Blondie mit dem Geld in der Fotze

Blondie mit dem Geld in der Fotze
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**co-writing with my friend from Imagefap, Reddwarf** Richard Sullivan, an old Librarian. A quiet old scholar who spends his twilight years puttering around the towns dusty old library, sorting and filing endless volumes of forgotten lore; a thick and corpulent man who glides with surprising grace amongst the rows of shelves, carefully pulling and placing the old leathery books.

He sighs sometimes, missing the days when he and the Library were younger, when it bustled with activity of people coming in and out every day, seeking knowledge and information that he happily shared with all. Children would sit in a circle, wide-eyed and entranced as he would read to them some old tale of long ago, delighting them with fairies and princesses and knights and dragons.

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Ah, but as he looks at the orange light of evening stream in through the tall windows, he realizes that his days are past and that most everyone uses their computers and the internet to look up the knowledge he still guards faithfully with his old-fashioned books. Smiling sadly at his melancholy, the old fat man pushes the last musty volume home on the shelf as he once again thinks of just locking up the Library for good and retiring.


The front door creaks and the bell jingles, momentarily surprising the old gent. Puzzled, he checks the huge round clock on the wall and sees that it is quite near closing time, yet standing framed by the tall wooden arch of the main door was a dazzling splash of color, a young girl.

Her dark hair, brown skin and mysterious, shining eyes were so different from the men and women who lived in this small town; she looked so exotic and unique, her thick lips and nose made up the old man's mind that she must be a visitor from far away, or at least far from this place.

She quickly spied the large man and with a twinkling smile strode up to him, a fresh scent of jasmine and peppermint following her like a refreshing breeze. Her shining face looking up to the gray-bearded man so earnestly made him grin broadly, delighted with the sight of her.

With a charming accent and words that let him know she was very intelligent for someone so young, her name is Lin, yet not native to English as her first tongue, she carefully described the reason for her presence. She sought a special book of the men of this town who had served overseas in Asia, a book detailing the names and histories of the local soldiers who were stationed in East Asia during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Apparently, in times past, a white American had befriended members of her family in Thailand and she had grown up hearing marvelous stories from her father about his good friend and his generous offer to host anyone who wanted to visit.

Being a very clever and resourceful young girl, she had worked very hard and finally been accepted to a University on scholarship in America and during one of the school breaks for a holiday, she had determined to look up her father's American friend. Upon hearing her story which touched the old man so deeply, she was shocked and a little dismayed to see tears stream down the plump cheeks of the large old man. His chest and belly shook as he sobbed her family name and confessed that the young soldier from so many years ago was indeed himself!

Having witnessed so much hardship and horror fighting in the wars there and being so very touched by her father's kindness and understanding, the man had left the Army and returned to his small home town and opened a peaceful library, swearing to do nothing for the rest of his life but give happiness and knowledge to the world where once he gave only anger and war. Never marrying out of shame for his actions as a youth, the man had aged and grown fat and lonely, his only companions being his books.

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The girl stood shocked and amazed at this revelation! Never would she have guessed that Fate would bring her face-to-face with the man her father had helped find his humanity. Solemnly, the young girl wrapped as much of her arms as she could around the heaving belly of the old man and hugged him tightly, feeling his own tree-trunk arms envelope her and his bushy gray beard mash down on her silky hair as he bent down to clasp her to him.

After long moments of a tender, loving embrace, the old man let the young girl gently go and stood back, smiling gamely as he adjusted his tweed coat and straightened his bow-tie, wiping the tears from behind his thick glasses.

Clearing his throat, he began merrily talking to her, asking questions about her and her family and what had become of them, of her journey and her studies, all while closing down the Library lights and locking the front door for the night. As the old man lived in the back of the Library, he invited her to forego the expense of a hotel and insisted that she be his guest in his humble home, determined to make her as comfortable and contented as she would be in her own home in Thailand.

As they cheerfully cooked their meal in his tiny kitchen and ate, she laughed at tales he told of him and her father as young men and he marveled at her stories of growing up and travelling. All too soon it was late in the evening and the bottle of wine from dinner was joined by another for desert and the two very different strangers were now bosom friends, sitting on the carpeted floor in front of a crackling fireplace, his enormous frame propped against a couch and her smaller one nestled under his massive arm, her head resting on his shoulder as they looked into the fire and just sat, quiet and happy, saying very little.

The girl began thinking of this sweet old man and as she looked about, her heart swelled as she thought of such a gentle soul, so thirsty for love and companionship, so strong and quiet in his enduring his solitude.

Turning over to her side towards him, she lay her arm over his belly, her hand like a small butterfly that drifted down, brushing over the top of his waistband.

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She looked up into his face that was so near hers, his blue eyes sparkling in the firelight, yet so soulful and deep. Moved by an impulse she didn't want to deny, the young Thai girl gracefully rose and met his lips with her, kissing him fiercely, deeply and with a passion that surprised and overwhelmed them both.

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The old man tensed up, afraid and alarmed at he suddenness of her loving assault, then as she pressed her body against his, his resistance melted and he drew her closer to him, his powerful arms across her back and cradling her hair. Their kisses seemed so natural, so proper, it was as if they had been lovers for all time.

Desperate hands roamed over each other, buttons fumbled open and tiny hands delved into the front of trousers.

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Looking down between them, she shot a naughty, sexy smile as she looked back into his eyes as her hands filled with his very thick, very hot love, all for her.

Murmuring frankly obscene promises to her aged lover, the Thai girl slithered her body down, luxuriating in the feel of his massive belly and thighs as she slid down them until she propped her elbows up on either leg and happily began the job of undoing his belt and pants buttons, opening them up and freeing her prize.

He looked down at her absolutely adorable face flickering in the yellow firelight as she focused her eyes on the thick and meaty cock she was holding. Her mouth hung open just a little and her eyes danced as she took in each wrinkle, each gray tuft of hair, every breathe of hearty man-scent that wafted from the dick before her.

Moved like he had never been moved before, the old man felt a jolt of power from deep inside himself and to the girl's amazement, the very firm cock in her hand hardened even more!

A look of supreme delight washed over her face as she saw it flex and the velvety tip flush crimson with blood, swelling like a mushroom. Like a flash, she was on it! Her mouth engulfed the old meat with gusto, her tongue lavishing it's wet swirling love on every part she could stuff into her cavity.

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She sucked and licked and moaned as she forced more and more inside of her, swallowing the thickness as it filled her throat. Screwing her head around and gulping furiously, she bobbed and twisted her head around, loving the feeling of the hotness and texture of his flesh in her mouth. She smiled around his beautiful dick as her nose was rewarded with the tickling of his wiry gray pubic hairs; she had swallowed all of him!

Sucking hard, she began to really bob her head, literally fucking his cock with her mouth. Due to her expert technique, she heard her sexy old lover begin growling deeply as he built to a tremendous orgasm. Having not known the touch of a woman for so many long, lonely years, the gray bear fairly roared as he poured jetting stream after stream of thick, gooey, delicious cum down the throat of his gorgeous, magnificent Thai love.

She never slowed or missed a beat as she swallowed each mouthful of creamy delight, tasting the uniquely potent, concentrated flavor of semen that had been saved for so many years just for her. Finally withdrawing his cock from her mouth with a smack of her lips, she grinned over the shiny tip up at him as he looked at her in panting amazement.

Moving back up his body, her breasts under her blouse rubbing delightfully over his tweed vest, she moved her face up to his, her breath scented with his own cum as she tenderly kissed him again, showing him that she was not nearly through with him. His hands explored her back and down to her ass cheeks; he gripped her buttocks in each hand and squeezed them tightly, relishing the firm meat in his grip. Breaking her kiss and looking into his eyes with her own half-closed, teasing look, she smirked and gently mocked him as she took his still-hard meat in her hand, jacking it a little, getting a pearl of left-over cum on the tip.

Pretending to admonish him for being such a naughty, horny boy, she sat back a little and undid her blouse, revealing her pert, sexy breasts and her hardened dark brown nipples. Drawing his head down, she shuddered as he sucked and kissed the, sending pulses of heat through her.

Deftly hooking her thumbs into her stretchy pants, the Thai girl shucked them down and in a flash, her bottoms were off. As she giggled at the tickling of his beard on her sensitive breasts, she guided his engorged meat to the sopping wet entrance of her pussy. Unable to wait a moment longer, she sucked in a ragged breath like someone immersed in ice-cold water as she took his wrinkled but iron-hard shaft into her cunt. Her body clenched around the heated rod as she sank to his thighs, all of him embraced by her body.

The old man sucked like a newborn baby on her wondrous tits as the teen began rocking up and down on him, feeling the amazing sensation of friction and stretching within her. She began to wail as she ran her hands through his thick silver hair, hugging him to her chest as she became rougher and more rapid in her ride.

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Quickly the pleasure consumed them both as his massive, fat hands reached around her waist and he began working with her, raising her body up and slamming it down as hard as he could, both of them grunting and sweating as they labored together to rip another powerful orgasm from their bodies. As she placed her hands on is chest, she could feel him begin to build the growl of thunder in his chest, signalling another impending eruption from his balls of molten lava.


That drove the youngster over the edge herself as the first spurt of clotted cream hit her spasming tunnel, she began crying out a shriek of absolute delight, her song of joy filling the dark room with a sound never heard before in this home; a woman at pleasure. Time passed as she lay on her man, their mutual love found by Fate over the span of decades. She straddled him and slept, his very potent seed still warm inside her as (unknown to them at the time) it found her youthful eggs and began fertilizing them, making an amazing Thai-American child inside of her.

For his part, after they had spoke as lovers do after passion, he slept as well, holding his little love in his arms, content to feel her breathe on his cheek as he drifted off. They would marry and soon the town who knew him as the lonely old man in the Library would now see him on the streets, striding with a new-found strength and purpose with his beautiful bride on his arm, happy together.