Blowjob from a cute girl

Blowjob from a cute girl
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In my neighborhood, the fences are short and they do not offer any privacy from yard to yard. My next door neighbor just moved in about three months ago. She bought the house by herself. About a week after she moved in I went over and introduced myself to her.

Her name is Shannonshe is about 5' 7" tall, and she is the owner of a local franchised gym that I frequently work out at. I have seen her there before but I couldn't put two and two together and figure out that she was my neighbor. Her body is phenomenal. She has blonde hair and a great set of breasts. I had my sunglasses on when I met her so she couldn't see me looking over her body as we talked.

She had just returned from her workout and was wearing a pair of tight, black workout pants and a bright pink sports bra.

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Her abs were flat and toned. She had great muscle definition on her arms, she had good muscle tone, but was still feminine. We talked about work a little and other stuff. I'm not stalking her but we take the same route home some days. I have noticed that there are days when she dresses in business attire.

When she does this, she usually wears a black suit snugly fitted suit jacket and a tight skirt that barely goes down to her knees.

Last week after I pulled into the driveway, I got out of my car and looked over and said, "Hi Shannon. Did you drive fast enough today?

I guess you were in a hurry to get home, huh?" She turned to look back at me. She was wearing her pink sports bra and black workout pants again. "Hey Brian." She walked over to my yard. "Yeah, you know, it's Friday, and I have some things to do before tonight." She looked at what I was wearing and then she looked at herself.

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I think she noticed that her nipples were poking out because she crossed her arms trying to hide them. "I'm sorry; I just got done working out.

I'm a mess right now." "I don't care. Like you said, you just got done with a workout; no one should expect to be looking like a model after a workout. I went to the gym before work this morning; otherwise I would look like that too." I was still wearing my work clothes.


"Oh, thanks. You're sweet." She smiled at me and turned to walk back to her house. I was staring at her tight ass when she turned back around, "Hey, I am having some girlfriends over later so we might be kinda loud.

Just let me know if we're too loud for you, OK?" "OK. I'm sure you'll be fine later.

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I'm usually up late anyway. Have a good time. I'll see you later." I sure hoped I would see her later. Ever since she has moved in I have tried to get the guts up to ask her out, but I'm pretty sure she is out of my league. Shannon walked into her house as I walked into mine. I went to let the dog out then went upstairs to change. Since it was hot out, I just put on some khaki shorts and flip-flops.

I grabbed my sunglasses, walked out back on the deck, grabbed the hose and started to water the plants and bushes. I heard Shannon come out of her house about ten minutes after I did. "Well," she said. "Fancy meeting you here." I turned around to acknowledge her and to my pleasant surprise, Shannon was wearing a little white string bikini that barely covered her firm breasts.

I swallowed hard, "Uh, hi. Yeah, long time so see." "I hope you don't mind, I need to get some sun for a while before tonight so I at least have some color." She stepped off of her deck and walked toward me.

I met her at the fence. I asked, "Why would I mind? I mean, it's your house and your yard; you can do what you want there right?" "Yeah, I guess so." We talked and laughed for a few more minutes. "OK, I'm gonna go lay down.

See ya." She turned around and walked back to her deck. As she turned I saw her ass swaying side to side. Her bikini top didn't cover much, but the bottom covered even less.

She had a g-string bottom.


I saw the "T" part of the string at the top of her ass; the rest disappeared into her crack. I mumbled, "I wish I was a white string right now," but I didn't think it was loud enough for her to hear me. As she got up to her chair on the deck she bent over and spread the towel down on the lounge-chair. When she bent over, it almost felt like she pushed her ass out to me so I could get a better view. She crawled on all fours on the chair and lay down on her stomach.

Shannon reached behind her and untied the strings holding her top on. She turned her head toward me, put her hands under her head, laid her head on them and looked directly at me.

I acted as if I was watering the grass but I'm sure she knew that I was watching her. I didn't look over at her for a while. The next time I did was about five minutes later and she had her eyes closed. Just before I turned away, Shannon lifted herself up, took a drink of her water.

As she drank her bottled water, I saw that her tits were just as firm without a top on as they were with a top on. My cock twitched in my shorts. I knew I would get busted looking at her so I turned my head and continued to water the yard. I reached down and adjusted my hardening cock in my shorts. "I saw that Brian." Shannon giggled. 'Oh shit!' I thought. 'I was totally busted.' I looked up at her and asked, "Uh, saw what?

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What do you mean?" "I saw you grab yourself. Don't worry. I don't care. Actually I was going to ask you if you would come over and rub some sunscreen on my back so I don't get burned." "Sure, I can do that." I walked over, turned the hose off and hopped the fence. I walked up to her and said, "Sorry about that. I had to, um, adjust.

I knew you saw me, I was trying to play it cool, but I guess it didn't work. Where's the sunscreen?" "Well, I have to tell you I wasn't completely honest with you earlier. You know how I told you that I had some friends coming over later? That's not entirely true.

I only have one friend coming over. And since I already caught you looking at me, I…" "Wait." I interrupted her. "You mean you saw me looking at you?

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I thought your eyes were closed." "Yeah, they weren't completely closed. I was looking at you too. I have seen you at work and I have wondered what you look like without a shirt on for a while.

And I have to tell you, you look great! So, my friend that is coming over, I work with her. She has seen you at the gym too. We talk about you all the time. Brian, how does a guy like you not have a girlfriend? I mean, you're nice, you look great, you have your own house and apparently you are successful enough to afford all your toys and a nice car." "I don't know. I don't really go out much, I just moved here about a year ago from Michigan for my job so I don't really know anyone except the people I work with and they are all kind of computer geeks, to put it nicely.

I have hung out with them a few times at company parties and I don't seem to have much in common with anyone there except our jobs. So I just hang out mostly at home and play with Bouncer." "Bouncer?" she asked.

"Yeah," I pointed to my yard. "My German Shepherd. I used to get into a few bar fights at home when I was in college and I became good friends with some of the bouncers because of it. Once I got the dog, one of my buddies said that I should name him Bouncer as a 'memory' from home. So I did. May I sit here?" I asked, motioning to the lounge chair next to Shannon.

"Please do. You said a few bar fights? Was this a regular occurrence?" "No, maybe one a month. I don't think that's too often, is it? Anyway, where did you say the sunscreen was?" I looked around for it. "I don't really need any of it. I just had to find some lame excuse to get you to come over." Shannon smiled at me.

She sat up, putting her hands on her chest to cover herself, "So, I told you that I was looking at you. Are you going to admit that you were checking me out too or do I have to drag that out of you?" "OK, yeah, I was checking you out. I mean, what guy wouldn't? You obviously have a great body and you are self-confident or you wouldn't even think about buying that bikini, or lack there of.

So, yes, I find you attractive." "Why haven't you said anything before this then? I mean, I know you look at me whenever I am outside. Honestly, I like to know that you are looking at me. "Since I first saw you I thought you were way out of my league, so I wasn't sure if I should even ask you out." "I bought this bikini today, hoping that you would be outside so I could show it off to you." "You bought that for me?" "Well, kinda.

I bought it for me, it wouldn't fit you." She smiled as she looked over my body. "I bought it to show you. I hoped that it would get you to come over and I guess it worked." "Well, I certainly like it.

But you didn't have to go to that extreme to get me to come over. But thank you." Shannon reached for my hand with the one that wasn't holding her breasts and grabbed it. I squeezed her hand gently.

"Wow, you have nice strong hands Brian. I can't see any part of you that I'm not impressed with, yet." "Well, your hands are soft too. What do you mean yet? And I don't see anything I don't like on you either." "By yet, I mean, you still have your shorts on, so I can't see what's under them. And thank you. So I'm guessing, from your compliment that you like these too?" She took her arm down from her chest, exposing her beautiful breasts to me.

They were nice and round. Her nipples stuck out just slightly. I sat there in amazement for a couple of seconds then said, "Oh my God Shannon. You are beautiful. I thought you were great with your clothes on, but now, I don't know what to say." "You don't have to say anything." She stood up, took the step over to me, straddled me and sat on my lap. I could feel the pressure from her pushing down on my cock, which was growing harder by the second.

"All you have to do is kiss me Brian." She leaned into me, tilted her head to the side and started to kiss me with an open mouth.

Her lips were soft and full and she tasted so good. Her tongue met mine in my mouth and they were dancing around each other in no time. My hands made their way around to her back as hers wrapped around my neck. She moved her elbows down, pushing my arms down her back, causing my hands to meet her ass. It was just as firm as I had imagined it.

She pulled herself closer to me pressing her breasts into my chest. I grabbed her ass and squeezed it, pulling her pelvis closer, grinding her on my hard-on.

She moved her hips back and forth a couple more times, knowing she was making me harder. I slipped my thumbs under the string that went around her hips and started to slide it off. As I got it past her ass, Shannon stood up and turned around. She showed off her flexibility by bending over and grabbing her ankles. I slid her g-string down her legs and to her feet. She never moved as I did this. I sat most of the way back up until I was staring directly at her glistening pussy.

She was completely shaven and slightly moist. I ran my hands up her legs to her ass. I grabbed her ass and pulled it into my face. I stuck my tongue out and began licking her pussy. I moved my tongue up and down slowly along her slit as I moved my hands op her ribs to her chest. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them.

They were each a handful and then some. Shannon started to moan softly the more I licked and grabbed. She took my hands and started rubbing them on her tits in a circular motion. After a couple of minutes of this, Shannon stood up and turned back to face me. She leaned in, putting her hands on my hips and kissed me.

Her hands moved to the button and zipper on my shorts and undid them. She grabbed my shorts and slid them off. "Huh," she said. "No boxers?" "Nope, I hardly ever wear them." My cock popped out of my shorts as she slid them past it.

It was standing at full attention when she took hold of it. She started to stroke it. "Oohh, that feels nice. So I take it you like everything on me now?" I moaned. "Well, then this should feel better. And yes. I love it. It's bigger than I thought it would be. Usually big muscle guys have smaller cocks." She stood up and straddled me again.

Her hand still on my cock, she positioned herself over my shaft and slowly sat down. Her pussy was so warm and wet. My hard-on slid in with ease as she lowered herself down to the base of my cock. "Oh my God Brian, that feels great!" She went back up and down a few more times, moaning more each time she got to the base. "I thought it was big in my hands, but damn! It has been a while for me but I haven't had a cock this big before." She leaned in to kiss me again. I returned the kiss, grabbed her hips and held her on the base of my cock.

I pushed and pulled her back and forth, so she was grinding her clit on me. She moaned more and started to let out a few light screams. I broke the kiss, leaned my head down and took her breast in my mouth.

I lightly bit her nipple and flicked it with my tongue, still moving her hips back and forth on me. More screams came out and they started to get louder.

"This feels so good ShannonI want it to last but I can't hold back anymore." I could feel my balls tightening up and my cock swelling. "Keep going.


I'm almost there." She said, trying to catch her breath. "Fuck me Brian." She yelled as she rocked her hips back and forth faster than I was doing it. The tension was so high in my cock by now, I'm sure it was seeping into her wet pussy. "I can't hold it anymore. It's coming. HOLY SHIIIIIT!" I shot my load deep into her pussy as she tightened up around my cock. She grabbed my shoulders, digging her nails into my skin. I grabbed her ass and pushed my cock as far into her as I could go.

Shannon started to scream louder now as she climaxed. She bucked her hips a few more times, and then sat, frozen stiff, on my cock. We were both out of breath. Trying to catch hers, she said, "I-haven't-had-an orgasm-like-that-in a-long-time-Brian. Holy shit-that was awesome!" "I know." I said, still breathing heavily. "It's been a while, like I said.

That was I big release." I felt something dripping out of her snatch and down my balls. "Yeah, it was. You filled me up and then some. I think I'm leaking." She started to laugh. "Don't know if it's you or me, but something's coming out." "I can feel it too, but I don't care. It was more than worth it." I looked up and kissed her. Shannon slowly stood up, letting my still erect penis slide out of her dripping pussy. "Oops," she said as something was still dripping out of her used slit.

"That's never happened before. You must have had a huge load. You sure know how to make a girl feel welcome in the neighborhood." She smiled at me as she bent over to pick up her bikini and my shorts. "Here, take these and follow me." "Where are we going?" I asked.

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"Well, I'm gonna take a shower, and you are more than welcome to join me if you would like. Or you can just sit there naked and imagine what I am going to be doing in the shower.