Tiny tits ladyboy beauty from Thailand rides huge cock

Tiny tits ladyboy beauty from Thailand rides huge cock
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Fbailey story number 422 Are You Wearing Panties My sister-in-law was always at our house but I didn't mind at all since she was fantastic to look at. I couldn't blame her for always being at our house because her father was a real asshole. I hated having him as a father-in-law. My wife never went over to visit her mother unless she knew that her father wasn't home and then it is just for short visits so that she didn't run into him.

Sandy was just a slightly younger version of my wife. Sandy was eighteen years old and was to graduate from high school soon.

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My wife was twenty-five years old. They were both about five feet six inches tall and about a hundred and ten pounds.

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They had brown shoulder length hair, B-cup breasts, and they both love to tease the hell out of me sexually. One day Sandy was lying on the couch when I entered the room. She was on her side with her knees together watching television. Her short miniskirt had rode up her hips and ass nicely exposing her entire ass to me. I just had to ask, "Are you wearing panties?" Sandy replied, "Yes." Then I watched her as she lifted one knee up just a little. All I saw was the rear of her pussy lips and no panty whatsoever.

I said, "All I see is the back of your pussy with your short pubic hairs sticking out." Sandy then reached back and lifted up one of her ass cheeks to separate her butt crack enough so that I could see the thin string buried in there.

Then surprisingly she rolled onto her back, lifted her knees up to her breasts, and then opened them wide as she reached down and parted her pussy lips for me. She pulled the lips so far to the sides that her panties fell onto the valley that was created.

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I could clearly see where her string connected to the small triangle on her mound. Her pink inner lips were visible along with her moist hole. I could never pass up that position when my wife did it and I certainly wasn't going to pass it up then either. So I just dove my face into her open crotch and started to tongue fuck her right there on the couch knowing that my wife was somewhere in the house.

I licked her delicious little love hole, sucked that panty string into my mouth, and then I pulled her panties off of her long legs. Without any further restriction I went right back at it with gusto. Her pussy tasted even better than my wife's pussy normally tasted.


I devoured her juices giving her a couple of orgasms as I went. Finally, I felt someone tapping me on my shoulder. I turned my head to see my wife standing over me. I said, "I'm sorry honey but I just couldn't resist her sweet little pussy." Sandy said, "It's all my fault for exposing it to him." My wife said, "I don't care whose fault it is…just hurry up and finish with her.

Then give me my turn." Screw that I wasn't about to hurry up. After all this was my first taste of my sister-in-law and I was going to enjoy it for just as long as I could. However, on the other hand my wife had caught me eating her sister and she wasn't angry about it, so maybe I could have more of Sandy in the future if I satisfied my wife too.

What a dilemma! Fuck that shit I stood up, grabbed them both by their wrists, and then took them into my bedroom. We all stripped off our clothes and got on the bed with both of the sisters side by side and me at their feet. I leaned in and slipped a couple of fingers into each of their pussies. My wife was really wet, which surprised me.

I wondered if watching me eat her sister had turned her on. To test my theory I leaned into her pussy and gave her a few licks before going over to her sister's pussy. I watched as my wife's head turned and she watched me lick Sandy a few time. I went back and forth between their pussies and every time I licked Sandy's pussy my wife looked on as if she wanted a taste.

A light went on over my head and I crawled up to my wife and kissed her shoving my tongue and her sister's juices in with it. My wife aggressively went after the taste with a passion. I wanted to see what Sandy would do so I licked at my wife's pussy until my tongue was thoroughly coated and then I French kissed Sandy with the same results. Once I realized that both girls enjoyed the other's taste as much as I did, I got an idea. I needed to get them into a sixty-nine with each other.

My tongue got a work out for a while then I slipped my cock deep into my wife's pussy for a couple of strokes and then I slipped it into Sandy's mouth. She sucked it clean. I then stuck my cock in her pussy and then into my wife's mouth. That lasted for a few strokes and pokes in them both, but then I knew that I had to come soon.

I wanted to leave them frustrated enough to take care of the other so I simply pulled out. When they looked at me I said, "Get into a sixty-nine and put on a really nice show for me.


The winner get this." Then I grabbed onto my hard cock and gave it a couple of light easy strokes, not enough to cause me to cum. My wife spun around and landed perfectly on top of her sister. I watched her tits squish out to the sides. She started licking that pussy with all of the enthusiasm that I had hoped for.

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I had always imagined my wife with another woman, just never with her own sister. That was without a doubt the sexiest thing that I had ever seen.

Now that I had promised my cock and cum to the winner, how could I tell my wife that I wanted to fuck her sister and that she had won? After all she was certainly giving it her all.

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When I was ready I simply said, "You won honey but I'm still going to fuck your sister." She replied, "I would if I were you too." Sandy just lay back and opened up for me. I slipped my cock into her pussy for the very first time knowing that it would not be the last time.

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My wife enjoyed sex with her sister just as much as I did and I was going to use that to my advantage. First I had to fuck her pussy until I couldn't fuck anymore. Cum shot out of me and ended up in her like it was always meant to be.

My wife pushed me out of the way and went back to licking her sister's pussy with my fresh load in it. I waited until my wife was done eating her sister to ask, "Can we do this again someday." Sandy said, "God I certainly hope so." My wife then said, "What if we asked Sandy to move in here with us.

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She could share our bed and we could share her." Sandy screamed for joy and said, "You mean it? I can get away from Dad. Honestly?" My wife said, "There is just one condition." Sandy said, "Name it." My wife replied, "You will become our little fuck toy." Sandy smiled and kissed her sister before replying, "Anything you want." My wife smiled and asked, "Even anal?" Sandy said, "Yes!

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