D aacute_ndole rabo a la lesbiana con M oacute_nica Mayo y David El Moreno

D aacute_ndole rabo a la lesbiana  con M oacute_nica Mayo y David El Moreno
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Amber's Family Part 4: A Week With Daddy Michael looked down at Amber, her large eyes hopeful, her hand continuing to move up and down on his shaft. "Alright baby, he said." Amber gave her father a big smile. Tonight was going to be the night, she thought. No more vibe's and watching. Tonight she was going to get fucked by her favorite person in the world, with the most beautiful cock in the world.

Her breathing began to quicken and her skin began to flush. She moved her other hand to his cock and continued to jack her Daddy off slowly.

Michael sat and watched his daughters cockplay. He was going to have to stop her soon or he would cum all over himself. She seemed to be addicted to his cock he mused. He let her hands continue, deciding he would stop her right before he came. He put his arm around his sexy young daughter and massaged her large left breast. He noticed her breathing heavily.

He leaned his head back on the couch and closed his eyes, concentrating on the feeling of her small hands on his large cock. A few minutes later he stopped her hand fucking. "We should head to bed baby girl" he said and got up off the couch. She got up as well. He reached out and took her hand in his and they both walked to the bedroom. His slick cock bobbed before him and Amber kept her eyes on it the whole time. When they reached the bed, Amber climbed on top of it, and posed in front of her father on her hands and knees, her back arched and her pussy glistening wet.

She looked back at her father and saw he was staring at her pussy. "Do you want to fuck me Daddy?" she asked hopefully. "Yes baby I do" he said. When Amber heard his answer, she became deliriously happy. Her greatest wish was coming true! Michael's hands reached out and gently grabbed his teenage daughter's ass.


He squeezed and massaged her ass cheeks, admiring their softness. She began to wiggle her ass. He spanked her lightly, drawing a squeal of delight out of her.

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He cupped her sex in his hand and began massaging her wet gash, sliding his finger up and down the entire length of her slit. Amber loved her father's firm hands on her ass and cunt.

She was ready, she thought. "Daddy are you going to put your cock in me now?" she asked. "No baby, I'm not" he said. "Why not?" she whined, "Daddy I need it badly, please!!" "Calm down baby," he said "I'll give it to you soon, but first we need to talk" "Ok" she said disappointedly, "about what?" Michael climbed on the bed next to his daughter and pulled her close to him so that they were lying down together. Amber turned to one side and wrapped her thigh over his muscled leg, so that she could rub her cunt against it as they talked.

Her hands now on her father's prick, slowly rubbing it up and down. "You want me to be your first lover baby?" he asked.


"Of course!" she said "ever since I can remember!" she continued to mash her cunt against his thigh rubbing it up and down. "Alright baby, but you need to know that your Mother is my wife, and you will never take her place. But, we have this one special week together. For this week we will try to making your fantasies come true." "Oh Daddy!" she said "I'm so happy we have this whole week!" "Tell me what your fantasy is for your first fuck." Michael asked.

"I want your big cock to fuck me Daddy, and shoot your cum in my cunt, and make me a woman!" the teen excitedly said, jacking her fathers cock faster. "What position do you want baby?" he asked. "All of them!" she said happily. "but for the first time I think I want you on top." "Ok baby girl." he said, gently pushing her down and positioning her in the middle of the bed. "Spread your legs baby, yes good like that" Michael positioned himself on top of his young daughter and admired her beauty.

Her breathing was quick, her large breasts heaving, and her hips were lifting off the bed rhythmically as if she were already being fucked. Her sweet face looked up at him expectantly. "Please Daddy, I need it" she said. Michael took his massive member in his hands and positioned its head against her pussy lips.

He slid it up and down her cunt, getting it nice and wet, playing with her gash. His daughter shuddered when his cock first touched her pussy and she began to massage her tits roughly. Her eyes closed, hips rising to meet his cock.

He guided his cock into her very wet fuck channel and pushed his large bulbous head inside her. It was tight. he let it sit inside her for a few moments relishing the feel of her squeezing cunt channel. "Yes!

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Daddy, Yes!! I'm cumming!" her daughter wailed as a small orgasm crashed through her body. The excitement of having her first cock had been too much for her young sweet body and mind as her whole body convulsed, her hips bucking and her head thrashing back and forth on the pillow. Michael made sure only the tip was inserted until her daughter came down from her orgasm.

Her body was now glistening with sweat, her heavy breasts heaving quickly. "More!" she said as her hips rose up trying to impale herself deeper on his rod. He slowly pushed more of his thick cock inside her, spreading her young cunt wider than it had ever been spread. about 2 inches deep he stopped. Her cunt was so tight! His daughter was writhing below him, her hands on his chest her mouth open.

"Big." she moaned "so.big". Michael waited a few moments more for his daughters cunt to relax around his member, then pulled out until only the tip was inside her, then pushed it back in a little deeper, perhaps 3 inches. His daughter shuttered and moaned more as her first cock assaulted her sweet fuck hole. "nnn, Daddy.nnnn cock" she said. her eyes were closed and her hands had moved around to his back. Michael began to slowly fuck his daughter with the top 3 inches of his massive member, in and out in and out.

Little gasps came from her lips when he would shove his cock back into her, and she began to buck her hips up with every thrust. "Deeper, Daddy" she whimpered. Michael obliged. With each thrust he began forcing his intruding cock deeper into her snatch, and with each thrust his daughter would cry out "uhnnn!" It was the tightest cunt he had ever been in by far. He continued to fuck her snatch slowly and within a minute, he had over half his cock buried in his daughters tight twat.

Amber was amazed at the size of his cock. Her eyes were leaking tears, as her young cunt was stretched beyond belief. Despite the small amount of pain, it mostly felt really good and.

right. For the first time in her young life she felt full, and it felt better than anything. Her moans grew more insistent as her young cunt allowed his fuck shaft to fill her to the brim. Michael began to fuck his daughter quicker now, his cock gaining more ground with each thrust.

God, she felt so tight and good. 2 minutes later his whole cock was buried inside his daughter's sweet mound. Amber could not think, the feeling of having a full cunt was amazing! she had needed this for so long. "Daddie!" she screamed "I love it!!" Michael was now fucking his daughter with long strong strokes, almost completely removing his shaft before plunging it all the way back in.

He still maintained a slow pace, but was beginning to pick it up. His beautiful daughter's face was full of fucklust as she continued to moan. her hips began rising to meet his forward thrusts. He picked up the pace. his daughter moaned louder, words intermixed. "daddy", "cunty", "cock". Soon, words were harder to pick out as her young mind fogged over in haze. A powerful urgent feeling was beginning to grow from deep inside her with every thrust of her father's powerful cock.

It was unlike anything she had felt before. It grew and grew until there was nothing else but the feeling.

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Michael was fucking her cunt with abandon now, mercilessly pummeling it with his whole 9 inches, His daughters moans were incoherent and constant. He was nearing the end of his endurance. Her cunt was to tight and good. He was going to cum. Just as these thoughts entered his mind his daughter began to shriek and shake underneath him and her pussy clamped hard on his cock.

The first wave of orgasm hit her like an explosion, as millions of tiny lights covered her vision. She shook, tears streaming down her face. She couldn't catch her breath.

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Her whole body felt like it was about to fall apart. More waves, each as strong as the last, shattered her teenage mind. she went into full body convulsions. Michael pistoned his cock into her cumming teenage cunt and let out a mighty roar as His cock released his heavy load. It shot deep inside his sexy daughter and was followed by 9 other heavy ropes of his potent jizz.

His daughter continued to wail and convulse beneath him, her breaths coming in short gasps. He watched her body beneath him. He convulsions didn't seem to be letting up. It was clearly a big one. A full minute past by as Michael watched his baby girl thrash, completely in the throws of her orgasm.

She suddenly stopped wailing and her eyes rolled back in her head. Her body continued to spasm weakly for another minute and then was still. She had fainted from her Cum. Michael got up and went to the bathroom. He found a hand towel and whetted it down with warm water.

He climbed back into bed with his daughter and placed the folded towel on her forehead and cheeks, gently wiping the sweat and tears away. Her breathing was beginning to return to normal. He lay beside his daughter, and scooped her unconscious body into his arms. laying her head on his chest and her body against his, her cunt was leaking fluid profusely on the bed and his leg. He held her in his arms and closed his eyes. "mmm. Daddy." said his daughter a few minutes later as she woke up.

Her head felt fuzzy. Her whole body felt so relaxed and warm, and her cunny felt full, sloppy, and sore.

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She smiled and held her Daddy close. They had done it! she thought happily. He had fucked her, and filled her with his jizz. "I am a woman now Daddy!" she said happily as she reached between her legs and stuck her fingers in her snatch. She came back with a mix of sperm and her own fluids and happily sucked them in her mouth. Michael smiled at his daughter and gently brushed her hair with his hand. "Did you like your first fuck, baby?" he asked. "Daddy, it was the best thing in my life.

I didn't know that my whole body could cum so hard. It was your cock Daddy. It's magical." Amber said reverently. Michael chuckled and kissed his daughter on the lips. They kissed sweetly for a while, their tongues gently at play. They lay entwined in each others arms, his daughters hand finding her fathers cock and resting on it, as they slowly fell asleep.