Sofia assists hot bff at fucking

Sofia assists hot bff at fucking
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Over spring break Sammie and I agreed to do something not so traditional for the week. So we prepared ourselves for a long cross country ride. We wanted to take some time and get to know each other a little better. What better way to do this than in tight quarters with no one else around. Alas the time came ~ we packed the rental car with our stuff for the week then left early the following morning to beat the heat of the day.

Let me tell you Sammie was something else, a real sexpot.

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At such an early hour in the morning she was making plans to stop in at one of the strip clubs along the interstate.

We constantly watched girls picking out the cute ones to the hot ones in the cars as we passed them. She pointed out men that got her attention too. I've never known a woman to watch girls with her man and I love this about her, she is not jealous. In fact she encourages me to look, she is happy with this as long as it is her arms around me at night.

Her conversations sparked my loins in such a way that it seemed as though I sported a hard on for hours, days even, though not a painful one but one that needed constant attention with that deep nagging desire for simple strokes as I knew there was no way that I could fuck her brains out while I was driving.

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One of the afternoons we were driving along in the country with some traffic but not too much; Sammie took off her seatbelt and climbed up onto her knees. I was more focused on the road than her taking for granted that she was reaching to the back seat for another bottle of water. Before I could react, she had my pants open and my slightly erect cock out. Her hands were warm and soft. Oh what her thumb did to my loins sending chills deep into my soul as she pushed the tip of her thumb over the head of my cock teasing me.

Oh my gawd her teasing and my watching the road with the thoughts of someone seeing me getting pleasured turned me on even more. I reached over and put my hand on her shoulder and told her how good her hand felt on my cock. My pre-cum drippings began oozing out, the signal giving her full confirmation of my arousal. She moaned and her grip tightened then loosened with each stroke. Finally, she leaned down over the center console and our drinks that rested between us keeping us apart.

She did not waste any time, she went down, straight down the shaft, as far down as the bindings that constricted my ability to feed her more would allow. Her moans and slurps and sloppy pops made the blood flow quicker to the swelling of my cock. Sammies sucking abilities are out of this world, so much in fact that I lost track of the traffic around us. I looked up and saw a rig in front of us, seemed like just inches away before impact.

I slammed on the brakes throwing Sammie's head into the steering wheel and her ass onto the floor board. Luckily we missed the rig and she did not bite my manhood off. Feeling bad, I apologized to her even though my erect rock hard cock now wimpy and throbbing ached for more. Not wanting to be the victims of our own devious engagements, from this point forward we agreed to behave until we reached our destination knowing full well that it would be hands off until we returned home.

Sure, we made every effort to sneak in small rendezvous' up until our way back home but nothing remarkably incredible as we had to conceal our sexual bouts; that is until the last stretch home.

Mile after mile we were getting on each others nerves, but I loved her and know that it was the stress of not getting our daily fucks out of our systems and laying in each other's arms night after night plus the aching need to stretch out.

I exercised my patience as did she, so I believe. Anyways, on the last night, it was getting late and we both longed to get home, out of the car, into bed and each other's arms. The nearly halted traffic was only moving inches at a time. We focused on watching one orange construction cone after another as we passed them along the interstate one at a time. Only miles away and so close to the state line but yet the movement of the car seemed to be at a dead stop.

Blasted traffic was holding up my fuck time! So we stopped and got a bite to eat with hopes for the traffic to let up some, after all it was nearly midnight. After dinner, I paid and Sammie went to use the restroom before we got back on the road as there was no indication of how far the next restroom would be down the road and no telling how long it would take for us to get there at the speed we were driving.

As I looked around the shop, all I could think about was getting Sammie home and into our bed naked. She needed to get fucked. I needed to remind her who owns her. She had to take all the cum that built up inside my balls with all of her teasing over the week she needed to be punished and I was the man for the job. Sammie had no choice I was taking her at any cost tonight. Breaking my train of thought, Sammie told me that she was ready to go.

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I looked down at her and she was the most delicious creature I had ever seen and I kissed her on her temple. We walked to the car hand in hand. When we arrived at the car Sammie made me turn around, pushed me against the car, reached up to kiss me then she put something in my hand. I broke the kiss to see what it was. Shocked, stunned, confused, aroused, excited, and instantly hard I was not able to speak.

All thoughts left me and all I could muster up was to ask her what it was she gave me. Then I kissed her harder and longer pulling her body into mine pressing her tits hard against my chest. I wanted her to feel my hardness against her pussy; she needed to see what she did to me.

She got in the car and I closed her door. I raced around the car with my cock swollen inside my jeans, trapped by my own underwear, and I got into the car. I reached down and adjusted myself so that I could at least sit down. With her panties, her thong, still in my hands and no longer being in control of my actions, my hands pulled her satiny panties up to my nose and I smelt them.

My fingers ran across the dampness from her pussy that lingered on the cloth. My tongue slid across the strap that cuddled between her lips capturing her juices.

Her thong full of her sexual essence tasted so sweet, a man's candy. I reached down opened my jeans to release the pressure as the aching in my crotch had to be let loose with its growing intensity.

Still speechless, I looked over to her pulled her towards me and kissed her even harder. Now I needed to really get home and fuck my slut.

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Still in disbelief all I could think of was her panties still snug in the palm of my hand. I started the car and we were back on the road towards home. The damn traffic was still in the way, stomping on my fuck time! There was no way I could get there fast enough to release my load. Now let me tell you, her handing me her damp thong blew my mind off the charts but her next moves were even more daring and drove me even further into another world, a world of her pussy. The sweetness that I missed over the week filled with the candy that awaited my arrival.

With my blood already racing through my veins, Sammie reached back behind me and grabbed her back pack that seemed to have nothing in it. Really wasn't sure why she brought it but quickly found out.

She slipped off her shorts and pulled up a silky g-string. As dark as the interstate was I could not see the color but the outlines of her movements against the shadows of the night made my desires for her churn even deeper for her at that very moment.

Then she did it, she pulled her t-shirt over her head and her skin glistened by the only lights around glaring off of the headlights of other vehicles shining though the tinted glass. My bitch sitting in the car on the highway knowing that others could see her stripping just about made me blow my load.

Before I knew it, her bra was off. Oh my gawd if that did not make my heart drop to the head of my cock instantly. I reached over running only one hand over her bare breasts, squeezing them roughly.

Damn bitch had to cover my jugs up. She slid into a soft silky corset that I could only imagine matched the thong that now rested between her pussy lips. Again I still could not see the color of the silkiness but did notice the cross that rested between her tits. Sammie knew what she was doing to me and she was relentless.

She was going after what her pussy was calling for. Let me tell you, my girl loves to fuck, fuck all the time.

All she ever talks about is fucking and sucking on my cock. Don't get me wrong she is not all talk and no show; she drives herself crazy teasing me building the flood of wetness for my pleasure and hers.

Fuckin' traffic was going no where and I needed to bury my nose between her sweet neatly trimmed dark fur lined lips. Knowing that she always tastes sweet my mouth began building up its own anticipation for a taste just a droplet of her nectar was all I needed. She must have been reading my mind because she slid her fingers between her legs pulled them out dripping of her womanly slick fluids and slid them under my nose teasing and taunting my taste buds.

"Gawd I need you" was all I could muster up in my still speechless state. Can you believe it, all she did was giggle and demand that I get home faster. Who was she kidding; we were sitting at a near stand and still just miles from the state line. To top that off we were in the middle of nowhere, there was not a place in sight for me to pull off the interstate.

This bitch was teasing me and teasing me good. Good thing she was my woman or I would have had my way with her right then and there. But I love and respect her; gawd if she didn't know what turned me on she was sure was hitting the mark that night.

I begged her to touch herself for me. I wanted to watch her enjoy herself if I couldn't enjoy her body myself. But she teasingly resisted my pleas against my wishes. Still I begged her to do it even demanded. With a slight grin she finally caved.

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Sammie rested her back against the locked door behind her. She raised her left leg laying it between the seats then slid her right leg across my lap. I could smell her sex, her essence so close but not within my reach. She bent her knee towards the radio playing "Darling Nikki" by Prince. Sammie slid her panties to the side, parted her lips releasing her fragrance that slithered upward allowing me to whiff her scent as the lyrics taunted my vision "… I met her in a hotel lobby masturbating in a magazine …" Looking away briefly from the traffic, I looked down at my wild rose, my cock skipped a beat tugging at my pulsing veins begging me to take her right then and there.

But instead maintaining some control, I watched her play with her bare moist glistening clit. Her fingers circled, pulled and tugged. I listened to her panting while she pleased me by obeying my demands to play with her delectable pussy. I just couldn't let my cock release its load in my pants. I had to save it for her. She was hot that night and needed to feel my seed spill deep inside her.

I had to thrust inside her warm hole. I reached down with my right hand slid a finger in her honey pot pulled it out brought it to my nose smelling her sweet tanginess then suckled on my finger tasting of her sweet sex. She watched me intently as I savored every ounce of nectar on my finger. Then again she surprised me.

She slid one, two, then three fingers into herself, slid them over her hardening clit, then up to her own mouth and suckled as I had. Sammie was copying the actions I had just performed.

Again she slipped her fingers in sat up, brought her fingers to our lips and we savored her sweetness together.


She laid back again and fingered herself some more. Her fingers worked her clit and I could only imagine how hard she was that little girlie cock that I love sucking on. Her fingers slid in and out of her dripping cunt. Finally the annoying traffic let up and we reached the state line in no time but it sure as hell felt like an eternity with my cock's bulge throbbing and pushing against my jeans aching to be let free, just a few miles away now and not too long before we get home.

Disappointingly, Sammie sat up searched for her shorts and shirt. She scurried to cover up as we exited the interstate just blocks from home. Both of us speechless, panting and breathless from the beginnings of our love fest, it was clear what we both had on our minds. There was no denying the hungry beast, the thirst that our boiling blood was leading us to. Exhausted as hell and even hornier than that I parked the car, raced around to let Sammie out. She could hardly keep her hands off my ass as we rushed to the door juggling the keys to open it.

The door closed behind us. With the click of the lock our clothes were falling to the floor leaving a trail to the bedroom. Sammie still in her sexy corset which I could now see was a pale purple with black trimmings. Now free from confinement my cock jumped at the sight of seeing her on the bed posing for me in a doggie position on all fours with her toes dangling off the side as she looked back in my direction giving me instructions to come to her with a wave of her finger.

Who was I to disobey this queen of torment? She had done more than enough and now she was going to pay. She was going to get the fucking of a lifetime. As I got closer, I could see the black string from her panties hugging her deliciously between her bubbly ass cheeks and soaking up all her pussy juices. No way was that material going to soak up all my tasty treats; they were mine for the taking not some string.


That bitch owed me and owed now. Slowly I walked closer and closer to her studying her luscious body with cock in hand. Instinctively I slid my hand along my own shaft in anticipation of how she would feel. Of course I knew her pussy well, but tonight was different she was a hungry animal, but still my prey.

The throbbing pulsating under the grip of my own strength drew my balls up into me and I could feel the growing agony of needing to cum but it was not time. She watched me as I approached her then slid her hand between her cheeks from underneath her sliding her fingers over the thread of her panties pulling them downward following the path to her dark damp misty cave between her legs. I released my cock, bit down on my lower lip hard letting out a squeal of arousal.

Her fingers slid inside her as I reached her. She quickly pulled them out looking in my direction put them in her own mouth and sucked. As if she were sucking on my dick I watched her cheeks cave in and her eyes roll to the back of her head.

At that moment she was no longer on earth but in her own heaven, my heaven. Now standing directly behind her I took a handful of her long silky dark locks and pulled her head back nearly knocking her off balance, she had no choice but to regain her stance by yanking her fingers out of her mouth with a pop and back down onto the bed to hold herself up. With my free hand it came down smacking her ass leaving my mark on her smooth silky skin.

The snap of flesh against flesh made my cock even harder almost to its full strength. I told her, "You like that don't you!" It was not for her to talk but follow my demands. Now I am in charge and she will not be teasing my dick any more.

She pushed back against my groin begging me to fuck her with her horny pussy. Oh no, that was not my plan, not yet. My fingers slid in quick and hard as rough as can be. But that was not going to do; she enjoys the roughness way too much.

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I pulled out. She pouted. I told her to beg for it. She put on that sappy pouty face that sends chills down my spine and commanded in a whispered tone between her panted breaths "more, please Charlie, don't stop, give me more." As eager as I was and knowing that her pussy walls were swollen and begging for my attention I could not resist her any longer.

My own throbbing was taking over at full throttle. I shoved all my fingers in as deep as her pussy would allow with my thumb sliding across her hard clit. There was no doubt, she was going to get my cock whether she wanted it or not. At my satisfaction that she is no longer in a state of consciousness but instead she was in a world of her own and her body cried for a good fucking. Slowly, teasingly, I pulled my fingers out then quickly replaced them with my cock.

My hands reached down grabbing at her hips pulling her ass back towards me bringing our bodies closer together. Harder and harder, faster and faster, jolt after jolt my cock invaded her warm pulsing pussy sucking my cock inward. Sammie reached back grasping my balls as they smacked against her pussy.

This sent me over top. My gasps began to match her patterned heavy breathing. The time came that I needed better control over her. I pulled out quickly, took hold of her tense body flipped her over like my own personal rag doll. Yes, you heard me right, she's my rag doll.

I climbed up on the bed between her legs throwing them over my shoulders with my very hard throbbing cock forcing its way in her slick flower without guidance. My hands quickly grabbed at her shoulders pulled her down on my cock as I pushed inward. "Hold your legs up bitch!" I demanded. Sammie listens like a dream when we fuck.

I don't know where she learned to fuck like this but damn she fucks me so good. She pulled her legs up forcing her ass higher in the air perfect for my pumping.

My thrusts faster and harder, my fingers squeezing tighter and tighter and her nails dug into my back, her teeth dug into the nearest piece of flesh she could find, my arm. She was ready to cum. No, she couldn't, not yet. I was not ready for her to cum. She owed me good after all that teasing for hours which felt like an eternity. I needed her to slow down her train and wait for me.

I was close but not ready. "Don't you cum Bitch, don't cum yet, hold back" I told her. She fought it she fought like an angel following my commands. I so love controlling her with such passion with such vulgarity. "You're my slut, aren't you" I spouted at her.

Panting even harder her words barely chocked out between gasps "Yes! Yes! Yes, I am!" Her body beginning to convulse under mine, it was time I had to release my load, my hot cum deep in her pussy. I thrust harder and deeper, as I could into her.

My dick now pulsing in sync with her convulsions taking her over the edge, I had to cum. "Oh baby, cum with me! Cum NOW! Cum with me." the words barely escaped me before I was blasting load after load into her deep and hard. Sammies orgasm shot through her body, her pussy squeezed tighter around my cock. She squeezed each drop from my pulsing cock into her pussy. With each deep distinct thrust fluids gushed out of her pussy over my cock and balls drawing me in further into her world.

My rag doll still needed more. I fed this bitch my cock covered in her cum and mine. The aroma in the room filled with sweat and sex. She sucked me until I went soft in her mouth. Sammie eased the grip of her luscious hungry mouth, she had me captured. Exhausted, I withdrew and fell over on the bed next to her panting trying to catch my breath.

I tell you what man my Sammie knows how to make me squirm like I have never done with another.