Mann behandelt bbw Frau mit bbc Dreier

Mann behandelt bbw Frau mit bbc Dreier
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After the group fuck in the lane the previous night I was overly keen on readying Alice for some double penetration action.

The following day I called Fiona at work and told her that I needed her to pop into town and purchase three or four dildo's of various shapes and sizes and a couple of butt plugs, one small and one larger. Fiona knew better than to question why and when she arrived home she tipped the contents of a bag onto the lounge floor. She'd purchased four dildo's ranging in length and girth from about 6" to 9", two were hard metal and slick and two were thick and rubber.


Also on the floor between the dildos were two butt plugs, a small red one and a thick large black one. "Excellent Fiona, now I can start training your daughter into taking two cocks in her slutty holes" Just then her useless husband staggered through the door, pissed and unable to talk sense, the useless piss of shit called Fiona a fat cunt and pushed past towards the door and stairs.

The idiot didn't even register the sex toys on the floor between his wife and son in law, almost tripping over them.

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We heard him take a piss upstairs then crash out into his bed. What a waster. "You know what Fiona I'm gonna have you bent over and be fucking the shit out of you one day when that waster comes through the door, I bet he wouldn't even realise!

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Anyway don't just stand there like a spare part get on the sofa and spread your fucking legs, let's put these babies to good use before Alice gets back". Alice wasn't due back from work for another three hours so I spent most of the time making Fiona fuck her wet cunt with the dildos and filling her anus with the butt plugs.

I creamed off in her face twice and on her asshole as she forced the large butt plug back into her brown entrance. Dirty bitch. Alice arrived home at 10:05, I'd already told Paul that I wanted Alice back on time and unfucked as she was on a training course that in due course would benefit his needs. Fiona was still naked when Alice came into the front room, I didn't see much point in allowing her to get dressed so made her sit on the armchair with her legs draped over each arm and her wet dildo fucked pussy on display.

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"Alice get naked and spread your legs on the sofa, tonight is the first night of your d.p training. Your mother has kindly picked up some toys for us to use, and believe me Alice they do the job don't they Fiona"? "Oh yes very much so" Alice was stripped naked within 2 minutes and displaying her lovely shaven sex on the sofa opposite her mother.

I crouched down between Alice's legs and began lapping away on her cunt and asshole, wetting them up.


I loved the taste of Alice's sweet cunt and my cock was instantly hard. I looked back across at Fiona who was snaking a hand down towards her hole for a little fiddle. "Ah ah Fiona no touching, don't you think you've come enough already?

God your a greedy fucking slut aint you?

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You watch till I say otherwise ok?" I went back to lapping away on her daughters little bud and making her come over my face. Once she'd come I leant back and reached for the small butt plug.

"Lift your ass a little, good, spread wide for me.that's it" the butt plug popped into her anus and I pushed it in until the flat end was tight against her body. "Is that nice slut?" "Umm hmm" Leaning back again I grabbed the 6" metal dildo, it wasn't that thick at all, ideal to start with in Alice tight little pussy.

I rubbed the shiny dildo up and down Alice's moist slit, adding her juices to her mother's already dried moisture on the dildo. I found her entrance with the pointy end and fed the thin toy into her cunt.

"Mmmmmm" Alice let out a soft low moan as she appreciated the feeling of the smooth dildo entering her pussy. "How does that feel Alice, does it feel nice having both holes filled?" "Yes.umm mmmmm" I could tell from how easy the dildo was sliding in and out that her cunt was soaking wet.

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Alice has a tight cunt but even this dildo was far too thin to be testing her d.p capabilities. I reached over and grabbed the slightly bigger metal dildo. It was perhaps 7" but thicker.


"Argggghhh ohhhhhh yes oh yes fucccccccckkkkkkk ummmmmmmmmmmm" Alice came as the thicker filled her hole, the extra girth having the desired effect and giving her a fuller feeling.

I left the 7" dildo buried in her cunt whilst she recovered from her orgasm and got used to the feeling.

Taking the smallest dildo that Alice had just had up her I approached Fiona and shoved it into her bored out cunt, the small thin cock didn't even nearly touch the sides in her pussy it just lay inside her. "Don't touch slut" Going back to Alice I began fucking the thicker dildo in and out of her, this time I could feel the small butt plug as the dildo slide in and out. Alice also moaned an awful lot, almost to the point of coming again. I whipped the dildo out before she could come again, leaving her panting.

"You like that Alice? I want you to imagine that two thick cocks are fucking you, this is how it'll feel when I allow you to be double fucked Alice". I then removed the small butt plug and forced the large plug into her ass, god it stretched her anus quite a bit but the whore was soon comfortable with it up there.

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I then fed the 7" metal cock back up her wet snatch and pumped her hard with it until her sweet smelling juice was trickling over the dildo and my hand. "Oh my god it feels good, two cocks make me come so quick" she panted, sweating on the sofa.

"I think your slutty daughter may like two cocks Fiona just like you!!" The 7" dildo joined the 6" dildo already in Fiona's cunt. I then subjected Alice to having the 8" and 9" dildos forced into her cunt alongside the large black butt plug.

She screamed the bloody house down on both of the large dildos but couldn't control her juices and came instantly on both dildos as they stretched her once tight cunt to the limits.

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The 8" dildo was soon plugging Fiona's arse as she continued to sit watching her daughter undergo her slut training. I finished off the night by fucking Alice's asshole and filling her bowls with my seed as Fiona sat with 3 dildos in her holes. Over the following two weeks I repeated the same treatment on Alice, using different combinations of dildos and plugs to ream out her holes ready for some serious cock action. Each time Fiona wasn't allowed to do anything but watch.

I loved controlling her; she was such a good whore now, so well trained. The two weeks finished off with me hammering Alice's tired cunt over the arm of the chair as Fiona stood next to me handing me different toys as I requested them to ram into Alice's bumhole. Needless to say she was naked and wasn't allowed to touch her cunt, she watched only as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her 19year old daughter's body as my cock, dildos and plugs abused her whoring holes.

I think Alice passed d.p training that night.