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Hot Chick Sucking Black Rod
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"Please come over Joseph," there was a sobbing voice at the other end of the line. "I need you." "What happened?" I enquire. "It's Todd," she says quietly. "He cheated on me with Amanda." "That son of a bitch!" I say lividly. "I'm gonna KILL him the next time we meet." I immediately stop playing video games and hurry towards the garage. I get inside my car and make my way towards Brooklyn's house. Brooklyn lives four blocks down the the road in our very narrow and secluded neighbourhood.

I met Brooklyn 8 years ago, and from my first glance at her I knew that I would never meet a person more beautiful. She has been my only confidant and best friend. She may be beautiful but she has an unimpressive record of the men.

Todd Silverson is the front back and captain of the football team of our school: Realton Legacy Football Team. Brooklyn thought he was the one, but I never truly believed that: I never told her. I suspected that Todd slept with other girls; however I could not bring myself to tell Brooklyn of the suspicions I harboured. I wanted her to be happy even though it was an illusion. Now that she was deluded I felt angry at myself for not warning her.

Brooklyn and I are both 17 years of age. Eight years after our initial meeting and I'm still the only constant and good guy in her life. I really care for her but I'm not in love with her or anything like that. I have always looked at her as a dear and treasured friend. And anything beyond might jeopardize our relationship, I pull up at her house; exit the car; and quickly hurry to knock at her door. I am welcome by a crying blonde; my heart aches at the sight. She immediately throws herself on my shoulder like it was a pillar of strength for her failing body.

I embrace her and smoothly caress her back. She smells of wine. "I'm so sorry. That bastard does not deserve your tears." "Oh Joseph!

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Please hold me." I do as I am told. After some time her sobbing halts. "Thanks, I guess I needed a good shoulder to cry upon." "My shoulder will always be here for you," I say caringly. "But my fists are always the for Todd's face." She smiles after I say that and it is welcomed sight.

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We leave the porch and enter her house. Her house is cavernous. I notice a bottle of wine and a glass on the bar. "I thought it would numb the pain," Brooklyn says.

"But I guess not." A streak of a tear escapes her eye. I place my thumb on her face and gently brush off the salty water. She takes out a glass and pours the red inside the two glasses. She offers me a glass.

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I imagine her parents are going to be furious when they get back from work to find that their daughter has exhausted their wine supply. "Maybe it will be better with you," she says to me. I take the half full glass. As she offers me the glass I notice that she is wearing a long shirt with the two top buttons undone. The outline of her 34C breasts is clearly visible. She is not wearing a bra. Oh my! She is only wearing a white shirt and some panty; I think.

I take a slip of the wine and it is sweet with a deep and pleasant smell. "Can we go to the TV room? I just wanna sit down," Brooklyn requests We enter the TV room. The Chaeif family is really loaded: they have the biggest house on our block. Both Brooklyn's parents are investment bankers. I never understood why she stood why she went to Realton Legacy when she could clearly afford better alternatives for High School.

I sat on the sofa and assessed Brooklyn. She had appealing strawberry blonde hair which was now unattended. Its was more sexy when it was dirty. She had a firm ass that got a lot of looks at school.

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Since she was on the school's relay team, her kegs were quite muscular. An erection started to form as I looked at her. She slowly bent, and entered a disk into a Blu-ray player. Her ass became huge and protruded out of her long shirt so I got a long look. She saw me staring, smiled, and shrugged it off. A huge 54" Plasma TV is turned on. I immediately notice Groundhog Day playing.

This was our favourite movie and Brooklyn adores Bill Murray. She goes to the kitchen and comes back with a bowl filled with potato chips. She sits ,and leans onto me: my erection gets stronger and longer at the close scent of her- engulfing me. I wrap my arm around her shoulders and proceed to watch the movie. After a couple sips of wine, I grow more brazen. I tentatively brush against her breast with my left hand, and quickly remove it and pretend it was unintentional.

She stares at me with her sapphire eyes, smiles and continues to watch the movie. I have never thought of Brooklyn sexually, but today, at this moment, my carnal desires are betraying me. She is just wearing that shirt and her leaning on me is unbearable to my dick which is now rock hard and most definitely brushing Against her backside.


She slowly unbuttons her cream white linen shirt."It's hot in here." She says with a hint of lust in her voice. "Don't you think so?" She covers her breasts; barely concealing them. My heart in now thumping really hard in my chest from the excitement. I kiss her neck and then nibble the back of her ear. She lets out a subtle moan while concentrating on the television. My carnal desire completely overtakes me, and at that moment I want to tear my best friend's shirt and fuck her right now on the sofa.

"Why didn't you fuck Emilia?" Emilia Samson is my ex-girlfriend. I broke up with her a couple of months ago. I have had multiple girlfriends in the past but never managed to have sex with any of them. Emilia had offered herself to me but I did not want her to be my first. Sounds infantile, but Emilia was kind of a slut so I did not want my first time to be with her.

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"The timing was not right, you know?'' I manage to utter. "Yeah, all too well. My timing was also not right but I manage to allow Todd to pop my cherry. Barely three months into our relationship," she say with a rueful expression. "The sex was not even very memorable, but then again I have no one to compare him to.'' I know this story all to well. Todd had give her emotional blackmail threatening to break up with her. I never understood why a robust, headstrong and free spirited girl like Brooklyn would give in to such demands.

"I hope you find someone worthy to give your virginity to,'' she said. "And I hope it is memorable Memorable for you and her.'' At that moment I fell in love with Brookly, or did I realise I was always in love with her but never acknowleged it so as to not dent our friendship. Now that I think about it, I have always had a crush on her since I first laid my eyes upon her.

I recall asking my mother if she was an angel the first time I saw her. "You were so cute as a child,'' Brooklyn says knocking me out of my reverie. "And I'm not cute now. You wound me.'' I feign a sad countenance.

"You even moan and complain like one,'' Brooklyn says laughing. "Right now you have passed cute.

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You are quite handsome and a catch too. I've noticed some of my friends ogling you.'' A lot of girls have told me that I am good looking, but I had never acknowledged it.

Hearing it come from Brooklyn made me turn crimson-profusely so. "Sometimes I get jealous when I see other girls looking at you,'' she says with a whisper and a hint of loneliness.

"You are MY Sweet Bee.'' Sweet Bee was a nickname I had acquired when I was still a child. Now it was forgotten like many memories in my youth. "You wanna know something Joseph?'' I nod and listen attentively. "I have always wondered why you never asked me out. Why is that Jose?'' I try to contemplate the answer but when I try to responds she says, "Do you think I'm beautiful?'' "Yeah, very much so,'' I respond. "I think because you're my most treasured friend and I don't want to lose that, also you usually date popular boys and I don't think I can handle the competition.'' She keeps quite for some time.

"No, the competition can never handle you. And you would never have competition while you are with me.'' We stay quiet for a long while.

Then Brooklyn grabs my arm and directs it to her firm breast. "I want you to be mine, and I want to be your.'' "The feeling is mutual,'' I respond while cupping her breasts with both of my hands. My now fading dick comes back to life. I gently caress her breast, and give her hardening nipple a firms squeeze.

I continue feelin her breasts for a while. She then leans more towards me. I prudently slipe my right hand down to her groin while my left hand stays with her breasts. "Squeeze and twist me baby.'' Needing no further encouragement I immediately follow her instruction, and twist her now very hard brown nipple.

She lets out a high pitched moan. My right hand finds that she is wearing a lacy panty. I brush it aside and make my hand to her clean shaven wet pussy. I slowly enter my index finger and begin to try and attack every nook and cranny of her walls. I continue to gently stroke her breast and assault her vaginal wall.

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I slowly retreat towards the anterior end of the vulva and begin to stimulate her clitoris. I make small circles along her sensitive erectile tissue. Brooklyn lets out a loud moan. "OH YESSS, I'm gonna come.'' And just after she says the her pussy reaches and orgasmic climax and a stream of liquid emanate from her. Brooklyn stands up after a while and holds my hand. She leads me upstairs into her bedroom.

She pushes me to her bed and then she pulls off my pants simultaneously removing my underwear. My dick stands free and looking grateful at Brooklyn like she just released it from prison. I sit up and take off my shirt. Before I am done, I feel her wet mouth on my erection.

I groan as she circle to bottom of my head with her skilled tongue. "OHH, BROOKLY. The things you do to me.'' She manages to take the entire length of my dick inside with out gagging. She slowly throbs up and down my erection. I move my hands to cup her breasts and sensually massage them. Before long I feel my cum comin up. "I'M GONNA COME.'' Brooklyn does not remove her mouth but sucks incessantly. I unload into her wanton mouth. Jet after jet of sperm. Only a trickle manages to get out from the corner of her mouth.

She quickly licks it. "MHH, you taste salty sweet,'' she says with a drop dead gorgeous face that said Fuck-me-now. "Now I want you to make love to me." I grab her waist and put her on the bed so that I am positioned betwixt her legs. I greedily remove her panty, leaving her with just an unbuttoned shirt. She is soaking wet.

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She grabs hold of my dick and positions it near her love hole. I slowly insert it and she lets out a shrill moan. When I'm fully inside her I pause to savour the moment: her warmth, her vaginal walls hugging me like to three lovers and me between.

I slowly move back and forth inside her; she reciprocate and matches my movements and strokes. We continue this embrace for a dozen minutes. I continue to make love to her slowly while I caress her breast with an occassional slap to the the ass which Brooklyn seems to enjoy. I begin to increase my pace inside her. Her moan also become louder and more discordant. "Arg, OHH, PLEASE!'' she screams. I was in pure bliss.By then I felt my lower muscles clench and contract, I knew I was nearing climax.


"I'm gonna come.'' "Come inside me, sweetz!'' I come inside her on command. And when I am nearly done her inner wall hold my dick in a tight grip like a vice. Her orgasm is violent: shaking her whole body she holds on to me for dear life. She screams very loudly. After a few moments, her orgasm subsides leaving behind a very wet bed. When I am done and exhausted I sink next to her and try to catch my breath.

"That was the best,'' Brooklyn says, panting and out of breath. "Thanks for that.

I never knew it would be this good." "My pleasure," I reply. "And yours too if I recall correctly.'' We laugh after I say that. "I love you," she says while staring intently into my eyes.

"You will always be my Sweet Bee." We lay on the bed for a while until her phone rings and she stands. "Hello,'' she answers. "Todd.'' She listen to what he has to say. Her face drops as she listens to him and it is now filled with dread and horror. "Yeah. okay. I love you too.'' What? I am in disbelief as I hear her say that she loves the man who just cheated and broke her heart.

She professed her love for me a while back. She looks at me solemnly and with a rueful countenance after she hangs up. "It was a misunderstanding. oh my god.

He never slept with Amanda and I just cheated on him. How could I be so feeble and weak-minded? I drank too much wine, and instead of consoling me you took advantage. Why Joseph?" I wanted to scream and say that I love her and that todd is bad for her but I knew that it would be of little use.

So my Sweet Bee side spoke for me. "I'm sorry, I guess I was also a little drunk. What we did here need not come out.'' I utter. But the real me wished that it would. "I have to go to Todd.''