Lex fucks had a fire

Lex fucks had a fire
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I never really thought of myself as the kind of guy who would ever get into anything all that fetish-y. That is until I met Mikaela. She's the kind of girl I had my suspicions as to whether or not they really existed. Mikaela was a submissive in the extreme.


She fucking LOVED it! First time I met her she seemed like a normal enough girl. They always do from all reports. That is until I got her into the bedroom. In the privacy of the bedroom I was known as nothing other than "Daddy" or "Sir". And I'd be lying if it didn't make my dick stiff every time.

Just to bring it back to the beginning, I'm Jim, I'm a first year at uni and been living in a dorm room. I met Mikaela as you might I expect, I was just looking to find girls to take back there. She was very hot, but more than she was hot, she was shy. She had a couple of friends and I'd always see her at the parties.

The only interactions with guys I'd ever see her have though is some drunken asshole would come by, squeeze her ass, drool all over her, and then her friends would shoo them away.

I think I might have had a few chats with her in passing, but my first meaningful interaction with her was when there was a campus party, and she was there, but for some reason or another her friends weren't there to save her from all the drunks.

Naturally, as it always happened, some idiot came by, brought his arm around her waist so that she was right up against him, and looked like he was just about begging her to make out with him. I saw this and figured I should go help out. I'll admit my intentions were less than noble. As much as I did want to save her, alcohol brings out the asshole in me, and I was sort of thinking, "Maybe if I save her, she'll be so grateful she'll HAVE to sleep with me".

I was quite drunk, my thinking wasn't exactly lucid. But as it turned out, I wasn't so far off. I came up to the two of them and just said, "come on dude, you're just embarrassing yourself," praying he wasn't going to turn around and fight me.

Luckily he didn't, he just looked at me, then looked back at her with this shattered looking expression, and then scurried off. Suppose he must have thought he was being a player.

Only the two of us remained, and she just looked at me with a thin smile on her face. The alcohol had left me with enough charm to say, "Hey sorry if you were enjoying that, I just wasn't sure whether you desperately trying to break away from his grasp was your way of flirting or not." She giggled and her smile grew, she looked really cute. It's at this point I should probably describe her. She had dirty blonde hair that trailed down just past her shoulders.

She had green eyes and a cute little face. Trail your eyes a little further south, she had these C cup tits that were just so perfect.

I want to properly describe them, but I don't have the words. If you can be bothered, look up the porn star Ashlynn Brooke. Mikaela had those tits. Dead ringer. But even nicer than the tits, was that ass.

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That nice, round, perfectly proportioned ass. Sat atop these long, beautiful legs. I'll admit it, one day a few months back when I had nothing better to do, and I saw her wondering around on campus, I casually decided to walk behind her in the same direction for 5 minutes, just so I could watch that ass and those legs work. Now here she was in front of me, wearing this tight blue dress that ended just below her ass and her tits looked like they were just about to explode out of.

"Thank you," she grinned. "That guy stank of weed, I think he thought he was doing pretty well". We both laughed. "Well if it wasn't that dude it'd just be someone else," I said. "Yeah," she admitted. "These parties can be a little boring. Maybe I should just go back to my room," she said as her eyes locked with mine. As she gazed at me, she bit on her bottom lip.

Just the sight of that made my cock twitch a little in my pants. "Maybe you want to…" she began to say to which I blurted out, "Yeah!" She giggled and smiled widely, then proceeded to lead me back to her room. I walked behind her, just watching that tight little ass of hers sway. We finally made it to a door that turned out to be hers and we went in and sat down on the bed.

We talked for a while, I started to graze her legs with my hands. Fuck she had fantastic legs. Eventually enough was enough and I went in for the kiss. The passion with which she kissed me back was insane.

She was frenzied with desire, moaning as her lips entangled with mine like she had been deprived her whole life and the beast was just now being let out. My hand crept towards the gap between her legs. As I was doing this, her excitement was so much that a big smile spread across her face, and despite her desperation she could no longer kiss back. I proceeded to kiss her neck instead, as I rubbed her pussy over her damp panties.

She was already cooing softly in my ear. I moved her panties to the side, and slid one finger into her tight little pussy.

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She squealed with delight. Her easiness to please was really turning me on. I took a break from sucking on her neck to ask her, "you like that, do you?" To which she responded, "Yes Daddy." Through all my exploits, I had never been called Daddy til this point. If I'm going to be honest, not sure I ever really expected to. Despite how horny I was, I was a little thrown by this, and I guess my face gave it away. Mikaela went red, she must have been mortified. There's nothing sexy about feeling embarrassed, so I tried to save the situation.

"No, no, I like it. Call me Daddy again." The colour began to return to her face instantly, and she grinned at me. She leaned in and whispered in a sexy little voice, "I like it when you tell me what to do, Daddy." That was the moment I was hooked. "Well you better take off that dress, then," I said. Revelling in the opportunity to fulfil an instruction, she bounced up from the bed and wriggled out of her tight little dress. Holy shit, if I thought that dress was hot I had another thing coming.

Underneath the dress she was wearing these lacy black panties that rode up an ass that had never looked better. She were a matching black bra that her tits were spilling out of, with a little ribbon on the bridge of it, as if it was a wrapped up little gift just for Jim. "How do I look, Daddy?" she asked in this innocent little voice. "Fucking incredible," I said, not taking my eyes off her breasts.

She smiled, then bit her lip and looked back at me, awaiting her next order. My dick was just fucking aching at this point, I needed a little relief. "You feel like getting on your knees for me?" I asked nervously, still a little unsure on how far she was going to let me take this. She allayed my fears with an enthusiastic nod of the head, and the reply, "Yes Daddy." She dropped to her knees before me, and then looked up at me with her mouth open, waiting for my dick.

I grinned down at her, and then unbuckled my jeans and dropped them to the floor, along with my underwear. My cock was just inches from her face after this, and her eyes were focused squarely on it. She then asked me, "Can I suck it, Daddy?" again, in that innocent little way she has. I loved this chick.

"Yeah, sure," I said, kind of baffled by the notion that she was asking for permission to suck my dick. I was so used to having to just about beg past girlfriends to do it… She smiled up at me, then opened her mouth wide once again, and enveloped my cock inside.

She eagerly rolled her lips up and down my shaft, flicking her tongue against the underside of it as she did.


Occasionally, she would push herself as far down onto my cock as she could, and I could feel it pressed at the back of her throat. Other times, she would simply suck on the head as she jerked off my now slippery cock into her mouth.

She would sometimes take me out of her mouth and just make long, pleasurable licks as if she was enjoying and ice cream. And she would make sure to lick and suck at my balls as well.

More than anything, I loved watching how much gratification she was taking in doing this, she fucking LOVED sucking me off! Soon enough, it all became too much and I needed to cum.

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She was bobbing her cute little head up and down when I felt my cock twitch. She must have felt it too, because she started lovingly sucking on the head as she vigorously jerked me off into her mouth. It felt incredible. She was looking up at me, begging me with her eyes to cum for her. I obliged.

I gave out a low grunt, and jizz exploded into her waiting mouth. Rope after rope of it. I hadn't cum like this in ages, it was insane. I must have been spurting into her mouth for a good minute, maybe longer, and she just kept happily sucking away.

When I finally finished, she just opened her mouth for me so I could see all the cum I spilled in there. There was a lot of it, a little bit spilled out onto her neck and trailed down to her tits. She sat there for a little while just looking up at me, as if waiting for my permission to swallow. So I told her to swallow, and it took her about four big gulps. Once she did, she smiled up at me and said, "Thank you, Daddy." Holy FUCK I love this chick.

She stood up, and the front of her panties were visibly damp. She must have been intensely horny. I told her to take them off, as well as her bra so I could return the favour. She happily did as was requested. I still remember vividly the first time I saw her naked tits.

Holy shit! They were incredible. Perfect, round, and hanging there so dazzlingly. I had just cum like a minute ago, but I was not soft for long. She laid back on the bed, and I went to work on her pussy. I glided my fingers around inside her, as I licked and sucked at her clit.

She wasn't quiet about how much she was enjoying herself. After about 5 minutes of this I was quite stiff again, which made it a perfect time for her to start begging, "Oh won't you please fuck me, Daddy.

Oh please, please, please!" I didn't need much encouragement. I climbed up and positioned my cock at her slit. Her face gave away her anticipation.

I loved watching it. I started slapping my dick against her pussy to increase arousal. She loved being teased. I finally positioned myself and then thrust myself inside her. She gasped, her eyes and mouth fell wide open. I started with long, slow thrusts, rolling my hips as I did so.

A soft, sensual, "ooohhh…" was emitted from her lips every time. I started to increase my pace, and so too did the pace of her panting increase. I enjoyed watching her breasts bounce as I thrust my full length into her. "Oh Daddy," she moaned. "Fuck me, Daddy." Such a dick stiffening phrase.

I pulled out and flipped her on to her front, then pulled her waist back against me so that we were now in doggy style. Her pussy felt even tighter now, and the view of her cute little ass was making sure I remained rock solid.

I grabbed her hair, and started to pull as I slammed my cock into her with everything I had. "Yes Daddy!" she screamed. "Your cock feels so good inside me, Daddy." I kept thrusting into her, finding somehow the energy to increase tempo. At one point she let out a wail and a gush of fluid splashed out of her pussy. She came, hard.

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But I wasn't anywhere near done. I think she came about three times before I finally felt that familiar churning in my balls. I told her to get on her knees, and she rushed to the floor to carry out my command.

I rapidly stroked myself and then the cum came spraying out all over her pretty little face, in her hair, and dripping down to her tits.

She leaned forward and softly sucked on the end of my cock while looking up at me with these big, wide, innocent looking eyes. After about a minute of this she told me, "You're so tasty, Daddy." * * * It's funny how quickly I became addicted to her fetish for being submissive. I'll admit, the first time Mikaela called me Daddy I thought it was a bit strange.

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Now it's an instant boner. We started hanging out a lot more after that night, and naturally we got a lot more confident around each other.

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She took pride in being called my personal slut, and she started calling me Sir as well as Daddy. She loved the commands, too. There was one time a friends of mine barged into my room while she was sucking me off, and she wouldn't stop until I told her to.

And she loved being punished for stuff, too. She comes into my room one day, at something like 10 past 5 one afternoon, and all bouncy and happy.

"Hi Daddy!" she sings as she shuts the door behind her.

"You're late." I said. "I told you to be here at 5". It's not as if I really gave a shit, but she really went crazy for when I got all domineering on her. I'd be lying if I didn't say I found it hot how desperate she was to please me when she thought she disappointed me. "I'm so sorry, Sir!" she wailed.


"Please let me suck your cock still! Please please please!" "I don't know…" I pondered. "I think you're going to have to be punished." She was pretending to be disappointed, but I could tell she was struggling to contain her glee. I got her to bend over the bed. I pulled up her short little skirt and had long ago told her not to where panties.

I spanked her, and she exhaled loudly. I loved watching her jump every time a smacked her cute little ass. I brought my hand down again. Her cheeks were already pink. "Please forgive me, Daddy! I'll do whatever you want!" I spanked her again. Those cheeks were going to be red by the time I was done. And I had become addicted to hearing her beg. "Anything?" I asked. "Anything Daddy!" she exclaimed. I smacked her ass again and then pressed my crotch against her so that she could feel my growing erection.

"PLEASE let me suck it, Sir!" she implored. "Let me be your little slut again!" "Fine," I said finally after a few more smacks of that amazing round ass. "But you're going to have to take it in the ass as well." "Oh thank you, Daddy!" she squealed!

"I've been craving a mouthful of cum all day!" She fell to her knees and hurriedly unbuckled my pants, as if the world was about to end. When she finally got my pants down, my already hard cock was straight in her mouth. She bobbed her head and sucked and licked with more gusto than I'd ever seen her do, she really had been desperate to suck my dick. She slurped and gagged with such skill, I had to really concentrate to not cum there and then.

I let her suck me for another few minutes or so. It seemed a shame to tear her away, she was like a kid on Christmas she was enjoying herself so much.

Eventually I had to stop her, and she looked disappointed. I said to her, "You want me to fuck that tight little ass of yours, don't you?" She nodded up at me and said, "Yes Daddy." She got up and bent over the bed, looking back over her shoulder at me while biting her lip. I position my cock at her ass, and started to push into it. It was so insanely tight, I really had to use some force to get that first thrust in.

I very very slowly worked my way in until I was balls deep. She was still looking back at me, now biting down hard on her lip. I proceeded to fuck her, her tightness being unbelievable incredible.

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At the completion of each thrust was the very satisfying sound of my balls slapping against her. She was moaning now, "I love your cock, Daddy." I knew I wasn't going to last long, after only a few minutes I said, "I'm going to cum." "Please let me swallow it!" she begged. "Please Daddy!" I granted her request. I pull out, and she sped to her knees in front of me. I thought it was some impressive cock sucking before, but this was insane!

She really needed this cum. She had never looked cuter than right now, with my cock in her mouth and her eyes looking up at me, pleading for some jizz for her to swallow. I finally let go and blasted into her mouth. If she wasn't so eager wasn't so eager to swallow, I reckon she might have drowned, it felt like I was cumming litres here! She swallowed a couple of gulps so that her mouth didn't overflow, but once I finished, she showed me all that she had in her mouth as she always did.

I smirked down at her, knowing how keen she was to start gulping it down, so I just made her sit there for a minute. Mercifully after a while, I gave her permission to swallow, and she happily gulped it down. Relieved to finally have some cum in her stomach, she exhaled, "Thank you so much, Daddy!" I grinned and sat back in my chair, exhausted.

She crawled over to me at coyly asked. "Sir, can I suck your cock again? I'm so grateful for all the cum you just gave me, but I'd love some more!" I loved this girl.