Paar such mann

Paar such mann
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Not too long after the pussy ripping rape I had received outside in my own backyard, I planned my escape carefully.

I waited for the perfect moment when I knew my escape would be almost fool proof. And my day came one sunny afternoon when Lucius fell asleep in the living room. He had just rolled off of me, after pumping his cock into my sopping wet pink chasm. Once filling me to the brim with his masculine juices, he promptly fell asleep, snoring gently by my side. I laid there quietly, assuring myself that he was truly asleep. The carpet felt good against my soft nude skin and velvety pink pussy folds.

I laid there with him, waiting for my moment of triumph. And then, as if a delivered angel of god, I heard our mail carrier making his way up the walk way. My heart started pounding, this is now or never! I crept slowly over to the window that faced our front lawn. I gingerly lifted the top half of my body up off the rug to peek my head up so I can see out the window; thick globs of dog cum slid out from between my legs when I kneeled.

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I was about to knock on the window and beg for help when I felt something strong grip the hair on the back of my head. I yelped in surprise as my body was flung back. I landed heavily on my back, my head smacking on the ground.

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Then I felt the sensation of being dragged by my hair. I screamed and flailed my nude body around, my legs kicking in the air, my breasts manically jolting in rhythm to my convulsing figure. I tried grabbing onto furniture and door stops, but the beast was too strong. He was taking me and there was nothing I can do about it.

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We ended up in in the bedroom where he proceeded to terrorize and rape me for hours. Hours of being tossed around by my hair and raped from every angle possible.

This dog was an evil menace that wanted to break me and force me to submit to its sick will.


At that moment, after taking his cock dozens of times throughout the rest of the day and night, I had decided to attempt to accept my new life as this dogs breeding bitch. It may be the only way I can survive. Weeks passed after that violent attack and my belly had grown heavy with pregnancy.

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I surmised it was from being engorged with his sticky hot seed over and over again from that night that caused my body to succumb to his alpha sperm.

My massive gut jutted out towards the floor and my sore engorged tits dangled painfully underneath me. Lucius had become gentler now that I was pregnant. The endless rapes continued, he just wasn't as violent during them. He had seemed to grow to enjoy my pregnant body. He started laying with me and gently drinking from my milky swollen tits. It would seem as though he was trying to be sensual, but I knew he only saw me as an object to breed its puppies.

I was just a hole to fill and to be used in his eyes. Matt had become more and more distant with me and even started ignoring me during the worst of the abuse I was facing. When Matt would walk by, I would feel lower than dirt, my son seeing my exposed, stretched holes made me feel like shit. I would try to plead with him to help me, but he thinks I'm playing some sick game and he isn't interested in being involved.


Occasionally, he will walk in on me during a sexual assault I will stretch my arms out for help, pleading with him, but his eyes avoid watching me be subjugated to being a dog's fuck toy.

I have never felt so alone and terrified in my life.

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The pregnancy was quick, much quicker than it would have been for a human baby. The day of the delivery arrived much sooner than I thought. It was early morning and I had just got done being raped for the second time that night when sharp, indescribable pain erupted from my lower abdomen.

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I yelled out loudly, gripping my belly and trying to stabilize my breathing. The pain was explosive, my head felt foggy from the increasing pressure in my loins. I propped myself up, leaning my back against the couch and spread my legs wide open. Sweat streamed down my face on onto my chest. My engorged breasts swayed to the rhythm of my chaotic breathing. Lucius seemed almost concerned, he walked over and sniffed me before licking sweat off my face and teats. I could see the pups moving around inside of me, small bumps shifted to and fro underneath my belly button, their eagerness to escape their incubator became more erratic.

I grabbed my legs behind the knees and stretched my legs as far apart as they will go, opening my birthing tunnel, preparing to bring my rapists babies into this world. I screamed under the excruciating pain of my feminine tunnel being opened beyond its limits to accommodate the exit of new life. I pushed hard against my abdominal muscles, squeezing as much as I could muster.

Finally, I felt the sensation of something hard sliding down and out of my stretched cavity. I peeked my head down to see between my stretched out legs, and sure enough a tiny hairy head had started protruding out from underneath my wrinkled pussy meat. Lucius came over and started to clean the puppies head while it was still attempting to wriggle its way out of my abused twat.

I tried taking gulps of air, trying to block out the pain as the first pup attempted to squirm its soggy body out of my stretched slit. I breathed a sigh of relief as I felt the last of its body slip out from between my moist lips and fall limply on the floor. I was so angry and being forced to go through this, to have these things forced inside of me.

My body wasn't meant to be forced to breed, I wanted to control what went in and came out of me. The second one had started to make its decent out of its father's victim. My eyes bulged at the painful searing sensation of this wet creature squirming down my slippery tunnel while attempting to exit my womb.

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My head dropped down onto the couch, my eyes slipping out of focus and my legs started to twitch at the sheer volume of trauma my body was being exposed to. I laid back, drooling on the couch as another rape puppy crawled its way past my pussy folds and into the world. I started sobbing, still holding my legs behind the knees, pulling my birthing hole as wide open as possible, and giving these creatures easier access out of my body. The last puppy was the hardest, he moved around inside of my guts, squirming in my battered womb.


It was all I could do to stay conscious, the pain was too tremendous. With several attempts to squeeze my abdomen and push him out, I felt the familiar pain of something being shoved down through my fuck hole.

Relief flooded me as the pup squirmed its way out of my gash and plopped onto the floor with a sickening flop. I let go of my legs and flopped onto the floor, exhausted. I laid there quietly as the pups fought with each other over my engorged tits. They each took turns latching themselves onto their father's victim's teats and draining the fluid from my sore hard nipples. Lucius watched his offspring devour their mother's milk, proud of what he had forced me to produce for him.

He was officially alpha and complete owner of me. He had dominated me more than anything or anyone could dominate another creature. He had bred my womb and forced me to birth his offspring.

I felt so broken as I laid there and watched these pups claw and bite my massive utters.