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Rica venida en mi cara
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Sakshi got down the stairs and walked down from Samarth's room making sure to not be spotted by any one. She could hear some movements on her floor and knew that Samarth's loud noise had definitely woken up some one in the house and she hoped that it was some servant and not her brother or sister-in-law. She went towards acting like she was also trying to figure out where the noise came from. As soon as she reached her Sister-in-law Speeha's room, she spotted Spreeha roaming outside her room trying to locate the source of the noise.

Before Spreeha could spot her, Sakshi called to her saying "Did you also hear that loud noise?" Spreeha nodded in acknowlegement still trying to figure out where the noise came from. Sakshi quickly used her intercom to connect to the main gate of there house where a pool of security guards were stacked, her call was recieved by the chief security guard who she instructed to check the whole campus and she told him about the loud noise they had just heard.

With that she turned towards Spreeha and assured her that what ever it was will be taken care of. Spreeeha also being assured of there safety, walked towards her room without even a hint of a suspision on Sakshi. But turned just before she entered her room and spoke to Sakshi "What if the noise came from Samarth's room. I think we should go and check." Sakshi was suddenly out of ideas, she knew the condition she had left Samarth in.naked.porn playing on his laptop.and so spent and energyless that he could have fallen asleep just as she gout of his room.

She saw Spreeha taking a step outside her door into the corridore to make her way to Samrth's room. Sakshi quickly stopped her speeding past her and speaking to her as if she was deliberately trying to stop her. "Why are you taking so much pain, my room is nearer to his.I'll check up on him on my way back" Sakshi quickly spoke up as if to answer Spreeha's doubtfull stare. Spreeha didnot budge and instead asked Sakshi to accompany her to Samarth's room. Sakshi was scared now, she did not intend to get caught on her first wild expedition in this house, certainly not when she planned on continuing what she started or did she not???

The both of them finally reached up the stairs and were standing in front of Samarth's room. Spreeha turned towards Sakshi and spoke "In case he is sleeping then we should not wake him up.


You stay outside, I'll peek in through the door" and saying that she opened his door. Sakshi's heartbeat had fastened and the suspense was killing her. It was only a few seconds before Spreeha returned outside telling her that nothing was wrong and that he had fallen asleep with the lights on.

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Sakshi was relieved and Spreeha could the relief on her face, but she understand why Sakshi was so worried. She brushed the tought off thinking Sakshi must have been worried about Samarth and with that both of them quitely bid each other good night and went to there rooms.

Back in her room Sakshi calmed herself down and was relieved that Samarth had been responsible enough to get things back to place. Regaining her self composure Sakshi was back to the question of whether this was a one time thing or did she intend on continuing this further. Now Sakshi was a 29 year old beautiful lady who had all the luxuries money could buy and she had a descent enough sex life with her husband. She was not sexually frustrated, but the only regret she had of marrying a rich casanova like her husband was that he didnot pay any attention to her.

He would have sex sex with her a few times in a week and the sex was pretty satisfying. But he could not settle for just her, he needed a new girl almost every night and so he never payed any speacial attention to her.

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She knew she was a very pretty girl and all she deserved much more attention then he ever gave her but she knew the price she would have to pay when she decided to marry a guy like him for his money and the life he could give her. She had lived without any regrets about it for so many years but suudenly when she found Samarth, a kid who practically grew up in front of her, taking keen interest in her she just could not control herself.

She did not intend to go even this far. Initially she had just thought about giving Samarth a few of her pictures as he had already found out about her past, no harm being done.

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But the minute she laid eyes on him so intently checking her laptop in her room she felt feelings she had not felt in ages. The feeling of being needed by a guy, the feeling that she could attract and mesmerise a guy. And her senses were out of the roof when she saw him checking the pictures of her feet alone and getting so aroused by them.

But now that she had done what she had done, she had no regrets about it. Infact after ages she felt alive.so alive that she knew that she could not stop doing it.but she did not want any more. She had no intentions of crossing any more lines with the poor boy.

She was happy helping him out with his needs and with that thought she decided to call it a night. Samarth got up with the sun beaming bright on his face. He had slept well the entire night and was fresh when he got up. That is until he was reminded of last night, the memory struck him like a bolt of lightning and as if all the power jus flowed down to one region with all the memories coming back to him. He was standing in front of the mirror and could see the tent he had in his shorts but instead of the pain that he felt earlier, he felt just the urgency of another release.

He felt a very different feeling inside of him and he did not know what it was. All he wanted was for last night to be repeated, as matter of fact if he would have had his way he jus wanted it to never get over. Just as he was standing in front of the mirror battling his feelings, he was brought back from his trance by a voice that came from behind him.

"I see that you are all up and standing" He turned around putting a hand down to hide his shame from who ever it was in his room. He was shocked beyond words as he saw who it was. Sakshi stood in his room with a sexy and naughty smile to her face. The boor boy was all but defeated to her charms and just stood there staring at her again, blank and out of words.

He still could not bring himself to the realisation that last night was not one of his dreams. Sakshi as if realising the reason for his trance spoke again."Atleast you are looking at my face now.not like the last night", and as soon as she said this his eyes averted there gaze and now became struck to her feet instead. Sakshi smiled even broader at the attention she got from him. She had already closed the door behind her so she knew no one was coming inside and it was early in the morning so she knew the whole house was busy and no one would miss them for atleast an hour.

Samarth was spellbound to say the least. He checked Sakshi from head to toe, She wore a kurti (Indian outfit, those who don;tknow about it.please google it) which was just about fit on her and accentuated her every curve, specially her 34-C tits.

Below it she wore a skin hugging legging which showed every curve and trace of her perfectly toned long legs. And finally a 4" heel with just one thin strap showing off her perfectly manicured feet.

Samarth soon regained his composure but the view in front of him did nothing to deflatten his hard-on, and realising that he quickly moved behind a chair to hide it. "Hmmm.Don't you think its a little late to hide things from me??" Sakshi quizzed him.

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"I'm sorry for this Chachi.I know you helped me with my pain last night.i thought with the pain gone i'll be able to control it.but" Sakshi filled in the rest for him "but as soon you thought about what happened last night it again got hard!!" Samarth was amazed at the ease with which she understood his problem and nodded in approval.

Sakshi smiled and moved towards his bed and gestured him to sit beside her. Samarth moved slowly and sat next to her, avoiding eye contact and not looking at her so that he could get his dick back to normal.he still had his hands hiding his errection. Sakshi saw that he was trying hard to battle his harmones and smiled at his failed attempt.


Samarth was a growing boy but she at 5'10 was still about 3" taller then him and easily reached his cheeks to give him a small peck. That got his attention and he looked in her direction.having gotten his attention she spoke in a very calm and composed tone "Samarth you are a teenage boy whose harmones are at there prime and there is nothing wrong with your dick.infact at this age most guys are this way and they spend most of there time masturbating to whatever they like.You are not an exception and i decided to help you because unlike other guys you don't seem to confer to the concept of masturbating yourself and thats why you suffered the pain" She let all the science sink in.

Sakshi continued "Now that the pain is gone you will have more harmones rushing inside you and the only way to keep them in control is to continuously let the out.it was my duty to tell you all this as i care for you and will always care for you".with that she placed her hand at his thighs and felt the goose bumps all over his skin."Now the only question is do you want me to help you or not" she said this as she rubbed her hands over his thighs, slowly making her way to his groin over his boxers.

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Sakshi did not speak any more and was waiting for his reply, circling around his dick, tickling his balls a little.She soon got her wish as Samarth realised what she wanted."OOooh Chachi.Yes i want your help.Please touch my dick.Please.I love it when you touch my dick".Sakshi was smiling broad now ans just to make things a little more spicier she asked him one last question."And how will you like me to touch your dick??".As soon as she asked him this his eyes shot out towards her feet and he had a begging look in his eyes."Aww.so my cute little nephew loves Chachi's feet so much".and as she said it she removed her heels and started rubbing her feet on his legs."Is this what you like baby?" Samarth was in heaven now and he put his head back on his bed in pleasure."Aaaaah.Yes.Aaaah.Yes".

Samarth was lying on his bed with his waist down hung down and Sakshi was sitting beside him sliding his feet from his ankles to his knees. She soon removed her other heel too and asked Samarth to remove his shorts. She saw that Samarth had half an hour before his school was to start and so she hurriedly put his dick flat on his belly and put both her feet on the base of his cock, she then expertly spit all over his cock and balls and took one foot towards the top of his cock and the other down to tickle his balls.this got a loud moan from Samarth who seemed to be enjoying his aunt's feet more then he could imagine.She continued this motion for a while but soon got his dick all wet and ready for the final run.

Sakshi picked his dick up using her left foot, brought it between the soles of both her feet and started jacking him of vigorously. Samarth was moaning with pleasure and knew that soon he would explode with the pleasure. As he was about to cum he spoke to Sakshi "Chachi I'm about to cum.please take me inside your mouth" Sakshi was amazed at his boldness."Hmmm.you want me to drink up your cum sweetie is that what you want??" as she said this she tickled his balls with her finger nails and this drove Samarth crazy and took him over the edge.Sakshi engulfed him in her mouth as he blasted with no end to his orgasm.He kept spurting his cum down her throat and she kept sucking it all.

After about 10-20 seconds his orgasm subsided and he was agan lying on his bed, all spent and energyless. Sakshi drank up all his sperm and seemed to love the taste of it.

She got down and gave him a kiss on his cheeks and whispered in his ear."Don't ever worry about your hard-on.Sakshi Chachi will relieave you whenever you need it sweety", another peck on his cheeks and Sakshi left his room leaving him there to recover.

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