Outdoor toy porn XXX spectacle along Yui Kasugano

Outdoor toy porn XXX spectacle along Yui Kasugano
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Me and Kayla Kayla and I always had a rocky relationship, since she became my brother's best friend when we were both ten.

We were friends, I suppose, but we constantly argued and insulted each other. But one thing was certain; we both had enormous crushes on each other. We just didn't know it at the time. So when we hooked up on vacation, it was surprising to both of us; I have a feeling it wouldn't have been to my brother.

Anyway, I'd best start the story when our two families went on vacation together. I was surprised when it happened; I'd always thought there was a spark between Kayla and my brother, Desi, and I thought the adults would be worried they would have sex. But I guess they thought we were still little kids, and never felt any arousal at all. They were definitely wrong. We took off for Kaisy hills (the beach town we went to every year) on a Saturday.

I remember thinking how hot Kayla would look in the bikini that was sticking out of her pack. Maybe I should tell you what she looks like. She's about five feet six inches tall; her hair is a dark red-brown, and her eyes are a deep sea green. She's not chubby, really, but she's not too skinny. Not fat enough to be less attractive, and very hot.

I got a boner every time I looked at her, and then I would have to sit down and watch tv, because it felt like my seven inches (small, I suppose) would burst through my jeans.

I remember that we took both vehicles, our van and their car. Her brother and my brother were also friends, so they traveled in our car. I traveled in her car with her mother and father. The vehicle was so full of stuff, botht he trunk and the backseat, that I didn't know where to sit. She looked up at me from the car and smiled. Slipping out, she said to sit down. I did, wondering where she was going, and she sat down on my lap. I remember panicking. It was obvious to her that I was very erect, and I could feel her ass pressing down on my dick.

She didn't even blush, and oddly enough, her parents didn't react. We strapped in, and took off for Kaisy Hills. When we got there, after three and a half hours of difficult sitting because of her ass in my lap, We got out of the car. I remember being just a little dissapointed. It had felt kind of nice. But I got out anyway and unpacked everything, and since I was the oldest boy, I ended up hauling all of it into the condo, up three flights of stairs.

I was so relieved when I got to the top and got into the condo, I didn't even notice the bedrooms, or the marble kitchen even thought I was hungry like hell. I just dropped the bags and slooped down in a chair. When Kayla got up there after me, she did the same thing on the couch.

We looked at each other, all tired, hot, and sweaty, and burst out laughing. "You look so stupid!" She laughed out. "You should see yourself, I countered.


Then we settled down and I got up. "You want a banana? I asked her. She looked at me in a weird way. "Why would you even ask that!?" I looked at her blankly. SHe seemed to be getting crazy over nothing. She saw my look, and her cheeks went red. "Oh.ummmm.sure, thanks." I got the bananas and we sat there eating in silence while I wondered over her crazy attitude.

"Well guys, time for the beach!" My parents were so dorky sometimes. They were standing in the middle of the living room, completely covered in sunblock. I moaned in misery. "Moooom! You're supposed to rub the suncreen in!" She looked down and bent her head to the side. "You know, she said, I was wondering why it took half a bottle to do one person." She sighed her shoulders.

"Oh well, too late now." Then she laughed and walked off with my dad. I sighed miserably and got up. Digging through my suitcase, I found my bathing suit and proceeded to strip down (there was nobody in the house) to nothing and started to slip on my suit.

I heard a gasp. Kayla was standing in the door way, holding her bikini in her hand, and staring at me. I quickly pulled my bathing suit up, though it was difficult with my now-risen boner, which she had definitely noticed. I saw her staring at the spot where my dick had been, and then she burst out laughing and backed out of the room. I stood there in shock, until I realized that I was missing out on beach time.

I shrugged, figuring she wouldn't tell anybody or I would mention that she had stared, and walked out of the house. I got to the ocean and looked into the water. It was clear and blue on the horizon. It was amazing. I stepped into the water and proceeded to surf the waves on my boogie board, which I was a pro at.

I was also a decent surfer, but I was too tired to surf today, so I settled for the boogie board. It was more relaxing. Thus, I sighed when I saw Kayla and my brother running down to the beach. They would ruing my relaxation. They splashed into the water and ran next to me. I would be lying if I said I didn't watch kayla's decent sized breasts bounce while she ran.

Up and down, up and down, up and. When they got to me, Desi splashed me with water. Then he bounced on me and we wrestled in the water.

Even though I was the oldest, Desi was taller than me (at six foot two, while I was only six foot). Desi had me under the water and wouldn't let me go. I couldn't breathe. Everything was going fuzzy and black, even though the water was clear. Kayla noticed. She jumped on Desi and wrestled him down. Then she helped me out of the water, and back to shore, where I laid down gasping.

Kayla held up my head while I coughed out water. I was going to kill Desi. I sat up and saw him headed back up to the condo holding his arm. "I think I might have hurt his shoulder" Kayla said.

I looked up and grinned. "Wanna go for a swim? She smiled and nodded. I got up, coughing while I did it, and we went into the water, where we proceeded to run against the waves, trying to avoid being hit by them. I got hit by one that was bigger than I expected and got knocked into Kayla. She fell backward, and her top came undone and sailed through the air.

I stared at her now exposed breasts. They were beautiful, and my first thought was to reach out and touch them. They were the same color as her skin, with no tan lines, and perfect little nipples in the middle of them. They were perky as only breasts of girls that her age can be.

She looked down at her chest and quickly panicked. She covered them with her arms and walked over to get her top. I was disappointed.

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But it was good, I thought. The urge to touch them had been almost overwhelming. She put her top back on and looked at me and looked down at the little tent in the front of my shorts. Then she told me she was ready to go back up. I agreed, and we walked back together. The next day, I woke up and there was nobody in my family's condo.

I looked around and found a note on the fridge. 'Gone to store for sunscreen. Kayla and Jason's parents with us, Desi and Jason going to skateboard shop. Will be back around 3:00.' I looked at the clock. It was 11:00. They would be gone for a long time. I thought about what I should do. Then I realized this could be my only chance to wank for the next two weeks.

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Happily, I went to the restroom and got some lotion, and I went to the bedroom, stripped, and began to masturbate. I was getting closer to cumming when I heard something by the door. I looked over and quickly moved my hand away from my dick. Kayla was standing there watching me, rubbing her shorts. I covered up my dick, which still hadn't gone down. Kayla moved forward. "Don't cover it. I've never seen a penis before, so I figured." she shrugged her shoulders.

I moved my hand away from my dick, and she moved over to examine it. Taking her fingers, she brushed it.

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I leaned my head back and moaned. She looked up and grinned. "You like it when I do that?" I nodded. She grasped my dick completely and moved her hand up and down. It was still lubed from the lotion, and I just laid there and enjoyed it. In about a minute (humiliatingly), Cum spurted over her shirt from the tip of my dick.

I looked at her, and decided in for a penny, in for a pound. "You know, I said, I've never seen a pus.vagina before.You could show me yours." She looked at me for a second before nodding, seemingly to herself, and stood up, while I wiped the cum off of my dick. She pulled down her shorts and panties at the same time. I looked closely at her pussy. I could tell she was turned on; It was swollen and red, and it was covered in lubrication. Her cheeks turned red.

I reached out a hand and brushed her pussy, just like she'd done to me. She didn't overdo a moan or anything, she just watched me explore her privates. I parted her lips and rubbed a finger inside of her. That made her stiffen a bit. I took one of my hands reluctantly away, my horny young mind forming a plan.

"You know, I said, and she looked suspicious, You have two private areas, whereas I only have one. I think it fair that I should see your breasts as well." I don't know if it helped, but I was still rubbing her pussy. She shrugged and took off her shirt. Then she turned around and asked me if I would take off her bra.

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I was only too happy. In a few moments, I had it off. I then proceeded to give her a backrub, because I'd read that backrubs turned women on even more. She went slightly limp. I rubbed her shoulders and back, and around her sides, touching her breasts whenever I got the chance.

"Perhaps you should lay down on the bed?" I suggested. "It would make it easier for me to rub your back. She nodded and laid down on the bed. You know, when I think about it, I think she knew where I was going. She isn't a stupid woman. Anyway, I got on top of her, my dick on top of her ass crack, and rubbed her back. She moaned, apparently, I was a good masseuse. I slowly humped her ass, trying to make sure she didn't notice, thoguh I'm sure she did, and felt my dick slip in between her butt cheeks.

I continued to hump her and to give her a back rub, and it felt so good to feel her cheeks rubbing the sides of my dick. Apparently, it felt good for her too, because she moaned a little. " How about I rub your front now?" She said sure, and I got up, my dick coming out from her ass. She turned over, and I again sat on her, this time my dick was on top of her pussy.

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I had the almost primal urge to slip it in; but I somehow managed to resist. In time, I kept telling myself, in time. I rubbed her chest and fondled her breasts, wringing the nipples. Then I did something I didn;t think about.


I leaned my face down and took one of the nipples in my mouth, and I sucked. Her back arched a bite, and she moaned quietly. I licked all around the nipple and sucked the breast, while my left hand worked on her other.


She moaned again, and I felt the time was ready. "Kayla, I asked, and I paused for a second, Can I fuck you?" She stopped moaning instantly and looked up at me.

I had thought it was the right time, but maybe I was wrong. My dick was throbbing in need; I physically NEEDED to be inside of her. Her eyes looked straight into mine, and she slowly nodded. I was surprised, and very excited. "Alright, I said, are you one the pill?" She nodded again (She never was much of a talker). I got off of her, and climbed over her. I was surprised how difficult it was to line up my dick with her opening.She helped by reaching down her hand and placing my it at her entrance.

I moved my dick between her fingers, and she moved her hand. I looked at her. "This is going to hurt you at first. Maybe a lot." "I know, she said, but I need you inside me. NOW." She said the last word with heavy force, and I didn't need any other force.

I pushed the head of my dick into her pussy. It was tight, and there were juices all around making it easier, but ti was still tight, and it felt so good. I pushed a little farther in, until I came to the barrier I had been expecting. I was about to deflower her.maybe this wasn't a good idea. But I couldn't go back now. It felt too good. I backed out and pushed back in a few times, widening the path. Finally, I pushed forward strongly and broke the barrier in one thrust. Kayla shrieked and dug her nails into my hand like claws.

I wasn't in far yet, but I couldn't keep going. She was breathing heavily in pain,a nd her nails still dug into the skin on my hand. Slowly, though, she un-tensed and her hand loosened. I started thrusting into her again, and her heavy breathing turned into soft moans. Then we started picking up speed, her hips bucking around my dick as I plowed into her hot, wet pussy. Her soft moans became loud ones, and her breasts bounced with every deep push. It was so good, and I could see from her face that she was in ecstasy too.

My balls slapped against her ass hole, and our moans mingled, eachoing through the room. I needed this; I could feel my balls throbbing with the cum which prepared to come up. I tried pulling my dick out, and pounded it back into her.

Kayla shrieked, in joy this time, when I did this, so i tried it again. It worked again. Every time I did that, I guess it pounded her G spot, because she got even louder everytime.

Then my dick slipped out without me meaning it to.

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"Pu it back in!" She demanded; "Put it back!" I quickly slipped it back into her pussy, and we started again. I felt like we were in some kind of tribal dance,w ith every thrust an offering to some great spirit of sexual bliss. As I felt myself about to come, I grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed them. Kayla screamed my name, and tensed up, her pussy growing extremely hot and even wetter, and juice spurting out of her slit.

She screamed again, softer this time, and started moaning "Yeah, yeah, fuck, yeah, yeah, with each word softer than the last. Her ecstasy drove me over the edge. I moaned her name loudly and shot my seed deep within her, rope after rope of cum exploded inside of her. I gave one last thrust, and collapsed next to her, my dick still in her pussy. We laid together, fully naked, having made love, and with me still deep in her. "I love you, Kayla." She looked into my eyes.

"I love you too." And then we fell into sleep. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Alright, guys. Tell em what you think about it.

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It was my first, so I don't expect good reviews, but still. I did know and like a girl like this, but despite my hopes, nothing ever happened.