Tiny teen Solve Big Problems

Tiny teen Solve Big Problems
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I'm half Native American on my father's side and half White on my mother's side. My father died when I was very young so I grew up with my mom's side of the family in Los Angeles. As a kid, my mom sent me to Oklahoma every summer to visit my father's side of the family. This continued as I grew up and after I turned 18, it was my responsibility to keep the visitations up. I was able to continue my summer visits without any problems, but when I was 21, something happened on that road trip that would change a part of me forever.

I had just bought myself a brand new car and I decided to drive to Oklahoma instead of flying. I mapped out my trip as follows, I-10 east to I-15 north. Taking I-15 into Utah where I took I-70 east. I took this route instead of I-40 because I never seen the Rocky Mountains before.

After taking I-70 into Kansas, I dropped down 135 to I-35 which took me right into Oklahoma City. However, while on I-70 in the middle of the Rockies, I had 2 ½ day pit stop that I admit, I enjoyed.

The day was pleasant. I had no idea how beautiful the Colorado Rockies were. I spent the day stopping off at little towns and pretty much being a tourist. Night started to fall and I was tired of being in and out of the car all day, so I decided to find a motel. It took awhile to the next exit but when I got there I saw a sign for a motel.

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I pulled off the highway and noticed that this town was very small. I could see both ends of town with in less than a half mile. There was only one gas station, a small grocery, and maybe a dozen houses.

The motel was the only one in town as well and it was a small one. One story, maybe 10 or 12 rooms. There was a small café right in front of the motel and a very small hole in the wall bar to the left of the small parking lot.

Coming from a large city, I was amazed that little towns like that still existed. I thought it was pretty cool. The sign on the motel said "vacant" so I pulled in and rented a room.

My birthday is in April so I had only been 21 for two months so I decided to go to that bar and have a few drinks. I walked into the bar and there were only 5 people in the small room including the bartender. The room was dimly lit except for the lamp to my left that was hanging over the pool table.

Two of the people in the bar were at the table shooting a game. They were to men somewhere around mid thirties to early forties, both having short scruffy beards and wearing ball caps. Both had dark hair and stood about 5'10 although one man was slightly bigger than the other. Both of them were in good shape that showed they weren't lazy when it came to work. Their profile defiantly fit the mountain man type. At this point, they stopped their game and was just standing there staring at me with a pool cue in one hand and a beer in another.

I assumed it was because I had long hair and wore city clothes. It was obvious I was a city boy. To the right of me was two small tables and the small bar were two older men, maybe in their sixties with grey hair, sat at the far end drinking and watching NASCAR. It seemed they didn't even notice me or even wanted to with their attention fixed on the tv.

However, the bartender was also staring at me. An older woman, tall, blond, maybe 50 years old or so. She said across the room, "what can I do you for?" I walked up to the bar and took a seat on the opposite end of where the two older guys sat. I said, "I'll have a beer, any kind." She handed me a beer and after I took my first drink, the bigger man from the pool table walked up to me and said, "where you from boy?" "Los Angeles" I replied.

"come shoot me a game of pool." He said. I really didn't want to play but I didn't want to be rude. So I walked over to the table and found me a cue and we began to play. There wasn't much conversation between them and me, but the two of them talked and stared at me while I played. It made me a bit uncomfortable. He whooped my ass pretty quick. It was obvious he played a lot of pool.

He told me he wanted to play another game but I said I had to use the restroom first. I walked into the restroom and it was so small you could barely stand in there. A little sink on the left, a very small toilet stall with no door to the right, and the urinal right in the middle. I never saw a urinal like that one before, it looked like a small bath tub, no dividers and only room for two people to use it at the same time.

I began to do my thing when the door opened and the big man stepped up to the right of me.

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I heard him unzip his pants and that's when he turn towards me and said, "I got what you want right here beautiful." When I turned towards him, I saw his fairly thick, well endowed, circumcised cock hanging out of his pants and pointed straight at me.

That shocked me, so without a word, I got out of there fast. I decided it was time for me to leave. I walked to the bar to pay my tab and noticed the man come out of the restroom and walk over to his buddy. He had eye contact with me the entire walk, never blinking it seemed. I turned towards the bartender and handed her some money. She was giving me my change when he walked up behind me and said to the bartender, "Betty, my we use the back room?" She said, "Sure!

Use it as long as you want." That's when he looked me in the eye and said loud enough that everybody heard him, "lets go city boy! I want you to suck my dick." He had a serious look on his face, and the fact that he already exposed himself to me, I new he wasn't joking.

I looked past his shoulders at his buddy and he just looked at me with a smile. I turned and the old men paid no mind and just kept watching tv, and when I looked at the bartender, she just smiled and turned away.

I never even touched another man's penis more less suck it. I never had the desire, but for some reason which I still don't know today, I looked at him and said, "Ya! Ok! Whatever you say." As I walked in front of him as he guided me to the back room, I was nervice. But a part of me wanted to suck his dick. I don't know if it was because of the domination/submission situation that was going on, or if because seeing his cock earlier some how turned me on a little.

Maybe it was both that was making me a little excited. I have to admit, after the shock of him just whipping his pecker out, I was thinking that his dick did look a bit sexy.

I never felt that before, but my mind was wondering on those thoughts as we walked into the back room. The room was a combination office/storage room. Storage shelves on the left and far walls, and a desk and other office stuff against the right wall. He pulled out the chair from under the desk and told me to sit in it. I did like he said and he then stood in front of me undoing his pants.

He said, "I know your going to like this." When he pulled his pants and underwear down, his dick was already hard and it sprung up right in my face. It was rock hard, he was defiantly horny. His cock had vein's pulsing and the mushroom head was large with pre-cum oozing out of it.

His balls were large as well and very tight, like a perfectly round ball. I could smell a little of his genital order but it wasn't unpleasant. He stroked his cock in front of my mouth milking out more pre-cum. He said, "lick the juice off the tip." I did like he said. It tasted sweet and I told him so.

He then told me to open my mouth and when I did, he grabbed my head and stuck his dick all the way inside and down my throat. I was amazed. His dick was so big yet I was able to take the entire thing in my mouth. His balls were against my chin and yet I wasn't gagging at all. I could feel the head touching the back of my throat and I liked it. I liked the feel of a big dick in my mouth. I liked the taste. I was very excited. I grabbed his balls and started to gently caress them.

He moaned and began to slowly slide his cock deep in and out of my mouth. He simply said, "Ya! You're a sweet little cock sucker." After awhile, he let go of my head and I put my free hand around the base of his dick and began to stroke it as I sucked his cock and caressed his balls. He was very much enjoying it and so was I. About twenty minutes later, he began to moan a little and he started to help me along with him thrusting in sink with my sucking. His moans got more intense and I knew then he was about to cum.


I prepared myself but since this was my first time on the sucking end of it, I wasn't sure what to really expect. Then I felt his dick swell up in my mouth, it was hard. Then cum started shooting out with force. Squirt after squirt shot down my throat like a title wave. It was very hot and salty, but it tasted really good. He was cuming so much and so hard and didn't even realize that I swallowed half of it before I could taste it.

He continued to slide his dick in and out until he made sure all of his cum was out of his cock and in my mouth.

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When he was done, he pulled his pants up and said, "don't go anywhere! It's my buddy's turn." He walked out leaving me in the room. I sat there thinking I couldn't believe what just happened and that I couldn't believe I liked it. Should I tell my girl back home, or keep this to myself? I wasn't sure what to do. I knew I wasn't going to give my girl, but I liked sucking dick.

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I was tripped to say the least. His buddy walked into the room and closed the door. He stepped up in front of me with his crotch in my face and said, "my friend tells me you like to suck cock and that your good at it." I grabbed his belt and began to undo it and his pants and I said, "Ya! And make sure you cum in my mouth." "No problem you little fairy." He responded. Calling me a fairy didn't hurt my feelings, I just wanted to suck his dick.

By that time I had his pants down. He didn't wear underwear so it made it easier to get to his nice cock.

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It wasn't as big as the other man, but it wasn't small either. His dick was also circumcised and was very sexy. Both of them had nice cocks. I started with this guy by sucking on his balls first. They were tight and had very little hair on them. I licked and sucked his balls and licked the shaft and around the head before inserting his dick into my mouth.

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Once I began sucking his cock, he grabbed my head and held it in place as he fucked my mouth. He was way more aggressive than his friend was. He did this for about ten minutes never stopping until my mouth was full of his cum. I swallowed it only to have it filled up again by more of his cum. He was a very heavy cummer.


However, I managed to swallow it all with out losing a drop. He pulled his pants up and never saying a word, he gently popped me on the cheek, smiled and walked out of the room. When I walked out back into the bar, the two of them were back at the pool table looking at me. I walked past the bar and she told me to have a good night.

I looked over at the two men and they just smiled at me as I walked out the door. I went to the back to my motel room and laid in bed with all those crazy thoughts running through my mind. What a crazy and eye opening day that was.

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The next morning, I cleared out of the motel and started heading east on I-70 still with those thoughts in my head. I got about 45 miles when I decided to go back.

I couldn't help it. I turned around and drove all the way back to that small town and pulled into the bar parking lot. I walked in and the place was empty except for Betty the bartender. I walked up to her and said, "do you know where I can find those two men at the pool table last night?" "You mean Bob and Earl.

What do you want them for?" She said. "I just want to talk with them." I responded. She said, "you mean you want to suck their dick's again?" I had forgotten that she knew. I said, "Yes! As a matter of fact." "Wait here." She said.

She walked over to the phone and made a phone call. Then she came back over and said, "He's on his way." I couldn't believe what I was doing. I couldn't believe I told that woman I wanted to suck dick. Was I craving it so bad to the point of being desperate for it?

That I would do anything for it? I wasn't sure but I did know that I needed to control those urges. Five minutes later the bigger of the two walked in.


Betty said to him, "Look who's back Earl. He told me he came back to give you another blow job." "is that a fact?" he responded. "sit down in that chair boy and open your mouth." He said. I said, "right here? Right now? In front of her? What if somebody walks in?" He said, "You want it, you do it right here." I did want it, so I sat down in the chair.

I figured she already knew so what's the difference? After I sat down, He walked up and stuck his dick in my mouth. I pretty much sucked his cock the same was as the night before with the exception that Betty was watching me suck her friend off. From the position of the chair, I could see her watching me intently. I think it turned her on to watch a man suck another man's cock.

He was holding my head and fucking my mouth as I caressed his balls when I saw Betty pick up the phone. About five minutes later, I was still sucking his dick when his buddy "Bob" walked into the bar with another man. The other man was about the same age as the others but was clean shaven, shorter and skinnier then "Bob" and "Earl".

"Bob" said, "Looks like the city fairy can't get enough dick, so I brought Tom here to have a go around." Never losing a beat, he kept fucking my face. "Betty" said, "I'm going to enjoy watching this." As she walked over to the door and locked it. She then sat down in a chair next to me and as I kept sucking she said, "I know why you like these dicks so much.

I've sucked them myself and they taste good. Bob! Tom! come over here. He can play with all three of you." They came over and dropped their pants. I grabbed a dick with each hand and began to stroke them as I sucked the other one. It was exciting. I was having a lot of fun with three dicks in my face. I was glad I came back. I was so turned on that I began to switch between dicks, sucking and stroking back and forth until I made all of them cum in my mouth. It was the best hour I have ever spend in that kind of situation.

I stayed another night, sucking off those three dicks again later that night and the next morning before I left for Oklahoma.

I cut my visit down five days and stopped off at that town again on the way home. I spent those five days sucking as much cock as I could. It was a good vacation that year. Unfortunately, I never made it back and I never sucked another dick. I got married instead but I'll never forget that summer.