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Amarna Müller y onix Babe en Licht vs  hart
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My birthday I was turning 33 tomorrow I thought as I drifted off to sleep. My life has been good so far as I have two great kids and a good husband of going on 14 years. I awoke to a birthday breakfast in bed with my two kids and hubby. My husband kissed me softly and told me happy birthday as the kids bounced all over the place. As the morning progressed a shower and getting dressed my Husband told me to dress a little slutty for work today as he was planning to pick me up after work and go out.

He had laid out an outfit for me but I quickly noticed that there was no bra or panties and a skirt that was barley appropriate for work but what te hell it's my birthday and I have to work so I was going with it.

I quickly dressed as I was now running late to work. I kissed the kids and headed out the door. My husband caught my hand before making it completely out the door and pulled me back and in tight to him. He kissed me deeply and very passionate almost buckling my knees all the while reaching under my skirt and feeling my freshly shaved pussy.

Then off to the car but he already had me turned on. I got to work only with a minute to spare. The day was a dark stormy day great for my birthday I thought but my colleagues had a small party with cupcakes and we had fun.

I'm a manager at one of those large chain haircutting places. After the morning the day ground to a very slow pace as the skies got so dark out it was almost black as night out. There was heavy rain and lightning. Due to the weather there had only been a couple of people come in to get haircuts but that was a long time ago.

I sent my other girls home and sat alone waiting for closing time and my husband to get here to take me out.

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I sat in a salon chair watching TV I only had an hour and a half to wait. Then I see headlights pull up to the side of the salon. I saw a male figure get out the there was a crack of lightning and the power went out. Now sitting in the dark the figure walked in. I welcomed him to the store and he responded in a deep scratchy almost fake voice. I told him since the power was out I couldn't cut his hair.

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He was fine with that but asked me if he could wait for a minute before going out in the storm. We talked for a few minutes and I walked up to the front and sat down beside him.

We spoke about our kids he also had two as well. While talking I had noticed thanks to the lightning that he had a nice build for a family man. Then in the middle of a sentence a shot of lightning and a clap of thunder struck and a transformer across the street blew up.


I found myself in his lap as I had jumped so bad. He had his arms wrapped around me. We started to laugh a little. I was embarrassed but It felt good having hands of a stranger wrapped around me tightly.

I had never been with another man out of high school I had got married and was perfectly happy with that feat.

I mean I had the perfect life a good man great family. I had been raised a strict Christian. This is so not me. Now I'm 32 I mean 33 happily married and it's my birthday.


Then why was this feeling so good to be held by another man. I was excited and scared all at once. My husband and I had role played and fantasized about me with another man and him watching but he wasn't here. Confusion had set in. As his arms were around me and not really acting as if they wanted to let go and I not sure if I wanted to be let go. He leaned over and kissed me gently but passionately. It felt good I felt his hand moving up my thigh then a thought of terror shot threw me I had no panties on.

His hand stopped very high on my thigh and gave a firm squeeze it felt good his other hand now caressed my stomach and worked up to my breasts.

He squeezed them threw my sleek silk kami and felt as if it wasn't even there. I felt so alive a stranger groping me and I didn't even care I wanted it. I reached over kissing him and reached for his cock. It was hard and pushing fiercely trying to get out of his kakis. The stranger's hands slid under my skirt and felt my freshly shaved pussy that was meant for my husband. Now this stranger was rubbing my pussy and I didn't want him to stop.

My heart raced and my mind was spinning but the shear lust of the moment was too much I gave in. I stood up walked to the door and locked it. In a flash of lightning I saw his shirt was open and I was right very nicely built. I took his hand and led hi threw the salon to my office. Kissing and groping the whole way.

He lifted my skirt over my hips as I undid his belt then sipper the slid his pants down. There I was in my office with some strange cock in my hand wanting to be used like a little slut. I laid back on my desk and spread my legs wide. Then I felt his tung licking my inner thighs and working down till I could feel his breath on my little cunt that was so wet.

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I was so horney I felt my juices already running down my ass. He leaned into my ear and said stand up and turn around I'm going to fuck you like the slut you are.

I was almost offended a slut I thought I had only been with one man in my life but wanted this so bad that right now I was his little slut and he could have me any way he wanted me.

I stood up and bent over my desk. He rubbed his hard cock at the entrance to my pussy and shoved it all the way in. It hurt like hell and I screamed. Then he started to fuck me slower and the pain was gone and pleasure that I have not felt in years flooded into my body. I was now getting fucked by a stranger at my office who I hadn't even seen his face. My mind was going crazy my husband would be here soon. Would he know what had happened would he be mad or worst divorce me but this only excited me more.

Just as those thoughts when threw my head the lights came on. The stranger never stopped pounding me and reached over and shut them off. My body was shaking and I always had trouble coming doggy style and I wanted to come again as if on cue.

The stranger pulled out turned me around laid me on my desk and placed my feet on his shoulders and again buried his cock into my tight little cunt. He fucked me hard but not real fast but I could feel his balls against my ass on every stroke.

His cock swelled and I was sure he was going to come and I was well on my way to. Then I felt the stranger's thumb start to rub my clit it was too much I started to orgasm and buck I completely lost control this had never happened before.

Then I felt his shove in deep ad his jets of hot sperm flowed into me at a raging pace it was dripping down my ass all over my desk. He kissed me passionately this time and said "I have to go home to my wife".

He pulled up his pants and headed to the door.


While I just laid there legs in the air pussy dripping his comedown my legs trying to catch my breath. I heard him turn the bolt on the door and leave. I stood up and turned on the lights to my office what a mess papers all over and come everywhere.

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I pulled my skirt down and started to clean up the room. When I heard the door open again I glanced at the clock to see it was quitting time. Oh shit it was my husband and I still had a lot of come dripping out of my pussy. I freaked and grabbed some Kleenexes and wiped my pussy the best I could in one stroke.

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My Husband opened my office then walked over and kissed me. He then ran his hand up my leg and felt my pussy.

HE commented that it was so wet then licked his finger. The sight of him tasting another man's sperm coming out of my pussy had me hot again.

I threw my arms around his shoulders pulled him close and threw my legs around him. He laid me on the desk just as the stranger had.

Pulled out his cock and pushed it in to my already come soaked pussy. He fucked me slower and rubbed hard against my clit as he knows I like.

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Then I felt my body tense up and lose control once again I came so hard that I think I blacked out for a second I had squirted soaking my husband from chin to waste. He stood there smiling then asked me "So how was your birthday"? I grinned an evil grin and said as good as a little sluts birthday could be. We went out for supper and a movie. That is after we bought my husband a new set of dry clothes.

Then we went out dancing. I smiled all night knowing that I had two guys sperm dripping down my leg all night.