Nalgona entrando en el metro insurgentes

Nalgona entrando en el metro insurgentes
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Trevor and I have know each other since the day we where born. And I quiet literally mean that. He was born 3 hours and 36 minuets before myself and he never lets me forget it.

The reason why we know each other is because his mother and my father are brother and sister. Him and I both grew up very close to each other. He was kind of like my twin. We always knew when the other was hurt or upset. He was either always at my house or I was always at his house. Their was no separating us. We also had the same interest. We would always watch Power Rangers together when we where younger and as we got older we became Spongebob fans. We where typical little tikes Him and I are very competitive people.

We always played video games against each other and fought whenever the other person won. But the best part about it though is we would always gang up against his little sister Jamie. She was 2 ½ years younger then us and we always loved to gang up against her when playing a game. Me and him would take turns helping the other to win and making sure she never won.

One day when me and Trevor was about 8 he had his friend Dallas over. At first I didn't like Dallas because I knew him from school.


Dallas and his friends had always picked on me when we where in school but I soon found out that Dallas was just like me and Trevor and I soon became friends with him too. Dallas had changed in school too and instead of picking on me he had started standing up for me. This however resulted in him getting beat up by his former friends. He didn't care though he had become one of my best friends and didn't want anyone to hurt me.

Dallas and Trevor started coming over to my house and staying the night more often. And if they were not staying at my house Dallas and I would stay over to Trevor's house. The three of us had become inseparable up until we where 13. When me and Trevor hit the age of 13 the boys started acting a lot different around me.

It was mine and his birthday party. I had started to develop about a year before and I developed quickly. I was already filling a B-cup bra and my butt was round.

I hated it. Then I stood at about 5'1 and weighed about 150 so I was pretty average at least that's what I thought. I never liked my hair short so my mom finally let me wear my hair the way I wanted it. My chestnut hair was a little farther then midway down my back and it was wavy curling at the very bottoms.

That year the party was at Trevor's house. Our parents had always told us we where aloud to invite one friend to the party each. Each year since our ninth birthday we both picked Dallas. This year I was running a little late. I had just gotten out of the shower and unlike other girls I let my hair dry itself.

I had always found it a waist of time. It was around 80 degrees so I decided I would wear a white tank top and short green shorts. I had wore this outfit before around the boys so I figured it would be nice for today.

I had quickly pulled my hair back into a long ponytail, grabbed Trevor's birthday present, and ran across the street to where Trevor and Dallas was. "Hay everyone I'm here!!" I screamed as I walked into Trevor's house. Dallas was the first in the hall to come see me. But when he stepped out in the hallway he stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth hung open just a little as he looked at me. I felt a little uncomfortable because Dallas had never ever once looked at me like he was then. It was only a few seconds later that Trevor was right next to him with the same face expression.

Now I felt really uncomfortable. Not only was my best friend staring at me but also my cousin. So I decided to try and lighten the mood. "Did I forget to put pants on or something?" I joked. "I wish." Dallas whispers, Trevor nudges him. My aunt walk into the hallway and greats me.

"Happy Birthday Grace." she says and hugs me. "What's wrong with you two you act like you've never seen her before?" Jamie asks Dallas and Trevor as she comes down the stairs. "Uhhmmm…" was all Dallas could get out. "Nothings wrong with us." Trevor snaps at his sister.

"Fine you don't have to be so freaking rude about it." Jamie says. "Happy Birthday Grace." she says to me before going into their living room.

"Uuhhmm. Do you guys mind excusing me for a moment?" Dallas says and runs upstairs. I look at Trevor confused. "He… need to do something." Trevor says. I look up the stairs wondering what it could possibly be that Dallas was doing. "Is that your present for me?" Trevor asks drawing my attention back to him. "Yah. It's kind of heave though." you hold it out for him and he opens it. "Oh WOW… you got me my own laptop." he says.

He takes his present form me and runs into the living room I could faintly hear him. "Mom, Dad, Grace got me a laptop." I smiled knowing I had made his day. But I was still curious as to what Dallas was doing. I went upstairs expecting to find him in Trevor's room but he wasn't their.

I stood their confused for a moment and I was about ready to turn to leave when I heard something from out of Trevor's bathroom.

Now I knew it was impolite to walk in on someone while they where in the bathroom but the door was cracked a little. When I looked in I had a perfect view of the entire bathroom through the mirror. I was shocked when I saw Dallas standing their rubbing his cock. Now I had never really see a boys cock before that but I knew that they had different body parts then girls. I was going to look away when I hears him moan something. "ooohhh Grace." he said. I stood their shocked for a moment.

He was thinking about me as he rubbed himself. I watched as Dallas speeded up his hand movements. I knew that what he was doing was normal for most boys but… him thinking about me? I must of heard him wrong. "uuuuhhhhh Grace." he moaned. Ok maybe I didn't hear him wrong but why is he thinking about me? I'm not pretty. As he continued his moans got slightly louder and he started to breath heavy. Suddenly 5 or 6 ropes of long thick cum shot out of his cock.

As he had his orgasm he moaned my name. I quickly and quietly moved away from the door. Once I was out in the hallway I ran downstairs with the others. That night I laid in the bed that my aunt had set up for me in Trevor's room. I faced away from Dallas and Trevor keeping my eyes closed to make it look like I was asleep.

"Are you asleep Grace?" Trevor asked quietly. I didn't answer. I feel a light pressure on the side of my bed behind me and felt the presents of someone hanging over me. "She's asleep." I hear Dallas whisper over me. He gets off of my bed and goes to where Trevor is. It was silent for a moment. "When did she change?" Trevor asked after the moments of silence.

"I don't know but I love it." I heard Dallas say. "I can't believe we got to see her tits through her shirt and her bra.

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Her nipples are so dark." your eyes pop open. They had seen my breast. I could feel my face starting to heat up form embarrassment. "It may be ok for you to ogle over her but she's my cousin I shouldn't feel turned on by her." Trevor says. "She does have a nice ass though." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My best friend and my cousin have been checking me out. I wanted to turn over right their and yell at them to stop looking at me in that way.

But then again I would have blown my cover. They started to talk about their newly found fantasies about me. As I listen to their conversations I could feel my pussy becoming wet. "If I could I would fuck her right now while she's asleep." Dallas say. "Maybe we can…" he says. I start to feel nervous but at the same time my pussy became more wet and it itched to be touched.

"Dallas no. she's a virgin her first time should be special." Trevor say. Hay someone really does love me. "Fine then I call it." Dallas says. "What?" Trevor asks. "I get her virginity." Dallas say. Did I really get to have a say in this. "Don't force her into it Dal.

Let it happen on its own time." Trevor says. "I'm going to bed Dal. Moms going to take us to the Theme Park tomorrow and I want to be awake to ride the rides. We did go to the theme park the next day. The boys however treated me differently.

That was the day I started to hang out with Jamie. Also, that was the first summer that we all went to different camps. Dallas went to Baseball camp, Trevor went to Football camp, and I went to Performing Arts camp. When we came back from camp I had grew about an inch. The boys however grew 3 or 4 inches. We didn't talk much anymore. Well the didn't talk to me much, they where to busy talking to each other.

"Don't worry sweetie." My Mom told me one day. "The boys are just growing up. Their experiencing new things and changing they need a little guy time." she would say. But as the year went on and school started they never once talked to me or even looked at me.

I started hanging out with students from the Drama club and they soon became my friends. As our final year in middle school went on I decided to take dance lessons to pass the time that use to be for Dallas and Trevor. I was really good at it and it was doing wonders for my body.

My ass was still round but I was growing into it and it was becoming more firm and my breast where still a B-cup but they didn't look so large on my newly developing body. I wanted to confront them ask them why they don't talk to me anymore.

But before I had the chance to they started to avoid me all together. "I wonder why they are avoiding me?" you ask Jamie one day when you where picking her up from school. "Don't worry about it. Their guys. Guys only care about two things." she says. "Sports and sex." what she says shocks me. She's only 11 how does she know this stuff "I'm not completely stupid Grace. Mommy had the talk with me this weekend." she says proudly.

Me and her walk home together like every other day talking. When we got to her house she asked me if I wanted to come in and hang out.

I told her I had rehearsal in about 2 hours and needed to get going. When I got home I ran up stairs and jumped in the shower. When I was done I dried off and was just about to put my underwear on when the bathroom door opened. Trevor was standing their with a textbook in his hand. I look at him like a deer caught in headlights.

He's eyes travel down my body before returning to my eyes. "Get Out Now Trevor!!" I scream at him and throw the underwear in my hands at him. He quickly apologizes and closes the door. I get dressed quickly and head downstairs. I go into the kitchen to find the book Trevor had and a note. Grace, You left your textbook in class today, I thought I would bring it to you.

Trevor Well I guess he does still care a little. I take the book upstairs and throw it on my bed. I had about 45 minuets until I had to be to rehearsal so I decided I would have a quick sandwich and head out. Trevor started to ignore me again and I pushed it off.

As high school begin I got my very first boyfriend. That lasted about 3 days. Not my fault by the way things where going good until the guy showed up on the third day looking like if he didn't break up with me he would get shot.

And from that moment on I didn't have a single boyfriend. At the beginning of my Freshman year my mom put me on birth control so I wouldn't get pregnant if I ever decided to have sex. My Freshman and Sophomore year went by in a flash.

It is now the day of my 16th birthday. "Happy Birthday Sweetheart." My mother said. Waking me up that morning with breakfast in bed. After I ate I went downstairs. I put my dishes in the sink when the doorbell ring. "That would be the surprise I have for you." mom said to me as she runs to the living room to answer the door. I heard her talking to someone so I decided I would go see who it was. When I walked in I seen Trevor and Dallas standing their next to my mom. My mouth dropped to the floor.

Their I was standing their in just very thin shorts that barely covered my ass and a tank top with no bra on. "What are you doing here?" I ask them shocked.

Trevor comes over and gives me a hug picking me up off the ground and spinning me around. "Happy birthday cuz." he says putting me down. I looked at him confused. Then Dallas came over and hugs me. "Happy birthday Grace." he says. You look at your mom. "What are they doing here?" you ask her.

"Well your aunt and uncle are taking Jamie out of state for the week and Trevor's going to stay with us." my mom said.


"And Dallas is welcome to stay as long as he wants too." she says. "Ok well I'm going to be in my room if anyone needs me." I say and head for the stairs. "Don't you mean our room cuz?" Trevor asks me. I stop dead in my tracks and spin around looking from my cousin to my mom.

"What?" I ask. "Only for the week honey." my mom says and hurries out of the room. Trevor and Dallas look at me. "Don't worry I wont bother the two of you." I say and head for the stairs. Dallas grabs one of my hands and turns me around. "I'm sorry." He says. "For what?" I ask. "For not talking to you for so long. It's been killing me." he says.

Releasing our hands. "Me too. I really didn't want to not talk to you its just…" Trevor said trailing off.

"Jamie told us that if we didn't stop talking to you she would tell you what we where talking about at yours and Trevor's 13 birthday." Dallas says. "We didn't want to loose you so we did as she said… we just left you alone." "And then when you got that boyfriend last year Dallas got jealous so we decided to threaten any guy that wanted to date you." Trevor says. "You guys are the reason why I don't have a boyfriend?" I ask I was infuriated with them for doing that.

"We where only looking out for you Grace." Trevor says. "No you where only looking out for yourself and as for knowing what you guys talked about I was awake I already knew. To be blackmailed by Jamie for 3 years is stupid on both your parts." I say. As I turn to go upstairs Dallas grabs my hand and spins me around. Only this time when I am turned back around Dallas's lips are their to meet mine. At first I don't do anything to shocked to know what to do.

Eventually I start to kiss back relaxing more as Dallas wraps his arms around me. "Hate to break up you to love birds but we don't want Aunt Cindy to see this." Trevor says. I didn't want to stop kissing him but sadly he pulled away.

"Maybe we should take this up stirs." Trevor suggest grabbing his stuff. He heads up the stairs to my room. Dallas grabs his stuff and starts up the stairs. I follow behind him.

No sooner I get in my room and the door closed Dallas kisses me again. I moan instinctively and kissing him back wrapping my around his neck. "Are you guys going to save any for me?" Trevor asks. Dallas and I break the kiss and look at Trevor. Trevor comes over to us and grabs the back of my neck and kisses me forcefully. After the shock wears off that my cousin was kissing me I kissed back.

So what if its incest, no one alive doesn't have an ancestor that wasn't into incest.

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Trevor asks for entrance to my mouth and I gladly grant it to him. Our tongs wrestled for dominance.

His won and he explored my mouth hungrily. I sucked on his tongue as he explored my mouth. As Trevor and I kiss Dallas locks my bedroom door. He comes back behind me and wraps his arms around me from behind. He starts to suck on my neck and I moan. Trevor and Dallas has me squeezed between them. Trevor leaves my lips and trails kisses down to the other side of my neck. My breathing starts to become uneven as my freshly shaved pussy starts to become moist.

"uuhhmmm. I've wanted you for so long Grace." Dallas moans in my ear. His hands slowly start to travel down my body resting on my hips. "mmmmmmmm." was all I could say. My head was swimming at this point. Trevor and Dallas stops sucking on my neck long enough to get mine and their shirts off. I went over to my bed and sat on it. Trevor came over and sat on my left and Dallas on my right. Each of them took one of my now C-cup breast in their hands and rubbed them gently. Dallas muffles my moans kissing me deeply while Trevor takes one of my erect nipple into his hot mouth.

Dallas slowly rubs from my breast down my stomach to just above my waistband. I moan encouraging him to go farther. Dallas slips his hands into the waist band of my pants. He rubs my now soaking pussy through my panties. I felt like I was going to cum right then and their. Suddenly Dallas stops everything and backs away. Trevor does the same. "Why are you stopping?" I ask them my body feeling cold and lonely. "I don't want to force you to do this.

It should be done with the one you love." Dallas says. I roll my eyes and pull Dallas into me kissing him hungrily. "I do love you. And I love Trevor. And your not forcing me. I've wanted this for three years." I say. Dallas kisses my lips passionately.

As Dallas and I kiss Trevor pulls my pants and underpants off. "Dallas she's bare." Trevor says amazed. Dallas and I stop kissing and he looks at my pussy. I feel my face start to heat up from them staring. Trevor slowly lowers his head towards my pussy.

"I thought I got her first." Dallas says. "You get her Virginity, I get to be the first to taste her." Trevor says. He lowers his head the rest of the way and licks slowly up my hot wet pussy lips.


I shiver from the sensation, my nipples getting surprisingly harder. Dallas was watching Trevor eat at my pussy that he didn't notice me reaching for the bulge in his pants. I grab it and squeeze it gently.

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He grunts and leans his head back with his eyes closed. I rub the bulge gently "uuuuhhhhggggg." he groans. I undo his jean zipper and button and rub his cock through his boxers. Trevor slowly sticks the tip of his tongue in my pussy. I gasp and squeeze Dallas's cock a bit hard and he screams in pleasure and pain.

Dallas removes my hand from his cock and pulls his pants and boxers off. My eyes must have popped out of my head because he is huge and thick. Dallas strokes his cock. "Like it Grace? Its 7 ½ inches." he says. At the same time Trevor shoves his tongue back into my pussy.

I go to scream out in pleasure but Dallas shoves his cock in my mouth muffling my scream. Not ever doing any of this before I let my instincts take over and I slowly start to bob my head on Dallas cock as I start rocking my hips into Trevor's face. Dallas starts to fuck my face and Trevor starts moving his tongue in and out of me quicker and deeper. Dallas's balls where hitting my chin each time he thrust into my mouth.

With each thrust in his cock was going further and further in my mouth and was starting to go down my throat. Dallas final gets so far in my mouth and throat I start to gag with each thrust. Trevor quickly replaces his tongue with his fingers and starts moving them in and out of me at great speed. His tongues starts to flick my clit at the same speed his fingers where moving in me. I start to feel my orgasm approaching when Trevor stops and pulls his fingers out of me.

I groan in disappointment as his face leaves my pussy. As Dallas pulls his cock out of my mouth it makes a popping noise. Within a matter of seconds Trevor had his cock stuffed in my mouth and Dallas had his head buried between my legs. I sucked hard and fast on Trevor's harden cock as Dallas ate me out. Dallas's tongue was entering me a little at a time. He would push in with his tongue and slowly pull out, dragging his tongue across my G-spot. I groaned and rocked my hips into Dallas's face as he sped up his process.

At the same time I was forcing Trevor's cock into my mouth and throat. At one point I got his 6 inch cock all the way in my mouth.

I held it in my mouth and throat until I started to gag. Trevor the pulled out so I could catch my breath. Dallas was still working my pussy hard and fast. They both knew I was coming close. Trevor was at my side rubbing and sucking my breast softly.

What came next almost completely blew my mind. As my orgasm starts Dallas stops tonguing my pussy.

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He quickly replaced it with the head of his cock. The pain of just the head of his cock in me was enough to make my orgasm even more intense. I was at the peek of my orgasm when I felt Dallas push all of his 7 ½ inches of thick cock into my tight wet pussy taking my cherry. The pain mixed with the pleasure sent gushes of my cum and blood all over Dallas's cock and legs. Dallas stayed still in me until my orgasm ends. "Are you ok?" Dallas asks.

"Y-yes." I stutter almost completely out of breath. After a few moments my breathing got less heavy and Dallas started rocking in me slowly. At first it hurt, but as I felt his hard cock sliding against my G-Spot pleasure started taking over pain. Dallas looks at me the whole time making sure not to hurt me as Trevor massages my breast. "Uhhh fuck Grace your so tight." Dallas grunts starting to speed up.

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His cock kept slamming on my G-spot non stop. I started to moan loudly and Dallas leans over my body and kisses my lips as he fucks me. I kiss him back and moan loudly in his mouth as he licks my lips. I meet his tongue and he forces his tongue into my mouth. I suck on his tongue as he starts to rock in me faster. Suddenly I was rolled over so I was on top of Dallas still kissing his lips, I started to rock on his cock slowly.

I sat up and felt a new pain and stop bouncing. "Take your time baby." Dallas says, rubbing my breast and stomach. After getting use to the new pain I started to grind on his cock slowly he grunted in approval and rolled my breast in his hands. I started pick up speed and bounce on his cock harder and faster, each time I went down on his cock he went deeper into me. I was then pushed forward from behind and Dallas's cock came out of my pussy.

It was quickly filled by Trevor's cock. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me hard and fast non stop. "Grace this is going to hurt a bit." Trevor says before pulling out of my pussy and forcing his cock all the way into my ass.

I scream into Dallas's neck as pain shoots through my ass, tears fill my eyes from the pain. Dallas puts his cock back into me and grunts.

"Fuck Grace, your so fucking tight." Dallas says. Trevor starts to rock in my ass slowly as Dallas starts fucking my pussy again. I start to rock on both there cocks. Our bodies started to become sweaty and slick as we speed up, there cock pounding as deep as they could into my ass and pussy. I was in pure ecstasy as they drilled me deeper and deeper. "Fuck I'm cumming." Trevor grunts shooting ropes of his hot sticky cream deep into my ass. I followed right behind him.

Screaming my orgasm into Dallas's shoulder, biting his shoulder hard trying to keep quit. My pussy walls convulsed around Dallas's cock driving him into an orgasm. His cock exploded cum deep into my pussy while he grunted in pleasure. After all of our orgasms subsided Trevor slid out of my ass and I could feel his cum dripping out of me.

He laid down on the bed next to Dallas. I sat up and looked down at the both of them. The both smiled up at me and I smiled at them. We knew this was the beginning of a beautiful adventure. ~Epilogue~ This was only our first encounter.

We had many more threesomes like this until we graduated high school and went off to different colleges. Dallas and I went to the same college on account that we had both been dating since my 16 birthday.

He never wanted to leave my side and was as close to a perfect boyfriend as he could get. We had our occasional fights but we wouldn't go to bed without forgiving each other. When we both graduated college he proposed to me and we were soon after married.

We had five beautiful children and lived a long life together. Trevor found himself a girlfriend in college and married her having three children of his own. We still had the occasional threesome but only when his wife was out of town.