Nice legal age teenager sex action

Nice legal age teenager sex action
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My name is terrence I am 28 and I'm an investment banker.


Let me start by describing myself I'm 6ft1 a bit muscular from hitting the gym regularly I have dirty blonde hair, my life would ve been perfect I was earning 6 figures was single drove a nice benz and I was in great shape. The only problem I had was my boss Karen a 25yrs old lady who was supposedly put in charge of the company by her father who is a billionaire and an icon in the industry. Karen was the most inconsiderate person I have ever met she never gave anyone a break, she never really gave anyone credit if they deserved it and no one ever did anything in way that pleased her she always queried and complained about anyone.

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When my grandmother was in the hospital for a heart disease I wanted to go see her and I was about to leave the office in the elevator I heard a voice behind me "And just where do you think you are going Mr.Watson?"(As she often called me) And I replied "Something came up and I have got to see my grandmother in the hospital its an emergency" "you have to meet with Jenkins consolidated in the next 5mins because I won't be able to do that because I've got another important meeting to go attend" grudgingly I went back to my office because arguing with her could easily get me fired.

I told my secretary to direct the representative of Jenkins consolidated to my office.

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The meeting lasted 2 whole hours and after the meeting my secretary came in to tell me that my grandmother just passed. How devastated I was and I started thinking that even if I couldn't have saved her I at least would have been there during her last moments.

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On my way out of the office I over heard karens secretary telling her friend about the meeting karen had this afternoon with an old boyfriend of hers that was in town at that point my sadness turned into anger instead of going home I went for a drink at a nearby bar as I thinking about the whole issue my boss had actually denied me my last moment with my grandmother who I loved more than anyone in the world just to go see an ex boyfriend. Thinking of karen I started getting aroused let me describe karen she is about 5ft8 with full blond hair she was a bit thick and in great shape due to the fact that she hit the gym she had big D cup breasts and a big round ass that was visible even when she wore loose skirts.


I decided to make her pay. I went back to the office knowing that often works late such a loser no real man in her life.

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When I got back to the office I noticed she was the only one still at the office so I went straight to her office being under the influence of alcohol I was pretty bold immediately I entered her office her eyes were still glued to her macbook she just said "don't you know how to knock pamela?" (Her secretary is pamela) looking and seeing me she was surprised "Mr watson what may do for you" "My granny died before I was done with the meeting you made me attend" "oh sorry" was all she could say I got so angry and went around her table and dragged her up, her eyes widened with shock I closed her mac and pushed further up her table I then sat on her chair with a firm grip of her hand she was already kicking I sat down on her sit and put her across my lap "if you say a word you'll only make this worse" I lifted I skirt and yanked her thong down she was kicking and squealing then I delivered a few spanks on her round ass and enjoyed the sight of it jiggling she started squirming and she spread her legs a little wider to allow me access to her pussy I then started to spank her pussy she was really squirming then soon she stopped moving I now let her up but the look in her eyes were not of horror but of lust she looked into my eyes and then at my growing groin she had a sparkle in her eyes which really confused me because I wanted to punish her to grudge fuck her then I unzipped my pants and tugged my pants and draws down at once.

Once my 11 inch long and 6inch thick cock came into view I saw horror in her face and then I smiled "you haven't seen one that big before have you?" She just nodded no then I motioned for her she moved back a little then I caught her and bent her over her table and lifted her skirt again then I rubbed my cock head at the slit of her pussy she moaned "Please take it slow" not paying attention to her I began to drive home hard and fast "arrrrghhhh you bastard" she kept on yelling.

After a while she was thrusting back to meet my strokes "awww yhh fuck me terrence" she was submitting and she was a bit of a screamer all of a sudden I felt her pussy tighten against my dick she shuddered and screamed again "I lovvvvvveeee your coocccck" I kept going when I felt my ball tighten I started shooting deep inside her when I was done as I started to get dressed I asked her about what she said when she came she now broke down and told me about how she had been raised with no direct affection from her parents as they always too busy going around the world in pursuit of money she said she had never really gotten along with anyone and she had not even had sex in 6months when I was done and leaving her office she told me "thank you and I'm very sorry about ur grandmother I promise to make it up to you in anyway you see fit" I just looked at her and nodded her to follow me on our way to the parking lot I groped her ass and told her to tell her secretary that she won't be able to come to work for the rest of that week and I told my secretary the same.

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It was going to be a great week.