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Sweet latina girl hard fucked in office
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Rewards are Great - sometimes! BY; Blue Heat 2011 It all started with a simple motorist assist while on routine patrol for the Sheriff's department.

As an 11 year veteran of the sheriff's department, I have learned to expect the unexpected, danger can lurk around every hill or bend in the road just waiting to rear it's ugly head.

As being dubbed "The shit magnet" by my fellow officers, very odd things just seem to happen while I am on patrol. I had many situations arise from "routine" patrol that most of my fellow co-workers have never been faced with. Very intense situations unfold like I had a couple years back while on "routine" patrol on a very similar night.

While on these same twisting roads I came across a vehicle parked in a field driveway with the lights extinguished.

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I could see from the car's exhaust that it was running but did not see anyone inside as my headlights passed thru the windows, I immediately killed my headlights and radioed dispatch with my location and plate number of the vehicle. As I exited my squad, I saw a glimpse of movement from the corner of my eye, as I turned my body quickly to get a better view of what I saw, I was tackled to the ground by someone, their momentum was such and my natural instinct was to twist and was able to push them over and I rolled on top of them, I was able to retrieve my weapon from it's holster and put it directly in their face, I ordered him to roll onto his face and immediately hand-cuffed them.

I found it to be a male and appeared to be in his 40's, very scruffy looking, and had a very pungent odor to him. At the same time of doing a pat-down, radioing dispatch for back-up, and looking around for some other asshole to come out of the woodwork.

While searching this suspect, I found a loaded and cocked .40 cal automatic in his pocket. After securing this individual in the squad, I then shinned my flashlight into the back of the suspects car, I saw what appeared to be a large rolling-meth lab.

At this same time I could hear a dull thud noise and a muffled noise from the trunk of the car. I grabbed the keys from the ignition and noticed the same pungent odor that was on the suspect, it made my eyes burn and tear-up.

With my weapon drawn, opened the trunk and was more than shocked to see what appeared to be a teen-age female that was bounded, gagged, and stuffed in the very messy trunk. I had learned later that she had been kidnapped a couple days ago from a neighboring state, and that the suspect was wanted for kidnap, sexual assault, and armed robbery. This was the kind of situation that have happened to me many times that earned me my nickname by my peers.

As my work continues on this shift, it was a crisp, middle of the fall night with brighter than usual stars and a surfacey moon glow that lite up the ground.Patrolling the county roads that wind around, up, and through the county, I attempt to contain my focus on driving and being alert for critters that like to wander onto the roads without warning.

The police radio was rather quiet for this time of night, almost with an anticipated explosion of incidents.

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As I continued on my unplanned route, there appeared to be a luminous glow on the trees just over a small incline a few hundred feet ahead, thinking in the back of my mind that this was a very poor spot to stop your vehicle and my heightened sense started to kick in. After cresting the incline, there sat a smaller white vehicle, partially pulled off the road, but still in a very hazardous area.

The car was a newer, sporty BMW that I had never seen in this area before, after pulling directly behind it, simultaneously turning on the spotlight into the back window, turning the red-emergency lights on, grabbing the mic for the radio to call into dispatch, noticing there appeared to be only one occupant, the driver, who appeared to be female, although now a days you can never be real sure about that.

After giving dispatch my location, vehicle description, and plate number, I approached the vehicle with great caution, thinking to myself "why would a flashy car like this be on this road, at this time of night, with just a female driver"? It wouldn't I said to my self. My eyes were darting from side to side, and watching every move that driver makes.

My senses are keen for any particle of something wrong, this just does not look or feel right my mind said. Walking cautiously along side of the car, my flashlight beam catches the side profile of the female driver, I see the remnants of tears on her left cheek with a mascara melt down the side, with her blond hair up in a wrap in the back. Still gazing and nervously looking around I wrap on the drivers window and shine my light inside. The driver hesitates, then looks directly at me, she had an upset look to her very beautiful face, one that I have not seen around here before.

Her eyes were a stunning dark blue, and grabbed your attention. The driver reaches for her window button and down comes the drivers side window. I asked if everything was OK, and what she was stopped for, and, if there was someone else with her. She answered in a very soft, but shaky voice that she was alone and that she was on her way home from a party and was now lost. Asking for her name, she quickly responded her name was Rebecca, but all her friends called her Bobbi.

After asking her for identification, she produced her drivers license, her name on the dl was Rebecca Robe rte Johannsson, born in 1978. My request for who owned this vehicle was answered "It's my car". My guard was down just a little by this time. My portable radio crackled with the sound of the dispatcher. 557 your status?, I asked where the party was she had attended and what it was for.

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Bobbi said she was at a birthday party for her boyfriend, they had gotten into a heated argument, she had spilled her drink on her new dress after he pushed her. Bobbi said she left the party and got lost. Dispatch again slammered on the radio. 557 your status? I have back-up enroute! 10-2 I stated, cancel back-up was my response. Who is your boy fiend I asked, Bobbi said Heathen Williams, but he goes by the name Nick Williams.

I did not recognize the name Heathen Williams, but I sure did recognize the name Nick Williams.


After Bobbi said the name Nick, I got this instant pit in my stomach, my heart began racing, and I could feel my blood pressure rise, there were small beads of sweat beading on my forehead.

Nick Williams, as in, the Nick Williams that owns Williams farms, and has the trucking company I asked? Bobbi said yes, do you know him? Yeah, sort of was my response. Nick Williams was a local guy that inherited his family farm and trucking business. I had many dealing with him in the past. Nick was what I considered a real pompus prick. He ran over people like he owned them and he had no problem flashing his money around under everyone's nose. All the rules applied to everyone else, but not Nick.

I hated the guy! several years prior I was dating this girl named Jenni that I wanted to marry, she was at a party one night while I was at work. Nick was at this same party, Jenni had a little too much to drink, Nick was able to talk her into the bathroom with him and according to Jenni he raped her. Jenni left the area after that and was never seen around here again. There was a very faint smell of alcohol from inside the vehicle, Bobbi had admitted that she had been at a party, so I asked how much she had to drink, Bobbi said with a limp smile, I didn't even get to finish my first one before it got spilled on me.

I wanted to snicker but didn't dare. I asked Bobbi to step out of her car for some field sobriety test. Bobbi said OK, but I haven't had that much to drink. I advised her that this was standard and that if she passes she was free to leave. Bobbi stepped out of her car, she was wearing a white colored shorter dress that had a slit up the side with a huge stain up the front from where she spilled her drink.A low cut on the top with her ample breast hanging half-way out, Bobbi was very toned and fit for being 33 years old and her short dress magnified her long legs.

Her jewelry enhanced her neckline and accentuated her cleavage, with hoop earings that dangled. She had a gorgeous face and was profoundly stunning with her makeup and hair. I was thinking to myself how much of an idiot Nick was for letting this woman out of his sight, let alone drive home by herself.

The first test was a easily done by her, she stood with her feet together, her arms out, and her head tilted back. I could not help but notice her tight fitting dress and how her boobs looked so soft and inviting.

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They pushed together when she placed her finger on her nose as she did her right, then left. Then Bobbi did the heel to toe walk without a problem. It appeared to me that she was not intoxicated, one last test and she can be on her way. The pbt, after explaining how the test was done, telling Bobbi that she had to blow into the pbt until I told her to stop, she said OK.

As I held the pbt to her mouth and told her to begin, all I could think was I wish that was me going inside her mouth!

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whew! the pbt blew a yellow, which means she has some alcohol, but not at the legal limit and it was not advise able for her to drive. When questioned, Bobbi said she did not have anyone that could come and get her and give her a ride home. Bobbi asked if it were possible to give her a ride home.

She said that it was not too far from here. I was very hesitant of giving her a ride, but I also knew that our sheriff would get upset if his deputies did not go above and beyond to help the public, his motto was go above and beyond what others might do! Bobbi moved her vehicle up the road and pulled it into a field driveway, I followed her and she locked her car.

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She got into the passenger side in the front and she explained where she lived. While driving her home, Bobbi said she is not originally from the area and that she has just moved her a couple weeks ago to find a job. As she directed me to her driveway, she thanked me for the ride and got out. As she walked toward her house the lights from my squad shined on her back, her tight ass in her dress was just more than I could take.

As I started to back out the driveway, I watched as Bobbi fiddled with her keys for the door, then dropped them on the ground, she stood straight up and put her hands on her side as if to be disgusted and pissed off.

Pulling the squad forward, I rolled down the window and asked if she wanted help, she said in a very soft voice, yes please. As I picked up her keys from the ground, she thanked me again for helping her, initially I had some trouble getting the key in the lock, but eventually the door unlocked.

Bobbi asked if I would like to come in and she would make some coffee!


hmmm, coffee, that would be awesome this time of night, but, it also has the potential for a disaster also. But, the offer was more than I could refuse. As we entered the kitchen, Bobbi threw her things on the table, she started to draw up water for the coffee, have a seat and make your self at home she said.

Bobbi got the coffee started, then an almost awkward moment as she looked at me, she was even better looking in the light, a very stunning looking woman. As I started to say that maybe I need to get to work, Bobbi interrupted me and said, the coffee will be done in just a minute, I need to go change real quick and get the alcohol smell off me, please stay here I will only be a few minutes, and off she went.

I sat at the kitchen table, I could hear the coffee maker bubbling and hissing, the fresh aroma of coffee filled the room and was very soothing. As I sat back in my chair, I nervously looked toward the direction that Bobbi went, the lights were off in the adjoining room, but I noticed a light on and the door partially open in what appeared to be a bedroom.

Not trying to make it obvious, I kept looking toward that lighted room, it was then to my great surprise I saw Bobbi cross in front of the doorway with only her panties and something that resembles a bra. As my attention grew toward the door way, I could see Bobbi peak between the door jam and door and saw me looking at her, my face went instantly res with some embarrassment of being caught watching her. Perhaps now would be a great time to leave while the getting is good.

As I stood to tell her I was leaving, Bobbi entered the kitchen, she was waring blue jeans and a loose shirt and could see right thru it! Oh-boy I thought, time for me to go. Bobbi could sense my nervousness, she said in her soft voice, relax, i'm not going to bite you!, then she said something in a very low muffled tone of voice, I asked what she said, she said clearly, NOTHING!.

In my head I could have sworn I heard her say "I won't bite you, might fuck your brains out though" but I could not swear to it! So I got brave and asked her, are you flirting with me, or just teasing? Bobbi looked at me with those bold blue eyes and said. maybe? She then walked over to where I was now sitting in the kitchen, she leaned over and placed her hands on both knees, her breasts were now in full view under her very loose shirt.

As she leaned into me, she kissed me on the lips and said "thank you" for helping me. She then kissed me again, only this time a little harder, she slipped her tongue into my mouth and met my tongue half-way as she sat down in my lap wrapping her hands around my head and her legs straddling mine.

She felt so soft, but yet she was a hard body. Her kiss was that of a warm summer morning, a refreshing warm touch. She reached down and grabbed my crotch, I could feel my cock hardening by the second as Bobbi gently squeezed by cock while she continued her tongue assault.

I could feel my pulse start to quicken as I reached my hands up under her loose shirt, I found her boobs and firmly grasps them with both hands, they were big, soft, and inviting. As I slowly maneuvered my hands finding her nipples, they were hard and at attention.

I reached up and pulled her shirt off, she immediately pulled my face into her welcoming breasts, she let out a soft moan as I slid my wet tongue over her nipples and caressed her tits.

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My breath blew across her wet nipples as she shivered. I just could not take this any longer, I reached down and unhooked my duty belt, my weapon and radio hit the floor with a thud, Bobbi eagerly dropped between my knees, she grabbed and unsnapped my pants and unzipped my fly.

Just as quickly as she unzipped my pants, she had my now hard cock out and plunged her mouth over it, taking the entire shaft down her throat and almost taking my breath away. As I watched her, she engulfed my entire cock all the way to my balls, at the bottom, she paused and rolled her tongue on the underside of my cock while she had her face buried in my groin.

She then slowly started to work her way back up, stopping at the head and working it over with her tongue while sucking the head.

She continued the up and down assault of my cock as I felt myself wanting to come deep in her mouth, but I didn't want to end there. Grabbing her arms, I pulled her up to me, our tongues met again. I reached down an unzipped her jeans, and slid my hand down inside, I could feel her wet as I slid my finger around her panties. Sliding two fingers across her pussy lips and against her clit, she whimpered as she sucked on my tongue with approval.

I slid my middle finger inside her as she pumped her hips to get my fingers deeper, she felt so great and was so wet. I really wanted to feel my cock inside her, so I lifted her up on the kitchen table, lay ed her on her back and peeled her jeans and panties off. I slid her but toward me, I could not contain myself as I plunged my cock inside her. Bobbi let out a low squeal as in approval. We drove our hips together as I pushed my cock in as far as it could go, Bobbi was driving her hips up and down in a violent manner just working my cock around inside her, I reached down and placed my thumb against her very swollen clit as she just kept pounding on my cock.

She then just suddenly stopped, then she told me to stop. I thought maybe something was wrong, or she decided this was not good enough.


She told me to be very still, she wanted to do something that she thought I might like, I was not sure what she was going to do, but I stood still with my cock still inside her. I began to feel this sensation that I have NEVER felt before.

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Bobbi was exercising her pc muscles, I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock, then releasing, then clamping down again, and again, and again, squeezing, then releasing, she started doing it faster and faster, I could not believe the sensation that created, her pussy was so strong and she had such control over it.

I wanted to switch positions, I wanted to ram my tongue into her, but I was frozen, I could feel myself ready to come, my heart was just pounding, it made me come off my feet onto my toes, Bobbi was almost hissing as she screamed I want to come, all of a sudden I hear my portable radio with the deadening sound of the dispatcher.

557 your status, we have a traffic crash with injuries. I never did get to finish!