Roberto Aguilar and Sidney Sampaio

Roberto Aguilar and Sidney Sampaio
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I still went to see Mum every other day.

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I thought it was right that her and Dad should have time on their own. One night, about a week after I broke up with Dave, I got home from work just as Dad was on his way out to the hospital, I showered and headed back to my room with a towel wrapped around me. As I was about to shut the door, I saw Craig, my elder brother, laying on my bed, playing with my phone with his cock out.

'What the fuck are you doing' I yelled at him. 'Get out now'. He laid there as if nothing was wrong. 'I'm just deciding which of your friends to send this video to' he said, giving his cock a stroke.

'What are you going on about?' I said. He pulled out his phone and started playing a video of me getting fucked from the cinema the other night. I knew it wasn't what Dave had done, he had filmed it from my left side and this one was from the right hand side and slightly in front of me. I certainly was putting on a show with two cocks in me, hands all over me and my tits flying everywhere. It looked like I was having a great time!

'I think we need to talk' said Craig, 'you can start by dropping the towel'. I was in shock and didn't move, not even when Craig reached over and pulled my towel off me, leaving me standing naked. 'What do you want?' I said, trying to cover up with my hands. 'I want you to be my fuck toy' Craig replied. 'You will do what I want whenever I want it, and now I want to fuck that pussy'.

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I was lost, speechless, but I knew I was beaten. There was no doubt it was me in that video and that Craig wouldn't hesitate to show Dad or anyone else. Craig got off of my bed and sat in a chair. 'Lay on the bed and play with yourself, get yourself wet for me to fuck you' he said. Almost in a trance, I did as he asked. It didn't take long for my juices to start flowing and he said ' Right, come over here and fuck yourself on my cock'.

I stood up and started to sit down, grabbing Craig's cock and lining it up with my pussy. I lowered myself until it was all the way in and started to move up and down. 'That's a good fuck toy' he said, playing with my tits 'I only need a blow job off you to complete the set'. It took a few seconds for the penny to drop, but it did eventually.

'You!' I screamed 'That was you up my arse at the cinema' 'Yep, that's right' he replied 'But if that was you, who was taking the video' 'That would be me' said my little brother Chris as he entered my room stark naked, his cock standing upright as he lustfully eyed my naked body. 'I've got a copy of the video as well' he said That night, and most nights after, the pair used my body in any way they wanted, and they knew there was nothing I could do to stop them.

They double teamed me like I had been in the cinema, and made me suck their cocks after they had been up my arse, and although I hated it, I cum time after time. I always knew that Craig was a filthy sod, but Chris surprised me with his ideas. It was him that wanted to get two cocks in my pussy at the same time, and then up my arse. Chris even suggested that he fuck me while Craig got up his arse.

Of course Craig was up for that, any hole for him. Craig also started buying me 'presents'. Vibrators, butt plugs and nipple clamps were his idea of gifts and he loved watching me use them on myself.

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The nipple clamps were attached to a small chain and he loved to pull hard on it as he led me round. When Dad was at the hospital, I wasn't allowed clothes and had to walk around the house naked, while they filled my holes with a dildo, a butt plug, their cocks or anything else they found to put in me.

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I didn't know how I would ever get out of this and gradually just came to accept it. My only release was work. As I said, I worked in a typing pool at the local builders. It was quite a big company, and us typists would type out reports, quotes or invoices. Most of the work came from the surveyors, who would record notes digitally and either email them to us or give us a tape from a Dictaphone. The Directors of the company had their own Personal Assistants, who looked down on the typists as if we had just crawled out of the gutter.

One day, Miss Cranshaw, who ruled us typists with a rod of iron, called me out. She told me that one of the PA's was retiring and Mr Edwards, one of the Directors, had asked me to replace her. I had learnt shorthand and never had a problem with typing, but there were plenty of girls with longer service than me. Obviously, there were some, like Janice, that you would not want as a PA, but I was surprised to be asked nevertheless.

I knew Mr Edwards by sight, but had never spoken to him, or any other Director. I was taken up to his office and introduced to him. We talked for about 30 minutes where he explained what he required of a PA, and whether I could fulfil the duties. I told him I was confident I could and would give 100% to the position.

My wages doubled in the new position, which I was happy about. Maybe I could save up and get a place of my own, away from Craig and Chris.

The first few weeks went well. Mr Edwards was easy to work for, a very pleasant man in his late forties, early fifties I guessed, and thoroughly professional.

My office was off of the main corridor, and you had to go through it to reach Mr Edward's office. He had a buzzer that he would sound when he wanted me to come through. He had meetings with suppliers and potential new customers, so I would make teas and coffees etc.

for them.

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It all seemed to be going well. At the start of the 5th week, Mr Edwards called me into his office. 'Karen' he said 'Take a seat'.

He explained that I was at the end of my 4 week trial period and that he would be happy to give me the position permanently. He was pleased with my dress code (I normally wore a blouse and skirt) and with the way I carried out my duties. I was so excited. Then he went on to tell me that there would be changes in the office. Firstly, I was never to wear knickers in the office. Secondly, if he rung the buzzer twice, I was to go to him topless, and lastly, if he rang the buzzer three times, I was to go in naked.

I looked at him in shock, waiting for someone to come out and tell me that this was all a joke. But no-one did. 'I don't understand Mr Edwards' I said 'I thought you were happy with my work' 'Oh I am Karen' he replied 'But I picked you for a reason' and he proceeded to get out his mobile phone and play me a video. Again, this was from my night at the cinema and was different to the one that Craig and Chris had, and wasn't the same as the one Dave took.

How many versions of my night in the cinema were out there?


' I just happened to be out one night with a client with special interests, and filmed you. I didn't even know that you worked for the company until I had watched this a few times, and then I recognised your face one night as you were leaving. So what do you say?


Do you accept my conditions or shall we let this video out into the big wide virtual world?' I bowed my head and nodded. 'Great' said Mr Edwards 'I shall give you some money to buy a few smart business suits for yourself.

Skirts, of course, no trousers. And by wearing a jacket, you won't need to wear a bra, so I can get to your tits whenever I want. Now, shall we start with a blowjob?' So again, my life went downhill. I was being abused at home, and then again as soon as I came to work. I obeyed Mr Edwards' instructions and went to work without knickers and a bra. He liked to give dictation with me topless, followed by him fucking my pussy or arse naked over his desk.

He must have assumed that I was on the pill (which of course I was) as he would always come in whichever orifice he was in at the time. He used my pussy, arse and mouth at will. He insisted that my pussy remained shaved at all times, which was exactly how Craig and Chris liked it.