Gay boy sex tips An Unlucky Victim Gets A Surprise

Gay boy sex tips An Unlucky Victim Gets A Surprise
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This is a painfull story not for soft hearts and also dont get enraged as it is a harsh truth of our past and must be enlightened so im realy sorry for if anyone's sentiments are hurted i undrsntnd every sentiment of female as im also one of them.

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It is a story of a gorgeous and cute princess.aliena. of "19 "years of age.,whose kingdom was conquered by mongol lord all her family commited succide or were murdered but her fate was different and painful she was captured by a human trafficker of persia and was sold to a cruel roman noble commander who took her to rome .""by this time aliena prepared her mind and body to accept her fate and obey her owner."""., and on reaching rome aliena ,s master tore her gown from top and squeezed her soft breasts and pinched her cute pink nipples cruely this made aliena scream in pain this made her master angry and he threw her on floor and beaten her with legs aliena cried with pain but her master didnt sieze beating her but rather started hitting her with iron rod this lead to furious pain this made her body full of sweatblood and red marks when her master got tired of beating her cruely then he did his final move the cruelest of all he took a fired wooden log from the fireplace this filled her with fear all her body was sweating due to fear sweat also sored her fresh wounds of beating which were aching., master was moving closer and closer to her she tried to flee but maids bondaged her ,,master cruely inserted the fire log in her vagina she screamed and fainted and then the log was removed from her vagina.,then she was stripped nude leaving nothing on her cute body the she was groomed and bathed and tied on a wooden table when she got out of her faintness her master was sitting on her belly and sucking her large gorgeous breasts and bitting nipples after almost two hours of non stop sucking he stopped and said"her tits are good soft and sweet but only missing thing is breast milk"so i think u understand to the maid standing there and then master left after he left maid tied her belly to the table aleina was confused what was happening then maid took a rope and tied aliena,s tits to each other extreamly tight then she injected a full glass of cum in her vagina using a funnel then she filled a injection of cum and injected it in her tits and nipples twice this lead to sweare pain to aliena after 2-3 mins two male slaves came and started punching and sucking her large soft tits for many hours this was the end of cruelty at night while leaving one of the male crushed alienas boob by his shoe she broke out in tears all night she cried in pain but no one was kind enough to help her., her nipples were hard and sore her tits were paining due to sucking punching crushing and not to forget the tight rope which bounded her tits and something painful was also going inside her but dont know what.?

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this was because of cum forcibly injected in her which leaded to temporary loss of fertility these pains continued whole night next day she was feededbathed etc then the whole yesterday's procedures were repeated this continued till 1 and a half week which lead showers of milk in her tits all three were happy of there achievement aliena was also happy for end of daily tortures done to her.

then they removed all her ropes and dressed her in a vintage tight gown and presented her to master and left the room aliena was feared of master about what will he now do to her body,master then locked the room and tore alienas top using his sharp sword then he harshly grabbed alienas right tit and pulled her to bed and loughed "ha ha u im cruel nah ha huh., then he jumped over alienas belly and said you are my property and im your proud owner ok., then aliena said yes master then he started sucking her tits roughly after sucking them he called the maid and show aliena her worth and left then maid examined aliena's well built body and then she squeezed aliena's tits and milking her rythmaticly like a cow into a bowl this was not only milk it was milk recieved from intruding pain to aliena then the maid threw the milk bowl on floor then she took iron pins and taking a pin on her left tit she slowly pushed it into her tit aliena screamed in pain but the maid laughed at her.,and hitted on her tits several times the she pinched her nipple and streched it in a extreme way then suddenly some soldiers came pushed the maid back and tied the ropes to aliena,s tits and attached the rope to a horseman and ran into the town when they reached all her body was ruined all body was full of blood breasts were extreamly damaged and aliena was on verge of dying.please dont post dangerous comments if liked then there will absolutely part 2

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