anyway, and then I will remove that 9 inch dick from your ass and put a 12 inch one in there instead." Still viciously glaring he opened his mouth and she put the bucket to he lips.

Slowly she tipped it towards him and his mouth came in contact with the disgusting mixture. She continued to poor it into his mouth as he coughed, gagged, and spluttered. Quickly it over filled and his face was covered in the disgusting mess. At first his body rejected the foul tasting liquid, but quickly the need for hydration took over, and he greedily gulped down the entire bucket.

"That's better, isn't it?" She asked putting the bucket down and shoving the inflatable dildo back into his mouth. "You won't be getting any food, you need something to drink every once and a while but, you want need food for a few weeks, and I don't plan on giving it to you." His stomach growled, he just realized his growing need food.

"I have other matters to attend too, so I'm just going to leave you here for a little while again." She said, walking out the door once again. To Be Continued.