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Free hot sex photo and goth emo gay boys Leaked Homemade Sex Tape
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Nanny - Part 1 New Nanny Coming In "We definitely need a nanny," my wife has been grumbling to me from days to nights ever since we have got busy with our new careers.

Currently we were working on shifts now and we could hardly get to meet each other in days. By the time we could be together at home, it has already been very late at night. Because of this, our relationship was getting poorer as we have lesser communication and we spent little time together. Reece was nearly 1 year old. He was a beautiful and fine baby son. Both of us loved him very much but it just that we were getting busy with our jobs and sometimes we were losing attention on him.

Despite taking turns of babysitting Reece, we could not still fulfill the babysitting jobs. The decision was finally made. We would hire a nanny to baby sit Reece. I nodded to my wife and agreed to let her hired a babysitter to help watching and nursing Reece. On the first day of the week, I woke up at 8.30 mornings after my wife left the home and rushed to work. I rubbed my eyes and I saw Reece was still sleeping very peacefully in his crib. I got up and sat at the edge of the bed, breathing for the fresh air and trying to wake up.

I went to the bathroom and get my teeth and face washed. Then, I approached the kitchen and started eating the simple breakfast that was notably prepared by my wife in a very rush manner. I did not complain about it as I understood we were just busy with our new jobs and new life that we just got into.

I grabbed the milk and I found a memo beside. It was written by my wife as I could recognize her handwriting. G' Morning Graham honey, sorry I have to rush to work and I got no time to explain all this to you in person. I've already hired a nanny and she will drop by at 9. Hopefully you and Reece can get acquainted with her in any time soon. Goodbye and see you tonight!

Rose What? She has already hired one? Since when?

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Before I could sip the very first milk of the day, the door bell was rung. Probably I was not fully awake and the bell has stunned me. I accidentally spilled the milk over my shirt and my shorts. "Damn it!" I got some tissues and tried to wipe off the milk from my clothes. The bell kept ringing and so the first instinct was driving me to open the door without changing my clothes at first.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw a very beautiful and young Chinese lady standing in front of me with a very cheerful smile. She greeted me politely and bowed slightly to me. She was very stunning, with her radiant and smooth skin, petite body and dazzling eyes have already captured my attention. I stood still like a statue at the door, motionless; my eyes were not even blinking for that particular moment since I first saw her.

She was wearing tight pink t-shirt and a white skirt covering till her knees. I have never ever in my life met such a perfect Asian girl who has captured my heart completely. "Can I come in, sir?" I finally made my first move and was aware that I have spilled the milk on my briefs.

My face immediately turned red when I realized I was just wearing briefs and standing in front of her. I swallowed hard and covered my dribble. "Please… please take a seat first," I quickly rushed to my room and changed myself. As I walked into the room, I found myself had a hard on. "Damn!" I whispered to myself and wondered if she ever noticed that.

I hoped not as this could scare the crap out of her. I guess I lost my control probably due to the busy days I have had since I changed a new career, plus I have not get laid for some times.

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I checked on Reece, he was still sleeping. Without letting the young Asian nanny waiting for too long outside, I quickly changed. I undressed the clothes and put on new one, and I wore a thicker pants. Hopefully my erection could be concealed. I walked out to the living room and ushered the nanny. I sat beside her and befriended to her.

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We introduced ourselves first. I let her know my name and I get to know her name too. Her name was Jane and she was 18 years old.

I knew from her slang that she was not local. I am a Scottish and she told me she came from South East Asia to pursue her studies in Scotland. She may not have the Scottish accent, but her voice was definite sweet. I stared at every of her single move on the lips while she was speaking. She looked very clean and blissful while talking to me. She may be younger than me by 10 years old but I could guarantee that she has a very mature thought.

The chat did not drive my erection away and yet it got worse. I was getting horny and my mind started flashing of Jane in nudity, me and her sharing kissing moments, etc. I could feel my cock was throbbing hard underneath my pants.

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I tried to hide it with the small pillow. Then, I cut the talk and looked for excuses to leave for toilet and waking up Reece.

I got into the toilet and peed for quite a long time. I tried to adjust my stiff cock so as to hide the erection in the best way it could be. After it was done, I approached Reece's crib and woke him up gently. Reece made a little noise at first to show his reluctance being disturbed. However, when he gently opened his eyes and saw me, he got up willingly and gave me the cutest smile. I smiled back and began to feel guilty. How could I ever have those flashes like I was going to take advantages on the nanny?

I am married for Christ's sake and my son was just 1 year old. I hit my head to clear and sweep away those nasty and filthy thoughts before holding up Reece.


Then, I brought him to Jane and let them get acquainted so that Jane could ease her job babysitting Reece. I sat on the sofa and read the newspaper, but my mind was never focusing on the newspaper. I was keeping an eye on Reece with Jane. Jane was playing and pleasing Reece on the floor. I could see she was a very passionate nanny. The thing that made me feeling uneasy was Jane has caught me eying her several times.


Whenever she turned to me, I would pretend I was reading the newspaper. I stared at my crotch and I could see a bulge was gradually built up. It may not be so obvious but it was still noticeable, especially I was not very far from Jane and Reece. Another reason for my bulge being noticeable by Jane was our positions. I was on the sofa and she was on the floor, she could easily catch and see my bulge. Fortunately she was not making any big reaction towards it. I felt a bit relieved but I could not confirm if she has ever caught the bulge at my crotch.

I could not see any shyness from her face, or probably she has hidden it well. I somehow have caught Jane staring at me, I could not confirm but the angle of her sight seemed to be at my crotch.

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Has she noticed it? Did she like it? "Fuck, Graham, you're married and your baby son was not more than 2 feet away from you! What were you thinking? Fucking the Chinese nanny to get rid of the erection and horniness?" I shook my head and got up. I told Jane to watch closely on Reece and returned to my room.

I closed the door and lied on the bed. The moment I closed my eyes, I would start seeing Jane in a very sexy way, very alluring as if she was seducing me. I could no longer bear of the hot and steamy scenes that kept flashing inside my head. I had to get rid of my horniness.

I undressed my pants and grabbed my warm 7.5 inches cock. Gently stroking myself as I closed my eyes and imagining my cock was sucked by some horny women. No matter how hard I tried, the colour of the long hair of the woman who gave me the fellatio was neither blonde nor brown; it was silky black just like Jane had. I felt guilty and yet I could not help myself not to think of her.

I knew it was wrong to think of her in that way, especially I was already married and I was a father. I thought may be just once and it could be over.

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Hence, I continued stroking myself and fantasizing of Jane blowing my cock in a very seductive way. I pushed my cock deep into her throat like I fucked her mouth so badly, gagging her and choking her.

I imagined she was working her nice tongue around my hard cock. As the masturbation went rigid, I sped up the stroking and I moaned, while still trying to keep my voice down. In a second, I came hugely and ejaculated thick wads of sperms and semens, shooting about 1 foot high before landing on my tummy and some drops on the bed sheets.

Fuck, I did it and I came. What a mess! I got up and cleaned up the mess. My heart was beating fast and my blood was boiling. I took off the clothes and walked into the bathroom naked. I let the hot shower hit onto my body for relaxation. The assumption of wanking over the Chinese Nanny could bring everything into end seemed to be proven wrong as my cock was still throbbing and I was still thinking of Jane. However, it was less severe so probably I should just temporarily shrug off the problems.

After having the shower and putting up the new clothes, I went out to check on Jane and Reece. They were still having fun on the floor. Jane saw me and she smiled to me.

I nodded and smiled back.


The time was passing fast until two afternoons, where I need to get ready to work. I changed and told Jane the time where she needed to feed Reece, bathe him, and put him into naps. Jane jotted down and told me not to worry. I trusted her and then I went to work. By the time I had returned, it was already ten o'clock at night. The nanny had left at seven as I was informed by Rose. Reece was already put in bed. Rose urged me for a shower before getting on bed.

I did and I put on the briefs after hitting the shower.

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As soon as I mounted on the bed, Rose started questioning me. "What do you think of the nanny? Do you think she is good enough for Reece?" I was stunned and I could not answer Rose immediately. Due to the fact that I was masturbating over her today, right on this bed. Are you kidding me? That was perhaps the best thing you had ever done for me. Finding the finest Asian girl to be Reece's nanny. However, not to let Rose suspicious of my feeling to Jane, I made a mmm sound to her to show my hesitation.

After that, I nodded and said she was good and she was passionate of babysitting Reece. "That's great! It means I no longer have to consider others.

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She will be granted as the permanent nanny of Reece, unless her performance was not satisfied by either one of us." I nodded to my wife and remained silent. Rose smiled to me and kissed my cheek. She wished me good night before turning off the lamps and went to sleep.

I lied down and I still felt some guilt had disturbed my mind. "Rose?" "Yeah?" "Where did you find her?" "Find who?" "The nanny. Where did you find her?" "Not really sure, just a friend of a friend recommended her to me." A friend of a friend? Sounds a little complicated to me. Should I feel lucky of having her becoming Reece's nanny? Bear in mind that I could spend the whole morning, and half of the noon with her, just we alone, besides Reece who happened to be so young and so na?.

He was too young to know any feeling between me and Jane. It seemed like it may not be as easy as I thought it could be to get "acquainted" with this Asian nanny. She was way too alluring to me and I still had no idea how on earth I should let go of my desire on her.