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Straight White Girls: A Welcoming Summary: Black seductress turns racist white woman community greeter. Note 1: This story is part of a series of white women submit to black women stories…although each story stands complete on their own.

The first one was Straight White Girls: A Pet Teacher which introduced our black seductress Janet as she seduced her daughter's teacher…me. Note 2: Thanks to Robert, Wayne and goamz86 for editing this story. Note 3: Thanks to Taff who suggested the orginal idea.

0. Prologue "You bought a house in the Whiteside suburb?" Asked a surprised, but amused Katrina. "It's the final frontier," Janet smiled.

"I suppose so," Big Rosie chuckled, as she let out a moan. Janet continued, "It wasn't easy, but with your inside connections with Governor Daphne Green, that racist committee couldn't legally prevent the purchase." "It's good to have connections," Big Rosie laughed.

"She loves my pussy." "As they all do, isn't that right, slut Jasmine?" Katrina added. The white teacher of Janet's twelfth grade daughter, Bethany, lifted her head from Rosie's addictive pussy and answered, "Yes, mistresses, all us white sluts love black pussy." "What about you, slut Portia?" Katrina questioned.

Another white woman, immaculately dressed, the wife of a rich business man, busy between Janet's legs, answered, "Of course, Mistress, black pussy is all I want to serve." Katrina chuckled, pulling up the blonde eighteen year old cheerleader, "Lastly, what about you our new pussy-pleasing recruit?" The blonde, a younger version of her mother Portia, her face gleaming with pussy juice stammered, "I-I-I don't know." "Are you our white cunt-licker?" Katrina asked.

"I guess," the pretty young girl said, clearly nervous, as she glanced to her mother, whose head was buried between a pair of black legs licking away hungrily.

"You guess?" Katrina scolded. "Do you want to keep licking my cunt?" "Yes," the blonde admitted instantly, the feeling of pleasing this black woman exhilarating even though she couldn't explain why. The thought that her racist dad would be mortified by seeing his wife and daughter submitting to the inferior race, his words, somehow enhanced the pleasure of her submission.

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"And you want to please me again and again?" Katrina questioned. "Yes," the young girl agreed, her gaze returning to the pretty pink pussy between those beautiful black legs. "Who owns you?" Katrina asked. The question was confusing at first and she didn't answer.

Katrina asked, "Slut Portia who owns your mouth, cunt and ass?" "All black women, of course," Portia answered as if the question was obvious, looking up from between Janet's legs and towards her bewildered daughter. The daughter stared at her mom confused, as Katrina continued, "We expect complete obedience, my pet. We, of course, know what is good for you, don't we slut Portia?" "Yes, Mistress, my daughter and I are your willing servants," the older woman admitted, nodding to her daughter with a firm look of do as you're told, before adding, "Belinda obey, they are the Mistress race." The young blonde looked dazed for a moment, but then the clarity that often comes once a white woman has tasted the addictive black nectar hit her and she turned back to the beautiful black goddess and said, "I am yours, Mistress." "Good girl," Katrina purred, pulling the pretty eighteen year old back between her legs.

Belinda licked with a new hunger and mission, suddenly understanding completely her submissive position, the taste of black pussy something she couldn't fathom not tasting again now that she had sampled perfection.

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Just then Katrina's daughter Barbara, an eighteen year old beauty, walked in and seeing Belinda gasped, "You got me my arch enemy?" "Consider it an early Christmas present my dear," Katrina said. "This is the best present ever," Barbara said, looking down at the stuck-up blonde bitch.

She asked, giddy with excitement, so many ideas on what she planned to do with her in her head, "Can I take her upstairs?" "Of course, my dear, she's your present; you can take her mother too," Katrina added. "You're the best Mom," Barbara said, coming over and giving her a big hug.

Katrina pulled the young blonde's hair lifting her head up and explained, "You have been a very big bitch to my daughter for a long time. That, by the way, is why I went after your mother, not that she was much of a challenge, eagerly munching my cunt the day I met her. You, my pet, will obey my daughter without hesitation." Belinda stammered, even though she was mortified to realize that not only had she been caught eating a black girl's vagina, it was the vagina of the mother of the nerdy girl she picked on at school, "Y-y-yes." "You want to eat my nigger cunt?" Barbara asked.

"Isn't that what you called me at school the other day?" "Yes, Barbara," Belinda admitted, her racist attitude now seeming so silly. "Please let this white bitch eat your cunt to apologize for being such a bitch." "Oh, I am going to have fun with you," Barbara said, her tone ominous with her naughty intent to completely humiliate the white bitch who had tormented her all throughout high school.

Jasmine, who had made Big Rosie come, had now crawled between Janet's legs, thankful not to be seen by any of her students other than Janet's daughter Bethany, as Janet continued, "I think we will have a big house warming just before Christmas." "Whiteside isn't going to know what hit them," Big Rosie laughed.

As Janet, began grinding her cunt on the eager white teacher, she nodded, "it's going to be a very, very white Christmas for me." "And a very, very, black Christmas for them." Big Rosie added. WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD Moving into the new community felt like the ending of segregation of southern schools in the 1960's and 1970's. Every set of white eyes watching the black family was judging with a preconceived notion of who they were. Ignoring the reality that the Jones were a very successful family, more successful than almost every white family in this walled community.

Mr. David Jones was a CEO of one of the biggest telecommunications companies and was well respected in the business community, yet here in the gated community of Whiteside he was a threat to a way of life that had to be protected at all costs. Janet was prepared for the looks she would get of disdain, bitterness and pure racial hatred, yet the thought of turning some of the richest whitest bitches in America into her submissive playthings was her greatest challenge yet.

Her daughter, Bethany, although just eighteen had also learned the alluring power she had over white girls and women when the power struggle confrontation took place. Janet had taught her daughter that the majority of white women lived in a world of denial.following society's silly rules of uppity pretentiousness and thus never coming to grips with their own sexuality.

And although there were exceptions to the rule, most white women were submissive and desperately looking for someone to guide them into the world of sexual obedience.even if they didn't realize it. Janet believed the more taboo the submission the more powerful and nothing was more taboo than lesbian submission for a white than with a black woman.racism was alive and well in 2014 and thus the greatest taboo. She also noticed white women in power (either via their jobs or as wealthy wives) are the most vulnerable to the undeniable allure of a seductive black woman.

Living the life of high society and false perfection was always too much to keep up and letting loose sexually by giving in completely to another person, particularly something naughty and sinister, like a black woman was almost impossible to resist once it was presented. Bethany reflected on her first seduction, her Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Currie. She had simply followed her mother's advice and aggressively verbally assaulted her second favourite white teacher, her mother already having seduced her favourite, Mrs.

Walker, at parent-teacher interviews. Her mom confidently predicted that although Mrs. Currie was very proper, sweet and firm, underneath that tough exterior was a submissive who would obey, after a weak pathetic moral resistance.

As usual, her mom was correct and Mrs. Currie submitted with very little resistance and Bethany had her teacher licking her cunt in her classroom almost daily the rest of the first semester. Bethany was both excited about the possibility of new white women and girls to Domme, but also full of trepidation of being the only black teenager in the neighbourhood. Janet was only excited. She loved the challenge and couldn't wait to start turning these white it was the season of giving after all…and she was going to give these women a whole new outlook on life one stuck-up racist bitch at a time.


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Tamara Adler, head of the welcoming committee, reluctantly brought over a welcome package to the new residents. She wasn't happy at all about a black family moving in, but she wasn't going to show that side of herself as she greeted them into the close knit community. The immaculately dressed white woman knocked on the door and was surprised when a white woman in her thirties, opened the door, dressed in a maid's outfit with a skirt so short the top of her black thigh high stockings were in view.

Tamara stammered, "Is the lady of the house here?" "Yes, ma'am," the very pretty redheaded maid answered, "Please come in." Tamara walked in curiously and watched the maid go into the living room and say, "Mistress Jones, you have a guest." "Please bring her in," Janet said. "Of course, Mistress," the maid replied before returning to the stunned blonde and offering, "Please follow me ma'am." Tamara couldn't believe that this black family had a white maid or that the beautiful white woman would dress so inappropriately and call a black women mistress.

Tamara followed and was surprised again when she finally saw the new tenant of 243 Parkway Road. She was very pretty, dressed elegantly, with her feet being massaged by another white woman, this girl much younger, maybe twenty, dressed identically to the redheaded maid. Janet snapped her fingers and the young brunette stopped instantly, stood up and awaited further orders. Janet slipped her feet into four inch heels which had her towering over her maid and new guest.

She walked over to the white woman, her next prey, and said, "Hi, I'm Janet Jones." Tamara was still trying to get her head around the black woman having white servants (although Tamara had three black servants herself) as she stammered, out of her element, "H-h-hi, I am Tamara Adler and I'm part of the welcoming committee." "How lovely," Janet smiled, assessing the fake-titted blonde.

"Here you go," Tamara said, handing the black woman the expensive package. "Thank you," Janet said, snapping her fingers as the young brunette quickly came and took the package. Tamara, still in awe of the pretentious black woman and the fact that she had white servants, was speechless. "Come sit down and have a coffee," Janet said smiling.

"No, no, that is okay," Tamara insisted.

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"Oh, I insist," Janet said, "it is the least I can do. Turning to the redhead she ordered, "Please bring us coffee and biscuits." "Right away, Mistress," the redhead nodded and disappeared into the kitchen. "Please sit," Janet offered politely, but yet with a tone that implied it wasn't a suggestion. Although she wanted to leave, Tamara felt inclined to stay even though she couldn't explain why.

"So, what do you do for a living?" Janet asked, sitting back down herself. "I don't work," Tamara admitted, adding, "very few of us do in this community. That said, we have a very active female community." "How so?" Janet asked, curious to find out more about this white community so she could bring it down and knowing that soon indeed there would be lots more female activity.

Tamara answered, "PTA meetings, charity fundraisers, bridge afternoons and so forth." "Sounds like fun," Janet smiled. The redheaded maid returned with a tray with coffee and biscuits. "How do you like your coffee, Tamara?" Janet asked. "It's Mrs. Adler," Tamara corrected, before saying, "Just black please." "A very good choice, Tamara," Janet smiled, ignoring the white woman's early correction and playing on her coffee preference which would soon be her sexual cunt munching preference.

"Barbie, please pour my guest her coffee?" Janet ordered. "Of course, Mistress," the redheaded maid agreed, pouring a cup of black coffee. Tamara couldn't believe the maid's name was Barbie. Returning to the conversation, Janet said, "So it sounds like you ladies have a lot of fun." Tamara, realizing she had told her too much, not wanting the black woman to actually think she could be a part of this female society, said, "Oh, it is pretty bland most of the time." "Oh, I bet I can liven it up with a bit of color," Janet quipped, playfully.

Tamara warned, deciding it was time, "I suggest you be careful. There is a long history here." "How so?" Janet asked, wanting to hear Tamara say it. Tamara sighed, not wanting to speak about the elephant in the room. "It's just some people here are still living in the past." "You mean because I'm black," Janet asked bluntly. "Yes," Tamara admitted. "Some here are quite unhappy that you have moved into our community." "Well that is disappointing," Janet said, before asking, her tone implying disappointment, "Are you one of those?" Tamara stammered suddenly feeling uncomfortable, "N-n-no." "You sure?" Janet asked.

Tamara couldn't believe this woman, this black woman, would dare speak to question her so rudely. "This is ridiculous." "What is ridiculous is white women thinking they are better than other races," Janet said.

"I don't think that," Tamara said, even though that was what she had always thought, yet until now she had never spent this much time face to face with a woman of colour who wasn't a servant of hers or a friends.

"Is that so?" Janet asked. "Yes," Tamara said, trying to stand firm.

"Do you have maids?" Janet questioned. "Of course," Tamara answered. "Are they white?" Janet asked. "No," Tamara admitted.

"Why not?" Janet asked. "Because that is not how the social hierarchy works?" Tamara boldly answered, wanting to make it clear how this white community ran. "And how does it work?" Janet asked. "You know how it works," Tamara countered, not backing down. "Oh please share, I am just a dumb nigger," Janet sarcastically said standing up.

"Don't put words in my mouth," Tamara said, standing up too. "You have white maids which makes you just as racist as me." Janet laughed, attempting to clarify, "My maids are servants to their sin." "Excuse me?" Tamara asked, the words not making sense. "As you will soon be too," Janet foreshadowed, as she walked directly to the white woman.

"This whole conversation is ridiculous," Tamara said, as she began to leave. "Stop," Janet ordered. Tamara surprisingly felt compelled to obey and stopped. Janet moved in front of the nervous blonde again and asked, "Are you hungry?" Tamara said, sensing something was amiss, "I should get going." Janet, staring her down with her hypnotic chocolate eyes, repeated, "I asked you a simple question, are you hungry?" "A little, it's close to lunch," Tamara answered, feeling obliged to answer this strong willed pretentious woman.

"Well then you should stay for lunch," Janet concluded logically. "I really have to go," Tamara said, feeling completely uncomfortable around this tall, beautiful woman.

'Did I just think of her as beautiful?' She thought to herself. "Yes, you do need to go somewhere," Janet nodded, before adding, her tone firm, "On your knees." "Excuse me," Tamara gasped, stunned by the words of the black woman.

Janet loved seeing the look of a white woman when the true expectation she was giving was first spoken. The look of shock was always utterly hilarious. "On.your.knees," Janet said, speaking slower, her sarcastic tone obvious. "I have never," Tamara said insulted, yet not moving away like she theoretically should.

"Never what? Eaten black pussy?" Janet smugly said. "Stop this instant," Tamara said, as Janet put her hands on the white woman's shoulders. "You already know how this is going to end," Janet smiled confidently, before adding, "you can not deny your DNA." "You are just talking nonsense," Tamara said, although she couldn't seem to move away from this black woman and her confident seductive pull.

"Am I?" Janet asked. "I bet if I put my hand under your designer dress your pretty little white box is soaked and begging for attention." "That is just downright ludicrous," a defiant Tamara firmly replied, even as she realized the black woman was completely right, her panties were drenched.

"Is it?" Janet laughed. "Barbie please check if Mrs. Adler's cunt is wet." "You will do no such thing," Tamara threatened, as the redheaded maid walked towards her. "Don't you dare move, my pet. If I am wrong I will apologize and we will never talk about this again. Actually, if your cunt isn't wet I will sell this house and let this neighbourhood return to its 1950s idyllic backwards white utopia," Janet said, her tone firm, and so confident in her words she was willing to risk everything.

Tamara wanted to protest, frustrated that her body had betrayed her so badly. She could have stopped this whole silly black infestation if she were dry down below, but she wasn't, not at all. She watched helplessly, mortified by her weakness, as the redhead dropped to her knees, moved her head under Tamara's dress and touched her wetness. Tamara let out a soft moan at the surprise touch. Still under the dress, the redhead announced, "Her panties are soaking wet, Mistress." "Thank you, Barbie," Janet said, as she went to a tree and grabbed a candy cane.

Unwrapping it, she put it in her mouth, before saying, "You may return to your other duties." "Of course, Mistress," the maid obeyed, moving out from underneath the stunned white woman.

Tamara stammered, "I-I-I need to go." "You need to get on your knees," Janet said firmly, her hands going back to her shoulders and gently pushing down the white women.

Tamara tried to resist, but the magnetic pull to the floor was impossible to deny and she felt her body lowering. She couldn't understand it; she was not a lesbian; she disliked black people on principle; yet, she was obeying like a slave.

"Please, don't," Tamara weakly protested. "Don't what?" Janet asked, looking down at her dazed prey. "I don't, I am not, I can't," Tamara tried to explain but her brain was clouded, as the black woman lifted up her skirt and revealed a shaved pussy. "I can see the hunger in your eyes, Tamara," Janet assessed, looking down at her newest conquest. "Your mind is protesting, your morals are screaming at you, but your body, your body is in control.

Your mouth is watering isn't it?" Frustration riddled her. Everything Tamara said was a hundred percent correct.

She knew this was wrong, that her daddy and husband would be mortified and disown her if they could see her at this moment, yet her body betrayed her and her mouth did water at the appetizing vagina in front of her.

"Yes," she whispered meeker than a mouse. "Yes, what?" Janet asked, loving this moment. The moment of admittance when the pretentious white bitch accepts and declares her new reality.

The look in the white woman's eyes, one of confusion and insatiable lust, was always amusing. Tamara hated being made to say the words; she understood this black woman was playing a psychological game, yet the black pussy, just inches from her face, an odd, intriguing aroma lingering had her mind a muddled mess. She answered, still rather quietly, "Yes, my mouth is watering." "What are you hungry for?" Janet asked, revelling in the final moments before another successful conversion transpired.

"To-to-to taste you," the overwhelmed, ashamed white woman answered, not even believing the words coming out of her mouth. "To taste my what?" Janet asked, moving the candy cane to her pussy and sliding it between her pussy lips.

The only thing worse than the reality that she was on her knees in front of this black woman, was the fact that the black woman was teasing her so much, clearly amused at the position she had put her in. Yet, again, the words out of her mouth only enhanced her obedience, her submission, "Your vagina." Janet scoffed, sliding the end of the candy cane inside her. "My vagina? I have a pussy, a cunt, use adult words, my pet." Hearing herself be referred to as a 'pet' only compounded the intense shame cascading through her.

She was nobody's pet. Suddenly feeling a rush of strength, she stood up and said those exact words, "I'm nobody's pet." Janet put the candy cane that had just been between her pussy lips to the defiant white bitch's lips. "Just a sample, my pet," she purred, not rattled at all by the sudden strength. She had often seen the brief moment of stubborn denial at different points of a seduction and yet almost, without fail, the resistance was short lived…this one shorter than usual.

Tamara absentmindedly opened her mouth and took the candy cane in her mouth. She tasted just the slight remnants of Janet's wetness.

The taste was indescribable. For a woman who lived a decadent life in all ways including food, this was an exotic taste unlike anything she had ever tasted. She immediately wanted to taste more, so much so she didn't realize she was bobbing on the candy cane slowly. Janet quipped, "It tastes a lot better from the source, my pet." Tamara felt the burn of shame, yet without further instruction, without any guidance, she returned to the floor, back on her knees.

Janet, tugged her skirt off, sat back down on a chair, and said, "I almost should make you wait for such defiance.

There is no shortage of white bitches willing to beg to taste my delicacy. Barbie here used to be a police officer before pulling me over for speeding; Mercedes, who you also briefly met, was valedictorian of her school and on a full scholarship to Harvard before deciding to give all that up to be in her natural environment, on her knees serving blacks." Tamara couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Yet, she also couldn't believe that as she sat on her knees, now a few feet from black pussy, that she too would be willing to give up almost anything for the privileged to taste black pussy.

Janet moved her fingers to her pussy lips and spread them open. She asked the white woman on her knees, "What do you see between my pussy lips, my pet?" "Perfection," Tamara answered, in a hypnotic trance. Janet laughed, "That's a better answer than I was actually expecting. What colour do you see?" "Pink," Tamara answered, her eyes never leaving the perfect pussy. "Exactly, my pet," Janet nodded, "you see underneath the black or white is pink, a perfect pink pussy that you are dying to taste aren't you, Mrs.

Adler?" Hearing her last name again was another reminder of who she really was. A wealthy white woman, married to a very influential white man, with two exceptional white children. She had a massive house, servants, four cars, a summer house in the Hamptons, she was living every white woman's dream. Yet, all that seemed trivial and inconsequential in comparison to what she wanted now. "Yes, I'm dying to taste your pussy." "My black cunt?" Janet questioned.

Not hesitating, her need to taste her overriding everything else, the white woman answered, "Yes, your black cunt." "And you're my whit bitch?" Janet continued. "Yes, dammit, now please, let this white bitch please you," she begged, clearly frustrated. "You will be my slave?" Janet asked, to clarify, her finger now slowly pumping in and out of her cunt. Another derogatory term, another shot at the racial differences between them…to history…yet at the moment she was a slave, a slave to her desire, her craving, her hunger.

She didn't want to say it, she understood exactly what Janet was doing, yet the words easily rolled off her tongue, the reality of the moment controlling her body before and now her mind. "Yes, I'll be your slave." "And that makes me?" Janet continued, knowing the end was near, the completely utter submission only seconds away, Already acknowledging she was a slave, the word 'Mistress' was rather easy to say. "You're my Mistress," the white submissive declared.

"Your black Mistress," Janet questioned, one more time, her own pussy getting very wet with the anticipation of having another white bitch between her legs. There was something so enthralling, so exhilarating, so cathartic about the climactic moment of submission. Frustrated with the delay, the anticipation driving her nuts, the brief taste seeming like an eternity ago, she answered, letting it all go, desperate to please the black woman and finally be allowed to taste her pussy (the ridiculous reality of being allowed ludicrous), "Yes, you're my black Mistress and I your white slave." "Crawl," Janet ordered, watching with a broad smile, knowing a few of the installed cameras had filmed the entire submission of the white bitch.

The video was filmed mostly for her enjoyment, but also to show to her husband, her daughter, her friends and, in rare cases, as blackmail if the white submissive ever tried to be a problem (that was rare but had occurred a couple of times). Tamara felt a rush of excitement cascade through her at the words that finally gave her permission to be subservient, as she suddenly craved to be. Her body moved towards the black woman and soon she was directly in front of her.

"Suck on my toes," Janet ordered, as she crossed her legs to have her left foot dangling. This was not the task Tamara was anticipating, yet she obeyed the humiliating task as she took the foot in her hand and took the small pinkie in her mouth.

Although the task was menial and monotonous, it somehow turned her on. She moved to each toe until the first foot was done. Tamara switched legs and watched as the white pet wordlessly continued the foot attention. Once she was done with the last toe, she awaited further instruction, like a child who has just finished a chore. "What do you want now?" Janet asked. "To eat your beautiful black box," Tamara bluntly answered, liking the alliteration.

"I have a box now?" Janet questioned. "Sorry, Mistress, I meant pussy," Tamara quickly apologized. Janet laughed, "No, box is good and since you too have been good, you can have a lengthy lapping at my black box." Hearing the words she was dying to hear, her mouth dry, she didn't hesitate as she buried her face between the black woman's legs.

The taste was better than Egg Nog and rum her favourite Christmas drink. It was even more exotic and intoxicating than the lingering scent and the brief taste she had sampled on the candy cane. Her appetite whetted, the white mother of two began lapping hungrily, unable to get enough of the forbidden fruit.wanting to taste the full explosion of flavour by getting the black woman off.

Janet watched as the strong-willed white woman became a submissive like so many before her. It never got old seeing a white woman, especially a white racist woman, shift from defiant to submissive.

Like most white rookie pussy pleasers, she was sloppy. But watching her lap hungrily between her legs, moving from tentative to eager the longer she lapped away was always exhilarating. She moaned, "Do you want to taste my cum, slut." Being called a 'slut' was another slap to the face for Tamara, yet at the moment she was a slut, a slut for black pussy, a slut for black pussy juice.

The only thing that mattered now was getting more of this intoxicating taste. She answered, between licks, "Yes, Mistress." "Beg," Janet ordered, loving watching a white woman between her legs begging for the privileged to lick her. Long past humiliation, Tamara didn't hesitate, talking dirty like she never did with her husband, "Please, Mistress, come all over my white face. Let me taste your delicious cunt cum." "You understand that this isn't a one-time submission," Janet continued, rubbing her pussy lips in front of her new white pet.

"I expect complete obedience. If I need you, I will call you.


If I call you, you will meet me when and where no matter what, is that understood?" That expectation petrified Tamara instantly, at the thought that her children or husband would find out about her new predicament; yet, the expectation also made her cunt gush at the thought she could taste this heaven again.

So, like every other time today since she first broke, she said exactly the words Janet wanted to say, even going further than requested, "Yes, Mistress, I'm your twenty-four hour on call cunt eating slave." "Mmmmmm," Janet moaned, grabbing the pet's head and pulling it deeper inside her box.

Close, she ground her cunt up and down on the pretty white wife's face, wanting to completely make a mess of her perfectly made up face, which had probably taken her an hour to do. Tamara felt like she was in college again, when she had a boyfriend who would grab her head and fuck her face with his cock.completely helpless and just a vessel of pleasure. Often during those times, she wouldn't get any reciprocation as he would shoot his cum down her throat and then leave.

It was a strange relationship that she had to end because she was way too addicted to the need to please him, to obey him, even though he didn't treat her well. The next man she met was her husband and he was a complete gentleman. She just licked as best she could as Janet used her face for her own personal pleasure.

She wanted to taste what cunt cum tasted like, she wanted to feel it flood out of Janet's cunt and onto her lips and face. Janet was incredibly close as she grounded her cunt all over her new pet and finally she rewarded her with an excessive amount of her pussy juice as the first squirt coated her pet's face.

Janet was a squirter and came more than most woman, something that seemed to make her many pets very happy. As the wetness coated her, Tamara couldn't believe just how good it felt, how amazing it tasted, as if she was being baptized into submission…christened a slut. For a very good, loyal church goer, these thoughts were even more taboo than what she had just done, yet they were the thoughts that popped into her head, and the incredible dampness in her panties and tingling in her cunt agreed.

As Janet let go of her head, Tamara remained in position, eagerly lapping up the perfect pussy flavour, wanting to be the perfect pussy pleaser. She couldn't get enough of the cunt cum and she didn't want this crazy out of the ordinary, out of character moment to end.

Spent, and the eager licking making her need to pee, Janet pushed her pet away and asked, "Does my new slut want to come?" "God, yes," she answered instantly. Her new pet's insatiable hunger and cunt cum covered face was adorable as Janet ordered, "Stand up." Tamara obeyed. "Take off your skirt." Tamara obeyed, her hands trembling as she had only been naked in front of her husband for the past two decades.

Once the skirt was off, Janet sighed, "Pantyhose, really? Good white sluts wear thigh high stockings or a garterbelt and stockings for easy access to their fuck holes." The term fuck holes, being plural, startled Tamara as she had never allowed anyone to use her back door, but she again nodded, "Of course, Mistress, I will purchase some immediately." "Good pet," Janet nodded, before ordering, "take off your heels, pantyhose and panties.

Again Tamara obeyed, her incredible need to obey to come overriding all else. "A shaved cunt," Janet nodded approvingly, "good girl." "Thank you, Mistress," Tamara replied, oddly happy her Mistress approved and thankful for the Brazilian she received just last week.

"Barbie," Janet called out. Tamara felt a rush of shame at being seen so vulnerable, ironic after what she had just done, but still how she felt. "Yes, Mistress," Barbie asked, coming back into the room. "Can you get Big Billy for me?" Janet requested.

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Tamara instantly wondered what Big Billy was, assuming It was some sort of toy. "Of course," Barbie nodded with a smile. Janet explained, "Barbie isn't her real name, it's actually Barbara. But once you become a pet, I think you need a simpler name, one that is more appropriate for a bimbo slut, don't you think?" Tamara's shame came flooding back at being talked down to, even though she had been talked done to for the past half hour.

"I guess," she weakly agreed. "So, starting now, you will be Tammi, with a I," Janet decided. Tamara's face burned with shame at the name change, yet she nodded, "Yes, Mistress." Barbie returned with a long black cock and Janet ordered, "On the wall over there, Barbie." "Of course, Mistress," Barbie nodded, moving to the wall, licking the suction cup of the nine inch plastic fuck toy and placing it firmly on the wall.

Tamara gasped at the length of it, almost double her husband and twice as thick.

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Janet ordered, seeing the shocked look on her pet's face, and said, "I assume Big Billy is bigger than your husband." "Way bigger," Tamara revealed without thinking, wondering how it would possibly fit inside her.

"I assumed so," Janet smiled, before adding, "Go fuck yourself, Tammi." Tamara was expecting such words, her cunt was burning for such attention, but actually doing the act was something else. Janet said, "Now or never, Tammi. I have an appointment I have to leave for in a few minutes." Tamara, became Tammi completely, as she moved to the wall dropped to her knees, backed up and took the big black cock inside her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, God," she moaned, as the black cock widened her rarely fucked cunt much wider than ever before. "Take it all in that white box, Tammi," Janet ordered. "It's so biiiiiig," Tammi moaned, as she kept taking more inside her. "White sluts cunts need to be trained to take real big black cocks inside them," Janet said, knowing her husband would love to fuck this white slut with his ten inch cock.

"Okaaaaay," Tammi moaned, her body feeling intense euphoria already as she took most of the cock inside her. "All nine inches, Tammi. I want all nine inches in that slut box of yours," Janet repeated, before she added, "Barbie, please go and get me my black thigh highs." "Of course, Mistress," Barbie nodded, again leaving. Tammi finally had all nine inches inside her a couple of minutes later, and couldn't believe she could fit it all inside her thin frame.

Once full, her need to come driving her mad, she began bouncing back and forth on the black fuck stick like the slut she had just become…recalling her pre-husband days. Janet smiled as she watched the white bitch fuck herself, her dignity left on the floor with her clothing.

Tammi's breathing began to increase as she fucked herself with all nine inches, loving just how good it felt to be filled so entirely…she couldn't fathom that she used to reach orgasm with much smaller dicks.

Janet asked, "Like Big Billy?" "Fuuuuuck, yes," she moaned, as her orgasm continued to rise. Barbie returned and wordlessly slid the silky thigh high nylons up her Mistress's legs, her own mouth-watering at the beautiful black pussy so close to her. "Don't come without permission, Tammi," Janet warned.

"So clossssse, Mistress," Tammi moaned, "Please may I come." "Who should I add next to my white slut group?" Janet asked. "I don't knoooow," Tammi moaned, not liking the question she was just asked. "Stop!" Janet ordered. "Please, noooooo," Tammi moaned, even as she obeyed the order, already trained into complete obedience. "Suck the cock, slut," Janet ordered, as Barbie finished the first stocking.

Tammi frustrated by the denial of her long resisted orgasm, obeyed as she moved forward and the beautiful fuck toy slipped out of her, she turned around and took the cock, dripping with her own wetness, into her mouth. "You can come as soon as you tell me who you want me to take next," Janet repeated, as Barbie slid the second stocking up her leg.

Tammi sucked on the plastic cock, humiliated and yet turned on, as she pondered the question. Immediately, Carolyn popped into her head.

She was her neighbour and a bitch who thought she was better than the rest because she was a minor television celebrity from the reality TV show Big Brother. Wanting the cock back in her cunt, Tammi said, "Carolyn Carter would make a great slut." Janet smiled and asked, remembering that name from a couple of years ago, "The Big Brother bitch?" "Yes, Mistress," Tammi nodded, "she moved here after winning that money." "Delicious," Janet nodded, "you may fuck that white hole of yours." "Thank you, Mistress," Tammi eagerly said absurdly, appreciating permission to fuck herself on a black wall cock.

She quickly turned back around and impaled herself on the beautiful cock. Fuuuuuuck," she screamed, the pleasure instantly coming back.


"Go ahead, Barbie, you may retrieve your reward," Janet offered, as she patted her legs to offer the ex-policewoman the privilege of licking her pussy. "Thank you, Mistress," Barbie responded, excited to get to taste her Mistress, something she could never get enough of. Tammi looked up and watched another white woman eat Janet and couldn't believe the rush of jealousy that hit her.

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She wanted to be between those legs again, which somehow seemed even sexier in the thigh high stockings. "Come, Tammi, come thinking of bringing me Carolyn," Janet ordered. "Oh yes, fuck," Tammi moaned, the visual of that bitch being put in her place stimulating. "Now, whore, come like the white cunt licking slave you are," Janet demanded firmly, as she softly put her hands through Barbie's hair.

"Yessssssss, Mistress," Tammi moaned, slamming her body back on the big black cock until the inevitable finally happened and the long refused orgasm finally hit her like a ton of bricks. "I'm comiiiiiiing," she screamed. Her whole body collapsed forward as the ultimate pulses of pleasure raptured her entire being from her toes to the hairs on her head.

Janet smiled, "Another one bites the dust." Barbie, between licks, added, "As they all do, Mistress." Janet nodded, as Barbie continued to use her experienced tongue on her. Tammi lay on the floor, her body trembling, like the continual aftershocks of an earthquake. She couldn't believe how intense the pleasure was, how she had obeyed the ludicrous demands of this black stranger.

Barbie gave Janet a much smaller orgasm before Janet said, "I need to get going. Barbie, you may have Tammi eat you if you wish." Tammi looked up, surprised by the offer, being treated like she had no say.

"Thank you, Mistress, I will train her to be a great cunt muncher," Barbie said, as she walked over to the new white pet, flipped her roughly onto her back and straddled her face. Completely spent, Tammi couldn't fight her off if she tried, plus she wouldn't disobey Janet after all that had transpired today. Instead, she began licking her second pussy of the hour. Janet said, as she slipped into her heels, "Tammi, you will not come until you bring me Carolyn.

Once you do, you will be rewarded very generously." Tammi mumbled, "Yes, Mistress," as she continued licking Barbie's pussy, pondering how she was going to accomplish the task her beautiful black mistress just ordered. Smiling, Janet left the two white pets to play as she headed out to meet up with her posse to share her most recent conquest with them. The End for now Coming someday: Straight White Girls: An Inducing (Janet sets her eyes on one of her neighbours…who just happens to be nine month pregnant)