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Steamy sexy anal licking hardcore and blowjob
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It has been a week since Shaun spent the night and he is still dating Alice. Everyday Ross see's them together it feels like a knife is being pushed right through his back and into his heart.

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It was as he saw them making out for what felt like the hundredth time that he knew he had do something about it. "So how is that one thing going along." Ross prodded on their walk home from school.

"What thing." Shaun asked. "You know. That one thing we talked about last week." Shaun gave ross a blank stare. "The Alice thing!" Ross shouted out getting impatient.

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"Oh, no, sorry i'm getting on that. I am trying to figure out a way to do it nicely. I could always do it at Derek's party tomorrow.

there will be plenty of drunk people around to make sure she won't miss me too much. "Ok just make sure that you do it and do it fast. I'm getting sick of you two making out every three seconds." From there Ross went back to his house to tell Derek he would be at his party. He had been so caught up with everything that he completely forgot that he was throwing it this week. Derek was one of those people that everyone from school knew. He was fun and outgoing and just the right amount of annoying to make everyone in the school like him, not to mention he was one of the hottest kids in school.

He has dated more girls than ross knew and the number just keeps on growing, so ross knew that this was going to more than just your normal party.

The next day the party was the only thing on peoples minds, everyone was excited for it. Ross heard people talking about kegs, women, drugs, music, everything your average teenage party would have. Bus Ross was excited about it for a different reason. This would be the party where he would finally have his dream boy to himself. When the time finally came and school ended, everyone rushed home to get ready for the party, And two hours later, Ross stepped into a whole new world.

He walked up to what looked like a block party. Derek had a house that was out in its own little corner. The only thing around them was forests so they didn't need to worry about cops being called. There were kids everywhere, in the lawn, in the house, in the pool, sneaking off into the woods.

Ross went in to have a good time for a little while before he went to go and find Shaun. He grabbed a couple drinks and headed out to the dance floor. It was about an hour in that he finally found Shaun. He had a buzz at this point but it wasn't enough for him to make a fool of himself. "Hay!" Ross shouted over the music. "Hey, how are you liking the party?" Shaun shouted back.

"It's great, there's so many people, have you talked to Alice yet." "No," shaun said, "I was just about to go and do that." Shaun then made his way over to Alice. Ross saw him whisper in her ear and then they both headed up into an empty bedroom. Ross felt guilty but he knew it had to be done.

He thought if Shaun kept living that lie than he would be miserable for the rest of his life with someone he didn't love. He kept reassuring himself this as he realized that shaun had been up there for quite a long time.

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'maybe Alice isn't taking it so well and Shaun is trying to calm her down.' That was until he saw them come out five minutes later and her hair was all messed up.

Shaun came over and Ross gave him a weird look. "How did it go?" "Great she completely understands. she actually supports us you know." "You forgot to pull up your zipper asshole!" Shaun froze for a second with a look of shock on his face.

"Oh come on what would you have done. Did you see the dress she is wearing, she looks so hot. Come on I spotted an empty bathroom down stairs, I think we can figure out some way to forget about this." "You have to be kidding me right now. So all I am to you is SEX!" "Wait no you are taking this all wro-" "Fuck off shaun.

You know what, I had a feeling this would happen." Ross said turning and running off into the party. He kept moving until he found a nice empty room in the basement. He sat in the room for a couple minutes letting his emotions roll down his face.


It has been years since can remember crying but this was the first time he did it for love. "Do you want to talk about it." Ross jumped and turned wiping the tears from his eyes.

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Derek was standing at the doorway. "Talk about what, nothings wrong." "Ok then do you want to talk about why your eyes randomly started leaking." Ross sighed and sat back down. "You're in love with with Shaun aren't you." Ross looked up in shock. "But he doesn't love you back does he." At this point Ross was completely stunned. The only word he could force out was "How?" "Well being the most popular gay kid in the school you learn to notice things about people." Ross was head was spinning by now.

"wait what… you're…" "Gay? Ya, I am.


Why do you think i haven't had a lasting girlfriend?" "I thought you were just to cool for a single girl." "nahhhhh that's just to keep up my image, and i don't mind the occasional puss from time to time. So are you just gonna cry about it all day or do you want to talk about it." "I don't know its kinda personal, and a long story." "Hey i'm not going anywhere, and i'm the only one here, nobody else has to know." After thinking for a couple seconds ross finally gave in, he told Derek everything.

He told him about his love for shaun, the night they spent together, shaun punching him, everything up to Shaun having sex with Alice again. As he was finishing up Derek walked up to Ross and gave him a kiss on the lips. "Why don't you forget about Shaun for a little bit and be with someone who knows how to pleasure a man." Ross wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or not but he got on his knees and unzipped Derek's pants.

he reached in and pulled out his dick. It was about the same length but it was almost twice as thick. Ross tried to fit the whole thing in his mouth but started choking. "Hey slow down its not a race" Derek said. "Sorry." Ross said, his face going red. "Awww your so cute when your embarrassed." Ross ignored that comment and went back down on Derek.

He started by licking him from his balls up to his head, swirling his tongue around his hole licking out all of his pre-cum. Suddenly Derek picked up Ross and laid him down on the coach. He started pulling off Ross's pants revealing the tent in his pants. Ross thought he knew what was coming When his underwear was pulled off but jumped as he felt the unfamiliar sensation of something wet poking at his ass hole. Derek's tongue was poking in and out of his hole sending shivers of pleasures going up his body.

When Derek was Satisfied with his work he got up with and aimed his cock up with Ross's hole. He started pushing in slowly but the pain was too enormous for Ross to handle. His eyes were popping out of his head from the pain.

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When Derek was finally all the way in Ross was out of breath. He felt like he could pass out. But the pain soon turned into pleasure as Derek started rocking back and forth.

It was all too much for Ross to handle and he exploded all over his chest without even touching his dick. Derek kept pumping in and out getting faster and faster until he pulled out and blew his load all over Ross's face. Derek started licking the cum off of Ross's chest and face getting a mouth full.

Derek then grabbed Ross and Started making out with him. They started trading the cum between their mouths until Derek swallowed it all. "Call me later." Derek said leaving the room. Ross got dressed and cleaned up the rest of the cum off his face with the inside of his hoodie and threw it on. As he went back up to the party Shaun came up to him looking concerned.

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"What did you guys do down there." Shaun demanded. "Nothing.

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We just talked." Ross said. Shaun reached into his hair and pulled out a little cum. Ross took his hoodie off and wiped his hair off. "Why does it matter, Its not like you care about me." "Oh come on, you know that's not true." "I have to go, go and be with Alice." "Please just don't do anything stupid." Ross turned and left the party, not even giving a second thought about Shaun.

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Part 6? let me know in the comments and on kik (gunter96) about what you think i should write next.