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Amateur Brunette Sucking And Riding Cock
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We go to the bank, and open an account for Marshall. I transferred the twenty-five thousand dollars into his new account. We then go to lunch and Marshall had a certain restaurant in mind as he had me drive to it. We eat a great lunch. Just before we leave the Judge shows up. He watched as Marshall put a one hundred dollar bill on the table for the tip. The Judge curious asks, "Marshall, how in the world do you have money the throwaway like that?" Marshall laughs and then says his reply, "Dad, I said I was taking a year off from school, not from working.

JJ is instructing me in how to be a stock market trader. Today was my first day. I just made a little over forty-two thousand dollars." The Judge sets down in chair next to Marshall and begins to smile. Marshall continues. "JJ believes by the time I'm ready to leave for college I will be able to pay for it without scholarships.

If today's typical I'm sure we will do that." The Judge looks at Marshall and me before he says, "Are you sure Marshall that's what you want to do? I know son, I went about this the wrong way. I just want you to understand how important your education is." Marshall's shakes his head yes before lifting Misty's hand to kiss it. Turning back to his father he says, "Dad I know how important my education is, but also I know how important Misty is to me.

It would just be too hard for me to be without her. I'll be too busy thinking of her to get a good education this year. That would make it harder next year. I think this is best, what I've learned this week is important too. What JJ taught me so far is that friendship and love is more valuable than money.

You need money to live on, but love makes it worthwhile." The Judge now displays a sad smile with more understanding he says, "You and JJ are right there. I miss your mother more every day. Maybe if she was here I wouldn't have made the mistake of forgetting that. I'm sorry son. I should never make you choose between college and the love of your life.

You made the right choice. I didn't, not this time. I did the same thing and waited on your mother. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but now I realize it was worth it. The only time I was truly happy was when I was with her." We let them talk for over ten minutes. Misty is constantly at Marshall's side, and the Judge only smiling at the two of them. When they finally left I drove them home.

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I explain on the way to them that we're going to get our house guests from the airport. They will be arriving in about three hours. We'll probably stop by the mall to kill an hour to an hour and half before going to the airport. Marshall and Misty are going to help Mom set up the small house; the furniture hasn't been delivered yet. Kathryn and I took the new SUV on our trip to the airport. Stopping at the mall too gave us some time to stretch our legs. We walk hand-in-hand into the mall.

Kathryn had changed into a dress that shows off her figure, I see several men that give her a second glance. If any of them stare too long and hard I took her left hand up and give it a kiss to show off her wedding ring.

Kathryn giggles, "You really don't like for other men to look at me." Half joking I say, "Of course I don't mind them looking, I just want them to know they're looking at my wife. It saves them time realizing they don't have a chance with you." Giggling Kathryn says, "That's so nice of you." Kathryn then drags me off to some of her favorite stores for a quick look around before buying a couple dresses. It's now time for us to head off to the airport to meet Alyssa and family.

We arrive at the airport I park in short-term parking and we walk in at 5:45 waiting for their six o'clock flight to arrive. Checking the board their flight is on time and a little after 6:05 PM the first class passengers begin walking into the baggage claim area.

I spot Alyssa but not Edward, a young woman beside her is Joan and there was Johnny who was just walking up to them. Still waiting but Edward never shows up. I point the three out to Kathryn who immediately recognizes Joan from some of the pictures off of her Facebook. We walk to them as they stood by the baggage carousel.

We actually manage to get within ten feet of them before they notice we're there. Joan was the first to notice and she wraps both of us in a hug. Giggling Joan says, "I knew you weren't going to make us stay in a hotel." Alyssa came up and gives us a hug as well, Johnny offers me his hand I quickly shake it. Looking around I still don't see Edward so I ask, "Where's Edward, isn't he here with you?" With a sigh Alyssa says, "We fought on the way to the airport, and he refused to leave LA.

I'm afraid our marriage will not last past the next few months." Johnny and Joan tensed up hearing that, they still want their parents to stay together. I say sadly, "I'm sorry to hear that Alyssa.

I'll drive you home tonight. Tomorrow if you want to rent a car we can do that or you can use one of ours, but we will be happy to drive you anywhere you would like to go." Kathryn quickly said, "As long as you don't mind his wife coming along." Kathryn shows off her wedding set to Alyssa and Joan to some confused expressions we giggle, we then start to tell the complete story about what happened yesterday, how it turned out to be our first wedding and why.

But there still going to be a wedding on the fourth just like we said. Johnny is getting the luggage as it comes around the carousel. Once the luggage is retrieved we head out to my new SUV. As Johnny and I loaded the SUV I ask him, "How do you like my new SUV Kathryn bought me for my birthday last week?" Johnny looks a little shocked asks, "Didn't you tell Joan she's only just now turn fourteen?" With a large smile I say, "That's right yesterday she turned 14, we got married and earlier today we made another million dollars." Johnny says, "Wow, how did you guys manage to make $1 million this morning?" Smiling I say, "Traded stocks on the Internet.

I found out Kathryn is a natural when it comes to the stock market. She can easily out trade me on a daily basis. I was just smart enough to realize how awesome she is at it." We finish arranging their luggage in the SUV. Before we get back on the road I ask, "It is an hour drive or a little more with traffic, is anyone hungry we just get something to eat and let traffic clear." Alyssa says, "I really want someplace where I can stretch my legs a little.

I'm still on California time and not really hungry yet. But I feel like I need to stretch my legs after being cooped up in the airplane for nearly five hours." I suggest, "How about a shopping mall, there's a fairly large one on the way home only ten minutes from here." Joan brightens and shakes her head yes to her mother and Johnny just shrugs his shoulders not caring either way.

Alyssa says, "That should work, Joan loves to shop." Kathryn and Joan are whispering between each other, giggling merrily, they act like old friends. I'm really happy that my wife is getting along with one of my oldest friends. We all pile in and I drive us off to the mall. On the way to the mall Kathryn is suggesting some things we can do tomorrow, when she suggest water skiing Joan groans it seems she's forgotten her bathing suit.

Kathryn giggles and said, "You could borrow my white one." Kathryn laughs at the expression on my face but she continues, "Better idea we'll buy you a new one here at the mall." Traffic between the airport and the mall isn't bad fortunately, arriving back in the mall to find a nice parking spot and everyone piles out, Kathryn and I walk hand-in-hand back into the mall for the second time today. Joan walks beside Kathryn as they continue to talk.

Alyssa's beside me but she's as quiet as a church mouse. Johnny stays by his mother's side. We both can tell that she's very upset. There's not much we can really do about it other than being there for her. Well over an hour we spend walking from store to store as Joan and Alyssa discover just how generous Kathryn can be. Alyssa brightens up a little as Kathryn insists on buying her new clothing and a bikini as well.

All their purchases are in bags Johnny and I carry. I like the way the three of them are getting along. It is obvious Alyssa has forgotten Kathryn is six months younger than Joan.

Alyssa speaks to Kathryn as an equal, while still treating her daughter like a child. Alyssa doesn't seem to notice how frustrated Joan is getting by being treated like a young child by her mother, which I see I'll have to speak to Alyssa about. Kathryn speaks to both women as equals, which pleases Joan to no end. When I get the chance I pull Alyssa aside to speak to her, "Alyssa, you do realize you're treating Joan like she still five years old not nearly fifteen." Alyssa's expression shows the sudden realization why the two of them have such problems of late.

Pausing for a second for Alyssa to think it over, once her expression eases a little I continue, "I know it's hard for a mother to realize their child has grown they all want to keep them as their babies. You really can't stop nature and shouldn't try what you end up with is hurt feelings and resentment from your child." Shaking her head as a wide smile crosses Alyssa's face she said, "JJ, you sure you're only eighteen.

That Forbes article was absolutely right you are wise beyond your years." With a wink I say, "It's easier to spot when you're my age." Now with a small laugh Alyssa says, "Don't you forget that, when you become the father of a fifteen-year-old." I know I never will.

That's either my strongest asset or my curse, from the brightest moment of my life to the deepest pit of misery I'll never be able to forget one second. So I do my best to make sure nothing goes terribly wrong.

I think through all my actions. That's one reason I'll never cheat on Kathryn I don't want to be without her. If she never forgave me, there's nothing that will make it worth that. Even if she did forgive me, I would always remember how badly I hurt Kathryn, and there is still nothing worth that. Other people and other couples may choose a different lifestyle than Kathryn and I.

There's nothing wrong with their lifestyle, but there's nothing wrong with the lifestyle Kathryn and I have. There's just something different for different people. Kathryn and I are exclusives.

We only need and want each other to be happy. Other people with their lifestyles may not practice exclusivity and that's fine for them. It's their choice and who am I to make decisions for them, as I reserve the right to make my own decisions I can want no less for them. Pushing the combination of buttons that do the remote start on my SUV, is a hot muggy day here.

The three recently from California really can tell the difference in climate. Joan complains, "How do you guys stand this humidity?" Kathryn said flatly, "It isn't the best here; you got to travel to South Carolina, Georgia or Florida to get the really good higher humidity." As Alyssa and Joan expressions turn to one of confusion Kathryn begins to laugh.

Then she says, "Air-conditioning, that's how we really deal with it. We stay inside as much is possible." A little more than an hour drive back home from the Mall. Kathryn and Joan talk a lot along the way, and Kathryn points out points of interest. We even took the time to show them around our little town, stopping at a restaurant for a late dinner for us but early one for them with their bodies still on West Coast time. Mom, Michael senior and Helen joined us for dinner, they used Kathryn's speedboat to come across the lake faster, and the restaurant was by the marina.

Alyssa's mood lightened up a little, she actually was smiling a couple times during dinner. Mom and Alyssa hugs warmly the two old friends had missed each other.

Mom introduces Helen to Alyssa and within ten minutes the three are the best of friends. Thankfully Mom doesn't ask why Edward isn't here. When it's time to leave Mom wants to take the SUV back and stay with Alyssa. Kathryn wants to show her new boat off to Joan, so Joan and Johnny trade places with Michael senior and Helen.

We have a little more than an hour before the sun goes down to give a small boat tour of the lake. There is actually a small island in the middle of the lake with a quiet cove as we around the island I whisper to Kathryn, "That's where I want to make love to you for the first time out of the house." She giggles before Kathryn whispering back, "Funny that's where I was thinking of too." Once you cross its muddy banks, the island offered decent shelter and a good place for a picnic lunch.

When you made your way to the top which is a large moss covered rock forming twenty by thirty foot platform above the canopy is a great place to watch the fireworks from town. I knew a few people would always go there on the fourth. The Park service discourages this, because of the littering the partygoers would leave in their wake. Other than the Fourth of July hardly anyone ever use the island, and I doubt anyone has set foot on it from the last Fourth of July.

People would start camping out probably tomorrow night to ensure a spot at the top. Kathryn turned the boat towards the river a good four miles from here, with a grin Kathryn opened the throttle full and we speed up covering the 4 miles very quickly.

She pulled back to a little less than half throttle to navigate the river up to our boat house. We still move very quickly through the narrow water way covering the mile from the lake to the dock. I know she's showing off, she's actually moving too fast to stop at the dock. Kathryn quickly decides not to try, and killing the throttle and we coast up river past our house.

Pointing it out to Joan, like she meant to do that, after the boat dropped enough speed Kathryn spends about and slowly floats back downstream to the dock. Just using the motor enough to bring us along the dock, where I secure the boat to the dock.

Taking the walkway from the boat house to the main house Joan and Johnny look wide-eyed at it. They both knew I own the house and Joan asks, "JJ, how many rooms are in the house?" "Thirty-two, four master bedrooms, six bedrooms all with baths and two half baths, living room, den, kitchen, dining, Pool solarium, billiards game room, home theater, family room, safe room and utility.

Kathryn's and mine bedroom makes up the third floor with a bath and walk-in closet." Giggling Kathryn said, "Don't forget we have an elevator." Opening the solarium door Joan's eyes take in the full size pool and wide area covered with outdoor furniture that leads up to set of stairs and a glass wall that separates the kitchen dining area from the pool. Through the wall we can see Alyssa speaking with Helen and Mom.

It's obvious that Alyssa is very upset and crying, as the two women comfort her. I stopped Joan from running in by saying, "It may be best if we let them work this out. Your Mom may feel more comfortable speaking to them. She probably doesn't want to say anything negative about your father to you.

Let's give her a chance to work it out." Joan says, "I know my father isn't a perfect person, what they're doing to each other isn't right. I really hate to see my Mom crying." Sadly I say, "I know, but for her to be happy again she's going to have to work through the grief." Johnny is little angrier than Joan is and he says, "Joan you know dad is cheating on Mom.

Mom asked him to stop, and he lied to her. Mom probably would've let him do whatever he wanted if he would've been honest about it. He acts like he doesn't love her anymore. That's when she started acting like a bitch, all the fights started after that. Dad caused it all, and you know it." Even in tears Joan slowly shakes her head yes, Kathryn pulls her over into a hug and Joan cries on Kathryn's shoulder.

After a few moments Joan gets herself under control, I led us through the lower door into the family room and we ride the elevator up to Kathryn's and mine room. After there for a few seconds Kathryn asks, "JJ, could you go down and get the bags from the SUV?" Taking Johnny with me we go to the garage and retrieve all the bags from the SUV. Returning to my room Kathryn said, "JJ you're such a good husband." And she pulls me into a kiss. When she broke our kiss she whispers, "Why don't you and Johnny go play some billiards?

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I need some girl time with Joan." I give her another quick kiss before taking Johnny and show him the basement, where the home theater and billiards game room is located. Johnny was more interested in the game system I have in the game room. I have fifty inch flat screen with an Xbox and PS3 with about fifty games for each. I tell him, "Go ahead and pick out any game you want to play." Kathryn had me move the system down to the game room when she redecorated our room. Which is good, Eddie spends a lot of time here that he used to spend in our room.

Listening to the games is a little distracting when we are trying to decide on a stock purchase. That's how I ended up purchasing more stock of a small company than I intended. I nearly ended up on their board of trustees until I sold enough stock to keep that from happening. I was only fifteen at the time and didn't want to travel or leave school and relocate to attend their meetings. I sat and watched Johnny play about half an hour, I asked him if he wanted anything shakes his head no and continued to play.

I go over to the intercom and called up to our room, Kathryn answered and I asked, "Is it safe for me to come up yet?" Kathryn asks "What's Johnny doing?" I inform her he was playing PS3 right now.


Joan giggles and says, "Good luck getting him off of that he'll play all night if you let him." Kathryn says, "We'll be down in a minute, meet us in the home theater." Getting Johnny's attention I told him, "I'll be in the home theater for the next hour if you needed me." He shook his head to acknowledge what I said to him and took the game off pause to continue. I go to wait by the elevator for Kathryn and Joan, not long before I hear the elevator moving. The doors open Kathryn and Joan start to step out when I grabbed Kathryn and pull her into a passionate kiss.

Joan giggles watching us. When we finally break Kathryn playfully smacks me on the ass and says, "Didn't I tell you to wait in the home theater." Chuckling I say, "I couldn't wait that long to kiss you again." Joan rolls her eyes and giggles.

She asks, "Is he always like that?" Kathryn replies, "Yeah, pretty much all the time." Now it's my turn to playfully whack Kathryn's ass and say, "You know you love it and you wouldn't have me any other way." Kathryn pulls me back into a passionate kiss breaking she says, "You're right I do love it and I love you my husband." Joan giggles and says, "You two deserve each other you're both corny as hell." That just sets the two of us to giggling as we lead Joan to the home theater.

The three of us watch a show Kathryn had recorded. It's nearly 10 o'clock before Mom, Helen and Alyssa show up. I know Mom has a show she likes that comes on shortly.

Kathryn I normally go to our room just to be together. Tonight Kathryn wants to stay here. The recording ends with a few more minutes before the next show. Kathryn had moved to my lap during her recording, now the seat beside me open Alyssa sits beside us and her daughter.

Alyssa says, "I saw you came in and thank you for not disturbing us. I know it's hard to see me like that, but I really needed to talk it out with Maggie and Helen." Joan looked past her mother at me before she says, "I know Mom, what Dad done isn't right.

I know you tried to work it out. So it's not your fault, you did everything you could. I love you. I just hate seeing you sad." Alyssa hugs Joan and says, "You're growing up so fast. Sometimes I can't help but want to keep you as my baby.

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JJ reminded me today that I can't do that no matter how much I want to. I'm sorry if I treated you like a baby because you're not anymore. Joan I love you." Joan hugs her mother even tighter and says, "I love you too Mom." Joan gives me a wink in a silent thank you. That's when Grandma shows up. She smiled hugged us and asks, "You two were not waiting on me were you?" Kathryn smiles and says, "Kind of I wanted to say good night." I shake my head yes to that indicate I was included too.

Gently rubbing Kathryn's hip and then whisper in her ear, "Let's go to bed sweetheart." Grandma says goodnight to us kissing Kathryn and me on the cheek.

We tell her goodnight and everyone else as we head to the elevator. Joan catches us at the elevator she gives Kathryn a hug and says, "JJ I know you talk to Mom by what she said.

Thank you it was really beginning to bug me, even more seen her treat Kathryn as an equal." I tell Joan what Alyssa said to me, "Your Mom said I should not forget that when I have my own turning fifteen.

I'll never forget it just you remember that too. Right now all you have to do is act your age and your Mom will stop treating you like a five-year-old." Joan sticks her tongue out at me then laughing she says, "Thanks anyway." Kathryn and I ride the elevator to our bedroom and then send it back down. Giggling Kathryn asks, "JJ would you ever consider making love to Joan or one of my sisters?" I answer as I begin to unzip Kathryn's dress, "No I wouldn't, I wouldn't do anything that might hurt you.

I would not do anything to risk what we have with each other. I love what we have together. If anything happened to change it would really upset me." Kathryn turns into my arms and kisses me passionately then she says, "JJ I love you and know I don't want to be with anyone else too.

I just wanted to make sure you do not have any regrets that you haven't been with someone other than me." I have to admit something to Kathryn, "Kathryn I have to tell you the truth. I am attracted to your sisters but that doesn't mean I need to be with them. I am attracted to Joan but she's our friend. I'm sure over the years there will be other women that I will be attracted to. I will not cheat, there's no way I'd ever hurt you, I would regret hurting you more than anything. I know neither of us would ever be able to forget that.

I don't need to as long as I have you and even if for some reason we can't make love like right after the babies come. You know I'm capable of waiting until we can." Kathryn pulls me back into a kiss, isn't very long before we break. With a devilish grin she says, "If you ever need just a release you know I can." She pulls me back into a kiss this time is very hot passionate and she pushes her energy of her love into it.

I was already excited like I normally am taking Kathryn to bed; before I could stop her she's given me an orgasm while still in my pants. I rub her back and giggle before I say, "That's one thing I'm talking about, how many people you know can get off their lover with just a kiss." Giggling devilishly Kathryn says, "You can and I can, but I don't know of anyone else.

I have read of a few girls that have got off that way but those are mostly stories." I say, "That's exactly what I mean, what we have is rare and special. I'm not saying what you're parents do isn't good for them. It's just not right for us." I pull Kathryn into a kiss this time I push my energy from my love into her. Kathryn's orgasm hits her so fast she nearly topples over as I lift her into my arms and hold her shaking body against mine.

Kathryn breaks our kiss and gives a long sigh. She then says, "You could let me get on the bed when you do that." With a chuckle I say, "Turnabout is fair play love. Next time we'll get undressed and on the bed before we do that to each other." Kathryn and I hurriedly remove each other's clothes. When she drops my boxers and sees the mess she created. She teases me by saying, "Someone couldn't wait. You should at least pull it out." Then she surprises me taking my messy cock into her mouth.

It doesn't take very long to have me hard again. Drawing back Kathryn says, "Even like this you still taste good." I push her back on the bed and dive between her legs licking her messy pussy.

The orgasm I gave her was strong enough to have made her spurt in her panties. I love the way she tastes, and I lick her clean before pushing my tongue into her pussy.

I tongue fuck her just to get more the taste. Kathryn finally pushes my face away and says, "Come here Husband I want something bigger than your tongue in me." I move up the bed over Kathryn lowering myself until my hard cock touches her wet pussy. Kathryn's hand wraps around me she runs my cock from her clit down to her vagina as soon as I'm over her opening she throws her legs around me. Pushing her hips up and pulling me down into her, Kathryn removes her hand from between us as I sink in.

Kathryn moans, "You make me so horny I just want to fuck your brains out." I laugh as I start to move in a slow steady rhythm moving deeper with each stroke. I lower myself until I'm totally against Kathryn I love the feel of her body against mine. I'm careful not to put too much weight against her, we both love feeling the contact of our nude bodies.

Kathryn's arms wrap around my neck and she pulled me even tighter. She says, "Go ahead and relax I want to get accustomed to your weight JJ.

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I love feeling you like that." I lower my weight on her slowly and Kathryn shows no discomfort. Now I'm free to move my hands, I start by caressing her face and running my fingers through her hair. Kathryn giggles as I lightly run my hand over her neck.


She says, "JJ that tickles a little more pressure or stop." I removed my hands from her neck I know she doesn't mind being tickled, but when making love she doesn't really like it.

I kiss her on her neck and whisper, "Sorry Love." Kathryn giggles and says, "When we make love the only thing I want tickling me, is inside me right now. You tickling somewhere else diverts from the feelings I really want." "Oh I see, Love." I push deep and grind against her clit causing her to moan. I stroke several more times grinding each time I push in. In just a minute Kathryn is shaking underneath me, but my weight keeps her from moving.

Rising back up on my hands Kathryn begins to thrash about. She moans, "Oh yes I'm Cumming." I continue with those long deep strokes into her until she relaxes, when she has caught her breath I lower myself back onto her again kissing her, loving the feel of our bodies pressing together.

Finally Kathryn demands, "Fuck me faster JJ make me cum." I speed my rhythm and Kathryn now her legs wrapped tightly around me meets each thrust with her own. The sound of our body slapping together fills the room.

Kathryn groans with each slap. I kiss her and pushed my love into it, her orgasm is instant, and intense. Her legs kick in the air as Kathryn howls after breaking our kiss. The moment her orgasm slacks I push my energy through my cock directly into her vagina again Kathryn howls and spurts as a forceful orgasm hits her.

I did this repeatedly giving Kathryn several more orgasms now her hands claw at my back. I finally feel my own orgasm coming on like a freight train as I begin to pee cum into Kathryn I push energy with it causing Kathryn to have an extraordinary orgasm in return.

She clings to me and howls as she feels my cock erupt pushing cum into her womb. Kathryn taking a deep breath she screams, "FUCK YES JJ THAT'S GREAT I'M CUMMING." I roll her on my chest once I finished cumming. Kathryn's pussy still milks my cock as we're trying to catch our breath still breathing hard. When we notice our privacy again has been violated. Looking over there's Michael senior with his arms around Helen and fondling her breasts through her top.

Mom gently rubs herself, Alyssa watches with her mouth hanging open, and Joan looking on from the stairwell hidden from the others. Kathryn giggles and says, "Husband we should just leave the door open." Joking I say, "Kathryn dear I have a better idea will just set up cameras and they can just turn channel in the home theater to watch.

We'll charge admission." Mom giggles, "It's the first time Kathryn howled like that we thought you were doing something that was hurting her." Kathryn giggles saying, "It only hurt when he stop, now I'm going to make the pain go away." Kathryn kisses me, I can fill her energy poor into me, not quite like earlier more subtle.

It feels so good I find I'm instantly hard. Kathryn ignoring them raises her hips and my manhood slides out of her only to be pushed back as she throws her hips back down. Kathryn continues doing this finding a nice rhythm, looking over at our spectators she says, "You may as well turn the couch to watch more comfortably." Kathryn whispers in my ear, "Let's give them a good show husband.

Make me cum." I put my love into Kathryn through my cock, Kathryn's movements quicken and become erratic, I thrust up into her as her back arches and her head throws back and she howls. I rise up to take a nipple into my mouth nursing on its hardness Kathryn howls once more and spurts as she spasms hard. She thrust even more rapidly as she continues to spurt. Finally I exploded in her I feel like I'm pumping a gallon.

It runs out, even as Kathryn is milking my cock, until it running down my shaft and over my balls. Kathryn spurts hard again throwing her head back she screams, "I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING." Once we both finished we both fall back to the mattress sound asleep. My arms are wrapped around Kathryn and hers wrapped around me. The only thing different in the morning is a sheet has been pulled across us. We still lay the same position. Kathryn and I still clutched tightly to each other.

Kathryn's eyes open and she begins to giggle. "I always wondered what would be like making love with an audience. I guess I can cross that off my bucket list." I say, "You and I both love." Kathryn giggles, "I was a little afraid I would turn Dad on too much and he would grab me." I say, "I hope that he would use your mother or mine to satisfy that lust." Kathryn asks as she stares into my face, "Why would he fuck your Mom?" I chuckle and say, "Because she lets him.

Don't forget about the parties they both go to." Kathryn for some reason has never thought of it she asked, "You really think that they fuck each other?" Chuckling first I remind her saying, "Kathryn, remember I told you about that first night you called me, is the first time you found out your parents at parties while you were at your grandmothers.

That night Mom came back she was leaking so bad at least half a dozen guys had to have fucked her. Since your parents invited her I figured your Dad was at least one of them." Kathryn giggling says, "That makes sense, but why don't they do it all the time?" Thinking out loud I say, "I guess that is how your Mom and Dad keep from cheating they only let themselves go wild at their parties.

Since my Mom is always with them I wouldn't doubt your Father always fucks Mom at least once every party." Kathryn giggles, "That almost makes us brother and sister." I say, "Not quite love, I started dating you before they had their first party together." "Well," Kathryn stretched sleepily, "We better get up and meet our audience they may want autographs." Kathryn begins to giggle at her own joke. A scary idea runs through me, I expressed my misgivings to Kathryn, "Kathryn what if they want us to join in their parties.

Personally I don't want to go. I just couldn't take seeing you with someone else. I'm the jealous type you know." Kathryn giggles and says, "I'm just as jealous as you are. Now you've taught me so much about martial arts. I can kick my brothers' asses any time I want to. I think that makes me the second toughest person in the County. So no one is going to make us do anything. Personally I agree with you I'm not going." I chuckle and say, "I thought I was the second toughest in the County.

My wife can get me to do anything she asked me to." Kathryn's expression says oh yea, before she pulled me into a kiss. After we break she says, "My husband can get me to do anything he asked me to. So I guess we're even there." I help Kathryn up, we shower and dress before walking downstairs.

Downstairs Mom is cooking breakfast and Alyssa and Joan are in the kitchen with her.

Kathryn and I walking hand-in-hand and begin to talk to Mom and Alyssa. Mom begins, "You two put on some show last night." Kathryn giggles, "It's your guys' fault you keep barging in to our room. You know I'm a screamer, now JJ has learned how to make me howl too.

If you want to watch you should let us know. One thing JJ and I will not be with anyone else. So don't ask." Joan is turning red and tries to look away. Alyssa seems a little uncomfortable but doesn't show anything other than that.

Mom still in her playful mood and I wonder what's coming next. She says, "You guys missed it Michael and Helen were so turned on they fucked each other on your couch. So you two were only half of the show." Alyssa asks, "Do you guys do that all the time?" I answer, "Every time I seem to get better at giving Kathryn pleasure they seem to show up thinking I'm hurting her." Kathryn giggles, "I can't help it, it feels too good to be quiet." Rubbing her shoulder I say, "I don't mind Kathryn, it lets me know I'm doing a good job for you.

If you just lay there silent I would always wonder." Joan says, "We could hear you all the way down in the home theater." She starts blushing and turns away from us.

Kathryn giggles again saying, "The better JJ is the louder I am." Alyssa says, "Maybe you two should consider soundproofing your room. By the way I'm jealous. You and JJ are so good together you better never screw it up. I'm sure someone would scoop JJ up in a heartbeat hoping he's even half as good as it is with you." Kathryn giggles, "I know. I know at least nine females that would, four are my sisters, and two are friends of mine, the other three are older women who know us." Mom realizes really fast who Kathryn refers to.

She grins and says, "I know one of those women and she wouldn't mind sharing." I look at mom and she knows I seem passed her little ploy.

I say, "I wouldn't take a chance of messing up what I have with Kathryn. You know it's special. Who knows what it would take to change that, Kathryn I've been boyfriend and girlfriend since she was ten.

In that time I never kissed anyone else and I don't think I should start now. For sure I wouldn't go any further, for fear of losing this." I lean in and kissed Kathryn I break and ask, "Kathryn, can I show them?" Giggling Kathryn says, "Only if I get too as well." I'm nod my head yes before I tell them, "Kathryn and I can give each other orgasms with just kisses. How many couples you know can do that? If your lover could would you do anything to mess that up?" Mom giggles and says, "For some reason I believe you two could do that, and there's no way in hell I would ever do anything to mess that up if it was me.

Don't blame you two for trying to protect that." Joan is skeptical and she says, "I don't know of anybody who can give someone an orgasm from just a kiss.

The girl would have to be rubbing herself to orgasm." Kathryn says, "It's easy for me to prove I gave JJ one, you just watch his pants get wet. Whereas I have to get nude and you can watch me spurt when he gives me one, like you didn't see that last night. You think I cum that fast from the sex, no it was JJ pushing his love into me." I say, "Sweetheart you pushed your love into me too, that was my third time last night and I usually take more than five minutes if you don't do that." Mom's eyes go wide; she has witnessed us more than anyone.

She knows I normally taken half an hour or more on the third round. She's heard it often enough to know that. Stunned she says, "JJ you're right you're never that fast, I listen to you many nights without wanting to or not. You normally are closer to half an hour or more." Alyssa asks, "You mean last night wasn't typical for JJ and Kathryn?" Mom says, "Only in intensity, it was way too fast otherwise.

Come to think of it. It was more intense also." Mom catches the expressions Alyssa and Joan and continues, "I've only seen them a few times, but I hear them enough to realize what's going on." Alyssa asks, "How long have those two been doing that?

They have only been married a couple days." Kathryn giggles, "Fifteen months so far, and I intend to keep it up until I die; only having to stop during postnatal recovery." Joan giggles, "That means you were twelve when you started." Kathryn shakes her head yes and says, "I knew he was going to marry me even then, we were engaged for about eight months before that." Alyssa asks, "You were awfully young to have accepted a marriage proposal?" Kathryn says, "Some people would say so, but my great-grandmother was married when she was thirteen.

I traced our family history, and found her mother was married when she was only eleven years old. I found out, that before the 1880s it was quite common for a girl to marry and her eleven to thirteenth year of age.

Only recently has that changed. By the day I accepted JJ's proposal I made two point five million trading stocks. In some ways, I've always been older than my friends. I started high school the same year JJ did. I think he only went to high school so he could be with me all the time." I rub her back and say, "Damn, I was trying to keep that secret." That brings laughter from everyone.

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Once everyone is finished their laugh I say, "The day I met Kathryn, I knew I wanted to be part of her life in a big way." Kathryn kisses me really fast, it is long hot and passionate when we break she says, "After our first kiss I was in love with him, he had stood up to my brothers. No one else in the County would even consider that. My brothers were considered the toughest boys their age, my brothers are older than JJ, and Eddie the youngest of my brothers is by a month.

The thing about it was JJ acted like he could take on the world when it comes to me. Four days after he proposed he stood up to a bear to protect me. I don't think there's anybody that would give up more for me than JJ. He married me without any prenuptial. Not like he's ever going to need one. But how many billionaires you know would even consider that." I palm slap my forehead and say, "That's what I forgot." Kathryn playfully punched me in the arm.

I pull Kathryn into a long kiss. After we break I say, "Well, I'll never need it, besides that it would be void after next March anyway." Mom asks, "Why would it be void after so short of a time period?" I blurted out, as Kathryn's eyes go wide, "Because after the first child I was going to have it voided." Now Kathryn says, "We won't know for a few more days at least, but there's a big chance I may be.

I miss my pills when I was so tired from not sleeping. Then the next day you guys drove me off so early I missed that one too. The next day I was married and I was so nervous that morning I forgot that one as well. Then JJ and I consummated our wedding.

Well you might say a little better than we expected." Mom giggles, "Knowing JJ, he finishes almost everything early in his life High school, college, marriage proposal, now marriage and fatherhood before his nineteenth birthday. So why shouldn't he marry a woman who does the same thing you finished high school when you're thirteen your married on your fourteenth birthday and pregnant within the week.

You were millionaire before you turned twelve and you're billionaire by fourteen years of age." Kathryn giggles, "Gee Mom when, you put it that way, we are really impressive." Alyssa says, "Or just in a hurry." The doorbell rings, which brings an end to our conversation. I go to answer it. There's a uniformed officer with a large envelope he asked for Alyssa.

Having him wait, I walk back into the kitchen confused but Alyssa seems to know more and is hesitant to accompany me back to the front door, reluctantly she does follow. The officer handing Alyssa the envelope he informed her saying, "I regret to inform you, you have been served for suit of divorce.

This is under California law and you're requested to return to Los Angeles California for all court proceedings. Sign here." Pointing at a roster for Alyssa to sign, once Alyssa signed he turns and leaves. Alyssa says, "That bastard planned this and waited. There's no way he could have arranged this yesterday." As she sets down heavily I tell her, "Alyssa I have a law firm in LA that I have under retainer. I'll have them at your disposal. They'll perform anything you need done with the divorce.

If you want to you're always welcome to stay here as long as you need. I'm sorry to tell you this but under that contract it's for both of you to maintain residence there.

If you want to stay there I'll rewrite the contract for you only. But right now Edward is out of a job. There is six months termination pay under the contract that you are entitled to no matter what you decide. I'm more than willing to have you move here to help Mom. If you decide to do that, I'll change your contract to this location without Edward." When we didn't immediately return Kathryn, Mom and Joan come looking for us. They find us in the entryway as Joan sits on the bench beside her mother.

Joan asks, "Mom what's wrong?" Alyssa hands the envelope to Joan, unable to maintain her composure any longer she throws herself into my arms and sobs uncontrollably. Joan opening the envelope reads the papers and immediately notices it is a suit of divorce from her father.

Joan drops the paperwork and is immediately held by my Mother as she cries. Kathryn moves beside me and helps to comfort Alyssa. We eventually make her way back to the kitchen Alyssa and Joan are much more subdued. I pull Kathryn then Mom over and tell them what I had offered Alyssa. Mom shakes her head yes Kathryn only thinks a moment before she says brightly.

I think I need a personal assistant and Joan can have a job. Or we can teacher how to trade. The doorbell rings again its nine o'clock, Marshall and Misty are there. Misty asks, "Who was in the strange car they came here earlier?" Picking up the discarded envelope and returning the papers I tell them, "It was a process server, Alyssa's husband, who didn't come with her, filed for divorce. It's obvious is something he had planned for a while.

This way he knew she would be out of the house. It gives him all the opportunity to move his belongings from the residence. I am almost afraid he will completely clean out the house nothing they own will remain." Misty looks at us with anger at us for nothing we did she says, "Men can be such assholes." I ask, "Misty did Marshall do anything wrong?" Angry Misty says, "He stole the covers.

I woke up cold in the middle of the night." I inform Misty, "I hate that about Kathryn too, but I found out if I sleep beside her she will not take the covers away." Marshall says, "I don't remember doing it, it's not something I would do if I weren't asleep." I look at the two of them; Misty is acting mad at Marshall.

Marshall is trying to make up for it, he's being very affectionate. "I bet in six months you two won't even remember what started this fight. But the fight will either determine if you make it or not. Sure Marshall is trying to tell you he's sorry, and Misty you're enjoying it, too much." Misty shoots me and angry look for letting the cat out of the bag.

"You two need to learn not to sweat the small stuff. Okay Marshall rolled over in his sleep and took the covers with him. It happens. It's not like he got up in the middle of the night and pulled them off you.

Did he?" Misty says, "I think he was sound asleep so no, he didn't. I'm just mad he moved away from me." Laughing Kathryn says, "It took six months for me and JJ to really get comfortable sleeping with each other.

But now I can't sleep without him." Marshall was unaware that Kathryn and I had been living as man and wife for quite a while asks, "How long have you two been." Misty elbows him stopping him from completing his question. Kathryn giggles at the two before saying, "The two of you aren't cops and I don't care if you two know, but as far as anyone else is concerned two nights ago. You're my friends and I'm not lying to you JJ and I have been sleeping together for fifteen months now." Marshall grins before he realizes something as his expression changes he says, "Shit, I won the damn pool.

But I'll never be able to collect it." Laughing I say, "That's the problem with having a pool like that. Publicly I couldn't confirm that you won." Marshall complains saying, "The pool was over $2000 at the time." Kathryn asks, "What is this pool you're talking about?" Misty says, "The pool that I won, everyone was betting on when you and JJ would have sex. I put down your 14th birthday, and because you got married everyone stopped guessing and accepted it is a fact." Kathryn questions, "How much was in the pool?" Misty pulls out an envelope from her purse looking through it she says, "About $8000." Kathryn laughs, "I guess Misty can buy lunch today." Before going into the kitchen I asked Marshall and Misty, "We're going to have another person in class today, her name is Joan.

She's both Kathryn's and my friend. We're going to distract her, because her father just asked for a divorce.

Can you to help with that?" Misty says for them, "We'll be happy too." Marshall started to say something but thinks better of it and kisses Misty on the cheek. We walk into the kitchen and I introduce Marshall and Misty to Joan and Alyssa. Alyssa says, "My son is still asleep JJ didn't run him off the PS3 last night." Grandma comes in a little sleepy she says, "Johnny is pretty good at Mario kart it took me six races to beat him." Kathryn giggles, "That's always been your favorite game too." Grandma giggles, "I could beat you at it any day, and you know it." Kathryn throws her hands up in mock surrender.

Grandma pulls Kathryn into a hug and the two giggle. Mom asks, "Are you four trading today? I answer, "Yes and I decided to offer Joan classes too, if she'd like to learn how to trade." Joan with wide-eyed excitement to her expression says, "Really you want to teach me how to be a stock trader." Kathryn giggles, "Sure, we can teach you." We eat our breakfast, although Joan seems a little too excited to eat.

Once we finish, the older women run us off to trade. I create Joan's account like I had for Marshall and Misty. I sat down with Joan and quickly go over the basics having her by some of the furniture stock like Marshall and Misty had.

I added an extra $40,000 to her account to bring her up to even with them. I explained that today we're going over day trading, short-term trades were not looking at buying stock to hold as an investment.

Watching and work the swing that stock often have. Some stocks can change 30 or 40 points over a single day. If you catch it right you can make quite a lot in just a few days' time. We check a stock is fluttering up and down on news of a new product it's due to release.

I also noticed stock is near the point at which it splits. They may hold that off until the stock becomes more stable, I think that's unlikely the corporation has never in the past waited more than a day after reaching their split point. Some quick research and I find the management team hasn't changed.

I'll research a few underground websites that have gotten hold of the product ahead of time. The first rate the reviews and the item as outstanding. I never trust just one of the sites and search through four or five to find a good average on a product. It's a good thing I did the one site has is outstanding but four others rate it as poor. We began a search for another stock when Marshall suggests commodities and Kathryn says "I know the right one." Switching screens we can buy commodities from the same trading site we're using for stock.

Kathryn says watch this commodity here would drop ten more points at that point we should buy. When a set point Kathryn has determined we have automatic traits go in purchasing five hundred thousand dollars for us and seventy-five thousand dollars for each of our three students. In twenty minutes is climbed back up forty points and still climbing Kathryn says at seventy points we sell.

Once it hits that we sell. Then we find two more commodities Kathryn rolls our students and us in. Commodities are something you watch every second. They are much faster in a swing time that stock are. By the end of the trading day we're more or less exhausted but Kathryn I started out with point five million in a commodity market side by the end of the day we had fourteen and three quarters million. Our three students are ecstatic realizing their now millionaires.

I look at everyone and say, "This was a very good day for us. You never know how many you're going to get but will try again and see if we can double your money next week. By the way we should move a little back into a long-term stock as a hedge." Marshall, Misty and Joan listen to what I have to say, I show them utility stocks that have a higher rate of return per stock. We move a million from each of them into the stock. That should give them more than enough money considering today they started with seventy-five thousand and work it up to over two million as we caught the swings just right.

Kathryn asks, "Joan, you still want to go water skiing?" Marshall and Misty say simultaneously, "water skiing." Kathryn looks at them says, "Sorry I forgot to ask you. Would you guys like to go water skiing too?" Joan says.

"Sure, I love to if I knew how." Marshall says, "Now that's one thing I can teach you." Misty says, "Marshall has trophies from when he was in his early teens for competitive waterskiing." I say, "I can pilot the boat, waterskiing isn't something I'm good at." Kathryn giggles, "He tried it for over two hours and could never get his feet under him." Marshall says, "Want to try it again JJ?" I shake my head no and say, "Everyone has to be bad at something.

It might as well be waterskiing for me." Kathryn giggles, "It was funny watching you for the first fifteen minutes or so, but after that it was just too painful." I shake my head yes, it's not something I want to repeat anyway.

Misty whispers something to Kathryn, and Kathryn goes to one of her drawers pulls out a bikini and hands it to Misty. Kathryn opens another drawer and pulls out a pair of swimming trunks. Joan leaves to go downstairs to dress in her bikini in her room. Misty pulled Marshall into our bathroom to change.

After they have changed they walk to our boat. Kathryn and I change and catch up to them. Joan says when she arrives.

"Sorry I'm late. Mom asked me how we did today. She doesn't believe I'm a millionaire now. She wants to talk to you JJ when we get back." Kathryn says, "Maybe we should stop and talk to her now. We'll be gone for a few hours out on the Lake. If it's important maybe JJ and I should stay." Joan says, "No, it's not really she just wants you to show her my account.

You didn't give me the password to it this morning." Chuckling I say, "That's because we started commodities you have to watch those a lot closer than the stocks. I didn't get much time for anything else, like for me to tell you your password." Joan giggles, "It was fast, and a lot more fun than a videogame." I point out, "That is because we're winning so far, it might not be so much fun if we choose wrong and the price of what we bought drops and then doesn't come back up." Kathryn giggles, "You know better than that, when have we ever lost money trading?" I caution again, "We're not always going to be there to hold your hand on each trade.

Kathryn and I may never have, but I don't want to see you get over confident and lose a few million. We could easily afford it but I would hate to see you lose that much." Marshall asks, "You really think commodities can be that risky?" Laughing I say, "Probably the odds are better than you will have in Vegas, but it's still a gamble.

Don't make bad bets do the research, find the trends or the market will eat you up. The only way to ensure your future is to be proactive with it. Like in Vegas never bet against the house, never gamble more than you can afford to lose. That's why had you guys move some of the money into a long time high interest investment. The dividends from their will help with your living expenses without touching the money. If we continue doing that by the end of the summer your dividends will be more than you'll need to live off of." Marshall asks, "How much are you considering more than what will need?" I say flatly, "Well, over one million a year give or take a little." Misty and Joan crack up, which starts the rest of us.

Finally Marshall manages to get out, "JJ if you do that by the end of the summer I'm retiring." Laughing I informed him, "I retired myself, I was only thirteen at the time." Kathryn giggles, "For a retired guy, you made me work awfully hard as your personal assistant." I chuckle as I say, "If you hadn't noticed, we're worth over one and half billion from all our hard work which will make our kids worth a little over one hundred and twenty million each when we send them on their way." Our three friends have shocked faces the math is easy enough to do for them.

Joan asks, "Just how many kids are you planning on?" Kathryn looks down rubs her belly and I quickly say, "Twelve, we both want a large family." Kathryn looks at me and asked, "Husband can I retire too, once I start having our kids." Moving into Kathryn's arms I ask "Well does that mean I get to retire again?" Giggling Kathryn says, "You just want to play with the babies all day and spoil them." Chuckling I say, "That gives me all night to play with their mother.

So you're right." Kathryn says, "If you get me all tired I'll make you get up and feed them in the middle of the night." I kiss Kathryn saying, "You know I'll do that, but I'm not going to let you sleep when I come back to bed." Our three friends laugh openly at us. Then Joan says, "If you two will stop fighting over who loves the other more, let's go water skiing." We go skiing for about two hours, now our three friends are becoming friends themselves.

The three girls talk back and forth. Marshall does help Misty and Joan to learn to ski. He then spent five solid minutes trying to talk me into trying again. After many pointers I finally give up and give it another try.

I managed to get on top of the water for about fifteen feet before I fall headfirst. Swimming back to the boat I say, "Just goes to show I'm not perfect." Kathryn is laughing hard. Thankfully she stopped me from climbing out of the water. Kathryn points back thirty feet from where I stopped after falling, floating on the top of the water are my trunks.

I turn and swim quickly back to them. Grabbing them I turn to see my wife and three friends are as nude as I am. Marshall says, "Couldn't let you have all the fun." On my way swimming back Kathryn calls to me. "JJ can you do the up periscope joke again?" Jokingly I say, "Only if you promise to set on my lap." Kathryn says, "Once we get home, poor Joan doesn't have anyone's lap to set on.

Seeing us having sex two days in a row would be more than she could take." This brings startled looks by Misty and Marshall. Kathryn giggles then says, "JJ was making me howl last night and our parents came to check on me making sure JJ wasn't torturing me." Joan says, "That was hotter than any porn I seen online.

After your Mom asked mine if she wanted to see something really hot, that got my curiosity up. I hid in the stairwell just coming up far enough to see." Misty asks, "JJ makes you howl?" Before Kathryn can say anything Joan says, "And fucking loud too." By this time I have already reached the boat. Kathryn grabs my trunks from me before I can pull them on.

She says, "Come on out of the water JJ so these two bitches can see why I howl." I reluctantly climb the ladder reaching the top and step into the boat. Joan and Misty are both wide-eyed at seeing me up close. Marshall chuckles and says, "I knew you were big, but damn. Damn Kathryn how do you take that thing." Joan laughs and says, "Last night looked like she really enjoyed it." Giggling Kathryn says, "I always enjoy it.

I love being stuffed by JJ." Joan asks, "Kathryn, could you and JJ prove he can make you orgasm with a kiss." Kathryn laughs and says, "Well I'm nude, that's first step of proving it, the only way for you to see me spurt." Misty asks, "You mean JJ really can make you have an orgasm with just a kiss." Kathryn says, "Yes, but I see will have to show you." Kathryn pushes me into a seat sliding into my lap she said sideways her legs apart far enough to allow viewing.

My manhood is over top one of her thighs. Kathryn says, "I'll just sit here and you two watch closely it only takes about a minute for JJ to do this. I'll not touch myself, and no one else touches me. Marshall if you can't control yourself, you can grab Misty. What you'll see as I will spray a little bit and dripped a lot when JJ makes me cum.

Hand me to towel I use it to muffle myself." Once they hand Kathryn the towel I begin. Joan says, "Just a kiss, don't rub her nipples or any other erogenous zones Kathryn may have." I place my hands on the seat and hold it tightly to keep myself from playing with Kathryn. I begin building up energy pulling my love to my lips Kathryn begins to moan feeling is being pushed into her, I'm moving more and more my energy towards my lips and then into Kathryn. Kathryn begins to shake and moan louder into a kiss in less than a minute I flood her with my energy causing a powerful orgasm.

Kathryn thrust her hips and spurts. Kathryn breaks the kiss throwing her head back her mouth opens wide and she just manages the put the towel over her mouth as she begins to howl. Even with the towel muffling her Kathryn is fairly loud. Eventually Kathryn stops, and the towel drops she leans heavily against me trying to catch her breath.

The next thing I notice is the boat rocks and then Misty moans. Opening our eyes we noticed Marshall is behind Misty and obviously they're on the way to their own orgasm. Joan simply says, "Kathryn you are so fucking lucky." We giggle, as the first time we actually get to watch someone else have sex.

It takes Marshall good ten minutes to get off, and Misty gets off twice during that time. Taking my trunks and putting them back on I say, "Now we've had our little exhibition. I really need to get Kathryn back so I can stuff her again." Joan giggles saying, "You just want to breed Kathryn." Kathryn giggles and says, "Oh I think he's already done that.

I will know in a week or so for sure when I miss my next period." Misty forgetting that both of them are nude grabbed Kathryn and hugs her saying, "I know you said you wanted that for a while. So congratulations!" Realizing she feels Kathryn's nude body against her she turned red as she releases Kathryn and steps back.

Joan says, "I will hug you when you get your clothes back on. Congratulations Kathryn!" Marshall laughs, "Seeing those two nude and hugging each other, for some reason is a big turn on." Marshall is hard and nearly as large as I am, I'm not going to take a ruler and measure. But he certainly doesn't have anything to be ashamed of. I tell Kathryn, "Get your clothes back on Wife so I can take you home and make you howl." Everyone in the boat laughs a little but dresses again.

We had back mainly because no one wants to get sunburned and we been out here quite a while. We talk and laugh on our way back. Joan rubs my shoulder to get my attention then points.

Headed up the river are several pontoon boats covered in flowers. They move very slowly to not damage their declarations. We slow the boat to fall in line with them.

Our dock is completely covered in flowers and the boat house has a small army of people moving around. Several of the pontoon boats are docked and Kathryn I have to tie off her boat downstream.

Walking into the crowd we're spotted by Mom who says, "I've been trying to call you but you left your phones here. I need you to take the boats to the marina for today and tomorrow. You can bring them back in a couple of days.

Marshall would you mind driving over to pick up JJ and Kathryn from the marina?" Marshall says, "Sure no problem, anything for you Maggie." Mom hands Marshall her keys to her SUV then tells him, "Pick up some ice in town too please." Kathryn and I give Mom a peck on her cheek and take the boats across to the marina.

Fortunately for us all the pontoon boats have finished coming up the river. We can hurry across the Lake. Kathryn and Joan wave at me as they speed away from me. Her boat is much faster than the bass boat and easily beats me across the Lake.

When I get to the marina, they had secured Kathryn's boat and they point to a nearby slot for me. After I secured Michael's bass boat, I walked to the two as they giggle. They tease me for my boat being slow Kathryn says, "It's a good thing that fish don't swim all that fast or Dad would never catch a single one." I accept her teasing in the good-nature it was given and laugh along with them.

I kiss her and say, "It's not that fast then again it's not that loud so it doesn't scare the fish away." Kathryn giggles as we walk towards the parking lot to wait for Marshall. Kathryn with her hand in mine says, "It's okay Husband, I know you got me the fastest boat out there. You know how I love to go fast." I guess I'm saved from saying anything by Marshall arriving. I smile and give her a quick kiss. I see that the moment he arrives there that Misty is with him.

Misty says, "Your Mom said something about you turning people into money magnets. She asked if we were millionaires, just after two days of trading with you.

When we tell her, yes, she made the comment about money magnet thing. She said we should ask you to tell us the story before coming home. She doesn't want you around the boat house today." Misty handed the girls wraps for them. We went to a coffee shop for something to drink and to talk. Once seated with our drinks Kathryn laughs before saying, "You know JJ's a pickpocket?" That gets the response Kathryn wanted as our three friends get a very shocked expression.

She continues, "Oh don't worry he never takes anything out of your pocket. He only puts money in. He did me that way back before I started working as his personal assistant. At the end of the day I pullout twenty or fifty dollar bill from my pocket that JJ had slid in without me noticing, He was doing it just to give me some money. He always made a joke out of it. He said he was a money magnet and magnetized me too.

That's right about the same time my sisters started calling me JJ's shadow." Kathryn gets up and slips in to my lap. I had just turned eleven and I can tell JJ wanted to do more than just kiss me. I wasn't ready and he waited. I love setting in his lap. He got so excited back then by me just setting there in his lap. Course I did too. I knew I wasn't going to make him wait forever. Now here we are just three years later married. I say with a chuckle, "Remember the day you finally caught me slipping money into your pocket.

You acted all mad at me but I knew you were laughing to yourself about it. I bet you figured out where the money was really coming from and just didn't know how I was doing it." Now Kathryn laughs with me, "It didn't take very long at all to figure out you were giving me money.

I didn't mind too much love, but I knew I could do something to earn the money instead of letting you give it to me all the time.

The first time I caught you, I didn't say anything. Truth is I enjoyed where you had your hand. I had to make you stop; I was feeling guilty because of all the money you were giving me." Now serious I say, "That's why I asked you to become my personal assistant, and came out of retirement. With your help I was able to roll my money into better investments. Beforehand I had it in the bank, even getting prime I was slowly losing against inflation.

I started having you research some companies and you were very good at it. It was really easy to teach you how to trade you're just a natural at it. After a week of you using a learning account, I created an actual account and moved everything to be the same.

You traded for nearly two weeks before I let you in on the secret and in that time you made two and half-million dollars on a small initial investment.

The jeweler finally got your engagement ring in. So I ask you to become my partner, you figured out what I really wanted was for you to be my wife at the same time." Kathryn giggles, "It's hard to think that was two years ago. We've done so much together. The time feels like it flew by. I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything." I tell Kathryn, "Now I get to spend the rest of my life waking up beside you.

Even if you're getting up to feed the baby at 2:30 in the morning I want you to wake me up." Giggling Kathryn says, "If I got to wake you up, you're the one that will be giving the baby her bottle." I laugh and reach round two gently rub her belly. I say to her, "I love to watch you sleep, so I will not mind taking care of her during the night too much.

But you may find out that once she is back to sleep I'll wake you up." Giggling Kathryn says, "If you make me howl, you will get her back to sleep once you wake her up again." Our three friends break out laughing at us. Although they had a surprised look as we keep referring to our baby as her or she they don't say anything. Kathryn tells a few more stories about our life together, and more of the coffee shop customers turn to listen.

She always ends up telling the bear story last. This is the first time Joan has heard it in person, the entire coffee shop listens as Kathryn tells the story that many in town know by now. It seems everyone in town loves a good story and Kathryn is a good storyteller. Her bear story now is more of an epic work taking more than ten minutes to tail.

When Kathryn finishes her telling she receives applause from everyone that listened. As we leave the coffee shop I hear a familiar voice one I haven't heard in over four years she says to me, "So it's all true you became a bear killing billionaire whose married to a fourteen-year-old Princess. Well, she looks like a princess to me and your stories sound like fairytales." I chuckle as I turn to Michelle.

"Hello Michelle. How have you been?" Michelle giggles, "Well not too bad, I wanted to stop in for some coffee and got most my interviews done just listening to the stories your wife shared." I introduce Michelle to my friends and wife. "Kathryn, Joan, Marshall and Misty pointing to each as I name them. Kathryn my wife. You may remember Joan from California the first time you met her four years ago.

Marshall and Misty are friends from here. This is Joan Collins from Forbes magazine." Marshall says, "The Forbes magazine columnist of the year last three years running?" Michelle grins and says, "That would be me." Marshall says, "My Dad is going to love meeting you, I think he has every article you have written." I explained to Michelle, "Michelle, Marshall's Dad is our local judge he will be officiating our wedding tomorrow. I do believe you're coming?" Michelle giggles saying, "Why do you think I'm here.

That and I talked my magazine into running a follow-up on you now that you're eighteen. I find you're already married to your Princess. I did a little research on Kathryn too; found out that recently you have been trading stock at near the highest return in history. I saw you two were setting at the coffee shop I had to come in." Kathryn giggles and holds out her hand to Michelle. "I did read your article about JJ. I was only ten years old at the time but I can tell you, you hit the nail right on the head.

You got his personality down perfectly." The two shake each other's hands warmly. Michelle asks, "Other than your bear story is there any other story about JJ rushing in to save the day." As my three friends begin to laugh uncontrollably, Michelle wonders what she just got herself into.

Marshall brings himself under control first he says, "Like him taking two of his friends under his wing to keep them from living in their car?" Now Joan has something to say, "Like finding out one of his friends father is divorcing her mother, offers her mother a better job in a different place so she doesn't have to live under the same roof she used to, and legal service for the divorce.

Shows her how to trade stocks and commodities on the Internet, loans her the money to get started, and helps her become a millionaire the same day." Misty adds to the list, "Teaches a self-defense class at his high school for no pay.

Probably save more than a dozen girls alone from being raped. I know I'm one of them." Marshall with great concern looks at Misty before she adds, "I know you want to beat the hell out of that asshole.

But there's really no need I did that thanks to JJ." Marshall says, "If you want to know everything else he's been up to you should ask my father. I think he's going to try to get JJ to run for mayor or something." Misty continues Marshall's statement, "Either that or have him made into a saint." Michelle says, "He wouldn't make a good politician, he's honest. So it is probably the sainthood for him." Kathryn rubs my chest and says, "JJ is a very good man, he would be terrible as a politician.

But as for sainthood I don't think so either. Too many people would see my age and never consider anything beyond that. Not like I didn't made JJ over half a billion in the last two years.

But I would never been able to do that without his support." I rub Kathryn's shoulder and say, "Kathryn is the real stock trader now behind JJ enterprises. She has been for the last two years. She is a natural when it comes to the market. She can spot stock trends and undervalued stock faster than anyone I've ever seen and more accurate than ninety percent of Wall Street.

I was lucky to pick her up as my partner. I'm even more fortunate now that she's my wife." Kathryn giggles, "Don't forget I'm going to retire next March." With a chuckle I say, "We're actually not retiring love.

We're just changing careers to parents. We decided to make a full-time career of raising children." Michelle giggles, "What did I get myself into. As for you two retiring, congratulations, but JJ didn't you retire once before?" Smiling I say, "I did.

I didn't have kids to keep me busy before. Kathryn and I will find out soon if she is, and if she's not, we will keep trying." Michelle giggles, "The way you two do things, it wouldn't surprise me that she is, and you know what sex the child is, and have a name picked out." Kathryn and I blurted out without thinking, "Amanda." Then we look at each other and burst into giggles.

Our three friends and Michelle quickly break out in laughter and a second or so Kathryn and I go from giggles to laughter as well. Michelle finally says, "I'm not using anything about your child in my article. Besides that until it happened no one would believe it, and when it does, I'm afraid they would never let you trade again.

Are you guys leaving on a honeymoon?" Laughing I say, "Why? I already live in paradise. Where she is, there is Eden." I know it is a variance off a Mark Twain quote; probably very few people would know it. The original line reads as, Adam: Wheresoever she was, THERE was Eden. Kathryn pulls me into a long passionate kiss. Joan groans, "There they go again. Poor Mom is never going to see my account information." Michelle asks, "You weren't kidding about him making you a millionaire?" Our three friends say simultaneously, "No." Once Kathryn and I finished our kiss I groaned, "Reporters, you have to prove everything to them." Kathryn and I take Misty and Marshall home, dropping them off at the small house, Joan is riding with Michelle as they follow us home.

Once inside were met by an anxious Alyssa. Alyssa asks, "Is it true? Did you make Joan a millionaire today?" Joan and Melissa come to the door. I opened it and let them in. I tell Alyssa, "Yes I did, now let me show you. Once I give Joan her password. Give us two minutes for Kathryn and me to do that." Kathryn takes Joan's hand and leads her to our room. We quickly log on showing Joan her password.

We go downstairs to retrieve Alyssa and Michelle. Alyssa almost wants to run up the stairs, maybe we should have come back, the stress of waiting to see probably kept Alyssa distracted all afternoon. An excited Alyssa sits down quickly by her daughter as Joan shows her the account pages and the total assets listing. Alyssa's eyes go wide; I guess it is one thing hearing it; it's something else to see.

Alyssa wraps Joan in her arms as happy tears streamed down her face. Finally she pulls Joan up to stand and begins to jump lifting Joan off the floor.

She shouts, "My baby's rich." Kathryn rubs my shoulder, and then whispers, "JJ, we did good today." As the two dances away from the monitor, Michelle takes a look for herself. I notice she looks at two things on the account page date activated and deposits. Now Michelle a little wide-eyed looks at me and asks, "How much did you guys make today?" Kathryn answers Michelle's question, "fourteen and a quarter million." I simply have a look of pride on my face.

Michelle does something we been expecting since the coffee shop. I don't think you need to be psychic to figure out what she will ask, what would you ask if you were in her shoes at that moment. Michelle asks, "May I join your class?" Kathryn giggles before she says, "Been expecting that for over an hour now.

Yes you may, but we're getting married again tomorrow. The markets will be closed anyway. So on the fifth be here at nine o'clock." Michelle rushes and gives Kathryn a hug kisses her on the cheek before saying, "Thank you Kathryn." After that Kathryn and I run everyone else out of our room.

Mom is even pull the curtains to and placed a note for us not to open them. Note on the bed reads, "Sorry but you only get to 11:30 tonight together. We couldn't keep you apart on the first wedding so on this one. We're doing everything by tradition." Kathryn looks at the note then hands it to me with a frown. "That only gives us enough time to make love once and a short nap." With my shorts on the floor and stepping out I say to her, "Hurry up.

I'll be undressed in a second." Kathryn giggles and off comes her wrap quickly followed by her bikini. Fortunately for us Alyssa closed the door on the way out. Kathryn and I do make love, I make her howl, and we both fall asleep. 11:30 comes too fast Mom, Alyssa and Helen wakes us. We reluctantly dress and say good night to each other as Kathryn leaves for the rest of the night.

Almost an hour later Mom knocks on my door, she walks in the find me like she did the last two nights Kathryn was away from me. I'm setting in front of the one large window that faces the Edward's house. Mom asks, "You really can't stand to be apart can you?" I say, "I'm just not complete without her." Mom says, "She said the very same thing about you."