Lez Sextape With Cassidy Banks And Ivy Sherwood

Lez Sextape With Cassidy Banks And Ivy Sherwood
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Ethan Harrington's revenge Ethan Harrington was a large man by any measure. He topped out at over 6 feet tall and was over 400 pound. Right now he was trying to squeeze his way into a sub compact.

He was a mechanic with his own body shop and he needed to get this car up on a lift. "Fuck" he shouted as he managed to wedge his way in. "Fucking women with fucking tiny ass cars." He got the car up on the lift and struggled his way out. "It's never fucking easy." He ran the lift up when suddenly a car came up behind him, halfway in the door and honked.

He nearly shit his pants. He ran a hand through his dark brown hair and turned to see a hot blonde in a hot Mercedes convertible. A hot blonde he knew and had hoped to never see again. Bonnie Rockwaller, he met her almost a decade ago in college. She was a bubbly communication major, always decked out in the trendiest clothes. She had long blonde hair and the bluest eyes and tits like ripe peaches. He had been a poor work-study student with a small scholarship to do sumo wrestling.

It had been his one passion in high school. A discipline that favored his size. He made the team and had won several tournaments. He had a reputation for being immovable. He was a rock wall that people twice his size couldn't move. He had been surprised when Bonnie took an interest in him. He had been working in the cafeteria serving food and she came up to him.

"There is a Sadie Hawkins dance tonight and Tri-Delt and I was wondering if you would go with me." Ethan's heart leaped. Here was a beautiful woman who was asking him out. He said "Yes." "Good, wear your best suit and I'll see you tonight." When he showed up at the sorority in his only suit, carrying flowers that he couldn't afford he was greeted by Bonnie who was wearing a pink mini-dress that showed off her luscious thighs and clung to her soft tits.

Ethan stepped in and Bonnie asked, "Hey stud, why don't you pin that corsage on me." Ethan fumbled, his massive hands worked to undo the pin. He slid one hand down on her dress and he felt her bare tit. He was in heaven. His massive cock started to grow as he attached the flowers to her dress. Once the pin was secure he pulled his hand out and cupped her tit. He gave it a good squeeze. She smiled and said "Plenty of time for that later stud." The dance was odd Ethan realized.

He knew he was an athlete and in theory deserved a hot girl, but the rest of the guys were nerds or dweebs. Most were either fat or scrawny and none of them had muscle. As the night was going on the girls got to talking and at the end of the night he and Bonnie were crowned King and Queen of the dance.

After that is when it really went wrong. "Stud, I want you. I want you badly." She kissed him hard. Her tongue slid into his mouth and then she bit his lower lip. Her hand went to his groin and she squeezed his stiff cock.

"I need this." she whispered. She led him to a small room with two doors. "Get undressed in here. My bedroom is on the other side. When you are naked, come on through tiger. I'll be waiting. So will my friend." She winked at him and nodded toward a tall brunette who was bobbing her head up and down on a straw. The brunette smiled and then winked. She had been drinking a piña colada and had some of it still in her mouth.

She showed it to Ethan on her tongue, then swallowed and then winked again. After Ethan undressed he stepped through the door. He didn't realize he was outside until the door locked behind him. And above him there was Bonnie in an upstairs window, "You disgusting fat fucking pig. Like I would ever fuck you. The brunette was next to her and tossed her drink out the window. The final insult was that the campus police were called. They believed his story, but he was still expelled. The car honked again and Ethan snapped back to the present.

There was that bitch Bonnie, honking her fucking horn. "Excuse me." she said, sweet as sugar. "There seems to be something wrong with my car." "I am a but busy today, could you bring it back tomorrow?" Ethan said, while thinking how about the 32nd of not in this fucking life time. She got out of the car and pouted. She brought her arms together squeezing her tits. Ethan thought he saw a bit nipple peek out. "Please?" "Alright." He popped the hood and started looking at the engine.

As he was looking she walked behind him and started to grind against his hip. He felt her breasts pushing against him. "It looks like the fuel pump. I have the parts and can get it fixed early next week." She rubbed against him and he smelled her perfume, spicy and exotic.

"Is there any way I can get it sooner?" She asked as her hand reached for his crotch. She started rubbing his cock through his pants and purred as he felt it harden.

"Tomorrow is the earliest. I'll have to work through the night." "I love working through the night" she said. She reached into her purse and pulled out a business card. "Call me when it's done." She took the card in her hand and slid her hand into his pants. She deposited the card under his belly roll of fat and worked down to his throbbing penis.

She took a fingernail and delicately traced around the head and then to the slit in the middle where she gently tickled. "I'll be waiting." Ethan worked through the night as promised, and called her the next morning. Bonnie showed up in a green sleeveless dress with a plunging neckline. The sides of the dress were cut almost all the way up her thighs, with two flaps of fabric one in the front and one in the back.

Ethan handed her the keys and asked, "Tonight?" "Like I would ever go anywhere with a fat fuck like you." Ethan pulled his hand back to slap her. He had dislocated people shoulders with that slap, but at the last minute he realized if he hit her, he would go to jail and she would win. His hand barely touched her and she froze. He was sure she was going to scream or something but she just stood there. "What are you doing?" "Nothing." She stared at him blankly. "What are you going to do?" "What ever you want." "Suck my dick." Her hands deftly started to undo his tool belt.

Once the belt was off she pulled down his pants and underwear releasing his massive 10 inch cock. She kissed him between his balls, her hand caressing his thigh. She slowly licked her way up his cock until she reached the end. She deftly swirled her tongue around the inflamed head and gently licked the bit of precum oozing from his piss slit.

He groaned in pleasure as she wrapped her lips around his head and started sucking hard. Her left hand continued to tease his thigh while her right reached up and started to gently rub his balls. He was in heaven. Take off your top. She slid her shoulders out of the green dress revealing two perfect c sized tits.

Ethan reached down and started to rub them. He pinched her nipples and she moaned in pleasure. The vibration was enough to set him off and he fired load after into her mouth. She spat his cum onto the floor of the garage. "What do you think you are doing bitch?" "It has too many calories. I don't want to get fat." "I don't care. Lick it up and swallow!" She got down on her hands and knees and started licking the cum off the ground.

It was mixed with dirt and motor oil and she was licking it up. Ethan walked around behind her and lifted the back of her dress. He saw her black thong panties and roughly pulled them off revealing a twat that hadn't seen a razor in days.

He had an idea. Ethan ran and grabbed his cellphone and took a picture of her topless licking the last of his cum off of the floor.

He made sure that he had a good shot of her face. This was going to be sweet. "Stand up and strip." She stood up naked in front of him.

He squeezed her breasts hard. She winced in pain a bit. He then started to suck on her nipple and ran a finger over her pussy. He rubbed the entrance and she started moaning in pleasure. He looked around and found an old spanner, one he wouldn't mind losing. He worked two fingers in and out of her pussy getting them all lubed up. Then he rubbed his wet fingers over the spanner. He smiled as he slid the end of the wrench into her pussy.

She shivered from the cold metal invading her. Goosebumps covered her skin and her nipples became rock hard. He worked the cold metal tool up into her and she moaned with pleasure. Her body was shuddering from the invader. She looked incredibly aroused.

He pussy juices were leaking down the sides of the spanner and he decided that bitch didn't deserve an orgasm. Ethan took her dress and panties and placed them in the trunk of the car. He went and took some used motor oil and wrote slut across her bare chest. She just stood there with the spanner sticking out of her oozing cunt.

He pumped it a couple of times for good measure then told her to drive home. Part 2 Ethan took the rest of the day off and went to the dojo to talk things over with Duncan, his friend and the co-owner. "So this bitch let you fuck her with a wrench and licked your cum up off the floor after spitting it there?" "Yeah, and she has these amazing tits." Ethan took out his phone and started showing them to Duncan.

"Wait I know her. She works at the Chic Boutique in mall. My wife fucking loves that place but I can't afford shit they have there." Ethan thought of Duncan's wife Claire. They were both hispanic and she had a massive ass. Duncan would talk all the time about how hot it was to ride it. "You two still into swinging?" "She not into anything until she gets some swag." "Call her up. We're going to the Chic Boutique. No limits." The three of them arrived at the shop and saw Bonnie working behind the counter.

"What the fuck did you do to me?" "Look, we can do this the easy way or the hard way." Ethan said She reached into her purse and pulled out the spanner. She threw it at Ethan and he deftly caught it.

"Hard way then." Ethan walked over to her and reached back for a massive slap and stopped at the last moment and her eyes went blank. Ethan started mauling Bonnie's tits. He grabbed the left one with a meaty hand and squeezed it hard. He pulled down the neckline of her blouse revealing an erect nipple.

He pinched the nipple and said, "Close up shop." She walked to the front of the store and then closed and locked the doors. She then drew the shades. All with her left boob hanging out for the world to see.

"Strip!" Claire and Duncan looked on in surprise as Bonnie started to strip. Ethan tossed Bonnie the spanner and said, "You know where this goes." Without a word she shoved it in.

Claire's mouth dropped open. "Claire, why don't you pick out some things for yourself." Claire looked shocked. "Don't worry Bonnie will take care of it." Bonnie nodded. Ethan gave the spanner a quick pull and felt that the handle was completely soaked. "Bonnie, suck his dick, when he cums, spit it on the floor, lick it up and then swallow." Bonnie went to work on Duncan cock.

She bobbed her head vigorously up and down making her tits shake. Every 5 or 10 bobs she would reach back to make sure the spanner didn't slip from her pussy. Claire in the meantime was looking at lingerie. She started to collect a couple of bras to try on and Ethan stopped her. "Do it here." Claire smiled and then stripped off her top revealing massive DDD breasts with huge brown nipples.

Ethan reached out and pinched a nipple. Claire purred, "I love that." Ethan bent over and sucked much of her breast into his mouth. Claire took off the rest of her clothes and said, "Now stop that silly! I need to try on these bras." She started with a bra with cut out nipples. She put it on then then adjusted it so the nipples were centered and started twirling them in her fingers. Ethan grabbed her ass and started rubbing, a finger sliding down toward her asshole.

"I'll take this one. How many can I have?" "As many as you like." Ethan walked over to where Duncan was getting sucked off by Bonnie. "Bonnie, be a dear and lick my cock get it nice and wet." She started licking and slobbering over his cock. "Good now get Claire's ass. Nice and wet." Bonnie walked over to the other woman and bent down and started licking her butt crack. She delicately pulled apart Bonnie's cheeks and then started to tongue the other woman's asshole.

Claire started to shake and Ethan smiled. "Good, now show my friend what his wife just got." Bonnie walked behind Duncan and then started to kiss his ass. Duncan's eyes shot open as she kissed his bottom as she started stroking his dick. He smiled and then relaxed. Ethan spread apart Claire's ass and then eased his cock in.

"So tight." "Yeah. Duncan isn't really a fan of this, I'm glad you like it. Sometimes a girl just wants something different." Ethan started pounding his cock into Claire's ass.

His fat belly rolled over her back with each push and her thigh and buttocks wobbled like jello. He pounded into her and could feel her asshole tighten around his cockhead as he almost pulled out and then slammed back in. Claire was fingering her pussy hard as she looked over at Duncan. Bonnie was slowly working a finger into Duncan's ass between licks. All of the sudden Duncan's cock fired thick white ropes of cum over the carpeted floor.

Claire shuddered and collapsed with her own orgasm. Her asshole clenched on Ethans cock and he flooded her ass with his thick cum. Everyone took a moment to catch their breaths except for Bonnie who was licking the cum off of the floor.

Ethan got out his phone and snapped a few more pictures. He had plans for them. "Bonnie, clean this place up. Charge Claire's stuff to your account.

Keep the wrench in your cunt until you are ready to give it back." Claire was smiling as she walked out the door with several thousand dollars worth of merchandise and a man on each arm. Part 3 Ethan was working in his car shop when Bonnie came in. "You fat, lazy, disgusting perverted fuck! Fuck you, Fuck your friends, fuck your fucking wrench!" She reached under her skirt and pulled out the wrench and slammed it down on his tool chest.

"You rape me, you rob me, you make me do disgusting things to your friends! Shit!" "Calm down" Ethan said. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way." "Fuck! Fuck you!" She said stripping off her clothes and tossing them to the ground. She grabbed the wrench and was about to shove it back in when Ethan grabbed her wrist.

"That's enough, I don't want it to rust." She glared at him and slapped him hard across the face. As she slapped him though Ethan noticed that she was aroused.

Her nipples were erect and hard and he could see her clit poking through the folds of pussy. He smiled as he grabbed her other wrist then spun her around and threw her against the hood of a car. He laid his bulk on top of her. She felt his weight push down on her, crushing her tits against the car. Ethan leaned his head over her ear and whispered.

You're mine. Any time, any way. He bit her ear and then backed eased up. His belt was quickly down and he was pounding his cock into her anxious pussy.

She pushed up from the hood of the car which just gave Ethan access to her boobs. He started squeezing her tits, rolling her nipples roughly between his fingers. He pounded into her, his cock stretching her abused pussy. He stopped mauling her right tit and reached around and started rubbing her clit. She hated this. "Fuck you!" She screamed. "That's what I'm doing, and you love it!" He shouted. "You're a dirty disgusting pig!" She shouted, just as he gave a brutal twist to her clit. She came.

Gushers of liquid flowed out around Ethan cock as she reached heights she hadn't imagined. Ethan kept pounding into her with a renewed fervor. Ethan shot his load deep into her cunt. She was getting ready to climax again when she realized they weren't alone. There was a bum, a dirty, smelly bum standing there watching her and masturbating. He had a tiny pock marked cock that was coved in God only know what. She screamed. Ethan looked at the old bumand shouted "Get the fuck out of here." and threw a wrench at him.

The man ran out the door. Ethan zipped up his pants. Bonnie wrapped her arms around Ethan and then kissed him on the lips. "That was the best sex ever. Thank you for getting rid of that bum. He was so dirty and nasty." "Go fuck him. I want you to get him off. I don't care how." She hung her head in shame. "Easy way, Hard way, Really hard way." "What's the really hard way?" Ethan pulled out his phone and showed Bonnie pictures.

Pictures of her licking the floor. Pictures of her naked in the boutique. She grabbed the phone and threw it against the wall. The next thing she knew she had something in her mouth that tasted disgusting and there was a familiar firmness in her pussy. It was at that point she noticed the smell.

She was buried face deep in the crotch of a man who hadn't showered since before she had been born. He had his nasty hands curled in her flowing blonde hair. The nasty tasting thing must have been his penis.

She realized that the only way out was through and began to work it in earnest. She ran her tongue around the head and tickled the tip. She bobbed her head up and down and then reached a hand up to play with his balls. The shriveled penis lurched slightly in her mouth and then the old man just turned and started away.

He hitched up his pants and went around the corner. Bonnie sat down, carefully so not to drive the wrench too far into her. Then she looked around. She was out in the street. She had been sucking off homeless man on the street. She felt used and degraded. She looked for Ethan's garage and found it closed.

Next to the bay door there was her pile of clothes and a note with an address and time. She got dressed and went home. Around the corner Ethan met the homeless man. "Did she suck you off?" He nodded. "Did you fuck her?" He shook his head no. "Did you get to feel her breasts?" The man gave a large toothless grin. Ethan gave him a light slap to the face and his eyes glazed over.

"Alright you motherfucker. I know you've been shitting in my alley. You've served your purpose. You will remember none of this. You will leave town and if I ever see you again you'll wish you had never been born.

Part 5 will be Fat Bob, Pork for Pork. ----- Bonnie arrived at the address right on time. She was wearing a patterned sundress and sandals. She didn't have a bra on and her breast bounced jauntily in the warm day. She wasn't wearing panties either. She had lost so many pairs over the past couple of days that it didn't seem worth it to keep them on. She had her wrench in her purse.

She was beginning to think of it as her wrench now. Although she had been allowed to take it out she felt hollow without something in there. The address was a modest 1 story house in the suburbs.

It had a high fence in the back and low shrubs in front. There was an open gate on the side of the house and she could smell something cooking. When she looked to the house next door she saw a young retarded man staring out the window at her. He had his hands down his pants and was rubbing himself vigorously. She was slightly aroused by this and felt her nipples start to stiffen. She decided to have a little fun and went to straighten the hem of her dress and in the process lifted it up to reveal her hairy pussy.

The retard's mouth dropped open even further and he pulled out his cock. It was only 4 inches but angrily erect. Bonnie rubbed her pussy and then walked into the back yard where Ethan was cooking at the grill. "You owe me a phone bitch! Also don't think those were my only copies of the photos. I rifled through your purse. Your boss got a copy of you licking the floor of my garage." "What?" "You wanted the really hard way.

Get over here." Ethan started pulling the food off the grill and put it on a plate. He sat down on a bench then grabbed Bonnie by the arm and threw her over his lap.

Her dress flew up revealing her bare bottom. "Ready to go I see." Ethan pulled back his hand and spanked her bottom hard. He left a large read hand print on her left buttock. Smack! He hit her again and her right buttock now had a matching hand print.

Ethan heard a laugh from over the fence. "Rick is that you?" The retarded young man came around the corner. A huge smile covered his moon face. "Rick, this is Bonnie, Bonnie, this is Rick." Ethan spanked her again hard. "Rick do you want to spank her? She's been bad." "Yeah. I want to spank the bunny." Rick ran over and started smacking Bonnie on her ass. He couldn't hit very hard but he was exuberant about it. "I'm spanking the naughty bunny." He giggled.

Bonnie was embarrassed that she was getting aroused. The hollow feeling in her pussy increased and she felt moisture on her thighs and between her legs. She also felt Ethan's cock started to press into her belly.

"Get up Bonnie. Rick have you ever seen two people make love?" Rick shook his head no. "Well it's about time." Ethan lifted his ass and slid off his pants revealing his throbbing cock. He sat back down on the bench and pull Bonnie onto him. She felt so full as he bounced her down and then lifted her up. His penis plunging into her darkest depths, rudely bang against her cervix. Rick, come around in front for a better view.

Rick walked around the front and got on his hands and knees to stare at the prick pounding into Bonnie's pussy. Ethan pulled down the front of Bonnie's dress and Rick shouted "Boobies!" "Yes, Boobies. Kiss them rick. Rick kissed each boob and then began to lick and slobber all over them. Caught up in sucking on her nipples he pulled his pants down and started to stroke his cock.

"Help the poor kid out Bonnie." Bonnie bent her head down and then started licking his balls. She buried her nose in his wispy blonde hair and then sucked his cock all the way into her mouth. She got her face as close as she could and with the muscles of her throat massaging his cock she started to lick his balls some more. "uuhhgghh" Rick said as he sat down his dick oozing cum. Bonnie bent over and started to lick him clean. Ethan grabbed Bonnies hips and began to pound into her vigourously.

She screamed in pleasure as he filled her with his hot cum. "Bonnie lie on the picnic table. Legs spread." Bonnie did as she was told. "What did you think Rick?" "She kissed my pee pee." "Did you like it?" "yeah…" "Would you like a special hot dog?" "Yeah…" Ethan grabbed one of the hot dogs still warm from the grill and pushed it into Bonnie's creamy pussy.

"Go ahead." Rick went over to pull it out. "No no, eat it there." Rick bent over and started nibbling the hot dog. As he ate at it Bonnie started writhing in pleasure. Ricks nose was rubbing her clit and she was getting hornier by the bite. Rick nibbled on the hot dog with relish and pulled apart Bonnie's lips to get a better reach. It took him nearly five minutes to eat the whole thing and Bonnie orgasmed twice. Each time she orgasmed the hotdog sucked back into her pussy and Rick stuck in his fingers to fish it out.

"Do you want another one Rick?" Ethan asked. "It tasted funny." "Do you want another one?" "Yes." Ethan stuck another hot dog into Bonnie's pussy and then hung his dick over her face.

She took the cue and started to suck on his soft member, gently nursing the head, licking carefully like she was trying to find the center of a tootsie pop. By the time the second hot dog was done Ethan was fully hard again. "Run home Rick and don't tell anyone." "Okay." Bonnie rolled over and started to suck Ethans cock in earnest. She was bobbing her head up and down as he rubbed her sore ass. "That's it! Keep it up." She sped up the sucking until Ethan pulled out of her mouth and jizzed all over her face.

"Wear that home. Come by the garage tomorrow at 6 and bring me my new phone." He smacked her ass. She ran off arranging her dress as she went. Bonnie showed up at Ethan's garage with a small gift wrapped box.

She was dressed in a conservative pink business suit. She quietly put the box down on Ethan's work been and stood off to the side with her eyes cast down. Ethan wiped off his greasy hands with a greasy rag and then opened the gift. It was a state of the art smart phone. He turned it on swapped in his sim card and then nodded approval. "I deserved the trouble I got in with my boss." Ethan nodded. "Thank you for not showing him the picture of us in the shop.

I would be fired for sure." "Next time it goes to your parents." Bonnie flinched. She wondered who else Ethan would show the pictures to. She walked up to him and began undoing his pants. She had to keep him happy. Once his pants were down she kissed the tip of his limp cock. She wrapped her lips around the end then gently worked her tongue on the slit. Bonnies left hand wrapped around the base of his cock while her right hand began to gently massage his balls.

Ethan smiled. She was well trained. Ethan's cock hardened and she began to shift her style. She went from kissing the tip to long licks up his shaft. She would take his cock out of her mouth the place her tongue at the base of his penis and made a long lick up the cock and then around the head and then back down.

Ethan watched as her perfectly coifed blonde hair bobbed up and down on his penis. He could feel his balls start to lift up and that familiar need to pee tingling that said he was about to come. Bonnie could sense it too and picked up the pace. Her head now bobbing up and down on his engorged cock. Ethan thought of the movie "There's Something About Mary." And pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his load through her hair.

"Brush it in and lets get going." Bonnie was disgusted by the request but knew she didn't have much of a choice. She got her hair brush out and ran it several times through the sticky mess in her hair. "Where are we going?" "A block and a half down." Ethan said. The two of them left the garage. When they stepped out into the street Ethan put his hand down the back of skirt and felt her panties.

He lifted the back of her skirt. The heavy tight material had little give but he managed to get it up without tearing it. Her panties didn't get off that easily. Ethan grabbed the back and yanked hard. The lace tore apart and the panties came off, leaving angry red welts where they had dug in before tearing. Ethan then spanked her ass hard.

Bonnie became aware of the people in the street staring at her. They weren't people she knew. She usually had no reason to be in this part of town. These were poor low class people and they were judging her. She could hear whispers of slut, and people wondering how much she charged per hour. She flushed bright red. "Fix your skirt, you look like a fucking trollop." Ethan said as he walked off. Bonnie fixed her skirt and ran after him, having problems with her high heels.

They stopped at a butcher shop called "Fat Bob's Pork Palace." Inside was possibly the most grotesquely fat man she had ever seen. His stubby fingers poked out from fat hands. The fat hands were connected to chubby forearms.

The comically narrow elbows connected these to massive hams of upper arms. The torso was a mound of fat stacked on top of a mound of fat. He had what she would generously estimate as J cup breasts and then 3 more rows of fat blobs beneath them giving him the appearance of a sow walking upright.

His belly fat was concealed behind an apron but when he moved she could see the it reached down almost to his knees. She knew instantly what Ethan had in mind. She pulled him to the side and whispered, "I am not fucking that thing! Is there even a penis under all that fat." Ethan looked hard at her. "He's my friend, and you are going to pay for that." She felt his hand hit her face and all of the sudden her will faded.

"Sorry, bitch needs to learn some manners." Ethan said to Bob. "Is this the bunny that touched Rick's pee pee." "Her name is Bonnie. I was afraid he was going to talk." "No one believes him. To hear him tell it, he raped the easter bunny." Ethan laughed.

"Would you like to borrow her for a few hours in exchange for a whole pig for the dojo party tomorrow?" "How about half off." Ethan nodded, "Seems fair enough." "Come on in the back." Ethan locked the door and the three of them walked back.

"Strip" Ethan commanded and Bonnie quickly shed her clothes. Bob walked up to her admiringly. He ran his pudgy fingers though her blonde hair and the cupped her face. He ran his left hand down the side of her face and gently wrapped a thick thumb in front of her throat. Bob stuck his tongue out and licked her face from her chin, up and around to her forehead. "So tasty." "Bob's hand then went down to her breast.

He hefted it in his hand as if weighing it. He grabbed the nipple and pulled it hard stretching the breast into a cone. He let go and watched it snap back. He then sucked on the other breast, taking the entire thing into his mouth.

He then bit down hard. As he pulled his mouth back Ethan saw teeth marks, but no blood. Bob's hand went down to pussy. Skipping over her clit he quickly stuck his finger inside and felt around. His hand then grabbed her left outer pussy lip and he pulled hard. Then using his fat fingers he rubbed the skin back and forth, feeling it's texture.

moving his hand in hid did the same with the softer finer inner lips. Bonnie's clit had become engorged. It's little head was popping out of it sheath of skin. With a lot of work Bob bent over and wrapped his lips around one of her outer lips and sucked on it. Then he bit and pulled. Bonnie's cunt throbbed and leaked. "Help me up" Bob called. Ethan grabbed one of the fat man's hands and helped him stand.

The fan man had worked up a sweat with just this simple task. Ethan hauled Bob to his feet. Bob began to take off his clothes revealing his entire body was covered in thick white hair. Bob slumped into a chair and said "Nice." "It gets better." Ethan said. "Bonnie, how about a show." He pointed to a pot of lard that had been freshly rendered and was cooling. She walked over to the pot and stuck both hand in the congealing liquid. She came out with two handfulls of white slime. Bonnie closed her eyes and then smeared the grease all over her face.

She then ran he hands up over her face and soon her hair was matted down with grease. She squeezed the extra grease out of her hair and began to rub it in circles on her breasts. She had her fingers spread and circled her nipples between the crook of her thumb and forefingers.

Once her breasts were well greased she started to work her hands down her sleek torso. Fingers spreading the grease over her shining body. She went back to the pot for another handful of lard which she then rubbed into her crotch matting down her pussy hair.

She ran her fingers in between her lips spreading then out obscenely, showing Ethan and Bob deep into her. Then down her taut thighs and delicate calfs she spread the lard. When she reached her feet she turned and faced away from Bob and Ethan presenting her ass with it's puckered hole. She worked her hands up the back of her legs and then slid a greasy finger into her asshole.

A finger from the other hand joined the first and she spread it apart.

Shes the Tinder HOOKUP you DREAMED of

Revealing herself entirely. She moaned and worked a finger in. Walking over to a butchering table she grabbed two half shank bones. each one was a foot and a half long and almost an inch across with large bony knobs. She took the sawn off ends in her hands and rubbed the knobby ends over her body. She used them to rub her back and to lift up her breasts.

She the took one of the sawed off ends and slid it up into her pussy. She only slid it in a couple of inches, just enough to hold it. The then kneel on the floor in front of the men with the other bone sticking up like a cock. She started to lick up and down the bone making exaggerated motions. Up and down she licked until finally she wrapped her lips around it then started bobbing her head.

Bonnie then squatted over the bone and proceeded to lower herself onto it with the end going into her ass. She then lowered herself farther driving both bones deep into her. She stood up smiling and walked over to Bob and placed a fierce kiss on his lips. She held tightly onto him sliding her oily body over his hairy one. Her hand rubbed over his bulk. The oil on her body slicking down the hair on his. She went further down and rubbed his chest.

She took his left nipple in her mouth and then bit it. He shuddered. She started working further down until she came to his belly button. She kissed it and swirled her tongue around inside and then slid in a finger.

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She finger fucked his belly button as her other hand went down over the edge of his belly. She lifted the flap of fat and slid her hand underneath. The she found his cock already covered in come. She gently started stroking it, working her had in his rolls of fat working the cock she couldn't see.

She was stroking it, working her hand in the rolls of fat that surrounded it. She stroked until Bob's eyes rolled back and she was treated to a massive load of cum. "I'll give you the pig for free. I'll also send over a couple of tubs of lard." The next morning Bonnie woke up in her bathtub, covered in grease wearing only a butchers coat with the two bones sticking out of her.

She delicately touch the one protruding from her pussy and felt a slight thrill from it. When she touched the one in her ass she felt aroused like she had never had before. She wasn't normally one for anal play but this was different, exciting and new. She slowly worked the one in and out of her pussy, using it like a dildo.

Her other hand went up and started rubbing her breasts. She pinched a nipple reveling in how slick her skin was and the sensations she was getting. She started thinking of Ethan. She had never liked heavy guys before. She thought of them as disgusting and grotesque, but now she had to have him. Her pussy started leaking lube which started coating the bone. She pushed the bone in and grabbed her breast.

She thought of the bone as Ethan's cock. While not as thick it was the only thing she had.


She adjusted the grip on the bone so that every time she shoved it in she could rub her clit. In, rub the clit and then out. She kept up the pace in and out.

She was rubbing her breasts furiously. She started to orgasm and as she thrashed around the bone in her ass started moving with her thrashing. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever felt in her life. She then had to shower and clean up. It took her 4 washes of her hair to get the grease out to the point where she felt it looked acceptable. She almost rubbed her skin raw getting the grease off.

It was 11:30 by the time she got out of the shower. That was when she saw the note. "Dojo. Noon" It was on the far side of town. She knew she would never make it but she had to try. She got in her car. On the drive over she saw on her cellphone she had phone messages from last night. She listen to them as she drove. "Bonnie, this is your dad. We need to talk." "Shit. He said I would pay for making fun of his friend. At least I still have a job." It was 12:15 when Bonnie pulled up to the dojo.

She ran in to find Ethan pressing the send button on his new phone. "I told you noon. That was too your boss. I take it you heard from your parents." "You bastard!" "Go into my office and change.

There is clothing and instructions." She went into the office and saw the clothing consisted of 5 scarves with directions on how to tie them around her body concealing everything as well as instructions on the order to remove them. The last scarf to be removed was used as a combination veil and blindfold.

She wouldn't be able to see what was going on. She walked out blindly and a woman's hand took hers. "This is Claire, thank you so much for the purse!" Bonnie was lead to a folding metal chair and sat down. She then heard Ethan speaking. "Today is the dojo's annual tournament and banquet. We have a special guest of honor tonight." A hand behind Bonnie pushed her up.

"Turn around for everyone." Bonnie turned around to appreciative whistles from the crowd. "Respect everyone! Sumo is a sacred art." The crowd grew silent. "Our special guest will be fucking the winner of the tournament!" A cheer went up.

"First, and then the rest of you sorry bastards next." The room went crazy. There were at least two dozen people in the room.

"There will be 5 rounds. Let the first round begin" The first round went surprisingly quickly with weaker competitors loosing out to stronger. Ethan's opponent went flying out of the ring before the echo of whistle died out. At the end of the first round Claire stood Bonnie up and undid the first scarf. It had been tied around her waist as a skirt. Bonnie was then paraded around the ring.

These were the losers. Every couple of steps she was stopped and her hand was placed on a penis. She was instructed to give it one stroke for each second the person lasted in the ring.

Many of the men only received one stroke. The second round lasted a little bit longer but not much.

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Claire removed the scarf covering Bonnie's left breast and paraded her around to the losers. These were allowed 2 strokes for every second in the ring. Some received the minimum 2, but one she jerked of for half a minute and he ended up cuming in her hand. As she walked around the circle the men were feeling her bare breast.

Most pinched a her nipple. The man who came was bolder and had been sucking on her nipple. The third round came and went. Bonnie learned to count the seconds. While there would be only 4 losers this round she figured that it would be stepped up and she was right.

She would now have to suck the dicks of the men for 5 seconds for each second they lasted in the ring. She was now topless with one scarf tied around her privates like a diaper The first dick presented to her was hot and sweaty and she owed him 10 seconds. She placed her hand on it as he grabbed her boobs.

He came immediately and a salty taste flooded her mouth. Everyone insisted that she keep sucking and she sucked him dry. The second dick was owed 30 seconds. She grabbed it in her fist and wrapped her lips around the tip as he started pulling on her nipples. He pulled and stretched them. She took he other hand and started to massage his balls. Then she pinched his scrotum, leaving the balls alone and stretched out the skin. He was about to cum when time was called.

Bonnie was walked over to the next person in line and was surprised when a dick wasn't placed by her mouth. The next winner was a woman and she was owed a full minute. Bonnie had never done a woman before and frankly wasn't interest. She didn't have much choice when a fat thigh landed on her shoulder and pulled her in. Two large hands held her face to the woman twat. Bonnie felt hair pressing all over her face and reached out a probing movement with her tongue she found the other womans hole and tasted her excitement.

It was salty and warm with a slight metallic taste. She ran her tongue along the woman's lips and then found her seeping hole. She stuck her tongue in probing. Frustrated that she couldn't lick deeper. Bonnie reached up and grabbed the other woman's breasts feeling the nipples tighten under her fingers.

She licked harder, reaching in as deep as she could. Her hands squeezed and pinched the other woman's nipples. She slowly started to pull back from the other womans vagina, working her way up, licking her peehole and then slowly circling the clit. She did one final push in and lightly bit the base of the wrestlers large clit then rapidly flicked the end with her tongue.

She felt liquid squirting onto her chin as time was called. She was placed in front of of the fourth person, who had been given a minute and a half. She started to suck on the cock and then realized it was familiar. It was Duncan. She attacked it with gusto as he rubbed her breasts. She took a quick moment to lick her finger and then she stuck it up his ass. She was all the way down on his cock, dry swallowing trying to force it deeper when her finger found his prostate.

All of the sudden he exploded down her throat. Round 4 was over almost before it started. There weren't time limits this time, she was to suck them off until they came. The scarf came off baring her pussy to the world.

She sauntered around the ring after dropping it. She lifted her leg up and then stroked a finger in and out of her pussy. She rubbed her clit lightly and her hand was flooded with liquid. She was so horny knowing she had done all these random men.

Men who could see her but she couldn't see. She walked to the first man and placed her pussy juice soaked hand on his cock and he exploded. She slapped his face with the wet hand and said "Better luck next time." She crossed the ring and held her hand under the other mans nose. She then dragged the slimy hand down his chest until she felt his cock.

At the end of the cock she felt something hard. She had heard of cock piercings but had never seen one. She mused that she still hadn't seen one. She knelt down and felt large strong hands squeezing her tits. He alternated between pulling and twisting her nipples. She sucked the pierce into her mouth and began pulling on it. Bonnie gently massaged the mans balls. She had his dickhead trapped by her lips and she would periodically flick his piercing with her tongue. She then started pulling on his scrotum.

She could tell that he was getting close to cuming so she backed off. This one would last. She reached a hand down to her sopping pussy and lubed a finger. She started sucking harder and faster and finished him off by driving a finger into his ass.

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Round 5 was going to Ethan and a visiting guest. The winner would have first choice of holes. While she was being fucking the veil would come off. Round 5 never happened. Before it was to start Ethan stepped out of the ring and forfeited.

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Bonnie heard some mumbling and Ethan announced, "Our guest wants to play the back nine. Bonnie was led into the center of the ring. A pair of hands started to massage her pussy and ass, transfering her natural lubricant to her unnatural hole.

She was then lowered down onto the largest penis she had ever seen or felt. The massive cock filled her ass in a way it had never been filled before.

She eased down and got used to it when she felt Ethan's familiar cock nestle into her pussy. She moaned in delight as he drove into her. She was bouncing on the cock in her ass as the man beneath her pounded. She orgasmed almost immediately and then another came and another.

The veil was removed from her face and she saw dozens of people there. Men and women having an orgy. The female sumo wrestler was doing the three men eliminated with her. One in her ass, one in her pussy and the third was just blowing his load into her mouth.

She looked and saw Claire with Duncan's cock in her pussy and she was jerking off two men onto her massive breasts. Then she looked at the man pounding his dick into her ass.

It was her father. She felt nasty and degraded. She hated herself, but God help her she was cuming. Bonnie shook with pleasure. Her ass squeezing down on her fathers massive cock and her pussy squeezed down on Ethan's. She loved the feeling of two cocks in her and then waved over more of the sumo wrestlers. She took another cock in her mouth and then one in each hand. Ethan and her father were still pounding hard. She could feel another orgasm building.

She kept jerking the cocks in her hands, she felt the smooth skin sliding across their rigid shafts. The cock in her mouth started twitching. She was getting a mouthful of cum and held it in her mouth. She felt the cock in her left hand start twitching and guided his cum over her breasts.

She jerked and squeezed milking every last bit over her breasts. The same thing happened with the cock in her right hand. She was felt Ethan adjust his position to rub her G-spot as he hand started rubbing her engorged clit. She was close to another massive orgasm but didn't want to cum yet. It was also getting difficult to keep the cum in her mouth.

She was saving it for something special. Ethan's pace picked up and she could tell he was getting close. She pushed off the mat hard and slid up her father's chest. Both cocks coming completely out of her. She grabbed Ethan's cock and started jerking it over her chest while drooling the cum out of her mouth. Ethan shot his load and then looked at what Bonnie was doing.

A week ago she had been a priss and a tease, now she was a total cock slut. He sprayed his load over her breasts and she started massaging it in. Her nipples were hard and erect with cum dripping off of them like milk. She turned around and grabbed her father's cock impaling her thirsty pussy with it.

She was fucking her father with a vengeance.


As she slammed her cunt down and shouted, "Lick the cum off my chest daddy! See the slut your little girl has become. Lick it!" She ground herself down as he reached up and started to lick his daughters breasts. He reached up and started licking the cum off of her.

His large wide tongue running up her chest. He seemed obsessed with getting every drop. "That's it daddy, eat their cum off your dirty daughter. Fuck me! Fuck me hard Daddy!" she cried out as she slammed herself up and down on her father. She reached her hands out and braced them on his chest. She reached down and squeezed his nipples hard screaming in passion and then collapsed on his massived belly.

She kissed him deep seeking out the bits of cum that lingered in his mouth and on his face. Bonnie slid up so that his still hard cock popped out of her satiated cunt. She kissed his lips and then his chin. She kissed her way down his neck, swirliling her tongue around his adam's apple. She kissed down he chest and down to his belly button. She hugged his huge belly and then moved down to his cock. She took it in her mouth and began suckling it like a baby sucking on it's mothers breast while her hand gently massaged his sack.

The two of them fell asleep like that. Bonnie woke up with with hands forcing her head down on a stiff cock that she remembered was her fathers.

"Suck it whore." came a mumbling voice. "Suck it. What do I pay you for." Bonnie roused herself and was determined to make this her best blowjob ever. She lowered her head all the way down onto the cock that gave her life and began to make a low humming sound. The buzzing of her throat and the massage of her swallowing was driving her father crazy as she slowly pulled back.

"That's great bitch. You might earn that money yet." Bonnie smiled. This blowjob was going to cost him more than he imagined. She slowly eased her way up the shaft lightly sucking, turning her head to change the angle. When she reached his cockhead she stopped and wrapped her lips tightly around it and sucked hard. She the released it and noticed the swollen purple head with satisfaction. She then lightly blew a cool breath across the tip and saw it cool. She sucked it warm and full again and pulled back dragging her lips until she was just kissing the tip.

She then worked her tongue over his piss slit and tasted the precum. She wrapped her left hand around the shaft while her right was working toward his anus. She started jerking his cock while alternating sucking on the head and tonguing the slit at the end. She felt his cock begin to shoot and she squeezed hard on the base preventing cum from coming out.

As his cock started to jerk her finger went into his ass and found his prostate. She began rubbing it. Pressing on it trying to force the cum out while blocking it with her other hand.

Her mouth was clamped solidly on his cockhead and she was sucking for all she was worth. He started thrashing in ecstasy. She continued sucking. "Enough, enough whore, stop it." She let go and cum dribbled out of his rapidly deflating cock. "That's no way to speak to your daughter." Ethan said.

He was standing at the edge of the ring in the now empty dojo. He had a large plate of pulled pork and shoveled a bit into his mouth. "Daughter?" Mr Rockwaller said and then looked down. Bonnie raised her head.

"Hi dad." "What!" "Yes, that phenomenal cocksucker is your precious little girl and I have it all on tape. See, we recorded the matches for training purposes. I have you on tape talking about how hot Bonnie here is and how you would love to fuck her." "That was the ring-girl." "That was Bonnie." Mr Rockwaller looked down at his daughters naked body and recognized the ring-girl.

"I don't remember anything after we faced off in the ring." "You did a great job cornholing your daughter though." He turned to Bonnie. "How could you be part of this?" "How could you fuck me and call me a whore?

How many whores have you had?" He turned back to Ethan. "If this gets out I will destroy you. I will make your life a living hell.

You'll beg for death." "I don't think so. I have copies and friends with copies and all your power comes from your father. When he sees you banging your little girl I think he'll cut you off. Since you are going to be the last one out, you get to mop up. Check the corners, I think someone had an accident." Ethan placed an arm around Bonnie and lowered a piece of pork into her mouth which she ate and then started licking his fingers.

Bonnie turned to her father. "You can do this the easy way or the hard way. I would recommend the easy way. The last time I tried the hard way I woke up with a wrench in my ass." Ethan and Bonnie went back to Ethan's office overlooking the dojo floor. As they walked in she said "You look over dressed." And quickly stripped off his shirt and pants. She pushed him down onto the desk and then straddled his waist. "So where is everyone?" "Gone home hours ago. It's almost midnight." She grabbed a piece of pork from the plate.

Tilted her head back lifting her breasts and then lowered it into her mouth. Ethan reached up and cupped a breast in each hand. He held them and slowly circled the nipples with his thumbs.

"mmm. That's nice." She said, as she fed Ethan a piece of pork. "I'm glad you like it." Bonnie reached between them and felt Ethan's cock start to harden. She leaned forward and then lowered herself onto it. She kissed him. "I think I love you. Thank you for setting me free." He opened his mouth to say something and she fed him some more pork.

They made love slowly. She would rock forward and kiss him, or feed him, and then slide back. She could feel his large cock sliding in and out as his hands worked her breasts. She bent forward and kissed him hard. This is what she wanted. Rocking back she put her hands on his chest. She was moving faster now.

Rocking forward and back. She felt his cock rock into and out of her in the perfect rhythm. She felt her cunt tighten around him and that was all he needed as he shot off into her womb. The next Bonnie went to her grandfather mansion. She was dressed in a school girl outfit. She had on a short plaid skirt, knee socks and a thin white shirt.

She also was completely without underwear. Her breasts swayed as she walked, the her nipples hardening as they rubbed against the shirt. She was so horny by the time she got to the door. She wished Ethan was there but she wanted to try this on her own. She knocked on the door and her grandpa's butler answered. "Right this way miss Bonnie.

He is in the solarium today." Bonnie followed the servant to her grandfather's beside. He was in a hospital bed and coved with just a sheet.

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He was an old man dying of heart disease and diabetes. His weight had kept him in this bed for the past 5 years. The servants moved the bed from room to room, but the solarium was his favorite. It was kept warm even in the winter and he could view the green plants. Next to the head of his bed was a laptop that he used to manage his considerable empire.

"Bonnie dear, how are you doing?" She walked over and sat straddling his lap facing him. "I don't know grandpa, I've been having problems with daddy." She said as she wrapped her arms around his chest. "What is it?" "He's being mean." She said running a finger around his ear. "He's not like you." She kissed him lightly on the top of the head pressing her breasts into his face. He smiled at her feminine scent.

He had been without a woman since his wife had passed and was embarrassed to be getting an erection. Bonnie lowered herself and felt his cock tenting out the sheet and rubbing against her aching pussy.

She rubbed her crotch against his hardness, her wetness starting to stain the sheet. "He doesn't like my boyfriend. He threatened him." She rocked forward and back, the silky material of the sheet rubbing against her clit and her grandfathers cock. "Well maybe your boyfriend isn't good enough for you?" He said placing his hands on Bonnie's hips and pulling her forward along his cock.

She bent down and kissed his neck, tasting his sweet fruity sweat as she leaned forward her cunt slid back along his cock. She sat back up rubbing even harder. She could feel her passion growing. She had always loved her grandfather. He had been so nice to her, even as a little girl. Now she had the passions of a grown woman. "He is wonderful. He runs two businesses! And he makes sure I get… everything… I… want." She punctuated the last few words with grinds against her grandfather.

She was getting close. She could feel the sheet getting wet. Suddenly her grandfathers cock twitched. He was cumming.

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The thought she got him off was enough to push her over the edge. She started to orgasm as well. "I'm sorry, we've seemed to have made a mess." She said as she pulled the sheet down revealing his shrinking cock in a mass of grey pubes. "Let me clean you up." She bent over and started licking his dick clean. "You seem to need cleaning up as well.

Come up here." She slid forward and planted her soaking pussy squarely over his face. His tongue went to work with decades of experience. He started out slowly on her left side pulling the outer lip into his mouth.

He then worked it between his lips and teeth. She was still primed from her cum and was starting to get even more worked up. His lips then moved in and worked her inner lips. Every few kisses he would flick her clit driving her wild. What drove her really wild was not knowing when the next would come. He eventually settled into a rhythm where he would lick her clit, then tongue her vagina, he would meander around her inner lips and then work his way back up.

Occasionally his tongue would stray further south and lightly rim her asshole. The first time he did this she tensed but she grew to look forward to it. He picked up his pace and her breathing sped up. She could feel a monster orgasm coming and forced her cunt up against his face. She orgasmed hard. Her pussy throbbed and she could feel her cum squirting into his mouth which he lapped up greedily. When she came down she lay next to him, her arm tracing circles on belly. "Thank you sweety.

You know what. That little bastard of mine doesn't deserve my money. Would it be okay if I give it to you? On the condition that you marry that boyfriend of yours. If he runs two businesses he must have something going for him in the genetics category." "Thanks granddad, you're the best. If you want I am sure he will be okay with it if we have more talks like these." "I don't think my heart could take anymore." He started typing an email to his lawyer.

"What's your boyfriend's name?" "Ethan, Ethan Harrington." "I had a maid, Edith Harrington once. Back before you were born." He sent off the email and smiled as she fell asleep in his arms.