Doctor exams men and boys penis and gay male hot jock physical porn

Doctor exams men and boys penis and gay male hot jock physical porn
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I woke up again before the alarm went off. Rose was still tight against my back but Mercedes was missing. I thought I heard someone being sick in the bathroom. I went over and opened the door to find Mercedes in the same position Rose had been in earlier. Just as I got her back to bed the alarm went off. I turned it off and told her to sleep a little longer. When I got home they were both out on the deck sunning and said they were felling a lot better.

We settled in to a routine. Evenings after dinner we talked about the vacation then either spend a few hours on the deck or in the family room staying familiar with each other's bodies. Cathy spent every weekend with us including one we spent in San Antonio going to SeaWorld and Fiesta Texas. The Week before Rose's 25th birthday the girls got that flu or whatever it was again. This time they were sore, tired and throwing up for three days before I finally got them to go to the doctor.

Denny's Breakfast Treat 5 Thursday before I left they promised they would go to the doctor this morning. After my morning meetings were done about 11am I tried to call Mercedes and her phone went straight to voice mail. I got the same from Rose's phone. Maybe they got in to see the doctor. Just before I left to go home I tried again with the same results. I raced home and both vehicles were there so I went inside and found a smiling Mercedes and Rose wearing sundresses with their hair and makeup done.

Mercedes hugged me very tight. "We want to take you out and celebrate, Daddy." "I thought we were done with the Daddy stuff?" Now Rose hugged me tight. "We're not calling you our daddy, daddy." I stood there like a dufus until Rose said "I don't have the flu, its morning sickness. Now I knew I had a stupid look on my face as it took a few moments to register.

Then it hit me. I lifted Rose off her feet and spun her around. "We're pregnant?


You're not jerking my chain are you? I think she was surprised I was so happy, but for me this was great news. Rose said you do realize two rabbits died today." She looked at Mercedes then me.

I turned to Mercedes. "You too?" When she nodded yes I grabbed her and hugged her. "Damn, I'm gonna be a Daddy for real.

Let me clean-up we need to celebrate." After I showered I was getting dressed in the bedroom when I heard voices in the living room. When I stepped out of the bedroom Mercedes was holding a crying Cathy. "What happened? Why is she upset?" Cathy turned to me holding one of those home pregnancy tests. "I missed my period. This thing says I'm pregnant." "Are you sure it's mine?" "You're the only one I've had sex with in the last six months." I hugged her and looked at Mercedes and Rose.

"Looks like our celebration and our family just got bigger." Cathy looked at me confused. "Mercedes and Rose went to the doctor today, their pregnant to. You are now my responsibility and like them I promise to take care of you if that's what you want." Mercedes and Rose joined our hug and told her, "We want you to move here and be a part of our family." "Thank you that's what I had wanted from the beginning but I didn't get pregnant on purpose.

I've been careful to take my pills. I don't know what happened." Rose said, "It's his fault.

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He screwed us so much the pills gave up." They laughed at that, even Cathy. Rose led Cathy in to the bedroom. "Let's get you fixed up. We got some celebrating to do." Mercedes stayed behind and put an arm around me.

"Well are you happy now, Daddy? You're going to be living with three pregnant women. Are you sure you're ready." "I don't know if I'm ready but I'm willing. Tomorrow I want you to find an OB-GYN for all three of you and make sure your appointments are together. That way I can go with you. Remind me tonight that we need to stop and get a case of prenatal vitamins. Whatever the doctor says we need to do, we will." She giggled at me.

"You keep saying we. Most of the guys I've known would be saying you'll do this and you'll do that. I think that's why we love you." Rose came back out with Cathy in tow. She was smiling and wearing one of Rose's dresses. "I cried for two hours. I was afraid to come over here. I thought you would be pissed at me. I should have known better, I've never seen you mad at any of us. I think hormones took over." Before we left I sent an email to work that I had a family issue and was taking Friday off, just in case.

We went to a local steakhouse for a last pig-out before my three pregnant ladies were put on a diet. We ate steak and lobster and they drank margaritas while I had a few beers. It was almost midnight when we got home but the ladies wanted to get in the pool.

We shed our clothes, collected wine and beer from the fridge then turned on the colored party lights for the deck.


We drank and talked about baby names and building a nursery. We told Cathy about our vacation plans and she was so excited. First she hugged us again then looked at us wiping her eyes. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't think I can say it enough. At lunch time I could feel my world collapsing around me and now I have a family AND I get to have my 22nd birthday on a beach in Santa Barbara." Rose said she would take care of adding Cathy if we were up before noon.

Cathy got up from the lounger she was on and stood next to me. "I want to thank you for everything, asking me to be part of your family, asking me to live here, but most of all for giving me our child. I'm going to be the best wife, mother, sister or whatever I need to be." She stretched out on my lounger with me, with her head on my chest. A couple minutes later Rose was pointing at her and laughing. Cathy was sound asleep. By the time we got Cathy up and to our bed, it was almost 4 in the morning.

We wanted her to feel safe and wanted, so I lay down and pulled her to me. She cuddled right up next to me. Rose was spooned to her back with Mercedes on the other side of me.

Cathy woke me up when she got out of bed to go to the bathroom. She said it was noon. When she came back she laid back down half way on me and looked into my eyes. "I thought I would wake up and find out this was a dream. I think I drank a little too much." Mercedes was lying next to me on her stomach but our talking woke her up.

She moved so she was lying on my other side like Cathy and gave us both a quick kiss. "I love you both but you need to be quiet and go back to sleep or get your own room." I liked it right where I was, covered in naked girl flesh, so I gave Cathy a quick peck and closed my eyes.

We all woke up again about 2:30. I stumbled into the shower and turned the water on. Just as it got warm I had company. Mercedes and Cathy kind of draped their selves on me still half asleep. I watched Mercedes scrub herself clean and rinse off. She smiled as she turned to leave. "I'll fix something to eat while you three wake up." I rubbed my hands on Mercedes and Rose's backs and they started moving their mounds against my hips.

"I think you're not as sleepy as you act." They rubbed themselves up and down my sides, sliding their hands thru my crotch and licking my nipples. They slipped lower and lower until they were on their knees. Cathy held my dick up as Rose pulled my ball sack up where they could take turns licking and sucking on it.

They moved to my shaft, putting their lips on the side and kissing their way together to the tip and back to the base. The next time Rose slipped her lips over the head and sucked and licked like she had a big lollipop in her mouth. When they came back up to the tip again Cathy repeated it stabbing her tongue at my piss hole. They kept this up until Cathy decided to swallow my shaft.

She plunged her mouth down until I felt the resistance at the back of her mouth. She swallowed several times and then my dick slid into her throat. I saw her looking up at me trying to smile. She slid my dick down a dozen more times then pulled off. Rose was right there to replace her. As Rose swallowed me Cathy began massaging my balls.

They took turns sucking on my dick and rubbing or sucking on my balls. While Cathy held me deep in her throat Rose said "Don't you just love watching the girls you planted your baby makers in swallowing your cock. Which one of us gets your seed this time?" Cathy turned my dick over to Rose. Rose deep throated my shaft as she rubbed my balls. Cathy stood up in front of me as she fingered herself.

Do you like the way I'm playing with my pussy? Do you want to feel where your baby will be coming from? I bet you want to spray your cum in us some more." Rose and Cathy switched places again. Rose stood up and put my hands on her breasts. "MMMM, squeeze my titties.

Squeeze them and think of our babies suckling on one of my breasts while you suckle on the other. That's sounds so hot it's making me wet. Do you want to suck on them right now? I bent down and pulled a nipple to my mouth and sucked. "OOOHHH, I can just imagine your baby sucking on it now," "Fuck I'm ready to cum." I pushed Rose down next to Cathy and pulled my dick free.

"Stroke my dick. I want to cum on both of you." Cathy was making tight rapid strokes as Rose rubbed my balls again. They were on their knees cheek to cheek. As my cum shot out Cathy moved my dick back and forth like a hose praying both their faces.

When my shaft stopped pumping Rose licked a few drops of the tip while Cathy held it for her. They stood up laughing. "Now we know why we always felt so full.

Look at all the cum on us." Their faces were covered and a lot had dripped on to their tits. They licked my goo from their fingers as fast as they wiped it off each other, when they were finished we scrubbed each other then dried off and went to see what Mercedes was fixing. Mercedes had fixed a big chef's salad and garlic bread.

We sat eating and talking again. Cathy wanted to know when she could move so we all agreed to take care of that before we took Rose out to celebrate her birthday. Rose wanted me to make sure I took week after next off for our vacation.

We asked Rose where she wanted to go for her birthday and she gave us the name of a Brazilian steakhouse downtown. When I asked what we had planned for tonight Mercedes said that they had talked and wanted a quiet family evening. We went in the family room and turned on the big screen and they started looking for a movie. We had popcorn, candy and sodas. Better than going out, we didn't had to get dresses or worry about getting in trouble. Rose and Mercedes were on either side and Cathy had decided to sit on the floor, between my legs, leaning against the couch.

They picked out American Pie: Naked mile. By then time it got to the part where Eric's girlfriend called wanting sex, Mercedes was holding my dick and Rose had my balls.

They weren't doing anything yet just holding them, until they started showing tits in the movie. Every time tits were on the screen one of them was stroking me but they stopped as soon as they went away. Just as the credits started to roll, Cathy turned around on her knees. "Isn't family night great, lover?" Then she kissed the tip of my dick just before she stretched her lips over the head of my dick and swallowed it whole. She pumped my dick in her mouth and throat all the way thru until the next movie started.

Then she took it out of her mouth with a pop. "That's much better than popcorn." She turned around, leaned back again and watched the movie that was starting. Now Mercedes was stroking my shaft and kissing my neck.

"Is my baby being neglected? Let me take care of that." Now she was running her tongue around the Glans stopping and teasing the Frenulum on the bottom that she discovered was extra sensitive. She liked watch me squirm as she played with it. Even after she stretched her lips over the Glans and sucked an extra inch into her mouth she continued to tease that sensitive triangle.

She stopped playing with that and stroked my dick with her sweet mouth, going farther each time until she was burying her nose in my pubic hair on each stroke. She must have felt me tense because she jerked off my shaft and grabbed it at the base tight enough to make me give up any thought of cumming down her throat. "MMMmmm baby it's too early for you to unload the first time.

By the way we are going to have to do something about all that hair. It really tickles our noses." She didn't relax her grip until my dick stopped twitching then she looked at Rose then glanced down at my unattended shaft.

"He's all yours sister." Rose wrapped one hand around my shaft and just held it. "UUMMM, I have just the thing to make you feel really wanted." She stroked my shaft a few times to make sure it stayed hard then stood up.

She had me slide to the edge of the couch until my balls were against Cathy's head then turned around, reached beneath her and guided the head of my dick to the wet, slick opening to her hot hole. She eased herself all the way down to my lap and sat there for a moment.

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"I love the way your fat dick feels the first time it fills my pussy. I could sit on this all evening." With her feet on the floor straddling my legs and her hands on my knees she slowly slid up and down my shaft coating it with her juices. After several minutes riding my shaft she sat down all the way on my lap, leaned back and rested her head back on my shoulder.

Rose picked up her feet, put them on the edge of the couch and spread her legs still impaled on my shaft. "Ms. Cathy we're all yours now." I looked down and saw Cathy on her knees again as she sucked my balls, that were hanging over the edge of the couch, into her mouth. While she sucked them and rolled them with her tongue Mercedes leaned over and put her lips on one of Rose's nipples while she used a thumb and forefinger to tweak the other one.

Rose was moaning softly until I felt Cathy pull my balls from her mouth and kiss my dick and Rose's hot silky hole. "OOOHHH FFUUUCCCKK. Lick my pussy while his dick is in me." I put my hands on Rose's waist and lifted her so I could pump my dick in her.

Damn, Fuck my pussy, lick my pussy. I need to cum, please fuck me harder, Please?" I pumped into her as hard as I could and watching Mercedes sucking on her breast while Cathy licked her pussy. My dick was so hot. I was ready to blast my cum inside her when Cathy moved up slightly and sucked hard on her clit.

Rose arched her back and her head pushed down on me. "OOOOOO, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOHHHHH, OOOOOHHHH, SSSSHHHHHIIITTTT" was all that came out. I blew my load in her, shooting over and over again. Her juices and my cum flowed out of her pussy around my dick and Cathy was trying her best to lick them all up. When Rose relaxed and my shaft started to soften I lifted Rose to remove it.

Just before it would have came out by its self, Cathy pulled it out and quickly put her mouth over Rose's pussy and started sucking the rest of our cum out. When she was done she started on my dick. She licked it clean then sucked it in. As she sucked, it got hard again. She looked up at Rose. "He's yours again sister." Rose rose up her butt and Cathy put my dick back in her hole. Rose lowered herself back down into my lap.

Her body was shaking. "I cumming again and all we did was put it in." she held her self down tight until the shaking stopped. She looked up at me and smiled weakly. "I don't think I could take another orgasm tonight.

Like I said before I want to just sit here with your big fat cock in my pussy." She pulled my arms around her, put my hands on her breasts and held me tight. Cathy moved up on the couch where Rose had been. Mercedes got up long enough to turn off the TV, the lights and get a blanket to put over us. She and Cathy put one arm around my neck and locked the other together around all of us. Sometime during the night Rose got up, turned around and sat back in my lap with her legs wrapped around me.

Somehow, after that, Mercedes and Cathy had snuggled closer with their breasts pressed to me and one leg over mine. I woke up at 5am still covered in girls. And stiff from the position I had been in all night. I woke Rose first and told her we should go get in the bed.

As she got up Mercedes and Cathy looked at me half awake. "What time is it?" "Time we got in the bed and slept a little longer." They got up and I herded all three sleepy beauties to the bed room. I told Cathy and Rose to cuddle on one side of the bed and lay down with Mercedes on the other side. Cathy and Rose were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

I rolled over to hold Mercedes and asked her if she was tired or if she wanted to move to another bedroom. "I thought you would never ask." I led her to one of the spare bedrooms, closed the door and locked it. "Hmmm, should I be worried?" "Nope just think we need a little alone time. It has been a while." I took her in my arms and kissed her hard. When I stopped she started to kiss down my chest and I pulled her back up.

"It's my turn to make you happy." "I don't see how I could be any happier. I have a good man who loves me, wants to marry me and has me knocked up with his baby. What more can you do?" I pushed her backwards onto the bed and laid her down. "Just lay back and find out." I Held her hands above her head as I kissed her face and neck.

I continued to hold them with one hand as I moved down to her breasts. I took one nipple between my lips, sucking it as I flicked it with the tip of my tongue. "Mmmmm baby I love it when you tease my nipples like that." I let go of her hands so I could work on both her breasts.

"Keep your hands above your head. Don't move them." Now I had a breast in each hand squeezing and rubbing them as I switched back and forth between her nipples. I kept rubbing her breasts as I kissed my way down across her taut, flat, for now, stomach. I took her legs in my hands and pushed them back to her sides.

"Put them behind your arms and put your hands on your ankles." Her slit was open and the inner lips were visible. They were moist and a drop had collected at the bottom of the slit. I collected the drop on the tip of a finger and as I smiled at her I brought it to my lips to taste her. "Sweetheart I've loved the taste of you since the day we met." I spread her slit more and put my mouth over her clit. When I sucked on it and rubbed it with my tongue she bucked her hips to me face.

"That's what I like. Suck me and rub my clit. Suck it harder." I sucked on it for a moment and then ran my tongue thru her slit as I squeezed the nub out of its hood and rolled it with my fingers. When I pinched gently, as I stabbed her hole with my tongue, her whole body shook and her nectar flowed into my mouth.

I was lapping it up as fast as I could. "OOOHHHH BABY, I needed that. It has been a while, hasn't it?" I licked down past the end of her slit and circled her tight little asshole with my tongue as she continued to shake.

When I pushed my tongue past her sphincter she shook harder and more of her juices flowed down across her ass and my tongue. "STOP, STOP, PLEASE, I NEED A REST. I stood up looked at her laying there breathing rapidly and still shaking.

I took my dick in my hand, slid it thru her slit to make it wet and put it at the entrance to her love hole. "Please let me rest." I said "No rest for the sexy." And I buried my shaft to the hilt in that hot silky hole and held it there. "Oh fuck, oh fuck I'm cumming again. Damn you I wanted a break." I started driving my shaft deep into her over and over. All she could get out between gasps was 'OH, OH.' As I drove into her she had multiple small orgasms before I was ready to fill her with my seed.

I pulled all the way out, put the tip at her entrance and drove all the way in one more time. I blew a load deep into her womb. Ropes of cum coated her insides as she trashed on the bed. OH GOD, OH GOD, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED." Then she collapsed.

Her eyes were closed, her breathing slowed and her legs relaxed to my chest. I pulled my shaft out of her and moved her up on the bed. I laid down next to her, pulled the covers over us and went to sleep holding her in my arms. I woke up to knocking on the bedroom door. "Come on in." "We can't, it's locked." "Is it an emergency?" "No." "Goodnight." I rolled back to Mercedes and looked at her smile as she slept.

I watched her for a while then leaned over and kissed a breast. Her smile widened. I kissed it again and this time I sucked on the nipple afterwards. She opened her eyes slowly and rolled towards me as she held me to her breast. "I love you so much and I love having you suckle at my breast. I'm so ready to have your child and have him at my breast. By the way, thank you for this morning.

Were you thinking of getting up?" "Not now. Let's just lay here and go back to sleep." I went back to sucking on her nipple as we went back to sleep. There was that knocking on the door again. I still had my mouth on that perfect 36C breast and didn't want to move. Fortunately Mercedes woke up also so she answered.

"Come in." "The door is still locked." Mercedes looked at me and said "Don't move." She slid her arm from under me, went to the door and unlocked it. She got back in bed, sliding her arm back under me and pulling me to her breast, as Rose and Cathy walked in.

As I put my mouth over her nipple and sucked, Cathy spoke. Oh cool, are we going to practice breast feeding? I love the way he does my nipples." Rose said, "That sounds good but its noon and Bill said he had some shopping to do before we went out this evening. Our reservation is at 7pm so we probably need to get moving." I released Mercedes and threw the covers off. The girls saw the hard on I had from laying with Mercedes and started towards the bed but Mercedes stopped them. "Sorry sisters but this is mine.

I made it so I get to play with it." She moved down between my legs, pushed them wide apart and put her head on my thigh looking at my shaft. "It looks so big and delicious from here. Can I just lay here and play with it for a while?" When I nodded yes she put one hand against it and held it against my belly as she rubbed the underside of my shaft with her palm.

At one point she stopped and pulled it to her. Using the tip of her tongue she tickled the Frenulum, which made my shaft jerk. She let my shaft stand straight up again and softly rubbed her hand up and down on it. She was in no hurry and I was content to let her play. She leaned it left and licked up the side. She leaned it right and did it again. She stroked it slowly as she talked.

"It feels so smooth and soft yet it is stiff enough to reach deep inside me. I know how it works but it still amazes me that it happens. One day I'm going to have to have the girls help me fuck you until you're so weak I can play with it soft, just so I can find out how it feels." She kept on stroking it as she cupped my ball sack and lifted it up. "Another amazing thing is that those two marbles make millions of your little swimmers so that one lucky baby maker could make me your baby's mother." She bent down and put a kiss on each one.

"Thank you little marbles." She looked up at me with a grin on her face. "I think I like sucking on your cock as much as you like suckling my breasts.

Too bad we can't do both at the same time." "You can lick, suck, or just play with it any time or place you want." She was still stroking my shaft but now she put her lips on the head and kissed it one more time before sliding them over it. She put just enough in her mouth to let her run her tongue around it, stopping each time she got to the Frenulum and teasing it. She sucked hard on the head, like a straw, like she was trying to pull my cum out.

She pulled some more of it into her mouth, sucking hard again, but this time she kept sucking as she pulled from her mouth with a loud 'POP'. "This is nice, Nobody but you, me and this tasty treat for me to enjoy.

Is there something special you would like." "If you want it to stay just you and me you probably ought to lock the door. You know how persistent Rose and Cathy are." "They will do whatever you say. So if they come back tell them to go stand in a corner or something." She thought that was funny and was still laughing as she slid her lips half way down my dick. When she came back up she stopped and ran her tongue around it some more. While she was doing that she was slowly stroking the rest of it and twisting her hand as she did.

This time she slid down until I could feel the tip just enter her throat. What she did then surprised me. She started humming.

The vibrations went all the way to my balls and made me tense as though I was going to cum. She pulled off of my shaft and squeezed the base almost painfully until all thought of cumming was gone. She looked up at my grimace and smiled. "Not yet dear. I want you to fill my mouth with your cum but not until I have finished playing." She slid back down on my shaft taking it all in, filling her throat. She fucked me in her throat over and over until she pulled off and started stroking me by hand.

Are you ready to cum now lover? Are you ready to fill my mouth with your cum? Do you want me to fuck your cock in my throat some more?" All I could do was look in her eyes and shake my head yes. She slipped her lips down my shaft stopping once more with the head in her throat. This time when she started humming she slipped the rest of the way down and back up. My balls were vibrating as she cupped them and began massaging them.

She made two more strokes on my shaft before I tensed. She pulled up until her lips were kissing the tip just as I shot what felt like gallons of cum.

She kept it in her mouth until I was done. She held up one finger then got off the bed and ran out of the room. All I could think was 'What the hell is that about?' Then I heard shrieks from the hall. She came running back in with Rose and Cathy right behind.

She straddled my legs again and the other two were on either side of my torso on their knees. Then they did something I had only seen in porn.

Rose and Cathy leaned in with their heads back. Their mouths open and their tongue out like baby birds. Mercedes bent over them and started dribbling my com from her mouth into theirs, and then they kissed and sucked cum from each other's tongues. When they were done Mercedes said, "Well lover did you like our little show? We have more ideas if you did." "I can hardly wait. Now let's get dressed and go out. Remember your ladies tonight, at least until after dinner." "Spoil sport." Then they giggled and ran off to get dressed.

When I got to the bedroom they were laughing and looking for clothes in the walk in closet. I slipped on some slacks and a sport shirt and sat on the bed to wait for them to get ready. They came out of the closet wearing lace thongs, matching lace bras and hi-heels. "Darling is this ok for tonight." "As tasty as the three of you look, I think you need a few more clothes." They put on fake pouts and went back to the closet. When they came back out a few minutes later they were wearing hip hugger jeans and white blouses rolled and tied under their breasts with one or two buttons fastened.

The effect was amazing. They looked sexy but stylish. "How now, lover?" "Good enough to eat. I mean good enough to take out to eat." They smiled and went in the bathroom to do their hair and make-up.

When they came back out they looked perfect. When they put on their oversized sunglasses they looked like three models going out shopping. I got them loaded in the Expedition and we headed into town. When I parked in front of a well known jewelry store they started peppering me with questions. "I want to buy my three sexy women some bling." We went inside and I told them to pick out a ring, a bracelet and a necklace.

What they didn't know was that I had came in during the week and talked with the manager. I was going to buy what they picked out but the sales people wanted their ring sizes for my surprise. When they had picked out what they wanted, I paid and they started to leave. Then it was the managers turn. "Excuse me ladies aren't you taking these with you?" they turned around and he had set three blue boxes on the counter with their initials on them. They looked at me and I just shrugged.

They went back to the counter and picked up the boxes. When they opened them it was dead silent for about 15 seconds until they looked at each other and started screaming and jumping up and down. The next thing I knew they were hugging me, still screaming and jumping up and down. When they stopped screaming and jumping they were shaking so hard I had to help them put on the diamond ring sets that were in the boxes.

Once they had them on they hugged me again, all three of them trying to kiss me at the same time. They finally calmed down enough for me to talk to them. "I figured since you're giving me your love and babies and we can't all get married, the least I could give you was the rings." They all hugged and kissed me once more before we left the store. They giggled and looked at the rings all the way to the restaurant.

When we parked and got out the hugging started again. I think they liked the rings. Mercedes led the way inside with Rose and Cathy clinging to my arms behind her. When we had been seated I watch the three of them walk to the salad bar and noticed the admiring looks they got from the men. When we were ready for the main course we turned over the cards that indicated we were ready for the cooks to bring the meat.

They brought spits of beef, chicken and lamb to the table and sliced it off directly on to our plates. Rose held up a healthy slice of beef and looked at Mercedes and Cathy. "Ladies, one thing I really love about our Bill is he always makes sure we get all the good meat and sauce we want." They laughed about that for a while until another subject came up. I asked Cathy to tell me about herself and how she ended up living where she was.

"I lived with my folks in Austin. Daddy worked for a computer company and in my senior year they transferred him to Ireland. They wanted me to go but I was in 'LOVE' or so I thought and I pitched a walleyed fit to stay here with my boyfriend. I even threatened to go to court and get emancipated. They gave in and let me stay. They even gave me rent money until I graduated.

That's when the problems started. When the rent money stopped, my 'Boyfriend' found someone else. I got a job instead of going to college so I could afford a place of my own.

That's what I was doing when we met, working to pay the rent." "Well rent won't be a problem anymore. Mercedes and Rose are going back to school in the spring and you need to get enrolled so you can start then also." When we finished and left it was almost 11pm. Mercedes said she would drive so I could sit in the back with Rose and Cathy. As soon as we were outside and walking across the lot to the truck, Cathy and Rose started taking off their blouses. Next they stopped and pulled off their heels long enough to remove their jeans.

They had on only the heels, bras and panties. Before we got to the truck they were only wearing heels. Cathy said, "Rose told me how you made her walk across a parking lot naked to prove herself.

I'm doing it with her to prove myself to you. Not because I have to, but because I want to. Now can I have my ride in the back seat with you?" "Get in." by the time Mercedes pulled out of the lot Cathy and Rose had pulled off all my clothes and had their heads in my lap taking turns licking and sucking on my dick.

I had a hold of a breast on each one, pinching and rolling their nipples causing them to jump and squirm. When my dick was rigid again Cathy got up straddling my lap with her back to me.

Rose took my dick and put it in Cathy's hole as she lowered herself. As soon as she felt the head inside her she dropped down in my lap driving my dick deep. "OH DAMN, I FEEL SOOO FULL." She didn't move she just sat there gasping. After a few moments she put her hands on the backs of the front seats to steady her and started to slide up and down on me. I grabbed her hips and held her up so I could pound my shaft into her. While I was doing that, Rose put her hand between Cathy's legs and was rubbing her clit.

"Oh baby pound me with your big dick. Drive it deep and make me cum." I drove into her using her hips to pull her tight.

"Oh god I'm cumming." She shuddered them fell back against me. "Oh, husband that was so good, how can I pay you back?" "Raise up." she lifted up pulling my shaft from her pussy. I aimed it at her ass and pulled her down on it, burying my shaft in her bowels. "Mother fuck. Oh shit that felt like you shoved a post in my ass." Before she could say anything else I grabbed her waist again and pumped her ass on my dick. She grunted each time I drove into her. Just a few minutes later she was overcome by another orgasm as I shot a full load of cum into her ass.

This time when she fell back against me she was taking deep rapid breaths. When her breathing slowed she turned her head to me and kissed my cheek. "Thank you." "Have you enjoyed your back seat ride?" She didn't answer, she was asleep.

When we got home she was still asleep in my lap with my dick in her ass. When I lifted her off of me and it slipped out she moaned in her sleep. I got out and went around to her side and picked her up in my arms. Still asleep she put her arms around my neck and nuzzled into my neck. Mercedes opened the doors for us as I took her to our bedroom and laid her on the bed. I went back out to the living room and told Mercedes and Rose I was going for a quick dip in the pool.

Mercedes stripped out of the clothes she wore to dinner. "Can we join you?" I took their hands and we walked out to the pool together. We jumped in and I did a few laps. When I stopped thy moved to me, put their arms around me and held me tight. Rose said "Thank you for a great birthday. Thank you for the ring, and thank you for giving me your child." Mercedes just said "Thank you for everything." We splashed around for a few more minutes then realized how tired we really were.

We dried off then went inside and crawled in the bed with Cathy. I woke up Sunday morning to soft lips on my cheek. I opened my eyes to find Mercedes next to me resting on one elbow, looking down at me. "Morning husband, its 9am and breakfast is almost ready.

Would you like to join us?" I pulled her on top of me for a hug. "How about I join you right now." She reached down between us and stroked my morning wood.

"Mmmm, bacon and eggs or a large serving of man meat?" she sat up, rubbed the head of my dick thru her slit a couple of times them put it to the entrance to her pussy and sat down on it. She looked down at me and growled, "Mmmm, man meat good." She bent down and put a nipple to my mouth as she slid her hot pussy on my shaft.

She rode my shaft faster and faster. I was only a few minutes until I started shooting inside her. When my hot goo hit her cervix she stiffened and thru her head back. "OOOOHHHHHH, I love mornings." She laid down on me for a few minutes before we got up and showered. When we got to the dining room Mercedes said "That sure smells good, I'm starving." Rose laughed and said, "I bet you are. We heard you working up an appetite in the bedroom." Talk at breakfast was mostly about our upcoming vacation.

They wanted to wear their skimpy clothes and tease the men and boys every where they went. They were scheming how to have what they called 'Wardrobe malfunctions' and not look like it was deliberate. They were talking about net tops and shorts with tears in all the wrong places. I laughed and asked why they didn't just go naked. Amanda gave me a serious look. "Do you have enough bail money to get your pregnant wives out of jail?" I sure hoped she was kidding.

When we finished breakfast I reminded them we were supposed to move Cathy. They said they just needed to get dressed and we could get it done today. I got dressed and got my trailer hooked up to the truck and waited for them. They came out of the house wearing gym style shorts that were to small and sleeveless t-shirts that had been cut off so short you could see the bottom edge of their breasts.

"Are you really wearing those to move her?" Cathy said, "Wait until you see all the help we'll have." We took off for Cathy's apartment and we made a stop along the way to buy plastic tubs to pack her stuff in. when we got to the store they told me to wait in the truck and they went in. they got looks going in but they came out with three young guys carrying everything they had bought. When the guys had put the stuff in the back of the truck they gave each of them a peck on the cheek and said "Bbbuuuuyyyyy".

They got in the truck and as we headed to Cathy's she said "Boys are so easy to manipulate." When we got to her apartment complex again they asked me to stay in the truck. They had been gone about 10 minutes when four young men came running out of the complex, grabbed all the stuff in the pickup bed and started back in.

just as I was getting out. Rose came skipping around the corner towards me and bounced a little extra as she passed the boys. She came around to my door and stood where it hid her from traffic. "Damn husband you men will do almost anything if you think you can get a peek at some titties." She pulled her shirt up over hers and rubbed them.

"All we did was bend over a little and we have 6 or 7 guys up there packing and moving stuff." I kissed her and cupped one of her breasts. "I'll wait here. Just make sure one of you check in once in a while so I know your ok." She pulled her shirt down, what there was of it, and headed back inside. 20 minutes later Mercedes came out. She walked up to my door and got in sitting in my lap. "Are you ok out here? We'll be done in another 30 minutes." "I'm good.

I just want to get home, unload and get in the pool." about 25 minutes later the girls came out trailed by the guys that had been helping. They put the rest of her stuff on the trailer and I got out to tie everything down, I heard one of them ask Cathy who I was. She grabbed my arm and told them "He's the father of my baby" as she rubbed her belly. He laughed and said "No shit?" Mercedes and Rose came over and said "Ours to." The guys looked at us in disbelief. "I want to thank you boys for helping my ladies but we need to be heading home." each of the girls gave me a long kiss as I held the door for them to get in.

I looked back as I drove off and the guys were still standing outside. I think they finally figured out that the girls had played them. The girls had been teasing for the last hour and all the way home they were laughing about how the guys were trying to sneak looks.

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When we got to the house I backed the trailer under the carport. They said they would unload it during the week. They just wanted to get naked and get in the pool with me. By the time I got inside their clothes were in a pile and they were outside in the pool.

I took my clothes off and joined them. Before I got in the water they ran out of the pool, jumped on me and pressed their soft flesh against me. One of them had my dick in her hand stroking it. Mercedes looked at me and said "Husband your wives are horny.

What are you going to do about it?" "I have a few ideas. Do you have any special requests?" "We put ourselves at your disposal." "Let's go inside." We went into the living room and I lined them up at the back of the couch and had them bend over it and put their hands on the seat cushions. I went around to the front of the couch and stood in front of Rose. "Look up at me. She tilted her head up and I wrapped my hands in her hair and I put the head of my dick to her lips.

"Suck it!"As she opened her mouth I shoved my dick in so fast she gagged as it hit the back of her unprepared mouth. I pulled out and shoved it in again.

"Swallow this time." It hit the back of her mouth and held it there until her throat opened and accepted my shaft. I fucked her throat twenty strokes then pulled out and moved to Cathy. She was looking up but was not prepared when I pushed my dick into her mouth. She gagged at first but managed to swallow my dick on the second push. After I finished the twenty strokes in her mouth and moved to Mercedes. She had her head up smiling with her mouth open.

My dick went between her lips and down her throat with no resistance. When I finished and pulled out she licked her lips. "Was it good dear?" I bent down and kissed her. "Yes." I went around behind them and stood behind Cathy. Without warning I put my dick to her hole and buried id deep inside her.

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I drove in her twenty times and pulled out. "NNNOOOO, don't stop." As I moved behind Mercedes, Cathy reached back with one hand and started rubbing her clit. Mercedes had put her head on the cushions and was spreading her cheeks with both hands. I put my shaft to her hole and pushed it all the way in. she moaned as I did and was moving her hips as I did my twenty strokes. When I pulled out she said "Thank you." Next I put my dick in Rose and fucked her.

This time when I was done I didn't move. I just pulled my dick out of Rose's pussy and pushed it into her ass. "OH SHIT, OH SHIT, can't you warn a girl before you try to destroy her ass." "Do you want me to stop?" NNNOOOOO! Just a little 'Hey I'm gonna fuck your ass now' would be nice." I pumped twenty times into her ass and moved to Cathy.

She had her cheeks spread and looked back at me. "I'm ready sweetie. Put that big stick in my ass. I fucked her and moved to Mercedes.

When I finished her I had them stand up. "Now each of you pick a hole, one hole one pick." Rose spoke first. "Let me give you a blow job dear." Then Cathy. "I know you want my sweet pussy." Mercedes was last. "It looks like I get it in the end." I led them to the bedroom and laid them on the edge of the bed. Rose was in the middle on her back with her head over the edge.

I had Mercedes and Cathy lay on either side on their backs with their legs over the edge. I had Mercedes and Cathy put their legs behind their arms and hold their ankles.

"We're going to play Sex Roulette. I'm going to jump from hole to hole until one of you wins. Who wants to go first?" Mercedes said Me, Me, Me. Me first, please?" I stepped up to her and put the head of my dick to her pucker and pushed until the head was in and stopped. "Mmmmmm, but don't stop there lover. Fill me with your cock." As I pushed the rest of the way in, she let go of her ankles and moved to her hands to her mound. She put two fingers in her pussy as she rubbed her clit.

"Fuck my ass baby and help me cum." I pumped into her until her body shook and her nectar flowed from her pussy. "Oh thank you baby I needed that." She was still shaking as I moved to Rose.

She had her feet pulled to her hips with her knees spread wide as she rubbed her little nub. "Put your cock in my throat and blast it with cum husband." She licked her lips and opened her mouth wide. I put my dick that had just Came out of Mercedes ass and slid it in her mouth and down her throat.

I fucked her throat several strokes and pulled out. "Is that what you want wife?" "That's delicious but I want more and harder." I pushed my dick back down her throat. I grabbed her breast and used them as handles to try to drive it deeper. She rubbed her nub faster and began jamming fingers in her love hole as she moaned around my shaft. After 3 or 4 minutes she had not cum, I pulled out to do Cathy. "don't go now sweetheart, I'm so close." "I'll be back after Cathy sweetie and you can taste her pussy on my dick." I decided to have Cathy roll to her stomach and put her feet on the floor.

She reached back and spread her cheeks showing me her wet inner lips protruding from her slit. She had been fingering herself since I had them lay down. "I couldn't wait I started without you but now you're here, put that big meat stick in my pussy and fuck my brains out, please?" I put my dick to her hole and slipped it in. as it hit her cervix she moaned. "Every time your cock hits that spot it sends shocks thru my body.

When you fuck me hard it takes my breath away." She put one hand between her legs and rubbed my balls. Each time I stroked into her she took hand from her clit and rubbed them as I held my shaft deep inside her.

"Fuck me faster husband I'm almost there." I fucked her faster and she was driving her ass back to meet me. Her hot silky tunnel started milking my dick as her juices flowed around my dick and on my balls. "Damn, Damn, Damn, fuck me deep." I drove my dick in hard, feeling the head of my shaft hard against her. When her legs stopped shaking I pulled out and moved back to Rose. Instead of running my shaft down her throat right away, I straddled her face and put my balls on her lips. "Lick your Sister Wife's cum off." She sucked my ball sack into her mouth as she started stroking my shaft with one hand.

I groped her breasts and pulled on her nipples causing her to groan around my balls as she held them in her mouth and ran her tongue around them. I looked down at her as she pushed my balls out of her mouth. She was smiling up at me around my shaft. "Can I lick her cum of your dick now?" When I said yes she put both hands on my hips and moved me back and forth as she licked and sucked the bottom of my dick.

She pushed me back again and guided my shaft to her lips and sucked on the head as she stroked it. She would pull me forward until my balls were resting on her nose then push me back again stroking my shaft as she sucked on the head and teased my piss hole with the tip of her tongue. She had just pulled me deep in her throat again when I felt my load start to flow. "I'm cumming." What she did then surprised me.

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She pushed me back pulling my dick out of her mouth and stroked it, aiming it between her breasts. The first gob shot all the way to her mound. The next two landed just above her navel and she pulled my shaft down causing the rest to hit between her breasts.

"Baby you're cum feels so warm on my belly. Now go take care of Mercedes. I want Cathy." She pushed me back and pulled Cathy to her. As I moved to Mercedes I watched as Cathy straddled Rose's head, bent down and started licking my cum from Rose's body. I could hear slurping as Rose grabbed Cathy's hips and pulled her mouth up her pussy.

Mercedes was still rubbing herself when I bent over her and took a nipple in my mouth. She pulled my head down tight to her breast and groaned, her body trembling. When she relaxed I moved between those two wonderfully tasty mounds wishing she was nursing already so I could taste the sweet milk she would be giving our child. I kissed her body moving down across her still flat stomach.

When I reached her mound I detoured down her left thigh.


I kissed and licked her inner thigh on down her leg. When I nibbled on the back of her knees she jerked and giggled. "That tickles." I kissed back to her thigh and moved to the other side. She gave little shivers as I kissed my way to the back of her right knee. She was just as ticklish there. I moved slower as I kissed her thigh back to her mound. "Stop teasing me, damn it. I want your lips on my pussy." She spread her legs wide as I moved to her mound.

I put my mouth over her mound and stabbed my tongue into her hot wet hole. I had loved the taste of her since the day we met. She tasted better than any woman I had known. I lapped at her hole sucking in as much of her nectar as I could. She had her hands on my head holding me as she hunched her mound to my face. "I love your tongue. Damn I love your tongue almost as much as your cock." As I tongued her hole I squeezed her little man out of the hood and rolled it between my fingers.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHH" was all she could get out. Her hands on my head shook and I felt a shudder go thru her body. I ran the tip of my tongue over her swollen nub. She pulled me tighter, using her feet on my shoulders to pull her mound up.

I sucked her clit between my lips and lashed it with my tongue. I sucked harder and her body convulsed as she closed her legs on my head. "IIIIEEEEEYYYYY, SUCK ME III"MMMM CCUUMMMIINNG. I was able to move just enough to let me put my mouth over her hole and suck up her juices.

She held me tight for several minutes, finally relaxing her legs. She pulled me up to her and kissed me deeply, probing my mouth with her tongue. I heard more moans next to us and saw Cathy still standing over Rose's head with Rose slurping her pussy. Cathy had several fingers buried in Rose's hole. Mercedes giggled. "Don't they make a cute couple?" Mercedes and I moved up on the bed and held each other and watched until they were finished.

They moved up next to us and gave me kisses so I could taste them on their lips. "What a delicious way to end the evening. Are we ready to call it a night? I still have a job to get to in the morning." We cuddled and pulled the covers over us. I wanted to enjoy nights like this before they started swelling and we couldn't all fit together.