Super cute amateur elsa jean pornstars and teen

Super cute amateur elsa jean pornstars and teen
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Dan was going to stay at Harriet's house for a few months to finish school, his parents lived far away. Dan loved cumming in Harriet's and even more in her mother's thongs, bras, socks, shoes and lots of other clothing. Sometimes Dan even liked cumming onto their toothbrushes. Dan was a real pervert, he only showed that side when he was all alone.

He had bought himself a little spy camera so he could take nude videos of Harriet and her mother. Dan was trying to find a place where he could set it and would best be able to have a view at them.

He decided to start with Harriet and make some video footage of her nice ass, then some other day he would film Harriet's mother. Dan got the cum into the dirty laundry and he went back to his room. Now he was waiting for Harriet and her mother to come back. Half an hour passed and then they both came "Hello, we are here" called Harriet's mother Linda out. "Ok" replied Dan. Harriet went past Dan's room fast and only said "Hi" quickly, she was in a hurry because she was going to a concert tonight.

She went into her room to get ready. Dan already recorded and he went into the kitchen to say hello to Linda. "Hi Linda" said Dan "Hi Danni" Linda said. "will you unpack the rest of the food and put in in the fridge while I drive Hattie to the concert"?

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"Sure thing" said Dan. "Thank you" I'll be back in an hour, just eat the left over from yesterday's dinner, Common Harriet". "Yes Mom".

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Harriet ran past Dan and said "bye" and went out the house to the car. Linda also left and now Dan was alone again. He waited five minutes then he got to his room and checked what the cam had recorded with his computer. He saw that it had recorded her changing, but before fully seeing her undress he ate dinner and then came back.

He watched the tape and looked at how incredibly sexy she was. Harriet undressed everything except the thong. She did it in a hurry but was hot anyway. She had nice little nipples on her medium sized tits and she wore light blue thongs.

After Dan had watched the tape a few times he went into Harriet's room and he got the camera out, he put it into the room next to Linda's bed room which also belonged to Linda. It was her Living room where she would be most of the time. It was a big room and perfect to hide the camera.

Since Linda did not have a husband maybe she masturbates there. He went back to his own room and watched the tape with Harriet on it a few more times than Linda came back. "I'm back" she called and Dan replied "Ok" he stood up and went to Linda to help her, he wanted to be a gentleman, probably because he watched too much porn he thought by helping her get her coat or shoes off he would score appeal. She was about to put her coat off and he said "I'll put it away".

"Thank you" Linda said and smiled and let him take her coat. Then he went back to his room and she called "I'll go take a shower" and without waiting for response she made her way to the shower. "Damn" thought Dan "I should have known". Harriet, Linda and Dan got along very well, even though Linda didn't know Dan for long yet.

Dan already got into his Pajamas like usual since he wouldn't be going out this evening. He opened the button of his pants and got his cock out he went to the bathroom door and wanted to see if he could see Linda through the Key hole.


He was surprised that the bathroom door was open a few centimeters. Dan was fast but quietly stroking his cock, he could see Linda undressing. He was extremely horny as Linda uncovered more and more of her body.

Linda had a nice big milf ass that could easily cover Dan's head and she had large mature tits. She was still wearing her bra and a thong both in white.

She turned towards the door and Dan though she had seen him and she wanted to close the door, but neither proved to be true. Still Dan had an uncomfortable adrenaline rush and hurried back to his room and put his dick away without even climaxing.

A few minutes later the blood flow in Dan's body calmed and the shock turned to a good and exciting feeling. He wanted MORE. HE wanted to fuck Linda, every part of her, he wanted a titjob, handjob, blowjob, footjob, anal sex, regular sex, he wanted her to sit on his face and so much more. He decided to go spy on her some more later. 15 minutes later Linda got out of the shower Dan heard her going into her room where he had set the camera but she walked right through it into her bedroom.

It was already dark outside and she finally went into the camera room, she only wore the white thong and bra. She lay down on the couch and turned the TV on. To Dan's disappointment she took a blanket and pulled it up all the way over her bra.

He kept watching her.


He got his thick hard cock out and jerked it, he was still jerking it after an hour and that was when Linda fell asleep. Dan got up and went to the room. She was tight asleep, he knew she was usually a heavy sleeper from Harriet.

He went into the room quietly. He was completely naked and jerked his hard cock. Dan looked at her beautiful mature body, he could just imagine her clit, it must be used and flaccid, just like a mother's clit at Linda's age should be. But Dan was too scared that she would wake up.

He saw a bottle of Jaegermeister and he took a deep sip. 'He drank himself some courage'. He put the bottle away and then turned back to the sexy sleeping mother. He carefully removed the blanket while jerking his cock. He looked at her.

"Wow, she is fucking sexy, she is a Mother I would like to fuck". Dan went to the end of the couch where Linda's feet were laying. He gently and carefully took one of them up and then rubbed his penis against it. "It feels great, her feet are better than I had imagined.

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Dan kissed her foot then he sat it back down. He got to the middle and touched her breast, very soft, but only for a second. Linda's right arm was not on the couch so he could move it. He took the arm, her palm was open with the fingers bent slightly inwards. He led her arm to his dick and put it in her palm and then closed her fingers. She was holding his cock. Dan enjoined the feeling for a minute and pulled and pushed his cock around in Linda's palm ever so gently.

He kept doing this and he leaned to the side a bit so that he could smell on the thongs that Linda was wearing. Dan thought "They smell beautiful", suddenly Linda moved and he noticed she was waking up.

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He quickly removed her hand from his cock and left the room. He knew she almost noticed him. He hurried back to his room and whispered "shit, I almost came, only one more minute".


He looked at his computer screen and saw that Linda had put on a morning robe and was walking out her door. She did not have a clue, but she came to see what he was doing he knew that so he closed the laptop lid and went on his bed. He was still completely naked.

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He had the intend to have Linda see him cumming. Linda looked into the room he knew she was looking through the small space that there was between the door and the door frame. Dan gave his long erect penis three last hard strokes and the man juice squirted out his cock and landed on his chest. He pressured it a few times and more squirts of sperm shot out his dick.

Linda quickly went away after he climaxed. She pretended to be in the kitchen and called "Danni I will pick up Harriet", "Ok" he called back. She did not know that he fucked her hand and that he knew she watched him climax. He was feeling great because she had seen him jerk and cum. Linda was getting in the car, she turned it on and started driving. She was taking a long way to pick Harriet up because she was way too early.

She thought about what she had just seen. Without her noticing her pussy got wet and then she noticed she still wore her robe and only her bra and thong under it.

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She was horny. Without her realizing her right hand slipped down to her thong moved aside the part in front of her pussy and her fingers were rubbing her clit. She thought about Dan's cock while driving and masturbated herself, In her mind she said things like "Want to lick my pussy and ass Dan?" or "Give me your big load" and "let me suck it".

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Then she came, but she was so horny that she kept going. The whole night Linda could not get Dan's penis and Dan out of her head.

To be continued…