Skint lover lets peculiar friend to shag his exgf for hard cash

Skint lover lets peculiar friend to shag his exgf for hard cash
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I'd like to take a step back in time… to the early 80s when I was on active duty in the military and stationed in Greece; on the island of Crete to be exact. For a single guy, Crete was an absolute paradise… especially during the tourist season. The European tourists would visit the island in droves… to drink themselves into a stupor, party until the wee hours of the morning, and fuck like bunnies all night because they're on "Holiday." But those stories are for another time… this is about an encounter with an American girl… Katy.

Our base in Crete was very small, so everyone pretty much knew each other. Katy lived with her boyfriend, Dick. He was a wanna-be jock, decent as a teammate at most sports, but not quite good enough to be the team captain; Katy was the always visible "cheerleader" in the stands. Dick and I were on different teams in the same bowling league, which is how I first came to know Katy.

She had long brown hair, beautifully tanned, bronze skin, and the most captivating brown eyes. In addition to her killer body, she had a smile that could light up a room. I could never quite figure out how she ended up with Dick. She was in Greece on a tourist visa and couldn't legally work, so Dick covered the majority of her expenses.

She was able to pick up a few bucks here and there by cleaning houses and doing other peoples' laundry. I'd often see Katy at the base Laundromat; the one place where we'd actually interact with one another… we'd chat about nonsense while helping each other fold towels, sheets and whatever. Every so often, I'd see her walking down the road toward home, so I would offer her a ride. I knew she lived with Dick, so I never "hit on her" or made any attempt to be anything but just friends… until the day she asked me to take her to the nude beach.

The encounter occurred one Thursday evening when we both happened to be at the Laundromat.

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It was the middle of summer and I was wearing shorts and a tank top, as was she. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra, although she really didn't need to. Not that her tits were small, they just defied gravity. As we talked, she placed her arm next to mine to compare tans. She casually asked where I usually went to lay out. She didn't seem too surprised when I told her I frequented a nearby, hidden, nude beach.

She just got a devilish look in her eye and playfully asked when I was planning to invite her for a "day at the beach?" My first question was; "Will Dick be coming with us?" She said, "No, in fact, he's leaving for a softball tournament first thing in the morning and won't be back until the Monday." I told her to be ready at 10:00 in the morning.

Just as we finished folding our laundry, Dick came by to pick her up. As she walked out the door with Dick, I noticed her purse was still lying on the folding table. Just then, she ran back inside, grabbed her bag off the table, gave me a quick peck on the cheek and said "I'll see you in the morning." Arriving promptly at 10:00, Katy greeted me at the door with a concerned look… she had an unexpected guest. One of Dick's teammates dropped his girlfriend off at Katy's when he came by to pick up Dick.

They figured the girls could keep each other company while "the guys" are gone. Katy was in a bind; she couldn't exactly tell Dick she had other plans, so Mikki would be spending the night for the next few days.

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The upside is, the two girls kept several secrets between each other, so Katy told Mikki about our beach day. Katy then asked if Mikki could join us, to which I said; "bring her along." Mikki was a looker as well… besides, four naked tits are way better than two any day. 15 minutes later, we're at the beach, unloading my car.

I pulled out my large blanket and spread it across the sand.


I popped open the umbrella (gotta have some shade from time to time) and placed the ice chest in its shadow. By now, both girls are topless and splashing each other at the water's edge. With the essentials unloaded, I ran into the water for a quick dip, and then headed back to the blanket. Before stretching out, I grabbed my tanning oil and dropped my shorts.

Katy turned and smiled. I may be just an average guy, but was to find out later, I was significantly larger than Dick. I had been tanning for about ten or fifteen minutes when Katy laid down next to me on the blanket… Mikki stretched out on her beach towel on the other side of Katy.

Although I was nude, both girls still had their bikini bottoms on. I offered to rub some tanning lotion on them… Mikki declined; Katy did not.

I started with her arms and shoulders, and then slowly moved down her back until I reached the waistband of her bikini. I then went to her feet, and up her calves and thighs until I reached the edge of her bikini.

I worked my hands around to her hips, stopping at the side ties; giving then a gentle tug. Without a word, Katy lifted her hips slightly… silently telling me to tug away. My hands were shaking with excitement as I pulled both ties, and then slid the bikini bottom completely off and tossing it aside. I was now looking at one of the finest asses I had ever seen. I grabbed the bottle of tanning oil, poured on a liberal amount in my hand and proceeded to rub it in.

As I continued to rub in the oil, Katy's legs parted slightly, giving me a glimpse of her moist, pink slit… and the heaven I would be enjoying very soon. Upon completing the job of oiling her ass, I decided to test the waters of where things may be headed by finishing her legs where I left off earlier.

When my hands dipped down between her thighs, I could feel the growing wetness in her snatch against the side of my hand. Unfortunately, Mikki was lying right next to her, and I didn't really want her saying anything to Dick, so I reluctantly backed off, but not before giving Katy a quick flick on her clit and a slap on the ass; saying "All done." Katy gave me quick wink, turned over and said; "Now do the front." There before me lay two, perfectly tanned tits, each one capped by an erect nipple.

With oil in hand, I began to coat her body, taking my time to make sure the oil was thoroughly absorbed into each and every pore. Venturing lower, I marveled at her perfectly trimmed bush… ahh yes… the carpet matches the drapes. Katy continued to smile as I finished. Once again, I offered to put some tanning oil on Mikki… and once again, she declined.

She then picked up her towel and moved into the shade under the umbrella while Katy and I continued to sunbathe. After nearly an hour of lying in the warm, Greek sunshine, Katy dozed off. I needed to cool off, so I grabbed one of my air mattresses and headed to the water. I lay back on the partially inflated raft, sinking partway into the water and briefly dozed off myself. I'm not sure how long I was asleep, but I know how I woke up… something in the water had a hold of my dick!

Sitting upright, I saw Katy between my legs, with a smile on her face and her hands grasping my dick, saying; "sharkie, sharkie!" Jumping off the raft, I grabbed her by the hips, spun her around, circled my arms around her warm, naked body and fell back in the water, dunking her in the process. We wrestled for a few minutes, playing a bit of grab ass, before falling back on the beach. I suggested we get my gear and go snorkeling. Mikki agreed to keep watch on our spot while Katy and I explored the nearby reef.

We had been circling around the reef for about ten minutes when I led her to the cliffs; toward a cave I had seen on an earlier snorkeling trip… besides, I really wanted to see if I had been attacked earlier by a man-eating "sharkie." The entrance to the cave was visible above the waterline, as the tide was still going out.

Katy must have sensed where I was headed, because she suddenly took the lead. Upon entering the cave, the ebbing tide left behind a soft, damp carpet of fine sand and pebbles. After removing our snorkeling gear, Katy said; "I've been waiting all morning for this", she then grabbed my dick, and shoved her tongue down my throat. To her obvious satisfaction, I rose to the occasion and pulled her naked body close to mine. She then said; "I can't wait any longer for this"… she then bent over and took my dick in her mouth.

The heat and suction were incredible. After a few minutes, she pulled back, gave me a couple of quick laps with her tongue, and attempted to climb aboard. To her utter dismay, I stopped her; I then laid her back, saying; "No, it's my turn now" and proceeded to drive her crazy by licking the alphabet in and across her pussy and clit. By the time I got to the letter "H", Katy began cumming for the first time that day. As her orgasm subsided, she pushed me over onto my back, stuck a finger between the lips of her pussy, lined it up with my rock-hard cock and began her descent.

Even though she was sopping wet, it still took a minute or two of short jabs to get my cock all the way in… I couldn't believe how tight she was. She remained still for only a moment, and then began slowly raising and lowering, picking up speed. For the next several minutes, Katy rode me like a seasoned rodeo cowboy would ride a bucking bronco. She rocked back and forth, up and down… the feeling was so intense, I wasn't sure how much longer I was going to last.

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She had angled herself so that her clit was rubbing against the top of my dick… suddenly, she was cumming once again. As I rolled us both over and onto her back, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in as deep as I could go.

I told her I was about to cum… she said "give it to me baby, cum in me now." Our mutual humping continued as spurt after spurt filled her canal. When we finally caught our breath, Katy looked me in the eye and said "I sure hope Mikki doesn't think we drowned." We quickly grabbed our snorkeling gear, picked up a few shells from the bottom on the way back and returned to our spot on the beach.

Mikki was back in the sun, asleep, when we got out of the water. Katy and I settled down on the blanket, grabbed the tanning oil, and took turns rubbing it onto each other. Our chatting and laughter woke Mikki from her slumber… she asked if we had a good time snorkeling and then asked how much longer we were planning to stay at the beach. It was still early, not quite one o'clock.

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I asked the girls if they wanted to get something to eat… Katy and I were certainly famished after our workout… so we packed our stuff back in my car and headed to a taverna for some of the local fare. Following a satisfying lunch, I took the girls back to Katy's place. After chatting for a while, I asked Katy if I could rinse the salt off my body before driving back home.

She showed me to her shower and went back to visit with Mikki. Just as I was ready to shut off the shower, the curtain pulled back and Katy entered the shower with me… naked, of course. She said Mikki went back to her dorm on the base, so she thought she'd join me in the shower.

Since I was a guest in her home, how could I refuse her hospitality… we soaped and rinsed each other a couple of times before shutting off the water and fucking each others brains out on the bathroom floor.

We were still going at it when Mikki walked in on us, then turned and walked away. It seems she only went back to the base to grab a change of clothes.

Katy threw on a robe and went after Mikki. Embarrassed about getting caught, I dressed and got the rest of my things together. As I was headed toward the door, Katy stopped me and said Mikki was okay with everything and promised not to say anything to Dick… or her boyfriend. She then asked me to stay for dinner… as a thank you for a wonderful day.

Once again, how could I refuse her hospitality? The three of us hung out for a while, played some backgammon, grilled some burgers, and watched a movie.

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It had been a long day, so as the credits began to roll, I got up and thanked Katy and Mikki for sharing their day with me. Katy offered to walk me out to my car to say goodbye. We kissed, tongues wrestling with one another, for several minutes. Katy then asked me to come back in an hour. She was going to tell Mikki she too tired to stay up and chat. She would leave her bedroom window open… she wanted me to come back and climb through so we could finish what we started after our shower.

Once again, how could I refuse? That was one of the longest hours of my life… but I hung in there and made it through. Returning to Katy's house, I went around back and found the window opened… as promised. I quietly slipped in, stripped off my clothes, and waited for her to come to bed.

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Minutes later, I heard her say good night to Mikki. The door opened and there she stood… wearing a green satin, baby doll top, tied in the front with a cute little bow and matching, side-tie, bikini panties. The sight of her in this outfit had me hard in an instant. She closed the door and stood next to the bed.

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I moved to the edge, directly in front of her, placing her legs on either side of mine. My hands slipped under the baby doll top, caressing her smooth skin. I lay back, pulling her with me onto the bed. We kissed… tongues entwined… it was hot!

I rolled Katy onto her back, mesmerized by the sight of this beautiful woman, bathed in the moonlight coming through the open window. I tugged at the bows slowly, unwrapping my waiting prize. She looked so magnificent; I pinched myself to make sure this wasn't a dream.

Foreplay could wait, I had to have her now. Her knees raised as I moved between her long, silky legs; inviting me in for a more intimate union. I pressed my cock at her entrance, sliding in to the hilt in one smooth motion. We simultaneously groaned our mutual satisfaction… and then "shhhed" one another quietly… we certainly didn't want to alarm Mikki, who was asleep in another room.


During our previous couplings, we just fucked. This time, we were both determined to enjoy every ounce of pleasure we could give each another.

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We didn't fuck… we made love. We took turns being on top. I rode her from behind… both on the bed and standing at the window while looking at the moon. By morning, I had cum three more times; Katy had cum at least that many, and one final time as I ate her pussy one last time as the sun was rising.

Although exhausted, I rolled out of bed to get dressed. Katy looked at me wantonly, begging me to come back to bed. I reminded her about Mikki and the fact that she should be getting up anytime now… and it would be difficult to explain my presence. Katy agreed… we kissed… I climbed out the open window and returned to my car. On the drive home, I played back the events of the previous day and smiled.

Katy and I ran into each other the following week. She admitted that she was sore from our 24-hour fuck-fest… when Dick returned from his tournament Sunday night and wanted to have sex, she made up some excuse about having pains until he finally left her alone.

We got together one more time while Dick was at work, then suddenly, she was gone. Dick apparently learned about a few other trysts Katy had enjoyed with several of his buddies, although thankfully not ours. Seems the guys talked a little too much during one of the drinking sessions at the softball tournament and Dick was none too pleased, so he applied for some leave and took Katy back to the states. He returned to finish tour of duty about two weeks later… sadly, I never saw Katy again.