Free gay porn video post I was liking this mischievous bit of kink

Free gay porn video post I was liking this mischievous bit of kink
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Life's Pleasures I met her on one of those dating sites, which by this time I had all but given up on. I had had a couple of dates with women and chatted to a few more, but like with all of them there had been something missing. That spark you always look for, if it really exists, was not there. Some had issues that I really could not comprehend, let alone deal with, hardly surprising they were on a dating site.

And so it went on, an endless sea of 2 dimensional faces and profiles, and bullshit. You see, I knew what I wanted and what I was looking for, I could afford to be choosey. I don't mean that in a cocky "look at me I'm an Adonis" sort of way.

But I was fairly happy with where I was in life, I had a pretty good job and some really good friends, the only thing missing was that so called "special" person. I have Standards, and those Standards are non-negotiable. So she had to be a certain height, body shape, strong mentally, intelligent and be able to string a sentence together without using "fucking" every other word.

Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not a toff, rich or a prick who thinks he's above everyone. I'm just a normal guy who has to work for a living, drinks, smokes including joints, and swears, 5'10 average build and showing the years of my age. But I can hold a conversation without having to swear, and I expect the same with whom I am with. I had already cancelled my subscription when I came across her profile, her picture wasn't that flattering but she certainly wasn't a minger!

Height 5ft and average build, so far so good 2 boxes ticked. A couple of daughters, older, another bonus as she won't be tied down to school runs and babysitters! And a brief description about herself, which to be honest, I didn't pay too much mind to. She had put a comment about "there's no such thing as a perfect match" hmm cynical, to which I responded with "yes there is, vodka & orange" hit send then left it at that.

A couple of days later I had logged back on to see if anyone had responded or even looked at my profile. Nothing, zilch, nada, fuck all. Was I surprised? no not really. I couldn't have been on there much more than 15 minutes when a message popped up in my inbox. Miss cynical had replied!

"yes hadn't thought of that, prefer vodka & coke myself" well, 3 hours later she's telling me that she needs to go to bed, fucking hell it's 1 in the morning, where had the evening gone! It had been great we had been chatting all that time about everything. What we did, work, our lives, you name it we covered it. Her last message was her phone number. Of course, I sent a text saying goodnight and was pretty pleased when the reply came back saying the same. Well at least she had given me her real number and not some random radio station.

The next day I texted her "good morning, how was your sleep?" and got on with what I had to do. "morning, slept well thank you. How about you?" a reply! "Yes very well thanks, doesn't look like I'll be going away, fancy meeting up tonight?" "sounds good where?" "I'll come up to you, so you choose" "okay will text you details later.

What time?" "About 7ish" She sent details of where she had chosen, about an hour drive to a pub near to where she lived and there was a restaurant close by should we fancy it. In other words, if it all went tits up at the pub we could skip food and go our separate ways. I like her thinking! I was late, not by design I just was, it wasn't even by that much maybe 30 minutes if that. I blame her really, she had given me the name of the pub the town and that was it.

No postcode no general directions, fuck all. Women! But I got there parked the car and walked up to her giving her my best smile while trying to check her out. Face? Gorgeous, tits? Hard to tell under the coat, legs? Again pretty good of what I could see, ass? No idea she was standing facing me. Now you have that awkward moment when meeting someone on the first date, do you kiss them, give them a hug or just shake their hand?

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I did what any normal man would do, smiled said "hi how you doing" before proceeding to blame her for not giving me proper directions hence the reason for being slightly late! Luckily she laughed, good start. In the pub we sat and talked more about ourselves.

She had recently split up from her husband and started divorce proceedings, how she hadn't been on the dating site for long but thought it not for her.

I in the meantime was using this opportunity to go through my check list, face, still extremely attractive, tits, looking pretty impressive, legs?, looking very nice! Ass? Considering she's sitting on it, will check it out first opportunity.

Wearing heels, good. This is where the height comes in, I love a woman in heels. It is my fetish the higher the better, but I hate a woman who is taller than me. Her eyes though, definitely, bluish with a hint of green in them. They draw you in and when she laughs, her face takes on a whole new dimension. It's not just eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth anymore, it's so much more. Her hair, a vibrant plum colour was cut to the jaw line on one side then graduated to a bob round the back to cut short just above her left ear.

"so where can we eat here" "well there's an Indian across the road if you fancy that" "is that what you fancy?" "I'll go with whatever you decide" Hmm interesting response. "okay sounds like a plan, shall we go then" We had a nice meal and carried on chatting and laughing until it was time to go, I had work the next day and so did she.

Had a kiss said our goodbyes and I drove home. Was definitely going to see her again. I booked a hotel room in the town where we had met for the following weekend, she had to work on the Saturday morning but would be over on the Friday night then return Saturday afternoon. You would have thought we had been together for years when she eventually showed Friday evening.

"umm, what are those?" "boots, why?" "where are the shoes you wore the other night?" "oh they were my daughters I just borrowed them but she's gone out in them tonight" "hmm shopping tomorrow then" "you don't like them then?" "no, I have standards. With me you need shoes with proper heels" "and what do you call proper heels" "at least 5 inches" As I said, I have a shoe fetish.

"well I certainly don't have anything like that. So you better take me shopping to get some" Again, interesting response. She didn't stay that night much to my disappointment but If I wanted me and her to work, I had to be patient and not push.

So I laid in bed and went over it all in my head. The chats we had on the first date and tonight. But what struck me the most was her attitude, the couple of comments she had made. That was what had my interest whilst laying there. As much as she seemed full of confidence, especially about her work and kids. There was something else when it came to other things, she was mild, timid even but no shrinking mouse. The look she gave me sometimes, almost like seeking approval. Or I might have just imagined it all and it was wishful thinking on my part, either way I couldn't wait to see her again and Saturday afternoon seemed far too long to wait.

So after a decent sleep a quick shower and good English breakfast, I was ready to face the world. Well, this little town anyway, I say little because it was.

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A few shops selling pretty boring clothes, a small pet store, a riding and tackle shop, a tea room! And a couple of pubs and restaurants scattered about.

All on 1 road that doubled as a fucking great hill. Well this is the Cotswolds I suppose all quaint and dainty. The people were nice enough though, a good morning here a hello there, and coming from London where the majority don't even talk to their neighbours, it was quite refreshing. So time wasting over I decided to head back to the hotel to relax for a bit and wait for her to return.

Somehow I didn't think it would go down too well if I was late again. When she did eventually turn up she was looking pretty good. A nice pair of skinny tight jeans, now I had a real chance to check her ass. The jeans hugged it perfectly and if could have bent her over and fucked her ass there and then, I would have, six ways from Sunday.

Yes she had a nice ass! Top was a bit of a let down as I couldn't really make eye contact with her tits, I know, little minor details, but I do have Standards. Shoes were nondescript just little pumps, but at least they weren't those hideous boots again from last night. We took a drive to Cheltenham as I was reliably informed by her that it had a pretty good shopping centre. Give her her due she came good, plenty of shops and not a fucking great mountain to walk down either, result.

Now even though I am a man, I do like to shop. Not so much for myself but for my woman.


I take great interest in what she wears and how she looks, yes standards. I have no qualms in entering women's clothing stores and purchasing anything from shoes to dresses to lingerie. If I see something that I would like her to wear, then I will buy it. So this trip was for shoes, proper shoes for her more specifically. She tried on a few pairs all black platforms with a 5" stiletto heel never commenting about being too high, always looking for approval.

We bought them along with a couple of tops that I said I would like to see her in, nothing too risqué just showing a bit of cleavage.

I could tell she was hesitant about them and wasn't sure, it was the one area that she lacked confidence in, her body. She didn't like it, and no one had said any different. Including her ex-husband, whose only vote of confidence was to tell her to cover up, so that's what she had been doing for all the years. Cheltenham experience over, we decided to head back to get ready to go out for the evening.

She needed to get home to sort a couple of things shower then she would return. "I'll be back about 7.30" "Okay no worries" Right that gives me an hour and half to sort myself out. 30 minutes later I'm sitting in the bar with my first drink of the day, reading a leaflet about the band that was playing here later tonight.

4 late 40 year olds covering anything from blues to rock to more modern stuff, you can't beat a bit of live music from a local band on Saturday night, looking forward to it. "just leaving now be about 10 minutes" said the text. "I'm in the Golden Pheasant, meet here. See you in a bit" She didn't hang around! I was at the bar ordering a pint when she walked in, new shoes?

Check. Tight white jeans that go perfectly with 5" heels. Top? Not sure but there does seem to be a bit of red showing under her coat, and a big smile as she walks up to me. I lean in and give her kiss whilst I squeeze her ass, her response is to move in closer. Worry over, she's not going anywhere. Ordering her a diet coke, she's not really a drinker, we find a table in the window taking her coat off before sitting down across from me.

Now, as much as I love looking at her eyes and face, but when a woman removes her coat to reveal a top showing an impressive cleavage, it's bloody hard not to stare while resisting the urge to lean across to cop a feel, or even better, put your head down there to see if one can actually get tit into said mouth!

This was no different, in fact it wasn't until she asked "is this okay?" that I remembered there was a head further north from those tits! "Yes they look really nice. You. You look gorgeous I mean" Small talk over we planned what we were going to do tonight.

Actually it was me that decided what we were doing, her only input being "I'll go with whatever you decide" There it was again!

I was pretty much certain now but would still wait, I'm a patient man and things take time. But one thing I was sure of was that I wanted her, not for any other reason other than that I genuinely really liked her. I loved her company, our conversations we had, her smile her laugh, Her. So, meal here then stay for the band it was then. The meal was pretty good, proper homemade burgers with chunky chips and side salad. Not being a rabbit I left the salad, but all in all very nice and very filling.

We stayed at the table for now but the place was starting to fill up as the band had arrived and was starting to set up. I think they must have thought they were on a world tour with the amount of gear they were bringing in, but one thing I was sure of, it was going to loud judging by the speakers they putting up. We weren't saying anything at the moment, not in one of those awkward silence moments, but in a just finished a meal feeling pretty contented moments.

You know when it's right when the 2 of you can just sit there saying nothing, just enjoying each other's company. I was just sitting there watching her, watching her movements, her eyes her body language.

"what are you looking at?" she asks, not in a horrid way, but in the, is everything okay sort of way. "just sitting here watching you" "second thoughts? "good god no, are you kidding woman" "that's good then" she says laughing. "you're sitting with your shoulders hunched and you keep darting your eyes down to your chest" "I'm not used to wearing tops like this, I've always covered myself up" "don't know why, you got a great body as far as I'm concerned.

Well, of what I can see of it anyway" There's the laugh when her face takes on a new dimension her eyes glinting.

With the added bonus that this time her tits move in time with my eyes. "well you better get used to it. It's a prerequisite to wear tops like that when you're with me, same with the shoes" Though I said it in a jokingly way, I was actually being deadly serious. "I'm sure I'll get better, just lacking in a bit of self- consciousness that's all" That's the first thing I'm going to have to work on especially the shoulders, I thought but didn't voice. The band had started their set, and in all honestly they were bloody good.

A great version of Along the Watch Tower, and a superb cover of Pink Floyds comfortably Numb which the guitarist absolutely nailed the solo bit.

The place was packed so she had moved over to sit with me on my bench to allow another couple hers, we sat there me on the vodkas she still on the cokes.

The music was loud and good and any chance of talk other than the odd shout of "REALLY GOOD AREN'T THEY" was out the window, which was quite ironic considering we were sitting at one. After a couple of hours, it was time to go, yes the band was still going and no it wasn't closing time. I just needed to get her back to my hotel before too many vodkas made me a blundering idiot.

Fighting through the hoard we made it to the relative calm and serenity of the outside and fresh air, hmm maybe those last 2 doubles weren't such a good idea after all but no major damage done, and a smoke and a 10-minute slow walk, she was wearing heels, did wonders for the poor brain cell swimming around.

Back in the room I put the radio on just for a bit of back ground music for which she used this opportunity to remove her shoes. Sitting in the chair, with me standing to her side I leaned down for the kiss. One hand holding the back of the seat our mouths came together, our tongues duelling as we explored each other's mouth. My left hand just gently massaging and kneading her tit, the atmosphere getting heavier with the sexual tension we are both emitting.

She releases a little moan into my mouth as I increase the urgency of my manipulations on her right tit, her hand coming from my hip to the bulge at the front of my jeans. I pull away to remove my clothes to then sit on the edge of the bed where she sat facing me. Slowly she raises to remove her jeans which end up in the pile with the rest, her top and bra already discarded.

Sitting where I was, I reach out my hand to draw her between my legs, her nipples hard from my administrations just inches from my face. Taking hold of a tit to bring her in that final step closer to my open and waiting mouth, I devour her erect nipple I don't hold back, I can't hold back. I suck it I nibble it I flick my tongue around it, I want to chew on it.

Her other tit rising and lowering in time with her increasing breaths, hands now placed on my shoulders for support. Adjusting her legs allowing my hand to continue its journey up to her pussy, a pussy that is wet. One finger, I swap one nipple for the other, devouring that one, two fingers slide in, her breathing heavier still. She wobbles a bit, more moans escape her lips, she can't stand for much longer. Three fingers now doing a dance inside her, my thumb playing on her clit, she's coming.

Her orgasm shaking her body Juices running out and down into the palm of my hand. She's not a screamer but the grunts and moans her mouth open her head going back eyes squeezed shut, tell the story. I release her from the hold my mouth has on her tit and the impaling of my fingers, coming out slick with her juices. Kneeling down not trusting her legs to support her any longer, her hand cupping my balls my cock solid, standing true in front of her.

I watch, looking down at her small form as her hand takes a hold of my cock and starts to move it up and down. She has to kneel up a bit to get the head in her mouth sucking it, swirling her tongue around the tip before going back down again her small hand still holding it still working it, her other hand still massaging my balls.

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It's my turn to moan now, to let my head fall back enjoying the wet and warmth of her mouth. I'm getting close now, my balls tightening with the continual stimulation, my cum ready to travel up the length of my cock to freedom. I don't want to cum yet I want to fuck this woman, I want my cock to experience what my fingers had. Her cunt made silky smooth from her juices, that's what my cock needs, that's what I need.

I lean down and cup her face to gently raise her up, she looks up at me with passion, desire burning in those eyes, but she gets up anyway and I encourage her onto the bed. Our mouths come together again our tongues doing the dance of lovers, as I position myself on top of her.

Slowly lowering till the tip of my cock just at the entrance of her cunt, her eyes slowly close, her mouth slowly opens in ecstasy, waiting for and knowing of what's to come. I push in further, god it feels good, I don't take it slow, I don't want to take it slow I'm way beyond that point.

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I fuck her, my cock sliding out and re-entering hard and fast over and over again. Our mouths still interlocked until I raise my head to look down at her, saliva hers and mine smeared round our mouths dripping from mine, running down her chin from hers.

My cock still pounding her pussy my pelvic bone banging her clit. She's cumming again her orgasm taking over her body, I drive my cock as far as I can into her one last thrust. Then I feel it, her juices from her orgasm hitting my piss slit which sets me off, I lose control grunting as my own orgasm hits me, my cum now flooding her pussy to mix with her own.

I lean down for a kiss before slowly withdrawing from her, she doesn't move apart from her chest rapidly moving up and down from her breathing, mine doing the same. I turn to look at her to look into those eyes, and I know she is mine.

The next morning after breakfast we head back to my room to pack my bag, I need to get back down south as I am due to go away to Europe for work and expected to be away for a couple of months. Whilst sitting on the bed chatting I reach for her phone asking her to unlock it and to scroll to my name. I change it to My Master, laughing nothing more gets said and we continue talking about me going away. We said our goodbyes and I head on off down south.

Over the next few weeks it's all text messages and phone calls to each other, the usual stuff of "how are you how's your day going" or "where are you and when do you think you'll be back?" Her divorce was almost completed by now and now looking to put her house on the market.

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One night while chatting I asked if she had changed back my contact name, "no I haven't yet" "any particular reason?" I asked, "just haven't got around to it. You've read the 50 Shades of Grey then?" "No haven't read it but obviously heard about it. What did you think of it?" I asked, trying to figure out where she was.

She said she had enjoyed it and some of it turned her on but had read other books that where better but was intrigued by the whole concept. "I'm not that into the Lifestyle but there certainly some aspects that I like" this shocked her a bit, as her response of not knowing that it really happens shocked me. Then we spent the next hour or so of me explaining it to the best of my knowledge.

as I say, I am not into the Lifestyle but I do have my own set of rules and Standards. This piqued her interest but I held back from expanding to much saying that this is not a conversation for the phone and we would talk more when I got back, but in the meantime to do a bit of research about slaves and submissives. Eventually I returned from Europe and the next few weeks are taken up tarting her house up for sale whilst viewing new ones for us to move in to, which we managed to find promptly in the next town.

After being in our new house for a couple weeks the subject came up about her project and we spent the evening going through it. She thought that she was more submissive than slave, didn't do pain, anal or groups and didn't understand what scat or watersport was before asking me about my Standards.

"well I don't want a slave, but I expect a certain behaviour" I explained scat and watersports which got a mixed response, scat was a no, whereas pissing didn't seem too bad, this changed somewhat when I said that I expected her to drink my piss, I also assured her that I wasn't into sharing.

There would be certain rules she would have to accept and she would also be disciplined as and when I thought it necessary. Most importantly though she would have to have trust, trust in me that I would not put her in any kind of danger, or really hurt her.

I would mould her into what I wanted and that was a slut, my slut. She would dress in clothes that men would stare at her undressing her with their eyes wishing they were in my shoes. She sat there taking it all in not saying much but I could tell she was thinking it all through, trying to understand, and I suppose she was weighing up the possibility if she didn't like it this could well be the end of the relationship. "so what do I have to do?" was her only question.

"you would have to submit to me. You would be required to strip, lay on your front legs crossed at the ankles with wrists crossed behind your back" I showed her a picture of the position along with Kneeling, Inspection and the Quadruped position, (on her hands and knees legs spread, head lowered).

"but I want you to think carefully first though, if you submit I will expect obedience. I will control various aspects of your life where you will have no say" "I understand, I want to, I do trust you" I set a date on a Friday for a couple of weeks later as I was going away for work again, this gave her time to consider everything and for to sort a few things out myself. Friday came and I was ready and waited for her to return from work, deep down I was pretty much sure she would submit.

After all our chats and conversations, I knew she was submissive, I also knew there was something else, something that had been repressed, partly through the ex-husband and also of what others would say, especially as where she lived was a small village where everyone new everyone and judged everyone's business.

All very small minded people who thought going 20 miles to the nearest city was a major day out. I just had to figure out how to get her out of that mindset, to stick 2 fingers up and say fuck you this is who and what I am. This was going to take time. After she finished her coffee it was time, "have you decided?" I asked, she slowly got up and undressed then laid down in the position I had requested. I sat there watching her my cock starting to harden she looked gorgeous, there something that stirs within you when the woman you love so much is willing to completely submit to you, to please you to be your slut.

I was sure there was an internal battle going on within her, that tiny part of her that was intrigued, excited even about it all. Against the rest of her that thought about society about the misconceptions of what you are taught when growing up about how you should behave and act, just so you can conform to other people's boring existence. As I knelt to put on her ankle chain, I took one last look at her, the old her and said a quick prayer to help in her guidance to be strong enough in character to be that person she thinks I am, to nurture her and show her that what she could and should be is someone who stands tall, confident within herself with who she is, and has me beside her to be her rock when lesser people feel the need to judge because of their own inadequacies.

"I put this chain on you as a sign of my love and ownership of you. You will wear it at all times and only be removed by me when necessary. It will be as a reminder to you that you have submitted to me and that you acknowledge you belong to me as I do to you.

Do you understand?" "yes" was all she said. "now you will shower and douche, you will also shave your pussy and then return here naked with no makeup" and off she went. She came down a short while later her hands in front of her not knowing what to do with them and her shoulders hunched, as if trying to hide her openness. "kneel" I said. She knelt down a bit clumsily but it was her first time so didn't make it an issue this time.

"knees apart, wrists crossed behind your back, back straight, shoulders back, head up with eyes lowered" I went through it all with her as I was saying it. Pulling her knees apart further got a wince from her, I ignored it.

Only explaining that when in this position it's for her to show me her body, all of it. Pulled her shoulders back more explaining that with this she is presenting her tits to me and that she must learn to have them like this always, no more hunching it looks ugly.

I kept her like that while I explained a few of my rules, keeping her pussy clean shaven, other than work and period no underwear to be worn regardless of what she is wearing.

"push up bras will only be worn with certain tops any other times you will be braless" "you will always walk on my left and you will either sit on my left or directly across from me, unless I indicate otherwise. Do you understand?" "yes Master" "you will never fold your arms in front of you, I must have complete access to your body at all times, make up will be applied more thickly even at home." she knelt there not moving taking some of it in but I think her mind did wander sometimes probably thinking that it was a game, but I kept on she would learn.

"from now on all clothes you wear and buy for when you are with me, will either be to show or allow me easy access to your body, shoes will have a minimum of 5 inch heels. Do you understand what that means?" "yes Master" "I hope you do, because as from now you will be wearing miniskirts some micro that just cover your arse, the tops you wear will be deep plunge some down to your waist. Any tops with buttons on will be undone to what I think is a satisfactory level, but this is not just limited to home you will be out like this" This got her eyes raised, I knew what she was thinking.

How can she go out like this here when everyone will see her? Again that small mindedness of conformity to society. "I don't do it to humiliate you.

I want you to dress like that because I love to see your body, I want other men jealous of me drooling over you wishing they had you" and I do, It gives me a thrill makes feel 10 feet tall, and so it went on. I showed her how to sit in 'the Passenger position' with her legs wide apart, this would normally be at home but on occasions she would be required to assume this position in the car.

"when out in public you are to not cross your legs you will always have them slightly apart even when wearing skirts, I want to be able to see your pussy" she will learn, she submitted and she will realise that I am deadly serious about all this. Generally I am relaxed about protocols and such as, I enjoy the banter the laughs, but every so often I want her to be what I want her to be, and that is my slut to dress and act as my slut, no matter where we are or who we are with.

I left it at that for the night and would carry on the next day she had a lot to learn. I needed a blowjob and that was her next lesson, she would start deepthroating. As she sat there on the couch I stood in front of her and dropped my jeans, she didn't move and just looked up at me questioning with her eyes.

"if I pull my cock out in front of you I expect you to immediately take a hold of it, I don't care what you are doing at the time you stop, do you understand?" "yes master" "good.

Now you will suck it you will learn to deepthroat I want you to be able to take it right down your throat" And so she started, taking a hold of my cock pulling the foreskin back to reveal the head and putting in her mouth. "slowly" I said, instructing her on how I like it done, kissing the piss hole first then licking all around the head, running her tongue up and down the entire length before putting it back into her mouth. No hands now only to cup my balls not to wank the shaft, the movement of her head only is all she needs to do, taking it further into her mouth.

I pull out so she can go back to licking the head before pushing it back in to her warm wet mouth. I push a bit harder this time grabbing the back of her head as I push into her, she can only manage about half my cock before she starts gagging, retching, I pull out to allow her to get her breath before once again pushing it back in making her gag again, tears starting to run from eyes.

I know she can't take more of this and ease off letting her just take what she can, besides I'm almost ready to cum now anyway so I allow her to now wank me into her mouth, my breathing getting heavier hips jerking in motion with her wanking of my cock my balls tightening getting ready to release the cum building up to be released into her mouth. A couple more thrusts and, I'm grunting as I let go, hands now on her shoulders for my support as I explode into her mouth. My pulsing in time as the cum pours out the tip of my cock into her mouth.

She swallows it all not spilling any, good girl. Composure regained a bit I pull back a bit the tip of my cock just millimetres from her mouth, she looks up and smiles I suppose thinking that she has finished. "mmmmm that was nice" I tell her before continuing, "now you are to lick it making sure there's no more cum to come out.

I want to see you lick the cum from the tip to see it on your tongue before you swallow it" when she had finished or rather when I couldn't take anymore we sat at the table for a drink and smoke and went through the evening events. I asked how she felt if she had any questions, she had concerns about dress when out locally but away didn't really mind, I knew that would be an issue but knowing her like I did it was something I wasn't going to push.

I knew as her confidence grew she would allow herself more it would take time but eventually it will happen. What did impress me was that she was disappointed she couldn't take my cock and set herself the task on researching how to deepthroat and practising, well I'm all for her to practise, I love receiving blowjobs and she can practise till her hearts content.

I went on to explain why she was to lick my cock after I had cum. "you are making sure that all the cum had come out, you are not to waste any. It's also symbolic it proves to me that you want my cum you want to taste it, drink it. It's also an act that as my slut you are to clean my cock after sex" The next day was a continuation from the previous night, I typed out a booklet for her with the rules and pictures of the positions she must learn.

I'm not one for my sub to be constantly subservient at all times as I have said before, I enjoy the general chats the spontaneous fun and banter we have. That's what makes our relationship so strong and unique, but I do expect certain standards at all times. Things like being referred to as Master or Sir or assuming slave positions is not something that I want 24/7, but she has to know and be aware that I can and will demand this at anytime or anywhere therefore it is important not only for me but for her also to know and understand the rules and positions fully.

I shouldn't have to keep showing or explaining to her when she hesitates for not knowing things that should have been learnt, it looks amateurish and spoils the moment, so printed it off put into a folder and presented to her. Don't think it has seen the light of day since! Next stop was shopping, luckily didn't have to go too far for this as laptop was already on, so a quick click up pops the internet and bingo, every shop you can think off and then some.

A couple of hours later some skirts, tops, shoes, underbed restraint system and a paddle were being delivered over the next few days. "come with me" I said "yes Master" Good, she can keep saying that for the weekend she needs to get used to it, I thought as I walked into in to the toilet. "now take my cock out I need to piss" She looked as if unsure, if I was being serious or not, I was but bending down she fumbled with my zip anyway reached her hand in to pull out my cock.

"now point it at the bowl" I let go a stream of piss, it went everywhere but the bowel but she managed to eventually get it aimed relatively close to where it should be. As the last drops faded away she shook it and then went to put my cock away.

"stop" I said. "you do not shake it, if no more is coming out you pull the skin back and lick the head clean especially the piss slit" "yes Master" but she wasn't convincing when she said this, I knew she was bit put off but she would have to get used to it, soon she would be having to drink it.

I carried on with her like this for the rest of the day, every time I needed a piss we went through the whole ritual, eventually she was getting used it even to the point where she now even tentatively stuck her tongue out to catch some piss as it slowed down to a trickle.

Now this is I think is right on up there as one of the most erotic sights there is. But she certainly wasn't ready to go further and I again was not going to push. little steps as they say. That evening we sat and watched a movie I had her in the passenger position her legs spread wide just so I can play with her pussy, it had been quite a productive day and I lost count of how many times my cock had grown hard and soft resulting in very achy bollocks.

I needed sex, to be more precise I needed to fuck her. This was her next lesson, when the urge takes me she is there for my enjoyment, for my pleasure and right now I needed my cock in her mouth.

I stood up dropped my shorts and stood in front of her with what I can only say was a rock solid cock that felt like an iron bar sticking up between my legs. This time she knew what to do, reaching out with her small hand for my cock she leaned in and gave the head the kiss that she knows she must give, her tongue caressing my piss slit, moving her hand up to force some pre-cum out to lick off before licking around the head and the underside, Mmmmm Looks like she's done a bit of her own research, before taking my cock in to her mouth.

Again she tries to take it as far as she can to the back of her throat, it's going to take time but she's determined never the less. she gags on it spittle running down her chin as slides her mouth up and down my shaft letting my cock come right out to lick and suck just the head and piss slit, then back to the underside where the sensitive spot is flicking it with her tongue.

Her eyes closed caught up in the passion and lust of what she is doing my own breathing getting heavy eyes half closing revelling in the sensations of what her mouth and tongue are doing to my cock, driving it and myself to the brink of orgasm.

Feet and pussy slave Guys do make passes at women who wear glasses

"play with your pussy" I manage to utter and I watch as her hand reaches down to her cunt and inserts a finger then pulls it out to rub on her clit. "are you wet?" Mmmm she groans before removing my cock from her mouth and replying with a "yes Master" her fingers worker faster now on her clit little moans escape from her mouth my cock blocking any coherent words.

I kneel down between her spread legs a hand on each of her knees forcing them wider apart, her fingers still rubbing her clit, I haven't told her to stop, good girl, pushing them back into her wet pussy to come out slick with juices to continue on her clit. I lean in planting kisses going up one of her inner thighs only start again on the other, till I get to the top.


She's starting to cum now eyes squeezed shut, not yet, I move her hand with my mouth as my tongue takes the place of her fingers licking her clit that ever so sensitive bud before plunging it as far as I can in to her pussy, my pussy, I own this body it is mine to do with as I please. My cock still rock hard dripping more pre-cum being wasted as it falls to the carpet, the day will come when she will get down on hands and knees and ask if she can lick up the cum from the wooden floor.

That thought fades, as she cums her juices running in to my mouth running down my mouth mixed in with my saliva, I need to cum now my cock ready to explode, I turn her over her knees on the floor bent over the seat of the settee, and take her from behind.

My cock sliding in to her pussy with ease so wet from her juices and my saliva, so warm so wet around my cock, I'm not making love here, I'm fucking her, fucking my submissive my slut this woman who only submitted to me 24 hours ago is being taken possession of, taken by me. I ram into her as far as I can, my hands on her waist pulling her back as i thrust in, willing my cock to go further willing it to hit her cervix.


I want to hurt her with my cock, I want her to scream to cry to grunt to moan to cum again and again, her orgasms rolling into one.

All this pain all this ecstasy inflicted upon her by one sole being, her lover her Master, the man who processes her who owns her. Me.

Then I cum, I cum with such force it hurts I flood her cunt with it my cock slick with it as I pull out and back in again, my breathing heavy hers is just as bad as mine then I collapse on to her back panting like a dog sweat dripping running down my forehead. I stand up and help her to a sitting position but I don't move away, she knows what I expect as she looks up at me then down to my cock semi hard now but dripping with our combined juices, "clean it" I say looking back at her, I know she doesn't want to half repulsed by the act not so much as with my cum but hers, but she must, she has to get used to it.

Again she looks up and I look down as her mouth opens and engulfs my cock sucking it clean. After being away for a couple weeks for work I decide to test her, just to see if she has remembered or even practiced the positions. We go through them one by one and to be honest she doesn't do too badly, still looks a bit clumsy as she is thinking of each position still unsure as I call them out. I also introduce a couple of new rules, "from now on when you return home from work you will immediately undo the buttons of your shirt so I can see your tits" she knows I must have complete access when at home.

I also decide that it is her duty to make sure all the clothes are put away and hung up correctly, we share the washing and housework but she has a tendency to hang clothes inside out.

I find this just lazy, so for her to have to think about her submissiveness she has to make sure that all they hung for me the right way. Any clothes I find not properly hung or have fallen off results in a discipline, 5 strokes I suggest with the paddle.

She hasn't experienced the paddle yet but she will. I also inform her that the toy box is now her duty, to make sure the toys are clean and put away. It's now time for the fashion show, for her to show me the new skirts, tops and shoes we had purchased before I went away, I explained I expected full make up, another test to see if she had done any research on applying make-up. she came down awhile later her face was the first thing I noticed, make-up was okay but at least she had tried.

The denim skirt blue, looked good it came down to half way between the bottom of her arse cheek sand knees, It would ride up nicely when she sat down exposing her pussy. The top a nice rich red with a halter neck tie at the back with low cut at the front accompanied with the new push up bra she had got really accentuated her cleavage.

She looked stunning the shoes which made her legs look longer making her calves look the way they do when in stilettoes really finished off the whole assemble. The other skirt a white denim was perfect, this was shorter only reaching probably an inch or two below her arse this was going to be my favourite one coupled with a black striped white top with buttons along with the bra would I know have every man drooling nursing a hard on, I knew because that was exactly the problem I had.

She was to keep that on for tonight and she sat it rode to her waist exposing her pussy nicely, perfect. "passenger position" I said, immediately she spread her legs wide and we sat there watching some telly while I just played with her pussy. I carried on with her toilet training but tonight I was going to take her further I was going to piss in her mouth.

I waited till I was ready to go then stood up in front of her and pulled my shorts down, she reached for my cock then went to put her it in her mouth. "stop" I said, she looked up a bit confused "what are you supposed to do first?" I asked, remembering she kissed the tip her tongue gently probing my piss slit "sorry Master" before taking it in her mouth.

I wasn't sure how long I was going to last but I held off for as long as possible, her mouth feeling silky smooth as it slid up and down my cock, taking it to the back of her throat till she started gagging before pulling back her saliva making it wet dripping off my cock.

I couldn't wait any longer I needed to piss so with my cock in her mouth I released some, her head jerking with the shock coughing a bit she wasn't expecting it. I squeezed my cock to stop the flow allowing her to compose herself standing there watching seeing what she was going to do next. She didn't see me smile, that smile you get with pleasure as she leaned back in to take my cock back in to her mouth, so I let up the grip a little to allow my piss to come out slowly my eyes closing in that moment of pleasure.

Letting out a sigh revelling in the knowledge of pissing into her mouth the feeling on my cock of her sucking it while I piss, I want to pull out so I can watch as it flows out of my cock into her open mouth, I don't though, that time will come.

For now, I'm ecstatic with this, but the flow slows down to trickle I don't want it to stop as I try to squeeze every last drop out making it last as long as possible prolonging the experience. I pull my cock from her mouth presenting it to her, "now clean it" I know it doesn't need cleaning she has already sucked it clean, but it's the act, of watching her licking around the head watching as her tongue probes my cock gently licking my piss slit, willing myself to let out some more piss so I can watch as her tongue licks the head of my cock, piss dripping onto her face.

But I'm empty no more till the next build up, she finishes with a kiss to the tip like at the start and I'm willing her, willing her to say those words 'thank you' but she doesn't. The following day we decide to go back to Cheltenham to do a bit of shopping, I don't lay out any clothes her she can choose. She comes down wearing jeans and a black open hole croquet top made of wool no bra, her tits clearly visible underneath. Donning her coat, we head for the car and Cheltenham just a normal couple going to town, apart from the fact that she is sitting there with her legs wide apart coat undone exposing her tits, not that anyone would see much considering the speed we travelled at, but I could.

Walking around she did zip up the front of her coat to stop it from flapping around, but on condition that she unzipped it whenever we entered a shop. I loved it, she was very self-conscious to begin with but as the time went by and the more shops we entered she seemed to be a bit more at ease.

"Coffee?" I suggested as we neared a Costa seeing that it didn't look too busy. We found a table inside to sit at with her across from me and drank our drinks and chatted. Just a normal couple only that she sat with her legs open coat undone allowing me to view her tits.

Again she was being self-conscious hunching her shoulders as if trying to hide or constantly looking down to her front then back up then all around, trying to see if anyone had noticed her. I tried to explain that if she sat up straight and just concentrated on me without the hunching and looking everywhere apart from at me, she would draw a hell of a lot less attention all people would notice is a confident person who is happy with herself, oh and just happens to be not wearing a bra.

It's human nature to look at somebody, we all do it men and women alike. Men will look at a women's tits first then face regardless of what she is wearing, women on the other hand will look at face first then check out her whole body comparing to it their own, all disregarded within a matter of seconds. But, if they notice someone constantly looking down herself and around it's natural instincts to follow what they are looking at. So, human psychology lesson over with carried on chatted.

"so how was your drink last night?" this was the first time I had mentioned it since the event. "it wasn't too bad actually, I quite enjoyed it" The response was music to my ears, in that moment it just made the whole experience even more special knowing that not only did she enjoy it but now would be willing to do it again, and all the thoughts wishes and ideas, would now be able to become reality in the future.

Coffee over with we visited a couple more shops before heading back home, only this time she took her coat off once she got in the car, next time you'll remove your coat before getting in was the thought going through my head. But I was extremely proud of her regardless, she kept to my left side and if she had to change sides she fell back and changed behind me, and to wear what she did took an awful lot of courage and love for me.

Yes, I am an extremely proud and luckiest man in the world.