Latina babes with mega boobs lick

Latina babes with mega boobs lick
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This all started when I was 13 years old and my brothers Nick 12 years and Gar 10, also my sister Sam 11.

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We were broughtup in rural area in Ohio. We Always heard the older boys talk about but fucking dick sucking and fucking your sister. My brother Nick and started playing with each others dicks when we would come home from school. Who ever got home first between my self and my brothers the one would tell our parents that they were tired and was going to take a nap.

If it was my brother nick he would go upstairs and lay down in his bed with his pants off on his back with a hard on, for being 12 he had a big cock.

If I was the next to get home my parents would go out for the evening, they felt I was old enough to take care of my brothers and sister what they did not know they took care of me.

I would go upstairs to my brothers bed room and take my clothes off and get in bed next to him, Nick and Gar shared the same room I would would slide across him and rub our dicks togeather then I would slide off and lay next to him and pretend that I was a sleep Nick would reach over and start pumping my dick up and it felt so good, then he would start sucking on it make me come and I would be jacking him off while he sucked me I could never bring myself to suck him I think it was because of his size.

We got out a tape and checked our sizes at 12 he was 5 inches hard and 3 inches round> I would get him off and we would go to sleep until my brother Gar would come up.

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He would undress and would start playing with Nick and me. He would start sucking each of our cocks I would play with Gar's dick, I sent him to the bath room to get some vasaline to put on my dick so I could put it in his ass which he loved.

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While I fucked him in the ass he would give Nick a hot blowjob, after I would cum he would roll over to Nick and get fucked in the ass again I don't know how he got that big cock of Nicks' in his ass.

I would go wash my dick off and Gar would suck me hard. Gar had alittle dick I could suck him with know trouble go down on him and suck and suck he had not startd to cum as of yet so I didn't have to worry about him cumming in my mouth for which I wished it had happened because I have never had the satistfaction of having any body cum in my mouth. We would do this little love making every chance we could I enjoyed playing with a dick and sucking the little dick I fill bad some times I wished I had sucked my brother Nick off just to see how a real big cock for a young boy taste and felt in my mouth.

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I never let them fuck me in the ass even though I loved to fuck both of them in the ass for years. This continued untill we were in are late teens, we continued to do this even after we started dating girls.

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My brother Gar loved to give me a blo wjob after I came home after fucking my girl friend. One my 16th birthday my brothers decided to give me a private party, at the time I did not know that my sister was invited.


To my suprise my sister has been playing with Nick and Gar for months,just sucking them off and playing with there dicks there was never any intercourse. It was on a Saturday in the winter time we had just had a snow storm and 8 inches on the ground.

That was about the size of Nicks dick at the age of 15.


I loved to pump that dick. My parents as usual went out nothing could keep them home on the weekins. My brothers came over to me and started rubbing on me.


I layed back and let them do as they choosed. Brother Gar started sucking me off which felt very good, we were 69ing when my brother Nick ask me to put something over my eyes because they had a suprise for me. The next thing I felt was another mouth on my cock just sucking the head.

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To my suprise it was my sister and could she suck like a pro. My brothers taught her well, that was the second time I saw a pussy the first was my mon but thats a different story [ later] It was also the second time I ate pussy and the second time I was sucked by a girl but we never had intercourse.

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My brothers and I played with each other and my sister the whole evening it must have been 3AM before our parents came home drunk and passed out in the living room. My sister was a good cocksucker she could not get enough cum. She would suck so hard that I had to make her quit it started to hurt. After that night my sister would join us a couple nights a week What made it nice was she had not started having her periods as of yet.

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We did not have to worry about her getting knocked up when we started fucking her the next time we got togeather. This went on for three more years. NEXT TRUE STORY MY MOM GET INVOLVED, THIS INVOLVEMENT STARTED BEFORE MY SISTER I JUST GOT AHEAD OF MY SELF LATER1