Indische Schönheit mit pepsi Flasche

Indische Schönheit mit pepsi Flasche
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CHAPTER TWO: INSPECTIONS It occurs to her in the early hours of the morning when she can't sleep that she could go to Dumbledore and tell him what happened. There's no way he'd allow such a thing to happen in the school, certainly, but Hermione fears what would happen to her if she spoke of what Umbridge made her do. Not only would she probably have to be removed from the school for her own protection—with the Minister placing Professor Umbridge in the school, they wouldn't be able to force Umbridge out—but that would mean she'd have to leave Harry, and she can't possibly do that.

Not to mention that if she told anyone else what Umbridge and Fudge did to her, then more people would know, and Hermione can't bear the thought of anyone else knowing what they forced her to do.


So after breakfast on Saturday, despite the fear and dread coursing through her body, Hermione finds herself knocking on Professor Umbridge's office door. "Enter, dear," the professor calls from within, her voice sugary sweet, putting on airs, as though she hadn't caned her forty times over the Minister's desk last night. Hermione follows instructions, closing the door behind her. Umbridge is sitting at her desk grading papers with a bright pink quill.

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"Please strip off your clothes and put them in your bag, Miss Granger," she instructs without looking at her. "Then place your bag in the cabinet to your left." Tears fall down her face as Hermione complies with the order, using last night's 'dress code' as a guide. Her blouse, skirt, bra, and panties are unceremoniously shoved in her bookbag as she removes them, and then she walks over to the cabinet Umbridge had indicated and places the bag inside it.

"Your shoes too, please," Umbridge calls out. Hermione bends down to take off her shoes, her face flushing as she realizes what sort of view she is giving to her teacher. She places her shoes in the cabinet as well and closes it, walking back to stand in front of Professor Umbridge in only her socks and her red and gold Gryffindor tie. When Umbridge finally looks up, Hermione watches as she licks her lips and smiles cruelly at her. "What a lovely sight you are, bared before me." Lust shines in her teacher's eyes as they look over her abused body.

"The blood and cum dried on your thighs, the handprint bruises on your tits, and the marks from the cane on your arse are a really lovely look on you, don't you agree?" Hermione knows the answer Umbridge wants, and gives it to her, despite the revulsion she feels at the idea of complying once more. "Yes, Professor," she responds, shame welling up inside her stomach as she nods her head.

Umbridge stands up and beckons Hermione over to her and Hermione, fearful of any additional punishments, obeys. Umbridge's fat hands reach for her breasts and Hermione moans in pain when her teacher squeezes her tits repeatedly.

"We'll just have to try really hard to keep you looking like this, I believe." "Yes, Professor Umbridge." "Now, to the business of your next punishment," Dolores Umbridge continues primly, her hands moving to Hermione's nipples.

She pinches them between her fingers and twists painfully, causing Hermione to let out a squeal. "You are going to crawl under my desk and pleasure my pussy while I get some work done, and you are not to make any noise while you're at it either—I don't want anyone who comes into my office to be inconvenienced by your punishment—is that understood?" Hermione nods, "Yes, Professor Umbridge," she says before lowering herself onto the floor and crawling beneath Umbridge's desk.

She has no intention of making any noise, for she wants no one else to know of her situation. Umbridge sits back down, trapping her under the desk, and Hermione—slightly unsure of herself and ashamed to be helping her teacher in her own humiliation—moves her head under Umbridge's pink skirt and positions her face between her teacher's parted inner thighs.

The moment Hermione's tongue begins tentatively licking the Professor's warm, moist pussy, the door to the office opens. "Professor McGonagall," Umbridge says pleasantly, no doubt for Hermione's benefit, "how nice of you to drop in." Hermione freezes, her whole body flushing with shame as she sits under her Professor's desk—naked, with her face between her teacher's thighs. What would Professor McGonagall say to her if she could see her now?

How would she look at Hermione ever again? Professor Umbridge brings her back to the present when her nails dig into Hermione's arm, which is propped up on the chair.

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Hermione knows that's a censure for not continuing with her assigned duty, so reluctantly, Hermione once again begins licking at Umbridge's pussy as she listens to Umbridge have a conversation with her Head of House about her upcoming classroom inspection. And then, when Minerva leaves, Flitwick enters.


Then Filtch, and Snape, and Vector. All the while, Hermione keeps her tongue to her Professor's wet and aroused pussy, licking and sucking silently as tears fall down her cheeks.

Each time she pauses to breathe or take a break, Umbridge's nails dig into whatever piece of her body that the teacher can reach, and every time Umbridge is pleased with her efforts, she feels her teacher stroking her head.

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That's how Hermione realizes that Umbridge likes long strokes up her pussy and that she enjoys having her clit circled by Hermione's tongue before having Hermione bring her clit into her mouth and suck on it. When everyone finally leaves, and Hermione hears her Professor say a spell to lock the door, Hermione instinctually knows what's about to happen. Umbridge's hands reach under the desk and pull her face deeper into her pussy.

"Lick harder and faster, Miss Granger," she instructs, "I'm so close." Doing her best to obey, Hermione applies more pressure and picks up speed, despite having been licking for close to two hours at this point.

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Quickly, Umbridge squeals as her orgasm arrives, and Hermione continues licking through it, fearful of the consequences of any missteps, catching and swallowing all her Professor's liquids. Eventually, Umbridge comes down from her orgasm and allows the girl to move away from her crotch. "Do you concede to the Ministry yet, girl?" she asks as she catches her breath. Silently, Hermione shakes her head, unwilling to abandon her principals, even in the face of this unrelenting humiliation.

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This only serves to anger her teacher. "Get out from under the desk, and lie on your back on top of it, Miss Granger," she commands, and Hermione scrambles to obey.

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She crawls out from under the desk and climbs on top of it, lying down on the now empty old, wooden desk.

From her position, Hermione can see all the cats in the plates on the wall, and all Umbridge's pink décor. "Your ass should be right at the edge of the desk," Umbridge corrects her posture. "And spread your legs, girl—wrap them around the edges of the desk; it is time for you to have an inspection." Hermione obeys, adjusting her placement on the desk and wrapping her legs around the sides of the desk, exposing her pussy clearly to her teacher.

Hermione closes her eyes in order to attempt to block out the reality of what is happening to her. Within moments, Hermione gasps as she feels one of Umbridge's hands grip her inner thigh as the other inserts one of her fat fingers into Hermione's still-sore pussy.

She whimpers in pain as Umbridge moves her finger around inside of her, her fingernail scraping at her inner walls.

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Hermione squirms on the desk, trying to get away from the invading finger, but Umbridge's hand tightens around her thigh and pulls her backward. As a second one of her professor's fat fingers enters her, Hermione cringes. "I can still feel some of the Minister's gift inside of you, Miss Granger," Umbridge remarks cruelly. "How does that make you feel?" Ashamed, Hermione thinks to herself. Knowing the submissive answer her professor is looking for, and being unable to say the words, Hermione bravely says something else instead.

Giving voice to thoughts that have plagued her since last night, Hermione mumbles fearfully, "I—I could get pregnant, couldn't I?" The thought of having Cornelius Fudge's baby as she started sixth year next year terrified her so much last night that she barely slept.

The fingers inside of her freeze for a moment, and Hermione briefly makes eye contact with Professor Umbridge.

"Of course not," Umbridge responds primly. "I don't want you making any half-breeds, but I decided I do want you filled to the brim with wizard cum so you know your place in this society, my little Mudblood slut." To emphasize her words, Umbridge takes her fingers out of Hermione's pussy and wipes them on the girl's exposed stomach, covering her the Minister's day old cum and her own blood.

Then the professor roughly shoves her fingers back inside Hermione. This time, she feels three fingers. She groans at the added intrusion. Umbridge adds to her explanation as she pushes in and out, "To achieve this, I cast a birth control spell on you during class yesterday. It'll last until it is expressly removed." Despite the violation Umbridge's fingers are performing on her body, Hermione feels a wave of relief at knowing she couldn't have gotten pregnant last night, nor does Umbridge intend her to in future.

But as Umbridge adds her other two fat fingers and roughly begins push her entire hand inside Hermione's tight pussy, Hermione screams out loud from the pain as she also feels a wave of dread at the picture Umbridge had painted.

Filled to the brim with wizard cum. "Your cunt is nice and tight, Miss Granger," Umbridge says casually as she pushes her hand in and out of Hermione's abused pussy, causing the girl to grunt and moan in pain, tears leaking out of her eyes. "I think I'm going to enjoy using it for the foreseeable future." Professor Umbridge's other hand trails up from her thigh and massages Hermione's clit, causing Hermione to experience conflicting feelings.

The fingers touching her clit are pleasurably stimulating her, while the hand pushing in and out of her is causing her nothing but pain. Umbridge then leans her body over Hermione's and her mouth latches to Hermione's nipple, and Hermione screams once more from the pleasurable feeling that causes her body.

She tries to control her body's reactions to her abuse, but is unable to, and despite the hand brutally raping her pussy, she feels her inner walls start to contract around the invading hand as her clit is rubbed and her nipples sucked on. Then, Umbridge takes her over the edge when she twists her clit and bites her nipple at the same time as she thrusts her hand deep into her pussy. Hermione screams her release as tears of shame roll down her face. What kind of person orgasms while they are raped?

Umbridge's hand quickly pulls out of her and before she can even get used to the empty feeling, she feels that same hand—coated now in her own fluids as well as the day old fluids of the Minister—slap her across the face. Hermione squeals and her eyes open wide, not expecting that reaction.

"You fucking Mudblood whore," Umbridge accuses her. "You are not allowed to come unless you ask me for permission and are granted it. Now I must punish you further." Hermione shakes her head in protest, scrambling to sit up on the desk.

"But I didn't know that, Professor," she cries, "you never told me that!" Umbridge slaps the other side of her face. "You don't talk back to your professors, Mudblood! Next time you do, I'll add to your punishment. Now stand up and lean over the desk like last night with your ass out for another spanking. " "No, please!" Hermione cries out reflexively, not wanting another repeat of the night before.

She scrambles off the desk, but turns her tear-filled eyes on her professor. "I'm still so sore…I—I can hardly sit down." Umbridge is unmoved by her pleas. "Your reluctance just doubled your strokes to sixty, but please do keep defying me, I am quite enjoying it." Dejectedly, Hermione complies, leaning over the desk with her nipples just touching the desk and her ass presented to her teacher for punishment.

"You know what to do," Umbridge says in warning before she begins. The tears in her eyes fall as the first strike of the cane lands on her ass.

"One; thank you Professor, may I have another?" she responds, knowing this is what Professor Umbridge meant for her to do. Blow after blow lands upon Hermione's ass, and Hermione counts each of them through her screams and tears. Her knees threaten to buckle after the fiftieth strike, but she holds fast to the desk and refuses to give in to her body's protests.

Hermione knows it will only get worse if she disobeys. "Sixty; thank you, Professor, may I have another?" Hermione's whole body shakes as she manages to speak the required phrase one last time. Her strength is slowly leaving her.


"That is enough of that for now, Mudblood," Umbridge declares, grabbing Hermione by her wrist and yanking her up from her position over the desk, "but your punishment isn't nearly done yet." Hermione feels a spike of fear run through her body at that statement.