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Amateur Nice Blow And Dildo
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It's been less than a month since my son, Alan, came home from college for the holidays. I had to admit that my little boy isn't so little any more. He had grown up into a responsible young man. Dressing nicely whenever he goes out. Taking care of his body with good food and exercise. Anything a good mom would love to see their lovely, growing offspring to become.

I could never be more proud of him. The funny thing was though, he had still yet to get a girlfriend.


As for 40 year old me, I've been living alone since the divorce years ago, working my job at the department store full time, getting along with the neighbors and the rest of the family. There were a few dramas here and there, but there was not much to talk or reminisce about.

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Living with him again has been quiet delightful. "Alan, honey! It's time for dinner!" "Sure thing, mom! Just give me a sec!" I was preparing tonight's evening meal.

My special spaghetti recipe that he always loved. I had thought that it was a fairly good idea to reward him for his hard work. Sooner or later, he would be out looking for work after he graduates.

I was happy.

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On Cloud 9. There was not a lot on my mind that would distract me from having a lovely night with my son. No less that a few minutes later, he appeared, dressed in a white tight fitting single and shorts, smiling his million dollar smile. A strapping young man with pecs of steel and broad shoulders.

Six foot tall. Short, neatly kept brown hair. Dashing brown eyes. So very handsome. He briskly passed by me, but not before reaching out to given my nipple a tweak. There was something I had not mentioned.

I was completely naked, my entire body exposed for Alan to see. I used to wear at least some clothes while I was around the house like a proper grown woman, but after that strange thing that my son did to me when he came home, I just did not want to dress myself while I'm in the house.

I didn't even mind if he sees or touched me at all.


He had already done more. I settled down in the opposite chair to eat. My body still had a lot of vigor from my youth.


My skin was smooth and clean. I was 5'7", not too much fat on my body because of my exercise regime. The only place where there was a lot of fat was my E cupped boobs. I was a blonde, blue eyed and I kept my medium length hair in a bun. Every now and then, I let my hair down when I'm not doing anything that could damage it.

"Ah! Spaghetti! My favourite! You the bomb, mom." He immediately started to dig in. We had dinner like a normal family would have.

We chatted about each other's day.

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It was the weekend, so the both of us did things that went with our weekend routine, like clean the house, going out and just generally relaxing through the day. After we finished and did the dishes, Alan casually turned to me. "Hey, mom. Do you have any dessert?" "You don't have to ask, Alan. I have it right in the fridge. Don't you worry!" We had ice cream in the living room, or more like he did. I didn't have a bowl, so we chatted some more, shooting the breeze.

I was half laying on the couch with both legs tucked across from me, my giant tits resting on the arm rest. He was in the armchair next to me, enjoying his ice cream.

After he was finished, he sets the bowl aside on the table next to him and smacks his lips. "Home made ice cream. Always the best." "Glad you like it, Alan.

You used to eat that even when you were a kid." "In any case, mom, I think it's time for yours." He shifted in the chair while I grinned and cooed at him.

My body started to heat up, and juices started to seep out of my exposed pussy, staining the couch. I watched his hands reach for his shorts to pull them straight down along with his underwear. His rod sprang upward and throbbed.

As soon as I saw it, I could not suppress my lips from automatically parting. Something inside my head switched on, and all I could think about was sliding it into my mouth.

My son had the most beautiful cock. 10 inches of rock hard meat, shaped and as strong as he looked, and the more I looked at it, the more it seemed to be inviting my face towards it. I could not stop myself from getting off the couch to kneel before him.

He spreads his legs open for me to get closer, all the while looking at me with that million dollar smile while my right hand wrapped around the bottom of his shaft to stroke him, coaxing the juice to seep out the head. I gave it a long lick with my tongue, tasting the sweet precum eagerly. "Mmm, delicious." I found myself purring. There was no other taste on Earth. I had tasted many dicks in my youth, including Alan's father's, but his seemed to be the best one.

Just the right texture and tinge. The right length and shape. I did not even know why I thought like that. In fact, I couldn't think. All I wanted to do was to get this taste all over the inside of my mouth, and before I knew it, I had sucked the entire length in. I mumbled a moan all the way down, feeling it stretch my lips and lashing it with my tongue.

Having done this so many times, my throat had taken the shape of my son's rod, and it now slipped smoothly as I jacked out to the head.

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My excitement amplified as I tasted more of him, and I started a steady rhythm, enjoying this man meat that I loved so much. There I was, sucking my son's dick feverishly with abandon. It was the naughtiest and most forbidden thing I thought I could do, but somehow, I didn't care.

I did not even feel bad, shameful or guilty. All I wanted was to suck this beautiful rod and wait for the tasty prize that I was working it towards. All this while, my free hand was stroking my enflamed clit, my juices flowing like a waterfall onto the floor.

"That's it, Mary." I heard him groan, "Suck it hard. You know you want that spunk. Suck it!" I briefly popped it out, jacking it roughly with my hand while licking my lips intensely, "Yeah, baby. Give mommy your hot delicious sperm!" My head slammed down into his crotch as I started to deepthroat him. I seemed like such a desperate and horny little MILF then, thirsting for my son's cum. I was not even watching him shiver uncontrollably and gripping onto the armchair rests, head rolled back and gradually arcing.

My fingers on my clit were stroking fast as I felt the heat begin to boil over. He reached his peak quickly, and there was a sudden burst of heat in my mouth. It was shooting out in long, thick and creamy strings, and tasted as sweet as his precum.

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Recognizing what it was immediately, I muffled a pitched moan in delight as I caved, my pussy convulsing hard from an earth shattering orgasm, continuing to lock my lips and jerking his cock with them. More and more of his load spewed and pooled inside me as I did this, and I kept coaxing it, draining it out of the shooting head, lashing it with my tongue until it stopped. After which, I slowly pulled out, popping myself off the head, and proceeded to slosh the collection of cum in my mouth, tasting the sweetness like some thick, erotic soup.

Then, with a swift gulp down, I swallowed his entire load, gasping happily after. I looked up at my son to see him grinning and panting. I gave him a naughty smile, "Your mother's such a whore for your cum desserts, hey?" "Hell, yes. She is." He chuckled.

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I spend the next few minutes cleaning him, suckling and lapping at his spent pecker, my index finger giving my pussy a slow wind down massage. Afterwards, he helped me clean up the mess we made before going about our late evening routines as normal.

All the while, whenever I thought about my son's cock, I could not stop getting so excited. I had never thought that giving Alan head and swallowing his cum to be this exciting.

Maybe it was my age, and my broken set of common sense. It was almost unnatural, as if something had taken over me. Nonetheless, I relished in it, and I went to bed with a happy smile, fantasizing about tasting it again and touching myself to sleep.