Hot bed delights with dykes masturbation fingering

Hot bed delights with dykes masturbation fingering
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Betrayal I don't know how to start this, but I have to tell someone I guess, so here goes. My wife of twenty years is beautiful, not because I say so, but it is well known by all.

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She's model material, leggy and blonde, perfect ass and a face to die for. Her breasts aren't overly large, but very, very nice. I don't know why she chose me because I didn't start making a lot of money until years later, but I do know for sure that in all the twenty years we've been married, she has never once looked at another man.

That is, until my old friend Lee came to visit recently. They hit it off immediately and I was happy for that. We boated, played in the pool, drank wine, and had lots of laughs. One evening recently we were all watching the large screen TV, well I was anyway, while they were setting on the sofa talking. I dozed off about 10:00 PM and when I awoke they were still at it, so I stood and announced it was past my bedtime, I was bound for bed. Brandi usually stays up to watch the late news, so this was nothing new.

I knew she'd be in a little later. They hardy even acknowledged my departure, so engrossed were they in their conversation. It didn't feel exactly right, but I went into our bath, brushed my teeth and put on my robe. Our bedroom has a glass patio door that looks out onto the pool, with another glass door into the family room. The sofa they were on faces the patio and I could see they hadn't moved since I'd left, except now they just stared directly into each other's eyes and all the laughter was missing.

I felt something was wrong. Not liking the way I was spying on my wife, I stayed and watched anyhow.


Had I to do it over, I probably would've gone straight to bed instead. All of that is water under the bridge now, though. Brandi rolled her head around on her shoulders like she does when her neck tenses up, and Lee took her shoulders in his large hands turning her to face away from him.

He begin to expertly rub her shoulders.

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I do that for her sometimes, but he was truly an expert, long nimble fingers, excellent technique, and she appeared in heaven. He did her neck, her shoulders, and then her abs.

At some point she laid her head backward onto his shoulder and closed her eyes. When she did, his hands slid upward grasping both breasts. She moved as if to make him stop, grabbing his hands, trying to push them away, but he held them there finding her nipples through the soft sweater. I was stunned. Her breasts are Brandi's downfall. Anytime I wanted sex at night, even if she didn't feel up to it, I'd gently tug on them and she'd eventually give in with enthusiasm. As I said, I was stunned, but also angry and confused.

This was my wife. She'd never done anything like this.

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I knew she loved me and that she'd break this up soon and come to bed, probably giving me a big "guilt" fuck, to boot. If not, I could just go back to the kitchen for a glass of water. I waited, knowing I needed to run in and break it up immediately but I didn't. My breath was coming in gasps, and I had a rock hard boner. I was also eaten up with jealousy. I told myself I'd see how far it went and rush in before it got completely out of hand.

One of Lee's hands was under her sweater now, on the raw nipple, and although I couldn't hear her from where I was, I knew she hissed between her half-closed teeth like she always does when I pull on them. Because the sofa faced me, I saw each tug on her tit, saw her thighs clinching each time he did it.

Lee took one of her hands in his, and pushed it down to his cock outlined in his jersey sweatpants. To her credit, she struggled to pull back, but he was insistent. Brandi held her fingers stiffened as he tried forcing them around his dick, but when she didn't relent, he just held her hand there against it anyway. From where I was, even through the sweatpants, Lee's cock looked formidable.

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I realized I was holding my own cock in my hand and it was throbbing. I had to stop this. And also I had to start breathing before I passed out. I watched as Lee pulled Brandi around, positioning her to face him.

She appeared confused, but compliant.


He lifted her sweater, lowered his head and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. That was all it took. Her stiffened fingers immediately closed around his cock (well part of the way around it) and she tossed her head back, moaning. Then, she suddenly looked into his eyes and crushed her mouth against his.

I saw her tongue just before they met. I was devastated. They kissed for several long minutes, deep kisses, lots of tongues, faint sounds of passion drifting to me.

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I noticed that at some point, he'd shoved down the waist band of his sweats and Brandi's hand now held his cock, squeezing, releasing, and squeezing again. When wrapping my hand around my own cock, there is maybe two-three inches left over.

I could've wrapped both hands around Lee's cock, and there would've still been more than that left over. To say I felt inferior, is putting it mildly. But I also felt like a stone, my dick aching, my guts eaten up by jealousy as I watched my beautiful wife of twenty years betraying me. They finally broke the kiss, breathless, struggling to catch their breaths. Then without preliminary, Brandi dropped her face into his lap and tried to swallow Lee's cock.

I covered my mouth with a hand to keep from crying out. This is as far as I'd let it go. If he tried to fuck her, I'd run in, break it up, and make a terrible scene.

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I jerked my hand away from my cock. I had almost cum. I tried breathing deeply, slowing my rapid heartbeat.

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Through the years, Brandi had sucked me, but I know she just did it for me. She was good, but mechanical, and never let me cum in her mouth. As I watched her now, she actually appeared to be making love to Lee's huge cock, kissing it lovingly, running her loose lips all around the giant knob, nipping its large mushroom head, licking the staff up and down, swallowing it until the head banged against the opening of her throat, trying to shove the mushroom ball inside, to no avail.


And then, it did somehow slip through, as most of his cock disappeared inside her working mouth. I could see the bulge the giant head created in her white swain-like throat, and she just held it in her throat, letting her muscles milk it.

Lee's legs were stiff now and I knew he was close to cumming. She wouldn't let that happen. I knew her.

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She wouldn't let him get off - cum in her mouth. Suddenly, Brandi stood, said something, and headed for our bedroom. In a panic, I ran to our bed, jumped in and covered up. I heard the bedroom door open and even emitted a soft snore, waiting for her to come to bed so I could attack her, get relief for my aching cock. The door closed softly behind her, and I was left alone in the dark with my raging hardon.

Yes this is true, and it gets worse. I will continue telling my story until I have told it all&hellip. my story.

Others need to be warned so it doesn't happen to their marriage. To be continued.