Randy Moore Will Fuck Your Ass

Randy Moore Will Fuck Your Ass
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The stripper parted her legs right in front of my face and in the glow of the club I could make out a little dribble of juice at the entrance to her pussy. I wished she was spreading for me but she was looking at the big construction worker type next to me.

It was amateur night at the local strip club and he was one of the "audience judges". I stayed around for the next girl but was so horny I couldn't take it any more; I needed to spill my seed. I got up and headed to the bar for another beer before leaving.

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At the bar a guy started chatting to me and I knew he was as horny as me and needed someone to cough down his load. A small battle ensued in my brain about whether to go into the back alley and swallow his thick creamy treat but in the end my strongest instinct told me not to, so I ended the conversation and made my way into the cool of the early morning darkness.


The streets were fairly quiet and I walked away from town passing by a few street people and the occasional hooker. I passed by a young looking girl and wondered if she would accept $20 for a blowjob.

I never asked and kept walking. Further down the street I saw a sign for a sex shop with peep show booths. Without thinking about it I walked in and started looking at the porn mags. The shop was small and had a tinsel curtain separating the booths from the store.

I came to the gay magazines and my cock strained against my jeans as I lingered over images of submissive white guys choking on huge black cocks and receiving creamy facials.

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By this point I was really horny and couldn't think straight. I needed to cum. I went to the big fat guy behind the desk and asked how much it was for the peep show booths.

I bought $10 worth of tokens, and with my heart pounding in my ears, made my way toward the tinsel curtain. I had not been to a peep show booth before and was surprised to find such small booths and no tissue paper in them. I knew I was going to spill my load and I knew others would too so expected paper towel or something. I chose a booth at the end of the corridor, closed the door and sat on the little built-in cushioned seat. It was cosy and smelled like fresh cum.

With the door closed the booth was quite dark so I put a token in the box by the TV and as the screen came to life the images lit the little room. I scrolled through the channels until I found a large guy forcing his cock into another guys ass. The large guy had the smaller guy in a firm grip and was not holding back, I felt myself unzip my jeans and soon my cock was out and hard as a rock.

I started touching my cock gently as I didn't want to cum too quickly, I wanted to enjoy the dizzy horniness I was feeling. As I watched the big guy on the screen pull his cock out and present it to the other guy to be sucked, I almost came, and had to fight to control my twitching cock.

The smaller guy sniffed at the head of the steaming cock that had just come from deep in his own asshole then parted his lips and gently started sucking on it.

I could almost smell and taste the bitter cock and had to keep my hands off my cock for a moment for fear of coming.

Before I came myself I wanted to taste some cum and looked down and saw a used condom on the floor. I picked it up and it still had a full load in it and some shit on the outside. I sniffed at it and felt dizzy and repulsed by what I wanted to do, I brought the condom to my lips and brushed it lightly across them as my cock twitched again. I knew I was going to suck on it and enjoy the bitter taste of the strangers asshole so I just put it in my mouth and started sucking.

The taste was strong and made me light headed and hornier than I had ever been.

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After sucking on the full condom for a while I bit down on the tip and let the now warm load seep into my mouth. It tasted salty and spicy and I put in another token to light up the room again.

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I saw pre-cum oozing from my cock and could not hold on any more, with a few strong strokes I let my load blast onto the screen just as I saw a young white guy pushing his nose into a large fat guys sticky asshole. Wave after wave of pulsing come stuck to the screen, some of it dribbled down slowly but the first few stringy ropes stuck to the glass and stayed.

With weak knees and tingling fingers and toes I spat out the condom and swallowed the rest of the strangers come. I zipped up my jeans and without cleaning off the TV, got up and quietly left the booth.

There was a guy standing in the narrow hallway and as I moved toward the tinsel curtain he squeezed past me and went into the booth I had just left. After he went in I expected him to close the door but he didn't, he left it slightly open.

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I paused not knowing what to do, I wanted to peek in and see if my load was still stuck to the glass in front of him but I was nervous that he would see me and get mad.

I had to have a look so I crept back and peeked in. He was sitting on the little seat holding his cock in his right hand giving it strong deliberate strokes, then I peered around the door a little further and realised he had his face right up close to the TV and was sniffing my cum and moving it around with his nose as he stroked his cock. My cock was hardening again and I watched in fascination as this stranger started licking my cum from the screen.

I felt myself ease the door open a bit more so that I could sneak into his booth, I got down on my knees in front of him hoping he wouldn't mind me sucking on his hot throbbing tool. I moved my face closer and felt the tip of his cock brush against my lips and his hand bump against the bottom of my chin as he stroked up and down. I looked up at him to make sure he wasn't angry that I had intruded on his space then parted my lips to let the head of his cock into my mouth.

He grunted with pleasure and approval so I set about sucking every drop of cum from his cock.


He held onto the sides of my head with each hand and guided my head up and down in a steady aggressive rhythm. I wanted him to really enjoy it so I made a real effort not to use any teeth.

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I reached down to the base of his cock and gently massaged his balls and pretty soon I could feel his cock swelling as he moved my head up and down with more intensity. Then suddenly his cock started pumping gooey streams of cum into my mouth and I could not hold it all in or swallow fast enough, I had to let some of it dribble out of the sides of my mouth and down my chin.


I looked up at him and he had his eyes closed as he squeezed out the last few salty strings of man cream into my mouth. When he had finished he just zipped up his jeans and pushed past me, he didn't look back. I was left with cum dripping off my chin and nothing to wipe it off with. I looked around the booth and decided to wipe my chin off on the wall.

As I dragged my face across the wall I felt rough spots of dried cum. I wiped the last few drops off with the back of my hand then licked it clean before leaving. As I left the booths and the store I felt ashamed of what I had done but knew deep down that I would be back.