Vecino me folla mientras no esta su mujer

Vecino me folla mientras no esta su mujer
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CHAPTER 4 Once inside I sat on the couch, my legs apart. "I'll want you naked in the apartment until further notice unless we have a visitor. Remove your clothes now." I sat back like the cat that had just eaten the canary while Henry removed everything he was wearing.

He knelt at my feet once he was done, his sweatshirt, underwear, and jeans neatly folded over his sneakers. Reaching over to the end table I retrieved a plastic bag from a local jeweler.

"You will wear this forever, never taking it off until the day you die unless I tell you to. This will remind you of your relationship to me—of your status as my slave." I pulled out the stainless steel chain, heavy with big links and fastened it around his neck. "You have a sixteen inch neck, Henry. This is an eighteen-inch chain so it shouldn't get in your way, even in situations that involve physical activity. The stainless steel is strong like the strength of our bond. Its weight should serve to remind you of me every second of the day and night.

"Go home on Wednesday night to see your family. You'll see them briefly over the holiday break, but you'll spend Christmas with my family and then we'll come back here to concentrate on your training. We can work on moving you out of the dorm beginning tomorrow, but first&hellip. "Henry Fuller, do you give yourself to me—to love me, to obey me, to serve me, to be my property henceforth until one of us dies?" Henry was always a bit of a goof. "Henceforth?" His head was down, but he could barely stifle a giggle.

"Well.allow me to suggest that you not make jokes in the future unless you want your ass blistered." He was suitably chastised. "I'm sorry. That was stupid. I do…willingly and gladly." "I'm going to paddle you now, Henry—ten times on each cheek. It will help you to understand and accept my dominance over you and you'll know that I can hurt you if you decide to disobey or find the need to be stupid at the wrong time.

It will give you something to think about. Afterward, we'll retire to the shower where I'll expect you to drink my urine. I'll do that every day to remind you of my authority and control. It will taste bad, but urine is almost always sterile and I think you'll prefer it to being paddled. I'll never force you to eat my other waste. Not only is that disgusting, but it's also dangerous. Remember that I am now responsible for your health and well-being—for everything about you.

We'll begin in the shower because I'm sure you'll spill quite a bit. Get up now and lean over the back of the chair." He moved behind an upholstered chair that was at right angles to the couch and bent over it. I placed a rolled-up dish towel into Henry's mouth, telling him that I did not expect him to either count or thank me.

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"I think I can keep track all the way to twenty." Stepping back I took the first swing. This was something I felt I had to do, but I didn't want to stretch it out any more than necessary. A minute later I was done and I pulled Henry up into my embrace. He was crying like a baby while I soothed him. We walked to the bedroom where he undressed me, kneeling at my feet when he was done.

"Let's get into the shower. I just came back from the game and I have to go. I don't expect you to get all of it, but I do expect a sincere effort." When he started to crawl I told him to get up and walk.

He must have been reading some of that idiotic "mistress-slave" nonsense online. "We'll save crawling for some evening when I want to play. You'll walk unless I tell you otherwise." Henry sat in the center of the shower stall with his face up, eyes closed, and his mouth open. I moved forward and he sealed his lips against my cunt.

I began to empty my bladder a few seconds later and watched as Henry struggled. He almost choked several times, but he did not pull away. I was so proud of him then I stood quietly while he washed my body and shaved my cunt.

I stood against the back of the stall while he quickly washed his own body and rinsed his mouth with clear water. We exited once he had shaved his pubic area clean. I told him to wait once we were both dry and he did while I applied a soothing balm to his butt. His cheeks were red and while I did want to hurt him I'd never want to actually harm him. Hand-in-hand I led him to my bed. Henry pulled the blankets down and lay on the bed as directed.

"You will never initiate sex, Henry, but once we begin you will have carte blanche with my body. This is one of those times. We will consummate our relationship once you've warmed me up a bit. Think you can do that? I'll have a little surprise for you before we finish." Henry's eyes gave me his answer in spades. I moved up to straddle his face and he eagerly licked and sucked my hot cunt. He had been at it for almost five minutes when I turned and noticed how hard he was.

I could have been selfish; I would be many times in the future, but not now. Not only had I fallen in love with Henry, but I'd also fallen hard for his cock. I craved to have it in my mouth and in my body. My strongest resolve had been required to hold off fucking as long as I had. I turned and pivoted in a second and I think Henry was startled when I began to lick him and I was sure he was shocked when I engulfed him with my mouth.

My head was bobbing up and down his shaft when I froze for an instant before Henry gave me the most exquisite orgasm with his tongue. I collapsed onto his body and lay there for almost thirty minutes, my lips and tongue still in contact with his hard organ. Henry never moved or complained. I turned once I had recovered, my mouth covering his and tasting myself—my ejaculate covered his face. Our kiss lasted for several minutes until I pulled back. I wanted to see the expression on his face when I enveloped his magnificent cock within the folds of my pussy.

His eyes were the size of saucers when he realized that I was actually fucking him. I knew he wouldn't last long; he was a virgin, after all. I planned on working with Henry on orgasm control, but not tonight. Tonight—and probably tomorrow-- we would celebrate our union. I began to move and told Henry what I wanted from him—thrust up every time I rocked forward. Henry actually lasted for several minutes before spraying his juice into my vault. I hadn't cum, but I didn't expect to.

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"I hate leaking all over my thighs, Henry, so I'll expect you to clean me every time we make love. Lie back and get that tongue ready. You'll be using it every single day.

You and my cunt will be very close friends." I sidled forward until my cunt was just over Henry's mouth. "Start with my thighs and move in to the center. Then you can push your tongue deep into me. Since I didn't have an orgasm you can give me one or two on your tongue." Spreading my legs brought me into contact with his lips.

I was pleased to see that he didn't hesitate at all despite the presence of semen in my vault. He had been at it for several minutes when I had my first orgasm. I released Henry ten minutes later after my second. I would have loved lying down on Henry's chest, but I still had work to do. "You surprised me, Henry.

How did you last so long when we made love? Tell me the truth, Henry." "My roommates left early so I was able to jerk off twice this morning." "Thank you, Henry. I can't overstate the importance of being truthful with me. Lying will always result in a punishment and so will unauthorized masturbation. Your days of jerking off are done. I want to show you something." I rose and walked to my dresser, returning with a small brown box—the one that had been used to ship it through Fed Ex.

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Opening it, I showed the contents to Henry. "What is it?" It's a male chastity cage, sometimes called a cock cage. Let me show you how it works." I slipped his balls and flaccid cock through the restraining ring and pushed his cock into the tube then I used the wrench to secure the two bolts that held the entire thing together.

"There, now I'll know that you'll keep your hands off it. Henry looked as though he was going to cry. "I plan to use it on you every day, but it will come off virtually every night when I play with you. Just to be sure—who owns you?" "Um…you do." And grabbing his cock I continued, "Who owns this?" "You do, Mistress." I slapped his face.

"Don't ever call me that. If you do you will slip and embarrass yourself, and me, too. You will use my name at all times." "Yes, Nancy—I'm sorry." "This is still new to you so I expect you to make mistakes.

I will punish you for them to try to reinforce positive behavior. I will have to be stern in the beginning, but always remember that I'm doing it for you—to help you. I want to get up now and go to your room. We might as well get started now. We'll go out for dinner then come back here to study." "On a Saturday night?" "Yes, if my grades were like yours I'd do it, too. Also, we need to set a time for punishment. You will never question my instructions." "I'm sorry; I guess I do need training.

I'm going through with this. I've never been happier than I was today when I submitted to you." "My happiest day, too, Henry; now let's get going." I pushed him to the living room and his clothes and picked mine up from the floor. Less than ten minutes later we were in the car en route to his dorm. I wasn't surprised to find his two loser roommates there and they were drunk.

Plenty of underage kids drank on campus every day even though the local merchants were strict about the law. They gave Henry a hard time when he placed his books into his backpack. Then they tried their luck with me--big mistake. My hand was in my pocket when the bigger—Sam—approached. I could smell the beer on his breath when he made a grab for my breasts as though that would make me fall in love with him and encourage me to fuck him.

I was calm and controlled when I pulled the pepper spray from my jacket and sprayed it in his face. He fell to the floor writhing and crying. His buddy, Jacob, tried to intervene, but I stopped him with but two simple sentences.

"I'll go down to the dorm office to file a complaint as soon as we finish here. Shall I add your name to it?" He retreated to his bunk sulking until Henry and I were gone. I did go to the office and filed a formal complaint, even showing my torn blouse.

I also told them that Henry would be moved out by tomorrow and to forward his mail to my address. Back in my apartment I checked Henry's assignments and the work he had supposedly done on Friday night. It was nothing but crap! No wonder his grades were so poor. I set his stuff up on the dining room table and reviewed the work with him, showing him what he had done wrong.

Then I made him do it again, but correctly this time. It was kind of funny standing there dressed while Henry sat naked, his horny cock encased in stainless steel. He worked for an hour when I had him take a break to make the dinner. It was just frozen lasagna, but it had to be put into the oven at the right temperature and the timer had to be set.

Next he pulled the plates and glasses from the cabinets, the silverware from the drawer and set everything at the end of the counter where we could access it once the lasagna had cooked.

Meanwhile, I had him back at his studies. We ate around 8:30 with Henry serving me. I could have made him eat on the floor, but I'd never found that appealing and I had promised that I wouldn't embarrass him.

Henry sat next to me and I fiddled with his cock cage while digging in to my dinner. Henry had cleaned up by 9:30 and I walked him back to the shower.

I had to go again. He seemed to make a little progress so I hugged him and, once the shower was warm, he rinsed his mouth so we could kiss. Henry washed me and my hair and dried me once he was clean. I showed him how to blow my hair dry then climbed into bed at 10:30. "Henry, you'll sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed until your training is over then you'll join me here. I'm looking forward to that and I hope you are, too." CHAPTER 5 He pulled a set of sheets, a pillow, and a blanket from the closet and made up a bed on the carpet.

I kissed him good-night and climbed into my comfortable bed. I was feeling quite satisfied, but I still had a million questions, most dealing with how to proceed with Henry's training. Should I ease into it so as not to scare him away or should I charge full steam ahead?

I thought about it for almost an hour before thinking—"in for a penny, in for a pound." It would be full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes—the faster the better. I knew that Henry did not have a cell phone so how did he phone his mother?

I'd have to address that tomorrow as well as religion. I was an Italian Catholic, but Henry and I had never talked about church. I went every week, but what did he do? One more subject to discuss, I thought. Finally, I realized just how tired I was and I fell into a deep sleep. As usual, I was awake at 6:30. Henry was sound asleep, but not for long. "C'mon, Henry—I have to go and you're taking it from me." He looked up confused until he suddenly seemed to realize where he was and why.

He jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I followed at a leisurely pace to find him seated in the shower. I chuckled as I walked up to him and leaned down to kiss him. "I think we should always begin the day with a kiss—first my tongue in your mouth then my piss. I'll want to know how you're handling it before we start the shower." A second later my acidic yellow fluid was trickling into his mouth. It seemed to me that he had swallowed about three-quarters.

I pulled him up once I was done. "How are you doing with it?" "Truthfully, it tastes awful, but I think I may have that licked. If I push my tongue into you I'll just have to deal with the temperature of it. You know I never drink coffee or any other hot beverages. I know it's a test of my obedience and I don't want to disappoint you." "I'm not disappointed, Henry.

I know it will be a challenge, especially at first. I'll probably make even more mistakes than you, but I won't get paddled for my mistakes where you won't be quite so lucky." I handed him the soap and stood as he washed me.

This was a true luxury in my opinion and it was only going to get better. I asked him about communicating with his mother and about his religion. I was pleased with one answer, but not with the other. Henry told me that he was brought up Catholic which was good as I'd expect him to attend with me, but he also told me that he never phoned his mother—she'd told him not to.

I found that odd. Henry only had casual clothes so that's what I dressed him in for church and I dressed similarly, or rather Henry dressed me once I had selected the clothes. I especially enjoyed having Henry roll stockings up my legs—almost as much as he did. Too bad his cock was encased in steel. I was sure it would have been as hard as New Hampshire granite had it been free.

We made the 8:00 Mass and I had Henry take communion with me. I knew of many, including my parents, who insisted on confession before communion, but I thought the idea silly. Most confessions—mine anyway—involved confessing so-called sins that I had no intention of stopping.

I'd probably masturbate until the day I died although now I had Henry to do it for me--hmmmm, what a delicious thought. After Mass I drove to Henry's dorm for the remainder of his belongings. I almost laughed when I saw his roommates lying half-naked in bed. The bigger one—the one who had tried his hand at me last night—had red blotches all over his face.

Pepper spray can do that to you. Henry started with his desktop, something I doubted he'd use too much, but we took it anyway. Next were the remaining clothes in his closet and finally were the clothes in his drawers. I cleaned out his desk, a satisfied smirk on my face while Henry carried everything down to the car. I couldn't help myself; I just had to rub it into the faces of these jerks.

Lifting my skirt, I pulled my panties to the side. "Take a good look, assholes. This is as close as you'll ever get while Henry will be getting it every single day." I laughed and walked out, the brown paper bag full of Henry's supplies in my hand. Henry remembered to open my door and would have run ahead to get the apartment door had I not stopped him. I carried in the supermarket bag while Henry carried everything else.

We were done less than an hour later, just before 11:00. Handing Henry my smart phone I told him to phone his mother. He needed to check on arrangements for Thanksgiving among other things. The call was short—too short in my opinion and Henry was really down when it ended. He sat between my open legs and I could see a tear in his eyes.

"She doesn't want me to come home over the weekend—said it would be 'inconvenient.'" "Okay, Henry—you'll have to come home with me." I took the phone and speed-dialed my dad.

"Hi, Daddy—how are you?" ("I'm good, Pumpkin; how's school?") "It's great and it recently got even better." ("Oh?") "Yeah, I'll explain when I see you Wednesday. I'm bringing someone home with me. He can sleep on the floor in my room." ("A boy? I don't think your mother will object, but wouldn't he be more comfortable in one of the other rooms?") "I'm sure he would, Daddy, but it will be the floor for him.

That's where he's sleeping now…at the foot of my bed." ("Oh!") "Daddy, it's complicated so I'd like to hold off on explaining until we get there. Okay?" ("Sure, what time do you expect to arrive?") "I'm sure it will be sometime mid-afternoon. I think Henry can drive so if we split the driving I won't have to stop and rest. Hold on, Daddy—Henry's nodding so he will drive at least part of the way.

I need to go now. Bye…see you soon." I ended the call. "Okay, I guess you heard. We'll leave sometime Wednesday morning, probably early. I'll have to explain a few things to my parents, but that's my responsibility." I spent the rest of the morning teaching Henry how to dust and vacuum.

He did a better job than I thought he would. We took a break at noon so he could make our lunch. After lunch I pissed into his mouth again and this time he seemed to take all of it. I rewarded him with an orgasm—one he gave me with his tongue. His turn would come later. I did chuckle just a bit when I saw his cock straining against its prison.

After lunch Henry cleaned the bathroom and changed the linens on the bed then we returned to Henry's studies. I read a report he had been working on.

I wouldn't make any corrections, but I did underline areas that I thought were weak, either in technique or content. I left it to Henry to determine which. He finished by 5:30 and I could tell he was exhausted. I rewarded him with a long deep kiss, running my hands over his naked back and butt. "We'll go out to dinner then we'll come home for your punishment, our shower, and our sex.

I plan to make the most delightful love to you tonight. I figure three orgasms for me and one for you should be just about right." Henry looked at me with those sexy bedroom eyes and told me, "I agree." Henry dressed and I drove to The Tavern, one of the area's better restaurants.

I ordered the veal parm and Henry had the tuna steak. He was initially very tentative until I told him quietly. "We're celebrating tonight, Henry—our new lifestyle and our new life together. We will go out often and when we do it is important that we act as any other couple would normally do. I will expect you to defer to me at all times, but in public I want you to act as my equal.

Of course, I do not expect you to be argumentative or disrespectful, but I doubt you'd do that anyway." "I'd never disrespect you, Nancy," Henry whispered. I placed my hand on his and leaned forward. Henry took the hint and leaned forward for a brief kiss. Dinner was excellent and Henry was a real gentleman, holding my chair when I excused myself to use the ladies' room even as I whispered, "I really prefer to use my toilet at home." "I think that's understandable.

I think I prefer it, too. There's something so intimate about it." "I agree, but we'll have plenty of intimacy when we get home. You've had an excellent first day, my slave." I paddled Henry twenty times as soon as we were home, following what my father had told me many years ago—business before pleasure.

I caressed him once we were done to remind him that I was not angry—I did it to help him to improve and to minimize the length of his training period. He bathed me and, yes, I did wear my "hat." Once we were in my bed I eagerly released his cock. Laughing as I did, I pushed Henry back holding his cock and balls, asking, "Who owns these?" "Y…you do." "Damn right, and don't ever forget it." Then I took it completely into my mouth.

Henry's whole body shuddered from the sensations I was giving him. I wasn't going to finish him this way. I wanted him to blow in my cunt. He didn't have to warm me up; I was already running juice. I teased him for a few minutes before rising and moving forward. "I think I'd like to have you on top tonight. Give me a good fucking, slave. Drive into me with everything you have. Once you've cleaned me and given me another orgasm we're going to sleep.

We have classes and, unlike the past, you're never going to cut again.

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Now, fuck me." I was on my back with my legs spread wide. Henry climbed between them and carefully rubbed his cock into my slit. He was deep inside me in two thrusts.

I wondered if he would remember what I had said about carte blanche, but he obviously did, sucking and biting my nipples for several minutes. I couldn't believe how long Henry was actually fucking me.

My pussy felt as though it was on fire and my breathing became rapid and shallow. Oh God—I was going to cum! I did when he reached between us to pinch and twist my clit. A second later he came, hot cum erupting from his cock and filling my tunnel before his arms failed and he fell onto my chest. I held him there telling him how much I loved him until he was able to rise and walk to the bathroom.

He returned a few minutes later, his cock sparkling clean. He placed his cock and balls back into the cock cage and held it while I locked it away again then he climbed next to me, lifted me bodily and cleaned my cunt until it sparkled.

On the way I "suffered" two more incredible orgasms. I was almost asleep when Henry left the bed to make his on the floor.

It had been a wonderful day. CHAPTER 6 I dropped Henry off near his first class at 7:50 Monday morning. He had three classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. In the past he would waste the time before lunch, but no longer. I had given him a full day's worth of assignments, including specific times for him to study in the library before joining me for lunch. He also had instructions to get assignments for Wednesday's classes which we would, unfortunately, miss so we could drive the four-plus hours to my home.

I actually planned six hours for the trip knowing how bad traffic could be around New York City before and after holidays.

Henry and I had an interesting discussion in the car. "You will follow your schedule to the letter. You will be punished if you don't. How will I learn of your failure?" "I don't know." "Simple…you will tell me. If you don't and I somehow learn of it the punishment will be three times as bad.

Do you understand?" "Yes, I'm sorry you have to go through this for me." "I'm not; I'm doing this because I love you and because you need it. You're going to be fine. We're going to be even better. Now, go out there and kick some ass." I stopped the car and leaned across the console to kiss my lover--my slave--then I parked, took my bike off the rack, loaded my backpack, and rode off to class on my first full day of classes as a mistress.

I finished my work early so I headed for the library to check up on Henry. I felt proud when I saw him exactly where instructed. He was startled when I kissed his head and slid into the adjacent seat. We spoke quietly for several minutes as he explained how his morning had gone. He was surprisingly upbeat and showed me the slip of paper, my written instructions neatly in line after line--each one extending my control over my slave from the second he awoke until the second I allowed him to sleep.

Everything for the day was on that scrap—wake up, drink my urine, shower and dry me, fried egg sandwiches with bacon for breakfast, 7:30-7:40-clean up the dishes and griddle, attend class, walk to the next.

On and on the list went covering ever single second of Henry's life. Henry had checked each completed task as it was done. On one line I saw a correction; he'd arrived at the library a minute late. Why? Okay, professor kept the class late to finish a point. Tomorrow there would be another list. There'd be one for every day of his life.

I debated whether to save them. I kept Henry busy for two reasons—to improve his study habits and to increase his submission to me. The completion of every task drove him deeper and deeper into submission. With each his will disintegrated just a little bit more until it was supplanted by mine.

Already he had improved so much that I was able to piss into his mouth anywhere in the apartment without spilling a drop. The two days of classes passed in a whirlwind.

Tuesday evening I set aside the clothes Henry would pack for both of us. I really was appalled at Henry's clothes. They were mostly worn and threadbare and, based on his conversation with his mother I doubted that she'd be interested in improving it. I had taken control—it would be just another responsibility. We were up early and out the door by eight. Traveling through rural Pennsylvania was a breeze—mostly back roads until we pulled onto I-80 eastbound.

I drove for almost ninety minutes before pulling off for a pit stop. I chuckled at the thought of Henry having to sit to take a leak. His cock cage was in place and would be for a month--at least--until his training was completed.

He'd made excellent progress, but I hadn't pushed him at all yet. I'd hold back a bit until after Christmas when we'd have two full weeks together with no academic interruptions. I knew there would be a big bottleneck when we reached the George Washington Bridge. There was always a ton of traffic there even though there were two levels—six lanes—between New Jersey and New York.

We had to get through the city well before rush hour, thus the need for the early start. Traffic slowed to a crawl about a mile before the bridge. We hit it at 11:00 and were across into the Bronx by 11:30.

Henry had driven through most of New Jersey, but I was driving now. I doubted that he had much experience in the heavy traffic New York City presented. The Cross Bronx Expressway could be a bear, but today traffic was only moderate, even as we approached the Throgs Neck Bridge. I hit the ramp from the Northern Parkway to Great Neck a few minutes before 1:00 and we were in the driveway twenty-five minutes later. Henry had the suitcase as I rang the bell.

Define rich. Is a person rich if they have a million dollars? Ten million? Fifty? Do you have to have servants to be considered rich?

I didn't know the answer to that one either. I did know that our house was worth more than a million and that my dad earned more than two million dollars each and every year defending criminals from their stupidity.

I thought that made us rich even though we didn't have a butler or a maid. Mom had a company in every week to clean the house and another to do the yard. I introduced Henry when my mother answered the door. I led Henry to my room and was pleased to see an extra pillow, blanket, and sheet on the chair. I showed Henry where to put the clothes and went to speak with my mother.

"Where's Henry?" "Upstairs in my room, putting the clothes away; I'll need to check to see if anything needs ironing.


He's good at that…much better than I am." Mom gave me a look that was pretty much what I had expected. I had decided while Henry was driving to be honest with my parents and sister.

They had a right to know about our relationship. I knew they wouldn't expose us to outsiders. Henry came down ten minutes later so I told him to find a rake in the garage and put a dent in the back lawn. He turned without comment and went to follow my orders. "My God, Nancy…you treat him like a servant." "Mom, I had a choice of explanations about Henry and me, but I decided the truth was best.

I know you'll respect our confidentiality. In a single sentence—Henry is my slave." The expression on her face was something I'd never seen before.

Sitting at the table with her I carefully explained everything from the campus tour through today. "Make no mistake, Mom. I love Henry with all my heart and we'll be together forever if I have anything to say about it, but I'm doing this primarily for him. He is a natural submissive. He wants and needs to be controlled.

He's a very smart person, but his grades stink. He's been drowning all semester, but over the past week I've turned that around by controlling him every second of the day. That chain he wears—that's his slave collar. It's there to remind him of my dominance and control. There are other things, but they're personal in nature so I'm not going to describe them. "Henry's father died more than ten years ago and he has lived with his mother and her parents since.

His grandfather isn't really in the picture so the women have raised him. He says they're both really strict with him and I think they've thrown him away. His mother didn't want him to come home for the weekend even though they live less than an hour away. I'll go into more detail once Daddy is home so I only have to do it once." I kissed my mother's cheek and walked outside to check up on Henry.

I found him busily at work raking leaves under Daddy's favorite oak tree. "You can stop now, Henry. I only wanted to speak to my mother in privacy, but now I think I need to speak with you. I've decided that we need to be honest with my parents. I don't like lying and living with lies is impossible.

There are too many stories to keep track of. I plan to speak with them after dinner. You don't have to be present." "I did a lot of thinking before giving myself to you, Nancy. I realized then that our relationship is nothing to be ashamed of. I need help and you're giving it to me. I'm in love with you and you're in love with me. How we're going about it might be a little unusual, but so what?" "Come here, slave. I have something you need badly right now." Henry had that delightful confused look on his face when I grabbed his head and mashed my plump lips into his.

We kissed for several minutes and my hand automatically went to his crotch.

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All I could feel were the stainless steel bars that encircled his beautiful organ. "This," I whispered in his ear, "will have to wait until later." He was in my arms a second later for yet another kiss. My sister Lisa, a high school junior, walked in just after 3:00. She ran to me and jumped up to give me a hug. Then she backed off and noticed Henry. "Oooohhh, he's cute, Nance. Aren't you going to introduce me?" "Of course—this is my boyfriend, Henry.

Henry—my sister Lisa." "H…Uh, hi." Damn, Henry could be so cute. "Mmmmm, I love the strong silent type." "That's nice. Just remember that he's MY strong silent type. You're welcome to look, but don't you dare touch. That reminds me, Henry—I need to show you something in my room." I pulled him away and up the stairs.

Once there I closed and locked the door. "Drop 'em, Henry. I have a feeling Lisa is going to do some 'accidental rubbing' of you and I don't want you to be embarrassed. Remember…I promised I'd never embarrass you." I removed the wrench and the gold chain from around my neck and freed Henry's cock. I wasn't at all surprised when it expanded and hardened.

I smiled, kissed Henry's lips briefly then bent down and kissed my favorite cock in all the world. A few minutes later Henry followed me back down to the living room. I sat in a chair; Henry sat at my feet. Daddy came home from work at five—early for him and I handled the introductions.

I asked if we could meet together for a few minutes after dinner. I was so pleased when Henry handled the bulk of the clean-up. He sat again at my feet as I began my speech. "I first met Henry at the Freshman Mixer after spending more than an hour looking for him. You see, we were in the same campus tour and I could see how shy and quiet he was. After the dance I thought that he might be submissive." "What's that, Nance?" "Essentially, Lisa, submissive people get their satisfaction—sexual and otherwise—by serving others.

Henry and I dated for several months and I was convinced more than ever that what Henry wanted and needed was my control. I must tell you, controlling Henry was something I wanted, too, but as much as I wanted it I couldn't force him into a relationship that he didn't want.

"I told him that our relationship was at a crossroads—break up or become my slave." I could hear my mother and sister gasp. "I made him go home and think about what he wanted. That was last Friday night. He showed up at my door Saturday afternoon after the football game. He agreed to love and obey me and to be my property. In return I promised to love and care for him forever." "Uh…Nance, what are you going to do when you graduate?" "By then we'll be married." I leaned forward to kiss Henry while my family sat open-mouthed.

"I could have lied to you, but I think you know how I feel about honesty and integrity. Since I'm Henry's mistress I'm responsible for his welfare.

That's especially important because it appears that his mother has thrown him away. Once you get to know Henry you'll understand that he would never do anything to justify anything close to that. "Pumpkin, I'm sure you're kidding about that slave stuff." "No, Daddy, I'm not. Since he agreed I've controlled everything about Henry—from the instant he wakes up to the instant he goes to bed.

I'm training him now so he sleeps on the floor at the foot of my bed, but I'm looking forward to the day he shares it with me. "Daddy, Henry is a very smart person, but his grades this semester are going to be poor. He needs me to help him, but he needs more than help. He needs and he wants my strength to control him." Then I was surprised to hear Henry speak.

"Everything Nancy has said is true. I have agreed to be her slave…to obey her in everything and she is right. I do need the structure she gives me. It's a lot of work for me, but it's also a lot of work and a lot of responsibility for her. Already I can feel my improvement in class. I used to cut my early morning classes and waste time. Here…I saved the schedule she made for me yesterday." He handed it to my mom. "Well, I see here you scheduled thirty minutes to make love." "Of course—there's a lot of stress in being in charge.

We are living together, but we never once made love before Henry committed to me." "That's true, Mrs. Rizzo. For one thing I have no idea how I'd ever ask for something that intimate. I'm glad it's Nancy's job." "Daddy, I brought this up because I'm going to need some things for Henry. His family is not wealthy and now that his mother has shown no interest in him I need to provide for him." "What do you need?" "First, he needs a laptop.

He has a desktop, but it's old and slow besides, you can't use it in the library or in class. I think I can get one for about $400. He also needs a cell phone so I can keep track of him.

He doesn't have one now. Also, he can use a bike. Living off campus is great. I use my bike on campus all the time. I figure about $400 for the bike and another hundred for the helmet, vest, and lock. Finally, he needs a major upgrade wardrobe-wise. He doesn't have a sports jacket or decent slacks or even a decent dress shirt and you're looking at his only footwear." His sneakers were worn and dirty. "Don't think that he did this for money. I've never mentioned any of this to him—not a single word.

He knows that I have some money because of my car and apartment, but there are plenty of students who have as much as or more than I have and keep in mind that I was the aggressor in our relationship, not Henry. He's like a lost puppy most of the time." I could see Henry steel himself to comment, but I wanted him silent. "Not a word, Henry. I want you to sit there and look lovable, but be quiet until I say you may speak." I thought that my family expected a reaction from Henry, but I knew he would be completely mute until he had permission.

"For someone who's not completely trained he seems to be very manageable, Nance." "He's a natural submissive. He wants to be bossed around and told what to do. It's part of his make-up. Understand, though that there's nothing wrong with being submissive. I'll bet that you know some kids from school—boys and girls both—who are submissive, but it's never become an issue.

His training will deal with other matters." "Like what?" "Geez, Lisa—I never knew you were so nosy. Henry will handle all the chores like cleaning, cooking, and laundry.

He also bathes me and washes my hair and blows it dry. In time he'll also give me manicures and pedicures and shave my armpits and legs." "Damn! I gotta get myself someone like Henry. You really are lucky, Nance." "Yes, Lisa…I really am, but not just for that. Henry and I fit like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

What would have happened if I had been assigned to a different campus tour? And suppose that I couldn't find Henry at the mixer. Penn State is a big place. I could have spent years without ever seeing him again.

I really believe that God brought us together. Henry is also Catholic. We went to Mass last week and we will every single week. Get used to having Henry here with me." "What are you studying, Henry?" He sat there silently even though he had been addressed directly until I realized that I had withheld his permission to speak. "You may answer, Henry." "Thank you, Nancy; I didn't want anyone to think I was being rude. I'm studying Elementary Education.

I want to be a teacher and I enjoy working with young children. I did a lot of tutoring when I was in high school and I loved it. I told Nancy that many kids have no male figure in their lives. Maybe I can make a difference for them." "I think you'll make a great teacher. You communicate well and you must have a lot of patience if you can deal with Nancy every day." "Daddy!" I sounded indignant, but I knew he was only teasing me.

"I'll put $2,000 into your account so you can access it with your debit card. I'm sure we have an extra phone around the office and don't forget that Christmas is just around the corner. You know how much your mother loves to shop." I jumped up and ran to hug my father. "Thank you, Daddy—you're the best." I hugged him and then Mom and Lisa before returning to Henry. I didn't leave him out, giving him the best hug and the best kiss.

He was red-faced when I broke it. I solved that problem by whispering, "I love you, Henry," just loud enough for everyone to hear. I led Henry to bed, but first I had him wash me in the shower. The bathroom is between my bedroom and Lisa's so I was very careful to lock both the door to her room and the door to the hallway.

Then on impulse I also locked the door to my bedroom. Good thing I did because I heard her try each of the doors. At the time Henry was carefully washing my cunt while I was washing his throat with my tongue. When I broke the kiss I whispered in his ear and he knelt to seal my cunt with his lips.

I pissed away the Cokes I'd consumed after dinner. Henry dried me then himself and I led him to my room. "Lie down on the bed," I whispered as I ran back quickly to unlock Lisa's and the hallway doors and to throw the latch on mine. If I didn't want her to see us in the shower I definitely didn't want her to catch my fucking my slave lover.

When I returned to Henry I told him to move the bed away from the wall. The bed frame and headboard were old and were known to move if I jumped on the bed. Why advertise what we were doing by banging the headboard against the wall. I was sure my parents and sister knew we were going to make love, but I wasn't going to make a farce of it by advertising.

This was part of my promise not to ever embarrass or humiliate my Henry. Once Henry was back in place I knelt where I could lick him. "Don't you want me to do you, Nancy?"   I chuckled before whispering back, "If I was any wetter I'd be swimming, but thank you for your concern and for your love." I emphasized my point by dipping my fingers into myself and holding them up to Henry's mouth.

He was still sucking them when I slowly slipped down his hard thick rod. I had begun a slow rhythm when I pulled my fingers from his mouth. "I can't kiss you with my fingers in there, can I?" "Sometimes I think you can do anything, Nancy." "Thank you, my love. You always do make me feel like a goddess, but I'm only human…just like you." "No…you're my opposite, remember?" "I do…and thank God I am." I pressed my lips to his as he rubbed and twisted my nipples, knowing exactly how much I loved that.

By now my hips were driving like crazy and my clit was driving me wild with lust. It was a good thing that Henry had moved the bed because it was really rocking now. When Henry moved one hand from my nipple to my clit I shook up and down, back and forth as I squirted for the first time in my life.

I was still shaking almost thirty seconds later when Henry erupted into me. My cunt was leaking---a stream of semen running down my thigh—when I rose and turned around. "Just clean me, Henry…I don't think I could stand another right now." He wiped his strong tongue across each thigh, removing my ejaculate from my skin before sucking all that icky cum from my cunt.

He was almost done when I surprised him by taking his limp cock into my mouth, cleaning him, as well. I was unconscious a second later. I "asked" Henry to make the breakfast the following morning—Thanksgiving Day—and he naturally agreed. Henry had turned out to be an excellent cook. He'd cooked breakfast every weekend that he'd stayed over and several dinners, as well. Additionally, he'd cooked every meal since becoming my slave and I hadn't eaten as well in ages.

Truth be told, my mother wasn't so great either. Henry was cleaning up the mess when Lisa asked to speak with me. It was a clear and unseasonably warm day so we went outside to the patio where we could sit in the sun and relax.

"Nance, I did a little research last night." "Okay." "I never realized there was so much information on submissive men online.

One of the things I found interesting was that many submissive men have very small penises." "Many, maybe…but not all; I find Henry quite satisfying. You'll just have to take my word for it." "Maybe I'll just find out for myself." "Just what do you think you'll do? Rub up against him…accidentally, of course? If you make a scene in front of our relatives I'll never forgive you." "No, I'll be sneakier than that, but I promise you I will find out." "You won't just take my word for it?" "Not a chance…no fucking way!" Henry was obviously done because he came out to join us, wiping his hands on a damp towel.

He was just about to speak, but I stopped him. "We may have a bit of a problem, Henry. It seems that Lisa has learned that many submissive men have a small penis." Henry's hands flew to his mouth and he hung his head. He looked about to cry when he spoke, "It's true! I've been fooling you all this time with a lifelike dildo I had glued to my body. Oh, I'm so ashamed!" I couldn't help myself.

I laughed so hard I almost fell out of the chair. "You big goof! You know very well there's no glue on earth could keep that thing glued to your body—not the way I move it around." "Oops." I shook my head and leaned forward for a kiss. "I hate to say this, but I think Lisa is just going to pester you until she finds out on her own. Lisa, would you please excuse us? I need to speak with Henry privately for a moment." She got up and walked back into the house. "You don't know her, Henry.

She's very persistent and I'm afraid she'll embarrass you in front of our guests. We always have two aunts and uncles and their children join us. I have an idea, but I won't make you do it if you don't want to. Would you be willing to let her see it? I hate the idea, but it's all I can think of. I'll get her to agree to tonight after everyone has gone home." "I stopped making decisions on Saturday afternoon, Nancy.

You know I'll do anything you want." I took a deep breath before replying. "You are the best. I don't deserve you." "I know, but I love you anyway. I have to go back inside. I promised your mom I'd help her out; seems her two daughters are useless in the kitchen." "You are such a goof. Come here and give me a kiss then I'll go inside and deal with my bitch sister." "Don't blame her, Nancy.

She's curious and what we have is new to her. In time she'll be fine." "You're so smart. You have class work to do, don't you? We'll take today off, but tomorrow it will be back to work for both of us." I leaned forward to kiss Henry again and we returned to the house.

I saw Lisa and told her what I'd do, thankful that she agreed. I had just left her when my dad called me into his office, asking me to close the door. "Your mom and I had a long chat last night. Of course, we want you to be happy and you seem to be, but we're worried about Henry." I was sure my face asked the question without actually asking it.

"We're sure he will do whatever you tell him to do, but people in a normal relationship don't act the way you do—ordering him around like he's a servant. You'll get a lot of criticism from your relatives if you do and what will happen when you're at work? You can get the same result by being polite—saying 'please'—like most people would do." I felt like such a fool.

"Thank you, Daddy. I promised Henry that I would never embarrass or humiliate him and I never would deliberately, but this could destroy us and the best thing that's ever happened to me." I reached down to hug him, realizing how lucky I was to have such a caring dad. My aunts and uncles arrived around one, eager to drink my parents' wine and scotch and taking in one of the many football games while their kids ran wild in the back yard.

They didn't seem to be surprised that Henry was there so I had to assume they'd been tipped off by my mother. Dinner was great and, thanks to Henry, it was served on time for once. Henry may have been kidding around, but he was right—Lisa and I were pretty much useless in the kitchen. My relatives left around 9:00 and I told Henry I was tired and wanted to go to bed.

Henry's no fool so he offered to go with me. I led him into the shower five minutes later, but this time I left the door to Lisa's room ajar. Henry had just taken my urine and risen to wash me when Lisa tiptoed into the room. "Continue, Henry; ignore her until we're ready to get out." I kissed him as he spread his frothy hands across my breasts, over my shoulders and down my back.

I heard Lisa giggle when he ran his hands up and down my butt crack, but when he knelt to shave my cunt she actually gasped. The shower has a glass door, but it's translucent—you can only see a rough outline of the person inside. I moved Henry under the spray and washed him. It was a departure from our routine, but he'd been so great all day and especially with my young cousins, that he deserved a reward.

Yes…I finished by shaving him. Lisa was sitting on the commode fully dressed when we stepped out so Henry could dry me.

I had just removed what Henry still, but jokingly, referred to as my "hat" when she first got a good look at Henry's equipment. Henry always became hard when he saw me naked so now you know that he was hard at least several times each and every day. His cock was standing proud when he turned around to dry my legs. "Oh my God; that thing is beautiful. You are so lucky, Nance—and I see that both of you are shaved. That is so neat. Can I ask how often you do it?

I don't think I'd ever let him out of bed if he was mine." "I shaved Henry some time ago because I don't like hair in my mouth. He shaved me because fair is fair. He may be my slave, but that doesn't mean that I treat him like shit. I'm in love with him. How often we do it is none of your business, but let me say that I almost always have a big smile on my face either from this or from Henry's incredible tongue." "You mean…?" "We've been together for more than three months, but we only started to make love last Saturday.

What does that tell you?" "Knowing you, you were probably jerking him off. I know you hate women who tease men so I have to assume he was also taking care of you." "Yes…sometimes for an hour or more." "Fuck, Nance! Now I really am jealous.

All the guys I know want me to blow them, but ask them to reciprocate and they're out the door in a second." "You heard me say that Henry was shy. He had absolutely no experience with girls so I taught him. I taught him to do what I love the way I love it. I've had three or more orgasms most days, at least and sometimes even more. What's the most you ever gave me at one time, Darling?" "I think either five or six. I lose track easily. You know how much I love doing it to you. I probably have the strongest tongue in Pennsylvania." I couldn't help myself—I broke out into hysterical laughter.

I was crying when I explained, "Back when we first got together and I knew I would train you to eat me that's exactly what I was thinking…exactly what I was praying for." "Nance, do you think I could just touch it? I promise I won't do anything else." I looked at Henry, but he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Okay, but only for ten seconds. We have important work to do." "Nance, you are the best sister ever!" Then she tried unsuccessfully to wrap her hand around the shaft.

She slowly stroked Henry then looked up at him. "Henry, I want a promise from you. If my sister is ever stupid enough to dump you, I want you. I'll take you in a heartbeat." I had to laugh again. "Don't hold your breath, Lisa.

That is never going to happen…and your time is up. The next things on that cock will be my lips. C'mon Henry, time for fun." Lisa returned to her room, but she had a huge smile on her face.

Henry had obviously measured up. Once the bed had been pulled away from the wall I thought I would try something new. Okay, doggie style isn't really new, but it would be for us. I climbed onto the bed, head down and ass wiggling in the air. Henry, always the goof, whispered, "Exactly where did you want this?" "What ever happened to that nice shy slave of mine? Just let me say there will be one hell of a paddling if it goes into the wrong place. I'm still the boss here, you know!" Henry leaned forward to kiss my butt cheeks.

"I'll always know that, my mistress. I apologize for my audacity. I'm kind of excited by what you did with Lisa. I never expected anything like that.

Now, if you will permit, I will do my very best for you, as always." He kissed me again, this time actually licking my asshole. A tingle raced through my body. I knew he was ready when his big hand ran up and down my labia, leaving his hand covered with my juices. A second later he was lined up with my tunnel and I felt the exquisite stretching of my cunt. As much as I loved fucking Henry it was this initial stretching of my tissues that got me every time. I always wondered if I'd be able to handle him even though I had successfully almost a dozen times already.


It was this stretching that created the friction that I found so exciting and so fulfilling. Speaking of "filling," I had never felt as full as I did now. The slight curve of Henry's dick pushed his tip into my cervix with every thrust and the sensitive underside was forced into my G-spot with unbelievable force.

He was driving me fucking crazy with lust. I came the first time after only a few minutes yet Henry kept pounding my cunt like there was no tomorrow. Was this the same guy I wanted to give orgasm control training? Oh fuck, here it comes again. I had just finished shaking like a rag doll in a hurricane when I pleaded with Henry, "Please cum, Henry. You're killing me. I don't think I could take a…oh, shit, I'm cumming again." I was ready to collapse when Henry finally filled me with his hot creamy semen.

No sooner had he finished than he sealed his lips against me to lick his load from my depths. I was semi-comatose when he finally lifted me and placed me under the blanket. He kissed my cheek and was about to make his bed on the floor when I stopped him.

"No!" I raised my arm, inviting him to join me and snuggling up to his body, my head on his shoulder and my cunt pressed tightly into his thigh. He felt so good as I fell immediately into the soundest sleep I'd ever known. Henry was awake when I woke up Friday morning. "Dear God, what did you do to me last night? I came three times. After the third I couldn't even support my body.

My arms were like rubber." "I don't know. For some reason I was able to hold myself back from cumming and then, when I did, it felt like my entire insides were coming out through my cock. It felt like my body was exploding." "Then I assume you'll do that again whenever I want it." Henry laughed. "You already know I'll do whatever you want.

Dung bat em thu zam nhu vay

You are the mistress, right? I'm still the slave and I always will be." "You know I have a real weakness for slaves, don't you?" I kissed him gently then rose over his body. He dutifully opened his mouth to take my morning gift. Then he gave me his morning gift, licking and sucking me until I once again fell onto his body. I kissed him then, forcing my tongue into his dirty mouth. "I love you so much, Henry.

Now I think we need another shower and once we're cleaned up you can make breakfast." And that's exactly what we did—pancakes and bacon with fresh-squeezed orange juice.

I thought my mother was going to have serious regrets when we returned to school. Henry and I spent the entire morning studying and doing the work for the classes we'd missed Wednesday morning. Periodically, Henry would lose his focus.


Those were the times that I paused to give him long deep kisses. My mom and dad only smiled, but I could see Lisa's eyes turn green with envy. I had a strong feeling she was going hunting as soon as she was back in school. She had always dated A-list guys, jocks, or ultra-rich and good-looking boys. Physically she could have been my twin except that she was two inches shorter. I had shown her the alternative could be very rewarding.

We studied most of Friday afternoon until 4:30 and I put our materials away while Henry helped Mom get the dinner ready. He sliced the rest of the turkey, placing the pieces of white meat on the platter alongside one of the drumsticks and a sliced thigh. Henry had told me that he loved the dark meat. We hardly ever ate it in our house, but I could see the appeal.

The meat was much moister than the breast, although we always solved that with lots of gravy. That night I asked Henry what he wanted to do. He responded by asking if I'd ever gone bowling? I hadn't, but why not? Henry deserved a treat for all he'd done with my family. Reluctantly, I asked Lisa if she'd like to join us; she met us there with a date.

Like most of hers, he was a jock—an end on the football team and a sprinter for track. We had a little bet—losers buy sundaes at Friendly's. I expected to buy, but Henry surprised all of us.

He averaged 217 over the three games we bowled. I asked him about it when we were in the car. "I thought your mother never allowed you to do anything." "She didn't, but she went out either to a bar or on a date almost every Friday and Saturday night and my grandparents were usually drunk by noon so I was able to sneak out. She'd never go near the bowling alley so that's where I went. I could bowl all night with the money I 'borrowed' from Gramps' wallet.

I figured he deserved it for ignoring me all those years." "I can't believe it—my shy little slave a thief." "I am shy…usually, but I have emotions like everyone else and I grew to hate my mother and my grandparents for the way they treated me." I stopped at a light and pulled Henry to me for a kiss that was just long enough to cause the driver behind me to beep his horn.

Lisa and Martin were already there so we joined them at a table. I laughed when Henry ordered a Jim Dandy—a huge sundae. That was okay; when Lisa used her debit card that meant Daddy was paying. When Lisa asked Henry about the big sundae he dead-panned a reply, "I need to keep my strength up." Lisa and I laughed so hard we actually cried. Lisa told her date that she'd explain later.

We studied most of Saturday and left after Mass and brunch at a nice restaurant Sunday morning. I drove through New York and allowed Henry to take over once we were in New Jersey.

I took over again once we were in Pennsylvania. Driving west on I-80 I detoured onto I-81 south and turned off toward Shamokin."You'll have to direct me from here, Henry. I want to stop off at your mother's house. Is there anything you want there? If so, get it while I speak to your mother." "No, Nancy—everything and the only thing I want is in this car." "Thank you, Henry—that was sweet, but it's just what I would expect from you.

I suggest you stay in the car. I won't be long." I wasn't. I spoke to his mother at the door. "You don't know me Mrs. Fuller, but I plan on being a part of your family soon…right after I marry Henry. I just wanted to thank you for throwing him away.

It made my work so much easier. I doubt you'll ever see either of us again so if you have anything to say to Henry I'll be happy to pass it along." She stepped back and closed the door. I felt so sorry for Henry, but now he'd have a new family—mine. They loved him—his kind quiet nature was really endearing.