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Flexible tätowierten Punk Mädchen bonnie faul liebt rough Sex
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Mahesh was least bothered about attending the wedding of his cousin. After a lot of coaxing from his family, he finally agreed to go.

Mahesh loved his job and the city of Bangalore, where he worked. It was difficult for him to leave this city and travel to the small town where his cousin's marriage was scheduled. He knew that he would be given loads of work during the wedding under the pretext of taking up responsibility which he absolutely hated.

The wedding was the time to look at the pretty women and not work. Tall, well built and sharp features made Mahesh a cynosure of female eyes. At the office or outside he always liked the attention he got and wished he could be the hunk that all imagine him to be.

Mahesh knew deep inside that in spite of his killer looks, he was a shy person and could hardly muster the courage to walk up to a woman and have a conversation. In fact, although he was 26 years in age, he was still a virgin. He had a girlfriend in college, the only relationship of his life, which was a short-lived one as his girlfriend couldn't understand his shyness and slow reciprocation in the relationship.

Now although working in an MNC with so many beautiful damsels around, Mahesh always found something lacking in him to make the perfect move to impress a woman. "All ready for the trip," asked his father on the phone. His parents had already been to the venue two days in advance. "Yes, I am leaving today evening." Kavya was excited since the past week with all the shopping she had been doing. She was thrilled right from the day her best-friend told her about her marriage. She would be meeting a good number of old friends from her school and college.

The only part that she was unhappy with was the fact that her husband would not be accompanying her on this trip. Married for 4 years, she was deeply in love with her husband and found nothing lacking in him. Be it the way he treated her or their sexual life, she found herself lucky to have such a wonderful husband.

Always wanting the company of her husband, this would be the first time she would be going out of the station without his company. "Perfect, you would give the bride some stiff competition on the most beautiful woman at the wedding." teased her husband as Kavya stood in front of the mirror analyzing her looks.

She blushed. Kavya was 28 years old; although many thought she was much younger. Medium height, slim personality, a pretty face and wonderful curves, she knew that when men looked at her they had a burning desire deep inside their hearts. ***** The town of Kalwal was dusty and noisy. Kavya felt very uncomfortable and lonely on reaching the new place. The auto ride seemed never ending and after half an hour of coughing on Kalwal's roads, she reached the home of her dearest childhood friend-the bride.

It was a huge bungalow with many rooms and a big courtyard in the middle. "You are late," her friend greeted Kavya with an angry glare and a warm hug, "Get ready quickly.

We are all moving out for the Sangeet ceremony." "Sorry dear, but I still made it, where are our other friends." "Everyone ditched me, at least you came. Now get ready quickly. I need to go now, getting late for the Sangeet." "It's not here? How will I know where to come?" Kavya enquired. "Offcourse it's not here silly, all the events have been arranged at the Grand Hotel lawns and function hall.

This place is too small." "Small?" Kavya looked around at the huge vastness of the place and the multiple rooms in 3 floors. It almost looked like a hotel. "Don't worry baby, you fresh up, I will make sure there is someone to get you to the venue. Hang on…" Kavya looked across the courtyard, "Mahesh, where are you?" she shouted. Mahesh strode up to her cousin trying hard not to ogle at the beautiful lady beside her. Mahesh's eyes lit up on what Kavya was telling him.


"Wow, to be with this gorgeous lady as her personal guide. This is fantastic." he thought to himself. "&hellip.show her a nice room, Mahesh. Are you even listening to me?" chided the bride angrily. In a few minutes, the entire bungalow was empty except for a few servants and wedding organizers. Everyone in the bride's family had left except for Mahesh and Kavya. "This is heavy," said Mahesh lifting Kavya's suitcase. "Oops, I packed all my good sarees and jewelry.

Guess I over packed." she smiled. Mahesh smiled and led the way, there was a room on the first floor where his cousin asked Kavya to be put in. His heart, however, told him to go to the third floor and pick the room just opposite his.

The third floor was relatively empty, the first two floors being packed up with relatives. Mahesh's heart skipped a beat as he led Kavya to the third floor his mind cooking up all possibilities that can happen with her around.

Climbing the stairs behind him, Kavya couldn't help but notice his well-built body. Mahesh was really handsome, the kind of guy whom girls refer to as eye candy, she smiled. "Here is your room and I am in the opposite room. As soon as you are done call me." smiled Mahesh. "Thanks a lot.

I shall be ready in 15 minutes" He waited for almost half an hour in his room and yet there was no sign of Kavya. It was a wonderful time as he fantasized about her in every possible way. He felt an urgent need to release the tension in his pants but didn't want to be late for the Sangeet. He went and knocked on Kavya's door. "Who is it?" a voice came from inside. "It's me, Mahesh" "Come in Mahesh, I am almost done" Mahesh walked into a beautiful sight.

Kavya was sitting in front of the mirror, combing her hair. She was all dressed up for the event, in an orange semi transparent chiffon saree with a nice cut blouse. Her silky hair, about medium in length, was bouncing as she was combing it. Mahesh went and stood behind her, oblivious to the fact that he was having an erection that was clearly visible to Kavya. He admired every curve of her body as he stood behind her. Kavya noticed the look in his eyes and the bulge in his pants.

She usually did not like such attention but the fact that she was away from her husband and such a handsome man was ogling at her in private made her will a lot weaker. "What's up in the Sangeeth," she tried to change the mood. "Dance performances by various groups till 9, dinner till 10 and then the dance floor is open for couples" "Couple dance? in Kalwal?" she smiled. "Yeah, sounds odd na, but people here want to imitate the city way of Sangeeth and hence the attempt.

Of course, it's for young married couples only although the elders would leave by 10 pm" "Guess I will be back by then too" "Why you don't like to dance?" asked Mahesh. "No, I love to dance but what will I do watching the couples dance" "Well I will dance with you If you are ok with it?" said Mahesh, almost cursing himself for what he just blurted out. It almost seemed like he was hitting on her.

"Let's see." she smiled.


***** The Sangeeth was a typical fare, starting with kids dancing to Bollywood numbers followed by friends of the groom doing a short play and the bride and groom enacting their love story through a musical. All the time Mahesh sat looking at Kavya, who was seated in the front rows with the ladies.

By dinner time, Mahesh was slightly high on liquor. He noticed Kavya getting up and walking towards the exit door. Was she leaving? He was waiting eagerly for a chance to dance with her.

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He walked at a brisk pace towards her and met her almost at the exit. "Leaving?" "No, searching for the washroom." A sigh of relief, "Let me show you, it's on the backside." he walked beside her. The alcohol made Kavya look even hotter. As soon as they reached the washrooms in a sudden move that was more instinctive than planned, Mahesh put his arm around her waist and said, "See you on the dance floor".

A second later he cursed himself on his act, what was he even thinking about, she is a married woman. In the washroom Kavya looked at herself in the mirror, she felt bad the way Mahesh was trying to hit on her but deep inside there was a wild happiness she felt. Away in a different place, where no one knew her, no one judged her; she was receiving flirtatious attention from a handsome guy.

It was mixed feelings inside her heart, one of contempt and the other of the college day's rush that she felt when men courted her. Nobody would know if she danced with him, "What's the harm?" she thought. Her cell rang, stopping her thoughts abruptly. It was her friend, the bride "Come over to my changing room, quickly." People were going to the buffet stands for the dinner as Kavya made way to her friend's room.

The room was filled with around 4-5 women, all in the same age group as her. Neatly arranged on the table were few glasses. "Cocktails for us," smiled the bride "away from the judgmental eyes of everyone". The girls had a good time and by the time the announcement of the open dance floor came. There was a slight spring in their step and a mild numbness in their minds. It was almost 11 pm in the night and the dance floor was practically empty.

Almost all the guests had left, except for around 20 people who stayed back to dance. With no proper lighting facility as in the cities, the hotel organizers just switched off all the lights except for a few necessary, to create a romantic ambiance. Although what it really did was to make the hall very dark and give more privacy to the people.

Kavya noticed Mahesh walking towards her. This was going to be embarrassing if he asked her to dance in front of her friend.

She quickly turned towards the bride who was beside her. "I think I should leave now" "Why, what's the hurry, stay back till we are all done and moreover you like to dance" "But what would I do standing alone and watching you, moreover I am tired from the journey." Mahesh was almost close to them and caught the attention of the bride.

"See here is Mahesh. Why don't you dance with him? Mahesh, come here, are you going back…don't go. Stay with Kavya and give her company ok, she will be bored at the house anyway" Mahesh nodded his head, trying hard to conceal his delight. The bride pulled Kavya aside and whispered in her ear "Don't worry, Mahesh is a simple guy, all cousins make fun of him, he lacks in confidence when speaking to a girl. He is a gentleman with good intentions, so don't worry about him" "Gentleman?

Good intentions? My foot" Kavya thought to herself. The music soon began, at first, Kavya and Mahesh just danced without any physical contact.

Everyone else was holding each other. Some were just swaying in each other's arms while some were attempting desi versions of salsa and tango.

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After a few minutes, Mahesh summed up the courage to speak "Can I hold you and dance" Kavya didn't answer and continued dancing with a dignified smile. After a while, she said yes, whether it was the romantic number being played out or the effect of the numbness in her mind didn't matter to her anymore. Mahesh was on a similar alcohol induced high, and being a person who never danced with a woman before, he held her too tight and too close.

The proximity was something that was uncomfortable to Kavya but Mahesh's grip was too strong for her to wiggle out. She tried telling him but her voice was downed by the music. After dancing in that position for a minute she thought that neither was she enjoying the dance nor the company, so decided to let go of the pangs of morality that troubled her mind.

From then on she danced leisurely not worrying about the closeness with Mahesh. More cocktails flowed in and more dancing followed. Soon she felt the strong chest of Mahesh and the contours of his shoulder muscles as she danced with him. She wasn't sure whether she liked the way one of Mahesh's arm holding her waist tightly, but after some thought decided to enjoy the moment rather than analyze it. She held on to him and for the first time looked directly into his eyes as she danced.

Wow, the piercing black eyes, he was indeed very handsome. Mahesh didn't know from where he got the confidence that he was exhibiting on the dance floor.

If only he had been half this confident in his life he wouldn't have been single. When he had to put one arm around her waist he didn't do it the normal way. He first put his palm beside her navel near the exposed midriff of the saree and then slid the hand slowly around her waist till it reached her back.

He felt her soft waist flesh as he pulled her closer to him. He pulled her close enough to feel the softness of her breasts and have a peek of her cleavage. For a moment both let go of each other as a waiter approached them with cocktails. He watched her as her thirsty throat gulped down the entire glass in one go. "I need to go to the changing room," she handed him the empty glass. "Why?" "Need to find my band to get my hair into a pony. It's getting hot in here." He stood in the semi darkness watching her from the back, how beautiful she looked from the back.

Keeping the glass aside Mahesh walked behind her to the changing room. She stood with her back towards him, going through her handbag to find that band. "Why are you following me, it doesn't look good," she glanced back on hearing the noise. Mahesh stood there admiring her back, "Are you having a good time?" "Yes," she smiled as she put her hair into a pony.

This made her slender neck visible and Mahesh moved towards her. He hugged her from behind, hugged her so close that he could feel his manhood against her soft ass. "What are you doing?" Kavya protested Mahesh just held onto her and kissed her neck softly. "What if someone walks in, leave……" Kavya's voice went softer as Mahesh kissed her neck.

Now slowly he brought his palms upwards till they reached her breasts. He felt the softness of her mounds as he squeezed them slowly.

There was no protest from Kavya now, just her rapid breathing as he continued pressing her breasts while kissing her neck. The moment soon came to an end as the music stopped outside and brought back the two to their normal senses, lest anyone would discover them. ***** The Sangeeth was over and after one last drink as a toast for the soon to be a wedded couple; the entire group started the journey back home. Kavya and Mahesh were in different cars but their thoughts were with each other throughout the journey.

Kavya could feel the wetness between her thighs, she found it hard to recollect when was the last time she felt so turned on. When they reached home Kavya tried to find Mahesh but couldn't find him. He appeared a few minutes later as her friend called her. "Stay with me in my room tonight, we are going to play a game of cards, all gals club." beamed the bride as she went on explaining, "We can catch up too on lots of gossips, from tomorrow evening it's going to be really hectic for me, won't get the time with you.

First, there is puja tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow the wedding in the early hours and reception in the evening." "Sure let me just freshen up and come," Kavya said wondering deep inside what new things would unfold once she goes to her room and Mahesh comes up.

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As she made her way to the stairs she heard Mahesh's name being called out, some arrangements for the next day weren't yet done and the uncle's wanted the young folk to ensure completion by working through the night. Kavya felt relieved knowing that Mahesh wouldn't be coming up. Her relief was only shortlived as soon she saw Mahesh climbing the stairs behind her. What now, her heart started beating fast.

The corridor light wasn't yet turned on the third floor.

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As Kavya stretched her hand to switch on the light, Mahesh held her hand back. He caught hold of her and turned her around in a swift move.

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Before Kavya could realize what was happening and react, Mahesh drew her closer and his lips met hers. There was just a moment's resistance from her before she opened her mouth and allowed his tongue in. As Mahesh's tongue found a way and started exploring her mouth, Kavya's hands held his head and shoulders tightly. It was a passionate kiss from the beginning and soon each other's hands were exploring the other's body while their tongues were embracing.

They kissed for a couple of minutes after which his hand slid inside her waistcoat and inner's and made way deep inside. She caught hold of his hand, "No, I need to go down immediately, not now." "Even I need to go, let's do it quickly, I bought protection on the way home," he begged.

"No, they may come up looking for us." she stopped his hand again. "I need you badly Kavya," he pleaded. She wanted him too but was scared of being discovered. She looked at his handsome eyes and paused for a few seconds, held his hand and led him to her room. "We need to be quick, real quick." she re-emphasized while closing the door. She left the light off as there was a dim light streaming through the windows.

She lifted her saree up and removed her panty. "I cannot undress and wear the saree again, it's too time-consuming". This was the first time that Mahesh was looking at a vagina. His penis was throbbing with anticipation as he removed his clothes and wore a condom. Kavya lied down on the bed and Mahesh climbed on her. She wanted to hold his manhood and feel it but before she could do anything she felt a hard thrust against her vagina.

With the wetness of her pussy his penis slid very quickly into her and soon his entire penis was deep inside her. Mahesh was endowed with good length and girth making Kavya moan relishing the feel of him inside her.

Soon their lips locked again as Mahesh started making slow thrusts. Kavya lifted her legs up in the air and locked them around Mahesh drawing him even closer to her. This made Mahesh increase his speed.


Kavya felt a sense of bliss very early; she knew it wouldn't be long before she would orgasm. Very rarely did it happen that without any foreplay and without even getting nude, she got turned on so much that she was almost feeling the begin of an orgasm.

"Faster," she moaned into his ear as she pulled him even closer. Mahesh was on frenzy now, this was the first time he was doing it and soon he was on cloud nine. Her vaginal muscles twitched as her orgasm started to begin, "Ohhhh baby …&hellip." she let out a lustful high pitched moan, no longer worried about being heard by anyone. Hearing her made him so high that he could feel that he was ready to cum. With a low groan, he continued as he felt the first squirts of his juices getting released.

Kavya pulled his face towards her and kissed as she orgasmed at the same time. They embraced each other in that position till they were completely drained of their love juices. Mahesh collapsed on the bed beside her with a smile on his face while Kavya sat on the bed arranging her saree. "I need to leave now," she said as her phone started ringing, "They must be waiting for me." "It was wonderful, the best day of my life." whispered Mahesh. Kavya smiled sarcastically, "Come on, this is just a quickie, we weren't even naked, there was no foreplay, there were a lot of things missing.

You will have your best day but not today." Mahesh smiled at her as she opened the door and said goodbye. "I will come to the room after my work is done Kavya" "Just be careful, we will get enough opportunities in the next 2 days but don't make it too obvious." she warned.

Mahesh smiled and stared at the ceiling with content.