Blond Stute bedeckt

Blond Stute bedeckt
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Chapter One-Meeting the girl.

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So I was in my 3 years of not having sex with a girl when my brother and his wife told me that I should try to find a girl to get laid by. I told them that I am afraid of the word "NO" and they ask me what I meant by it. I told them that I can't ask a girl out cause they might just say "no".


They convinced me anyways. So me being 20 years old I decided it was time. I went on craigslist and went to the personals section. I find one girl that lived near me.


So I hoped on my email account and email her and told her about me. The email goes as follows: "Hello, my name is Scott and I am 20 years old.

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I love in a small town is SC. I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and weigh about 140 lbs. I bet you that you have a beautiful little girl by the picture of you. How old is she and can you tell me about yourself?" So after a couple of days she replied with the following: "Hey, my name is Kelsey and I am 18 years old. My daughter is beautiful and look like me. I live in Anderson, SC." After I read that email, I wrote her saying asking her permission to start texting each other.

Then the next day, she text me. I didn't know who it was and I ask her. She told me it was Kelsey. I ask her how she got my phone number and she said she found it on face book. I thinking this girl is smart. We talk for about a week and I ask her if I can come meet her in Anderson. She said, "Yes." I ask her when the best time and day would be. I waited for that day and did my morning work schedule and got off work around 1 pm.

Then I rode to Anderson on my moped, cause I don't have a car and that's my only transportation. After about 2 hours on a nice journey though the back roads, I finally arrived at our meeting spot.

I went into K-Mart and bought some sexy boxers that I might think she like and went in to the bathroom and put them on.

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I then went back outside to sit on the bench and waited for her. She called me saying, "I see you." I look around and saw her beautiful face.

When she finally got to where we was at, she introduce me to her 2 year old daughter, "Karley." I ask her what do you want to do and she told me it does not matter and it was up to me. I told her lets find a hotel cause I am not riding 2 hours back home. We left K-Mart and we held hands while I ask her if I could push the stroller. After about a ten minute walk, we got to the hotel and check in and got comfortable. Kelsey feed her daughter and set up the floor for her so can good to to bed for the night.

We stayed up getting to know each other and told each other about almost everything about each other. Then finally I surprised her with a kiss. After the quick kiss, she then pulled me closer to kiss me again. We kiss that time for about thirty seconds.

Boy, was did I miss getting kiss by a girl.

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Then, I slip my hands under her shirt, and pulled her shirt off revealing her pink Victoria Secret bra. Damn, was she sexy in it. While making out with her, guess who woke up.

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We had to stop what we was doing, and take care of Karley. That only took about a minute and she fell by to sleep quick. We started to make out again, this time taking her start back off and taking her bra off. I was thinking, "damn, I thought she look sexy in the bra, but now she is mighty fine sexy without her bra." I started to kiss her nipples and they got really hard quick. She then took of my shirt and started to kiss my neck.

I really enjoyed that. While she was kissing my neck and I was playing with her tits, my dick was getting hard and hard really fast.

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She saw my cock getting hard and took off my pants and started to play with it. I told her I really enjoyed it very much and that it been a few years since a girl done that to me. I ask her if I could take her pants off and she let me.

I unbutton her pants, and she lifted her legs, and slid them off. There in front of me was a nice pink pair of thongs and a bald pussy. I ask her a couple of days if she could shave it and she said she didn't mind. I slid her panties off so she was now fully naked and I wanted to insert my hard cock in her but I decided to wait and finger her first. I insert my first finger and she moan out loud.

It sounded like this was her first time. I slowly push it in and out of her now soaking wet pussy. I tried it with two fingers and with that she moaned even louder. I then took them out after about five minutes playing with her pussy and decided it was time to eat her out till she cums. I pulled her down to where I was on the bed and put my head in front of her pussy. I then inserted my tongue into her wet pussy and bite her clit and lick her pussy all the way around.

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She finally screamed, "I'M CUMMING, DON'T STOP SCOTT!!!" I continued eating her and licking her till she finally came all over.

I told her it was my turn and I lied on back and she got on her knees and started to suck my rock hard cock.

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She started off slow and went a little faster each time. Darn, guess you have to wait for the rest of the story if y'all like.