Hot pornstar at the livesexshow with friend

Hot pornstar at the livesexshow with friend
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Island Man "Come here." I was on an island when this man walked up to me. I didn't even know this man and he told me to walk forward to him. When I did, he softly kisses me on me lips, which sends shivers up my spine.

I thought that I died from that alone. He then moved behind me and slowly pulling up my dress. "Stop." I said abruptly. Was I really going to have sex with a man that I just met five minutes ago? I whispered something as he surprised me with another kiss. "Feel me as I touch you." He reached around me, and with a movement of his fingers, pushed my panties beside and started to finger fuck me.

I was already dripping wet from the kisses I recevied from him eariler. I was so aroused that I could have flooded the whole island with my pussy juices. I was feeling so good that after each thrust with his fingers I made a soft moan or gasp. I felt his dick growing hard as he had his finngers deep in my pussy. He stopped touching me, probably because it felt like his dick was going to bust its frist nut all over my ass.

"turn over." I heard him say to me. When I did, he pushed me down onto the sand. That's when I saw his dick. It lokked like a big ass sex toy that I had back at my hotel room. I reached out to touch it. It felt heavy. I then wondered how it would feel inside me, pulsing, moving. I moaned out at the thought.

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I was still mentally a virdin, for having being exposed to masterbation at a fairly young age. He then asked me if I wanted to suck it. The way it lookrd, I wanted to do more than just suck. I wanted to fuck him until I passed out. I slowly put it into my mouth. He let out a sight moan when all 12 inches were in my mouth. I didn't gag like my other friends, who I learnedd from by going to parties and things. When he came in my mouth, I let the sweet sticky cum slide down my body, in between my breasts.

He then helped me lay down on the soft sand. I didn't care that it was getting in my hair.

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He started to lick my overflowing pussy. I wrapped my toned legs around his head and forced him to eat me harder. He complied and dipped his lonng togue in aand out, fast then slow for my to fight my orgasm that was building up.


He stopped and positioned himself between my legs, directing himself into my sweet soft body. I moaned out. I lokked down, slowly seeing him dissapear in side of my folds, making us one.

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He started slow, making long slow strokes, the hard fast ones that drove me insane. I was biting him everywher I could as mt orgasm was building higher and higher. He was fucking me to the hilt as I was total going past my usual orgasms. A loud moan escaped me as I yelled, "daddy, fuck me daddy. Fu-" I could not sat any more for I was cumming.

All I could hear was our bodies slapping gup againt each other in an attemp to cum at the same time. Apparently, he wanted more than I could give for the moment. We both stopped, weaning out our orgasms untill be could learn how to breath again. Whe we both started to relax, we went back at it again. I was ready to cum. He then went and drove me to the next level. He pounded faster and faster until I came all over his cock. When he pulled out, my juices came out with it.

"Marry me." "what?" I was thrown off at his question. 'Just what I said: marry me." He started to fuck me again, this time soft and slow.

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He was building me to orgasm again, all the while he kept repeting to me, "Marry marry me." I was so lost that I didn't know what he said. I was busy concentrating on my second orgasm.

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I screamed out yes as my orgasm shook my body. I laid there as he played with my nipple, which was still hard despite him loving them.

When I looked into his eyes, all I saw was love. i knew that he was in love with my body, but i wantedd him to really get to know me as i had never went out and done this before in my life. He then kissed me as his big strong arms wrapped around my sore body and carried me back to my hotel.

He ran water and gave me a promising bath. He told me that his name was Tony, and that we had met on a chat website.

That's when I remembered him. So me relizing that it was him, I loved him all of the more. He was my king, my love. He was the only one that understood me. He said that he loved me now, and that he could not let me go to no one ever again. A year later, we got married, and after that, i gave birth to twins.

After them, our sex life grew very heated for every year after our children went to bed, we went to the same sppot where we met a year ago and made love to eachother as we had then, when I was a broken soul that had been waiting to be fixed.

Almost after that, I had a new kid 2 years behind each other. after i had triplets, i decided to get my tubes tied because i didnt want to be popping out babies at 50 years old. lol.


Even that didnt stop our sex from getting out of control sometimes. Sometimes we get so out of it, our oldest kids would throw something at the wall and told us to keep it down in there for they were sleeping. We would then go outside naked and fuck on the hammok until it was about ime for them to go to school. WELL THAT'S IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

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