Hot reife Schlampe aunty fucking ihr Toyboy

Hot reife Schlampe aunty fucking ihr Toyboy
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One part of this story is completely true and the other part slightly embellished for effect. But I got my wish from both people involved. During the summer I turned 15, before my fun with Sinead and after myself and Chloe began our adventures; my friend James had a free house for about a week while his parents were on holiday. They left the charge of the house to his sister Marie, she was 18. We were really looking forward to the week, as we had many boozy parties planned.

The only downside was Marie. She was a bible freak. No offence to those with faith, but she was a busy body, looking down on you if you weren't a practising catholic, always preaching you know. At 15, I went to church most weeks, but only at my parents behest, otherwise I'd be enjoying my lazy Sunday morning in bed, ideally flashing my cock at my younger sisters friends.

Anyway, Marie was a pain, but she was fit pain all the same. She had an alright face, heart shaped with nice almond eyes and lots of freckles. She had a body to die for. I mean it was a total hourglass or figure 8 shape. Massive tits, tiny waist and childbearing hips that you could grab onto, and she always wore summery dresses to her knee, although conservatively cut, the fabric was always tantalisingly thin. Her nipples were seemingly erect all the time. She was none too happy to hear of James and our gangs plan to have a big bash.

Another impediment to having a party was the younger sister Mandy. She was 11 and was always hanging around when we were in the house.

Don't get me wrong, she was a cute kid, curly pig tails, a mini Marie really, without the overt curves. She was very articulate for her age and she had a great sense of humour, but having her hang around while we were up to no good, drinking beer and smoking the quarter of hash I had procured from my guy, was not the best option. We were hoping for a few of the girls to come also but in the end they chickened out. I was really disappointed as I was hoping to get a chance to flash or spy on some of them in the toilet or shower or some opportunity would arise for me to 'accidentally' expose myself to them.

I was a fairly experienced exhibitionist by now, letting my sister's friends see me naked most weekends. My voyeur side was kept to a minimum however and I wanted to rectify this.

There were about a dozen of us in James' house on the Friday night, the first night without the parents. I was designated joint roller. I was good at making nice big 'cones.' I made about 12 of them and put them in a shoebox.

Marie kept coming in the living room where we partying. She insisted we smoked outside the house. It was a beautiful evening and still light out.

Mandy, the younger sister was hanging around the place. A few of us were outside on a bench smoking a joint and Mandy came over and plonked herself on my lap, as the bench was full. She often did this to our gang, she wasn't shy. She had on a tight pair of short shorts. Everyone was wearing shorts, it was a warm night. I was surprised enough, in my stoned state, as she settled on my lap and starting yapping to us about how bad we all were for drinking and smoking the 'wacky backy.'I guess she was excited by all the people in the house.

I was suddenly very aware of how my penis was swelling as she rubbed her skinny bare legs off mine and moved around restlessly on my lap. My shorts were dark blue nylon soccer shorts with a very light fabric.

I was not wearing underwear. My cock was more than a semi pressing against her fleshy upper thigh; it was involuntary reaction I assured myself. Hash does tend to make one hornier after all.

I became more concerned momentarily as we started to make fun of her, telling her that her boyfriend was on his way to the party.

She was more animated in rebuking us and her ass fell slightly between my legs and she put her hand on my crotch area to steady herself. She put it directly on top of my swelling hardon and grabbed it to try and still herself. She stopped her yapping and looked at where her hand was and stared at me in the briefest moment of time before letting go and continuing her little tiff with the guys.

This happened in about two seconds. None of the others noticed what happened and they continued their banter with each other. She was still on my lap but a bit quieter now.

However, she swayed her weight against my growing cock every ten seconds or so. She was definitely aware of there being something hard in my shorts. Then she put her hand directly on my full cock as she hopped from my lap to leave. I winced and it was entirely plausible that she did that on purpose. I could not believe my eyes as she walked away and looked directly at me as she walked though the patio door.

I liked how horny I was from this, considering that it was the indirect actions of an eleven year old girl that caused me to have a large bulge in my shorts. I savoured the moment but truly believed that nothing else could happen. The night wore on and it got colder outside so we stayed in the house more. We were all fairly stoned and I was more than a bit tipsy. I was always careful not to mix my alcohol and smoke too much as it inevitably leads to a greenie or a whitey.

We were chilling and chatting and listening to music in the main living area, which was quite spacious. It was 1993, so the music we were listening to was grungy and most of the guys were moshing around the place to the loud music.

Marie came in to the room and stood there in her long silk dressing gown, which hugged her womanly figure and she shook her head looking around at the mess the bunch of young teenagers had made.

Her breasts looked bigger than usual or maybe it was the dim lighting and the copious amounts of hash I had consumed. She bounded over to me because I happened to be looking in her direction. 'Where's James?' she asked with an annoyed tone. 'I think he's outside with Peter,' I shouted over the music and carelessly stared at her tits.

She stormed off and I took it upon myself to follow her and see what was going on. I hauled myself of the seat and I saw her go outside and argue with Seamus, who was really twisted drunk at this stage. She was yelling something about how she was working early in the morning and that she couldn't hear herself think, never mind sleep. I chuckled to myself, poor Marie, boo-hoo?! I wanted to continue watching the exchange but I felt a pressure in my bladder and realised I badly needed a piss.

The main house toilet was occupied so I went to the en suite toilet I knew to be in Marie's room. The light was on so out of politeness I knocked on the door. As I thought, she was still outside, so I went in. I noticed that there were two single beds in her bright, pink room. The room was covered in posters of a boy band, not what I was expecting for bible thumping Marie's bedroom.

She had an array of perfumes and cosmetics on her dresser and stoned as I was I went over to see them, out of curiosity. I was picking up one of the perfumes to sniff it when I looked to the floor and saw a pair of Marie's panties black and white polka dot with a white lacey trim.

They were tiny. I put the CK One back and I reached down and picked them up. They were frilly and I moved them to my nose to give them a good whiff.

I could smell a sweaty odour and I was kind of moved by it, in my shorts. I absentmindedly walked to the toilet with them, sniffing them. I stepped into the toilet without putting on the light and put the panties in my pocket.

I proceeded to piss. It was then that heard steps coming down the hall way and as quick as that Marie had entered the room and closed the door, just as I tucked my cock in to my shorts. I was about to cough and make known my presence but an instinct stopped me and compelled me to stay.

The toilet door was mostly closed but through the gap I had a great view of the unmade bed furthest from the bedroom door where I presume Marie was trying to sleep before she blew up at James.

I was in the darkness and hoped that Marie would not need to use the loo. She hovered into view and was quickly ridding her body of her dressing gown. I was a bit petrified and it was too late for me to come out now. I saw her disrobe from her dressing gown and slippers. She was standing in front of her full length mirror. Vanity is a sin, I thought as I looked at this Jesus Freak. This Jesus Freak was wearing a very naughty looking night dress. It was pink and black and had sex kitten written all over it.


In fact, I saw a model in the lads magazine FHM, wearing something very similar in James' room earlier. My cock was twitching upwards as I looked. Marie's ass was sticking out of the end of the night dress and I was sure that her panties were in my pocket. She was posing as she looked in the mirror, her hands on her hips and she was swaying gently as if in a daze, but it was probably to the music coming down the long hallway.

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She turned around and I confirmed that she was not wearing panties. I saw the dark triangle of hair as she checked out her ass. Her breasts were so large, and they were popping out of the top. I could see right through the materiel. Her areoles were huge, at least 3 inches across and her nipples were definitely hard and pointing like little bullets, no mistake could be made. Needless to say, my cock was jerking and getting larger and I let my shorts fall to my ankles.

Then she started to beat her smooth, bare buttocks with her fist, lightly at first, looking at her ass in the mirror as it shook. She proceeded to hit it harder and harder. It must have hurt as I could see that she was grimacing slightly at every blow. It was amazingly erotic to see her with her mouth open, licking her lips while I stroked my stiff shaft with more urgency. With her other hand she scooped out one of her huge breasts and started to violently twist her nipple.

I grimaced myself at what must have been a very painful action. But Marie was only getting started. She had begun to rub her entire body, occasionally delving deep into her dark triangle. She was like a bitch in heat and in my excitement to get a better view my shoulder hit against a wire clothes hanger hanging from the door.

It made a clanging sound against the door. I was rumbled. Marie heard it immediately and in a flash opened back the door to see my shorts around my knees, my engorged cock in my hand and a dumb look on my face. Oh fuck!! She screamed and quickly dived to retrieve her dressing gown from her bed, her sweet, wide ass sticking in the air. 'What the hell, Paul? What are you doing here? Oh My God, were you watching me, you f**king pervert?' Remember, from when she came into the room to this moment was roughly two minutes.

My cock was back in my shorts and I quickly stepped out trying to explain myself. My cock was tenting in my shorts and Marie was unable to take her eyes from it, her hand covering her mouth and her other hand holding her dressing gown up.

I expected James to kick open the door any moment and kick the shit out of me. I muttered some explanation about using the toilet and it was too late to come out. She looked in to my eyes, her face red and said forcefully that I was a dirty pervert and to get out. She was holding her dressing gown with her left hand, concealing her modesty. She kept looking down at my full engorged cock bulge.

My erection was unrepentant and couldn't give a f**k about what this Holy Josephine thought. As far as it was concerned, she was fair game! I looked at my bulge and apologised again, covering it with my hand and begging her not to tell the others. I edged slowly towards the door to get out of there. Marie followed me as I walked, her eyes still placed on my cock. 'What did you see?' she suddenly asked. Both her hands were holding her dressing gown now. Her expression was very neutral and not overwrought like it was twenty seconds before.

'What?' I meekly replied, my hand on the door knob. 'What did you see?' she persisted. 'Wait!' she demanded as I was about to turn the handle to get the hell out of there and go home and die! 'What did you see?' she stood in the middle of the room under the light.

'What, well, I-I saw you, and the-the dancy thing you did and the lingerie stuff, you know,' I stammered. 'Are you going to tell anyone?' she had a dark look in her eyes.

This was peculiar. 'God! No, Jesus, NO?!' I blurted. 'Good.' she insisted. She was still holding the dressing gown but I realised I could see her reflection in the mirror behind her.

I stared her ass and the ceiling light enhancing her ample curves and nice brown legs, it was irresistible. 'What else did you see?' she demanded as she very slowly walked towards me. I could see her beautiful ass and my cock was on autopilot. It was pulsating and getting to full size. I moaned and looked down at it and looked at Marie advancing.

'You were hitting yourself a bit, hard like' I mentioned unsure of what the hell her game was. She saw me looking over her shoulder and I saw the enlightened look when she realised I was still checking out her fantastic derriere in the mirror.

Suddenly she let go of the dressing gown, letting it fall to the floor, letting me see up close her tit that was still hanging out over the top of her kinky nightdress and my eyes strayed obediently to her hairy pussy. I had my back against the door and was gripping my cock through my shorts. My blood pressure was sky high and my head was pounding, a combination of all that had happened that evening.

She still advanced. I tried now to look everywhere but at her fantastic sexy figure, as she was now standing about a foot away from cock central.

I snatched a glance at her face and she still had that stern look and I felt that if she had a knife right then, she would stab me through my heart chop me up and dispose of me the next day in the vast back garden.

I could smell her perfume and I could feel the heat radiating of her and hear her breathing slowly. Without warning she slapped my hand away from my cock and stood there looking down at the now bobbing wet patch poking trough my shorts.

She grabbed my face with her left hand and made me look at her. I glimpse her breast wobble as she grabbed me. Her eyes looked at me as if I were a piece of shit. She grabbed my cock hard through my shorts and gave it a twist and squeeze.

My knees buckled underneath me but she was still holding my face and she was strong enough to support me. I regained my stature. I was terrified as well as being very aroused. Releasing my cock and face from her grip, it took her about two seconds to get my shorts around my ankles to leave me standing there cock and balls swinging in front of her.

She stood up immediately to regain her position of control. She grabbed my face and cock once more. 'Look at me!' she said in quiet commanding tone. I refused. She slapped me hard on my right cheek and gave my cock a squeeze. 'Okay, okay?!' I whimpered. She regained the hold on jaw and face to make sure my eyes did not waver from hers. This bitch had me by the balls, literally!! I was expecting her to shout for James to come and look what a pervert his friend was.

Amazingly, she started stroke my cock back and forth gently with her right hand. What the f**k!? 'Grab my tits, both of them!' she barked at me. This eighteen year old Christian Naysayer was messing with my head but I said Yay and went with it. I grabbed her tits in an awkward fashion. I saw her moan a bit, her attention wavering for only a moment before she kept her stare. 'Play with them, you idiot!' she said in a more breathy tone, her pupils black and with a little fire burning behind them.

I began to molest her breasts as she started to really get going on my cock. I am uncut and she slowly manipulated the foreskin of my cock back and forth over the purple throbbing head. Her action was amazing smooth but she was rough with it also, staring at my facial expression as she worked it. She worked her hand all the way up and down the shaft and made sure to rub the tip of my boner with her thumb.

Each time the sensation weakened my knees. She forced me back against the door and our bodies were touching. With her swaying motion, my cock was bumping in to her stomach. I kneaded her glorious tits with my fingers and my palms.

I circled her large brown areoles and her hard nipples were bending all over the place under the pressure, making Marie emit little sighs all the time.

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Her eyes closed every now and again as she made sharper gasps of pleasure. Sweat was forming on both our foreheads. She gave the head of my cock a quick jerk every now and again like you would a dog on a leash and her eyes filled with desire would burn into me.

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Her nipples were so hard between my fingers and we were both in the moment and rolling our eyes, biting and licking our lips with the pleasure of it all. She grabbed my left hand from her exposed tit and stuck it on her pussy.

She pressed my fingers into her clit and she whined as she manipulated my fingers in to rhythmic motion on the little bud. Her stroke on my thick cock faltered only momentarily as she exulted in feeling her bead being massaged and very soon she continued to crease my cock back and forth, milking precum from its head. Maybe, due to the alcohol and drugs, I was still far from blowing my load.

However, Marie was now getting very hot and sweaty, her face was red and wet and her eyes closed and she felt the waves of pleasure from me rubbing her breasts and clit. She was breathing heavily and she was emitting high grunting sounds.

Thank God the music was up loud. She was starting to climax and her knees went weak and I lost my place on her clit. She stopped hand jobbing me and put both hands around my neck, bringing her face next to mine, cheek to ckeek.

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I found the sweet spot on her clit quickly and massaged it more vigorously, my other hand grabbing her ass now, holding it tightly in my grip. She came like a force of nature. She stopped breathing, squeezing my face in to hers as she stood on her toes.

Her entire body shuddered and was tense and silent for about five seconds. I felt her jaw opening and closing and then Marie let out a long guttural moan and her body went slack, hands still clinging to my neck. She was too heavy for me and I fell with her as gently as I could to the floor where she gave her clit and pussy lips some hard last strokes as she finished her orgasm. I was kneeling now, straddling her right thigh.

She was beautifully exposed for me. My head was spinning. I was not able for this in my state. She still had her eyes closed and her voluptuous bosom was picture perfect, heaving fast as she recovered from her orgasm. Her nightdress had risen up her stomach, allowing me to ogle her little waist and nice I could see how the hairs on her pussy were glistening with her juices. My fingers were fairly wet also from my role in this.

She started to say something to me. 'What Marie?' I asked, moving my head closer to her mouth. 'Get out Paul…you pervert!' she whispered, her eyes still closed. I staggered to my feet, clumsily pushing my boner in to my shorts as I raised myself. 'Alright, are you okay?' I whispered, scratching my head as I stood over her. 'Just go!' she replied, slightly opening her eyes and biting her finger. 'You're not going to tell?' 'What do you think?' she said with a smile looking at my cock I removed her legs from in front of her bedroom door, feeling their smoothness and pulled her sexy number so it would cover her pussy.

I opened the door a crack to make sure nobody was in the hall way and with a last hungry and confused glance at Marie, I left the room. I paused outside her door, uncertain. I adjusted my lingering boner in my shorts to try and conceal it.

I looked up and down the hall, not sure of what to do now. I had had a surreal experience. I remember that I didn't want to go back drinking and smoking. I somehow made my way to a bedroom, I knew to be a spare room, and I struggled from my clothes and tucked myself into the bed.

I remember loving the feel of the silky smooth sheets on my super sensitive naked body. My erection was probably leaving a stain of precum on the dark sheets. I must have been so f**kedbecause the next thing I remember is light, streaming into the room and it was morning.

I had no idea what time it was. I looked around me, and it slowly dawned on me where I was. The memories of the night before came flooding back to mind and I smiled wearily to myself.

I felt like I was still high or drunk or something! My body felt great in this strange bed. I pulled the covers down to reveal my flaccid uncut cock, about 3 inches long and thick enough. It had dried flecks of precum from the night before around its head.

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I had very little pubic hair on my balls and it was sparse enough around the pubic region, very light hairs. I needed to sort myself out, badly. It was then I heard a little knock on the door.

'Hello!' a little voice said. It was Mandy, the cute11 year old that had a grope of my cock the night before. I pretended to be asleep. The sheets were below my cock and exposed my hard, chiselled abs and toned pecs. 'Hello!' came the voice again and I heard the door slowly opened, dragging on the carpet.

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The bed was lengthways along the far wall, with the headboard to the right wall of this tiny box room, so Mandy had a nice profile view of me in bed, especially since the sun was streaming in through the window at the end of the bed onto my body. I couldn't see her face as there was a large chest of drawers in my way. I heard a short inhalation of breath. I could sense Mandy's stillness as she took in the sight in front of her young innocent eyes.

She had surely never seen a naked 15 year old boy before. 'Oh shit!' I heard her whisper to herself. My head was pointing towards the door so I risked opening my eyes a tiny bit to try and see her.

I could see her left shoulder as she stood there, framed by the doorway. She was wearing a little white and pink cotton nightdress, which came down to the middle of her thighs. I realised that she could not see my looking at her.

Anyway she was looking at my cock and body and not my face. My flaccid penis started to slowly grow. I could feel my balls as they swam around in my sack. I felt the shaft and head creeping slowly in little jerks up my lower stomach and then commencing it rise to stick straight up in the air. I felt the foreskin peeling back to reveal the swelling purple head and the breeze from the open door filtered around it.


Oh yes, I thought. I had another 2 inches to go. I heard the door close. I peeked again and she was gone. F**k it, I thought. I knew I wanted her to see it at full size.

I was so damn horny, so I started to stroke my cock slowly. I was going to enjoy this one. I richly deserved this wank. Precum was leaking from the top as I stroked the shaft and massaged and squeezed my balls.

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It felt great as the sun poured in on my cock. I heard a girl's voices coming from outside the door, loudish whispers. She's back! I thought. I stopped what I was doing and I made sure my fully grown member was standing proud in the air, by tucking my ball sack between my legs and holding it there.

I resumed my sleeping pose. Mandy opened the door and I heard two succinct gasps. I peeked and saw that standing behind Mandy, she had a little friend with her. Jesus!

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It was the neighbour's daughter, I remember James mentioning she was staying the night with Mandy. She was the same age and had her hand to her mouth as she pored over my body. I think I saw Mandy motion to her to stay at the door and told her to keep a look out. Her friend disappeared from my view. 'What are you going to do?" her friend whispered worriedly.

'Don't wake him!' 'I won't' Mandy admonished her. 'Just make sure nobody comes.' Mandy walked slowly over to me. I could see her pre pubescent little body. The tiny mounds of her nipples under her thin cotton peejays.

She had brown legs and I could not make out a panty line at her waist. She wasn't wearing any. Her hair was out-of-bed messed up. Her brown freckled face focused on my cock. She tentatively gave my face a glance. I closed my peeping eye for a second and peeped again. My face was luckily in shadow. 'What are you doing?' her friend said urgently. 'Mandy!' Mandy waved her away, not taking her eyes from my cock. I couldn't believe what happened next. Mandy was now, right next to the bed, in front of my thick 6 inch erection.

It was as big and hard as it had been last night. She looked at my face, and this time I kept my eyes closed, she was too close. I felt her fingers touch most tenderly on the middle of my thick shaft. It twitched and I sensed her move back in alarm. I dare not open my eyes. After about 5 seconds, I felt it again. Her fingers gently touching my cock, this time near the base of my pole. 'What, Mandy!?' the neighbours daughter gasped. 'Shhh, this is how you do it,' she whispered back.

'Gemma did it to Martin, she told me how.' Good on you Gemma, I thought to myself. Sex education is wonderful. Mandy's little hand grabbed my rock hard shaft more forcibly. I did my best to hide the ructions in my loins. Mandy started to slide her hand up the length of my cock. I had to peek. Her mouth was agape in concentration. I could barely maintain my sleeping expression. She got to the top and touched the very tip. Uncontrollably, my legs tightened together and I felt a bit of precum dribble down my cock head.

I was so horny, I needed to masturbate and cum so badly. I decided to pretend to wake up. Keeping my eyes closed, I drowsily and very slowly moved my right hand towards my weeping cock.

This, I did with great acting poise. Mandy retreated from the bed and I heard her shushing her friend as she went back to the door, out of my eye line.

I clumsily hit my cock with my hands, hoping they would stay and enjoy the upcoming spectacle. I could see the left side of Mandy's body as she stood by the open door. She felt safe there, knowing I could not see she was there.

Her friend I couldn't see, but she was whispering that they should go. Mandy stood fast. I started to stroke my cock. Long and drawn out caresses of the shaft and head. I spread my legs and let them move restlessly and excitedly, making sure that the sheet was pushed totally from my body, leaving me totally naked.

I went to work on my little monster, all the time glancing to see if Mandy and her mate were still there. I stroked the meat harder and faster and more deliberately than I had ever done before. The purple head and veiny body of my cock were illuminated by the sun streaming in through the window. My balls were rising, falling and bouncing around with each pump of my hand. 'Oh my God' I heard Mandy say out loud. I was so turned on. I started to go faster and harder, ignoring that they were even there but totally fuelled by their presence.

This is moment they would never ever forget. My whole body was writhing on the sheets, now dampening with sweat. I kept pumping. My legs stretched out, my toes curling, my left hand was caressing my upper thighs, six pack and chest. I kept pumping it harder. I was reaching a climax and I was grunting and gasping loudly now. I did not care who heard me in those moments. My hips were now lifting to meet my pounding hand. All of the pent up sexual energy from the nights experience with Marie was manifesting itself in front of these kids' innocent eyes.

I was close to coming now. I could feel the tingle in my balls and the gathering of my jiz to shoot through my cock head. I focused my gaze on the left side of Mandy's lithe frame now. I could see that her hand had gripped a fistful of her nightdress and had hiked it up. I moved my head forward to see her better. I could see the tan line which accentuated her white and bald pussy. She was holding her nightdress in her hand and I could see the dark slit and her feet about a foot apart.

She was rubbing her pubic area up and down with her fist, kneading the area over her pussy. Her body was moving in a slow swaying motion as she watched me with her jaw clenched tightly and her friend was saying her name in an uncertain way and then said that she was going. That was enough for me.

She looked at me and I at her and in that moment I came. My back arched as I felt the onrush of fluid up my cock. I groaned out load. I stroked my fat cock vigorously and streams of pale semen, burst forth from it, falling in ropey lines up my chest and my stomach.

I must have convulsed out about 8 or 9 long streams of cum on to my body. I checked to see if Mandy was still there and she was, molesting furiously the top of her pussy with her little fingers, with a pained expression on her face as if she were going to cry.

Her knees were bending and straightening, bending and straightening as she did this and her eyes were on my cock as I milked it to the last drop. Her eyes met mine, as my body was beginning to relax a bit and then she let go of her nightdress and laid down straight on the ground on her stomach right there in the doorway.

She started to squirm and root at her pussy area with both her hands, making whimpering sounds as she tried to cure herself of this ache inside her young loins. Her nightdress rode up and her smooth naked ass was going up and down as she felt her pussy with her hands.

I was concerned and stood up and ran to the door to close it. Her friend was now nowhere to be seen. She was grunting like only a child could. I stood behind her naked, dripping with cum and watched her little ass move around in front of me and her legs tensing and releasing, her toes burying into the carpet shag.

I couldn't help it. I was getting hard. What had I done to her? She continued to struggle with herself. 'Paul, help ?' she whimpered. How could I help, for f**k sake?! I got down on my haunches and started to smooth my cum stained hands around her ass as it vibrated slowly like a little jackhammer. I moved my finger directly down her cute little crack and poked at her arsehole.

'Uunnghh!' she let out. I could see her hands flit from beneath her pussy. 'Help!!' Again My cock was hard and covered in wet cum.

I couldn't. What could I do? I started stroking it more as I looked at the spectacle. Mandy was still making little grunting noises. I turned her over on to her back and saw the tears in her eyes and cheeks.

'Oh Mandy!' I said. She started to cry a bit and she still had her hands moving furiously at her pussy. She looked again at my cock and closed her eyes and went at herself harder, her feet kicking and in spasms. Her grunting had gone silent now. Her attention focused on finding that climax. I rub up her chest and belly with my right hand as I fondled the head of my hard cock.

I then started to rub her thighs, up and down, both my hands completely covering her limbs and her narrow hips. My thumbs went right up to her inner thighs by her pussy, hitting off her fingers. I did it faster and a bit harder for her and I could see that her body was getting stiffer and her head went backwards. Her knees drew up to her body a bit and her mouth opened so wide letting out a silent scream, that I am sure only the neighbours dog could hear.

Something had happened and she had gotten a release. Her breathing was very heavy and wheezy. Her hands loosened their clasp of her bald front bottom area and her legs relaxed and opened a bit to reveal her little pussy lips, red now from all the friction, but beautifully young and fresh.

I could not help myself and I touched her wet little pussy lips, wiggling my index finger into her passage about an inch. Mandy sat up and she grabbed my cock.

She immediately let go and with tears in her eyes she said, 'I don't know what to do?' I slipped my finger out of her 11 year old pussy and said considerately, 'Shhh, lets have breakfast!'