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Drei Für Ein
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First, let me introduce you to the main character…Natalie Kosher. Natalie is 15 years old, she has strawberry blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. She stands 5'4 and is slim, athletic built. Her breasts are size 34, perfectly shaped, and she has ass, perfect ass.

Like, perfecting twerking ass.

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Not too big, but enough to look sick twerking. Natalie's past is rough. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her brother, 20 year old Tyler Kosher.

Tyler got messed up on drugs when he was sixteen and went to rehab for two years. Her dad's in jail and her mom hasn't been heard from since the divorce. So far, Natalie is a virgin and she's never been messed up, but she's vulnerable, which is what sets this story. Did I cover everything? I wanna set the story up because sometimes I have trouble bringing in details or I miss vital information.

Well, let's say this is in Atlanta, Georgia in town. Not the city, but not the country either. Just a town. A neighborhood say. Okay, that should be enough. So we'll start this story through Natalie's eyes in the last class of school… …………………………………………………………………………………&hellip.

"Natalie Koosher!" Mr. Edwards shouted at the top of his lungs.


I jump in my seat, snapping to attention. The science teacher glares at me through his wide-rimmed glasses. His sad-looking comb-over is slightly askew and his checkered button down shirt hangs half tucked in, half hanging out of his black dress pants. He is a sad sight of a teacher and his attitude matches. "Kosher, sir," I reply in a quiet voice.

That sets him off. Real bad. "What did I just tell the whole class and then ask of you?" he demands, his eyes flaming ferocity.

Nerves work up in my stomach as I realize I haven't paid the least bit attention to stupid science class. "I missed it, sir" I answer honestly, looking at the blackboard for some hint. It's empty. "When an egg is fertilized…" I drown him out immediately, hating this lecture. Apparently today's subject is reproduction, my least favorite.

Everybody in class, especially the boys and the sluts Alicia Edwards always get rowdy and mischievous whenever this subject is discussed in class.

"…so, what happens when the egg is fertilized?" Mr. Edwards asks again. "A baby is conceived," I reply dryly and half the class breaks out in giggles.

I don't give a shit about school. It's a waste of my time other than chilling with friends in the halls and at lunch. I don't see the point in any of it, so why give it effort when a simple answer is available? Mr.

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Edwards stares at me for a moment, dead silent and reining in his temper. With a huff, he gives up and moves on to the next lesson and I freely drown him out again. The bell rings and I take my time to stand up and collect my things. A hand brushes up my thigh as someone sweeps past, but when I whirl around to snap at the invader, there's too much of a crowd to pick a suspect out of.

Agitated, I hastily gather the rest of my things and dump them in my bag. Then I hurry out to the hall, sliding past the groups of girls and hurrying through the hordes of boys. At my locker, everything is busy. Every locker for the row down is packed with kids and I have no way in. Then I spot something that sets my temper off.

Two girls are attempting to unlock my locker! "Hey, get the hell of my locker!" I shout, barging in the group and pushing into the girls. They turn, startled, and I recognize Alicia Edwards immediately. Her straight blond hair and dark blue eyes are unmistakable and yes, she's Mr.

Edwards daughter. She's also the school's biggest well-known slut. There isn't a boy here she hasn't slept with or attempted to sleep with…except Davis Connors but nobody even looks at him. He's weird. And then I recognize the girl beside her. 17 year old Candy Collen. The toughest girl in school. She beats anybody up when she feels like it.

And I've just interrupted an apparently important task. "What did you say?" Alicia demands, raising her fine eyebrows with a smirk. I have to be careful of what I say because despite Alicia's rep, she's the most popular girl in school and…Candy is right next to her. "I said that's my locker," I reply, quieter, but firm. Candy leans over slightly, intimating me. "What's your point?" Alicia challenges me. "You can't be breaking into it, go find yours," I reply, still standing firm.

By now the chatter has quieted as the students begin to notice something's happening. Suddenly I'm slammed back into my locker and Candy's arm is over my head. She leans into my face and the hall goes silent. I'm looking down over my shoulder to avoid eye contact. At this point, eye contact could mean the death of me. "You can't tell us what to do, bitch," she threatens, Alicia snickers in the background.

"Understand?" I slowly nod, cursing in my mind for handling it myself. Candy slowly releases me, turning and walking away with Alicia as if nothing happened. The students are still staring at me and I can't look up, mortified and still terrified. Then everything returns to normal. "Natalie!" someone yells my name over the yammer of the other kids. A dark haired girl rushes over to me and halts in front of me, searching my stricken face. It's Sammy. Samantha Blue, my best friend from middle school.

Black hair, brown eyes, glasses and sweatshirts, she's somewhat tomboyish. "Nat, what happened?" Sammy asks, her voice coated with concern. I glance at her as I turn to face my locker. "I came to this damn school," I reply, frustration and fear spilling out in my snappy tone. It was like this every day, somebody always picked on me.

I was lucky it was only this once today, but it had been more severe than usual. Sammy laid her hands on my shoulders and sighed. "Girl, you have me here," she said calmly. I shrugged her hand off but said nothing.

Sensing I needed to be left alone, she walked away. School was over and I wanted out of there. I slammed my locker, pulled on a sweatshirt, and put on my fastest walk out of the building. I burst out the door faster than I'd intended and paused in the sunlight, taking a deep breath. "Hey, where ya running to, bitch?" a male voice called. My head snapped around to see some Sophomore boys laughing it up against the school wall. "Or running from!" one of the calls, followed by more hoots.

Anger and humiliation flared in me, urging me to lash back, but I force my mouth to remain shut and keep on my way. I don't ride the bus home today, that is the last thing I need. So I pull my hood over my head and keep my head down as I walk, trying to block out the world. I stare at the sidewalk for probably ten minutes of walking before I catch a glimpse of black. Oomph! I run smack into something solid and lose my footing, falling backwards towards the pavement.

Strong hands catch my arms and pull me up, saving me from a terrible fall. I gasp as I am caught and scramble to get my legs under me. I recover from the shock quick enough to realize I am hanging on to Jay Royce, one of the hottest seniors at my school. I pull back hastily and dust my arms off, looking up into Jay's dark eyes. "I'm so sorry!" I blurt but he's smiling. Embarrassment washes through me and my eyes shoot to the pavement once more. "Well, if you hadn't been studying the cracks in the sidewalk you'd have been just fine…" he trails off as he laughs.

"Don't worry about it," he adds in his signature deep voice. I manage a weak smile and take a real look at my savior. Roughly six foot, short, jet-black hair, very dark brown eyes, and a tan complexion, it's no question why he's one of the hottest seniors…and one of the bad boys.

A renown player and one-night-stand-er, Jay is no stranger to any girl at Tamp-Wood High. "Sorry," I stupidly say again and look around desperately for some sort of bearing. He chuckles again. "It's fine, it's fine. It's not every day a pretty girl runs into me," he laughs. I look up, surprised by the statement. Did he just say I'm pretty? My brain fogs up as he looks me in the eyes and smiles, then he slides past and continues walking. I'm still staring at the spot where he just was, trying to clear my head.

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What the hell's wrong with you, Natalie? He's the bad boy of the school, he's good at this stuff. You're not anything special. With that thought I hurry the rest of the way home. ………………………………………&hellip.

When I get home, I discover Tyler's already beaten me to it. He's sitting in the main room of his apartment, plopped in front of the TV with his latest trashy girlfriend. I don't think he means it, he's a good guy really, but somehow he manages to string home the sickest, trashiest of girlfriends. The latest is a red-head in skimpy clothes curled on his lap. She's whispering in his ear and he's smiling or sniggering at everything she says.

"I'm home," I call half-heartedly. He doesn't notice much, but I know he cares. He's been raising me since I was 12. Mom abandoned us after she divorced Dad and luckily for us, Tyler knows how to hold a job or he'd be out of a place to live and I'd be in foster care. To me, Ty has no flaws.

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He's the example of a good person (minus the trashy partners and the late night sex, yeah, he does that sometimes). By the looks of his newest girlfriend, it'll be a long night tonight. "Hey, sis! How was school?" he calls, I look across the room from my seat at the table where we eat. I'm in the process of making a sandwich. "Don't call me sis. I'm not little anymore!" I scold he rolls his eyes and the red-head whispers something in his ear.

"School is school," I add. Ty knows I have a tough time, but he doesn't know to what extent. I've never told anyone what goes on at school and what I feel. Except Sammy, but even she doesn't know the entire story. "Nat, this is Rosa. Rosy, meet my sister, Natalie," he introduces, glancing between me and his girlfriend. "Hi, Rosa," I say politely, being respectful. She looks at me and rolls his eyes. Fine, I don't give a shit about what you think, I exasperate in my mind.

I really don't. If it were up to me, I would kick all of Ty's girlfriends in their slutty ass and set him up with Miley Rowen, the only good girl I know at my school. She reminds me so much of Ty and she's so kind and funny with everyone. I think she's even virgin still. If not, it's because somebody took advantage of her. I take a bite of my sandwich, coolly watching the whispering and giggling taking place on the couch. I see Rosa's hand slide down Ty's shirt.

BRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGGG!!!! I thankfully turn my gaze away from the sickening site to look at the phone. It's a landline hooked into the wall. Ty is the only one with a cell phone we can't afford one for me as well. At least not now. The caller I.D. came up 'Unknown', so I let it go to voicemail. White noise blurred over the speaker, then a friendly voice came through.

"Hey Natalie, it's Sam! I just wanted to say hi and check in on you. When you get this…" I interrupt her message, picking up the receiver and holding it to my ear. "Sammy!" I exclaim, glad for a distraction.

"Nat, how are you doing?" Sammy asks, unable to hide the relief from her voice. "I've come home to better days," I say, knowing Sam will know what…or who…I'm talking about, "What about you?" "Great, my mom and I are going bowling for her birthday. I can't wait! We always get pizza and sodas at the bowling alley, and afterwards tonight we're going to see a movie!

There's a new Harry Potter in the theaters…" she's off, jabbering about the amazing evening she and her mother have planned. Without meaning to, I sort of drown her out, feeling a slight envy and depression build in me. Sam and her family were so close and every year on each of their birthdays, they always have a full day of fun.

My parents were strangers to me. "…and popcorn and stuff, although we might be full by then. Oh! I would have invited you to see it since it's a new movie and all, but it's kind of special night. I mean…" "Sammy! It's okay, you enjoy the day with your mom," I cut her off in her apologies. She owes me no apology for seeing a new movie without me.

Besides, I was more of a Fast and Furious fan. "Oh good! Look, I gotta go now. We'll have to catch a movie this Friday, yeah? I'll see what's in theaters for then when Mom and I go!" If anyone could sound like they were smiling, it was Sam. She was always happy and her voice showed her cheer. "Okay, we should definitely. Wish your mom a happy birthday for me and have fun!" I call into the speaker.

Saying a final good bye, I hang the telephone up. Turning back to my sandwich, I'm surprised to find the couch vacant. My curiosity is hushed by a girlish laugh coming from the bedroom. Immediately I know why the couch is empty. I'm sure Tyler wishes I wasn't here right now so he wouldn't have to lock the bedroom.

Natalie, that's how it always its. You're always in the wrong place at the wrong time. There's no way I can go to bed early too…the bedroom is occupied. Apartments suck terribly. So I go curl up on the couch and switch the show to Cops. …………………………………………&hellip. I wake up the next morning with a headache.

I had a rough night and barely got any sleep. I was condemned to the couch for the night and kept awake by 1. The discomfort and 2. The noises from the bedroom. There were sounds on and off the entire night. I need to remember to ask Sammy how her mother's birthday went when I see her at school. School. Oh shit! What time is it?! I sit bolt upright, causing a dizzy spell.

I hold my head in my hands momentarily to focus and settle my mind, then I run to the kitchen part of the apartment and look at the clock by the phone. 8:14. Holy shit! I slept way in! Why didn't Tyler wake me? School starts at 8:30, I'm gonna miss the bus at this rate, and it's a half hour walk, minus very few minutes if I run. Urgently I wash my face, dress, and brush my teeth. I have no time for a shower, which is fine, I got one yesterday. Every other day is tolerable…but now it's 8:20.

The bus arrives at the nearest stop in five minutes. If I don't run for my life I will miss it. I dash out the door, skipping breakfast and blazing down the sidewalk. My breath is coming short already and I've only halfway. I wish I had a watch or a phone to check the time. The bus stop is close, I can see it now. Barely glancing across the road, I dash across the street, dodging a car with an idiot driver laying on the horn. "Shut up, I'm in a hurry!" I scream and rush to the bench.

But I can see up the road. The bus is just disappearing around a turn. I've missed it! No amount of running can save me now. But I run anyway, hoping my arrival isn't too sore. It is. I don't get to school until 9:02. I miss home room and have seconds to reach my class room before I am deemed late. I shove hard through the crowds heading to their classes and reach my locker.

A huge, half-dollar dent is located near the lock. Clearly some vandalizing was done, but it hadn't been opened, luckily. I swing the door open and gasp.

It's empty. All my books are in my backpack. And I feel light-headed again. I left my backpack at home. Minds rush through my head, causing a headache again. With no cell, I have no way of hoping to reach Tyler and I have no hope of passing any pop quizzes, exams, or anything that could require books. I jog to my class, undoubtedly late, and all my energy is gone.

Ms. Sanders, my English teacher, isn't harsh on me until she realizes I don't have books either. This is how all the rest of my classes go right up to lunch. Harsh words and disapproving looks and by now, the word has been spread through the school. On my way to lunch, kids are pointing and laughing.

"You're not late…you're re-tardy!" "An empty locker to match that empty head!" "Having a blonde day, strawberry shortcake?!" And it didn't end there. There were numerous shouts and comments, most of which weren't even witty, just downright insulting. And lunch wasn't any better. Two trays were "accidentally" dumped on me in line and I was "accidentally" bumped into so many times that I couldn't even tell my food apart. I sat alone, hoping Sammy didn't feel pity and come sit with me.


I didn't want the school to attack her by association. I managed to scrape by school, but the names and insults didn't go unnoticed. As much as I tried to block them out, it was just as bad as Candy threatening me yesterday.

Even Mia Williams, whom I had thought was my friend, had some of the nastiest comments that day. Whether she was saving face in front of the popular kids or not, I was hurt. My mind was coated in depression by the time school was out and I decided to slip out the back exit so not to have to face the crowd of students.

I slide out between the doors of the back exit. Stepping out onto lush green grass, I notice the rows of sheds and abandoned storage buildings. Grey bricks and dull tiling make up the structure of the buildings with either flat, level roofs or shingle A-frames.

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Then I notice movement behind one of the buildings. Leaning over I get a better view of a gang of older kids, probably juniors or seniors or maybe both. They're huddled together passing something around. Two boys have cigarettes hanging out of their mouths, most of the girls were in the skimpiest of outfits. Then a girl stumbles backward and laughs. The rest of the group breaks out in laughter and couple of the kids almost fall over in their high state of mind.

Then it occurs to me they're doing drugs. What a convenient place to do so. In my depressed state of mind, I can't help wondering what feeling that happy for a while might feel like.

Then I notice one of the boys catch my eye. He smiles and winks at me…his invitation to join the party. I know my scowl is less than believable, so I make good time hurrying around the side of the building.

My walk home is filled with confusing thoughts. Echoes of cold-hearted voices rattle in my head and I'm unable to block them out. They penetrate my mind, lowering my self-esteem and knocking me down a few levels. I can't help walking with my head to the ground again, sad and aching. I didn't see Sammy all day and Mia is clearly not a real friend. Even as the bus passes me I can hear shouts and laughter increase as it passes me.

I don't look up. I can't. "Studying cracks again I see?" a deep voice breaks my thoughts. Startled I look up and swing my head around. Closing the distance between us is Jay Royce, a crooked grin lighting up his face as he approaches from behind. I look back at the ground and continue walking, surprised and confused.

Why would Jay want to talk to me? Even if we are in the same direction, he's a senior with better things to do. I hope my problem goes away, but it doesn't.

It only comes closer in the form of Jay side by side with me now. He's quiet, too quiet. I lift my head to watch more closely where I am walking; out of my peripheral vision I see Jay still smiling and awaiting a response.

The silence doesn't work for him. "Why so quiet? Rough day?" he asks. I feel a slight bit of temper forming in me. "The same as every day," I reply dryly. He's quiet for a moment. "Anything you wanna talk about?" he asks.

Why would Jay Royce, bad boy senior who's practically famous at school, give a crap about my problems. "Nothing special," I reply, then I realize that he would have heard the jokes too. I feel especially embarrassed now that I am aware he knows. Jay pulls something out of his pocket, a small piece of paper, and slips it into my hand as we walk. "Well if you ever need someone to talk to…or a ride to school, gimme a call," he says, ceasing forward movement.

I continue on my way, but I look at the paper in my hand. A phone number.

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I've just been given Jay's phone number. Why would he be so interested in me? Then it occurred to me that maybe he was actually interested in me. Suddenly I pause and look back over my shoulder. Jay's standing at the edge of the sidewalk, awaiting a break in traffic. He notices my look and catches my eye. He flashes a smile before disappearing across the street and a strange fluttery feeling builds in my stomach.

Quickly I try to press it down. He's at least 18 and has the whole school to pick from. Why me? ………………………………………………………………… So I was thinking of starting another series (I am not ending The Angel Next Door, don't worry) and I know this is slow for some of you sex-crazy fans, but I want it to be as realistic as possible and I want you to actually connect with Natalie.

Part II coming soon!!