Stacy Silver Has Her Asshole Drilled

Stacy Silver Has Her Asshole Drilled
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Mom gets sold again and Loves it. Jill sat at the kitchen Sunday morning, her son Evan was still asleep but she couldn't stop thinking about the events of Friday and Saturday. Evans two friends had given her the best sex she ever had, and she had no intentions of giving them up.

The phone rang it was her husband Al, she answered with a cheery hello due to the fact she was still leaking cum form both openings. The conversation went on until he told her he would probably be home by the weekend. She was surprised as she was hoping to see the guys at least one of the days.

The conversation finally ended, after hanging up the phone she heard Evan banging around so she started breakfast. As they sat eating Jill told Evan his father was due home over the weekend. "Well mom I guess Gary and Luther are screwed this weekend as they were trying to be hear Saturday".

"Shit, fuck I'd rather have them here then sit home and watch your dad sleep in his chair".

Evan was quite for a minute "mom are we sure he'll be home Saturday"? "No actually he said he'd be here late Friday". "Mom if you want I could have them stay over anyway, then when dad was asleep you could slip into my room".

She thought about it for a minute she shook her head "no you know how much noise I make when there here I'm afraid I'd wake him and then there would be a fine mess". Evan nodded. "Mom you talk to them every day so tell them see what they can come up with, they may have a better idea".

"Besides its only Sunday, Friday is a long way away".

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She chuckled, "your right honey I'll see what they say". The three of them had been on the phone almost all day trying to work around the problem. At 4 Luther called "Jill I have a question"?

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"What"! "Wednesday I could be there by one, Gary can't get out of his classes but I'll be free my friend Brutus will be with me if you think that can work". She hesitated for a moment "Luther baby I thought we agreed no one would know but the three of us".

There was a long pause "Jill your right, but here's the thing. He's the center on the team, he has a van tricked out with bar and bed, if we tell him he's got to keep it quiet I know he will". Jill started chewing her bottom lip this could get complicated as they would be bringing another person into the mix. "Luther baby give me a little time to think, I'll call you back later". No sooner had she hung up then Luther was skyping with Evan, they discussed how Evan would get another 100 for Wednesday if it was doable.

"I'll see what she thinking we may be able to make it work give me some time. Evan walked into the den where Jill was sitting staring off into space. "Mom did you guys work out the issue"? She looked at him blankly "not exactly honey he wants to bring Brutus instead of Gary.

Gary can't get out of his classes, I really want to see Luther but I'm very uneasy with another person". Evan sat in a chair and nodded. "I understand how you must feel but Brutus is a gentle giant, he can be trusted". She looked into his eyes "you really feel he can be trusted"? "Without a doubt, the thing is he is 6' 9" inches, the joke at school is no girl will let him near them".

A coy simile appeared on her lips, "Evan do you think I can handle him"? Evan gave her the same coy smile "mom after what I saw this weekend my moneys on you". They both laughed "mom this is just something else to consider, the team need a mom to watch out for them especially on road trip. You get your own room, the school pays for it. Then even when the teams away your friends can give you special attention no one will suspect a thing, including dad". "Just how do go about it"?


Smiling broadly "just tell Luther you'll do it". "I'm still not sure about it, I really don't want to be the teams cum bucket, although it would certainly be a lot of fun".

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Evan saw the financial possibilities so he encouraged her. "Well we have two issues, first Wednesday Brutus then team cum bucket". They both started to giggle.

"Mom would it be ok if you gave me another blow job"? "Sure honey now"? "No in about an hour I've got some studying to do. Would it be ok if you wore the red cum soaked panties and no bra"? Looking at him coyly she smiled "I see you agree with the guys about how good I look covered with cum". Evan stood he was heading for the stairs "give me about an hour the come in". He got Luther on the computer and explained his plan. It was simple from now on she would be the teams cum bucket.

Luther, Gary and perhaps Brutus would refer to her as Jill the cum bucket. She would volunteer to be team chaperone attend all the games home and away. If this worked Evan would be paid 200 a week for the entire season. Luther agreed only if Wednesday they had a threesome. He had just turned off his computer when he heard her knock on his door. Quickly he opened a porn site as she walked in.

"Honey watching porn"? she said as she entered. She was standing in his room in the pair of red panties which were crusted in dried cum. She placed her hands on her hips her large nipples already starting to show signs of excitement. "I think you really like me with this look"? "YES I do you're my cum bucket".

Her face showed a surprised look then it turned into a smile. "I really like being a cum bucket, now get those pants off get on the bed and let me have some fun". He was on the bed naked, she pushed his legs up and went to work licking his balls and asshole while slowly stroking his cock.

The sensation was fantastic, "mom it feels wonderful but I'm not going to last much longer. She looked at him moved to his cock and swallowed the entire thing down her throat.

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It only took a few minutes till he stiffened and shot his first load directly down into her stomach, she pulled back so only his cock head was in her mouth she continued until she sucked him dry. She smiled and open her mouth showing him a mouthful of cum then she just swallowed it down. She sat there for a moment before speaking, "so what do you think about me telling Luther to bring Brutus"? Evan was watching her tits sway "for my money I think you should go for it, if dad come home Friday or Saturday and you want so attention he's got the van".

She nodded "true enough the only thing that concerns me is his size". Evan shook his head "mom you handled Luther without any trouble and seemed to enjoy the hell out of it. Gary is no small fry either so what the fuck". Nodding her head in agreement "as long as they go slow in the beginning its ok".

Now question he had wanted to ask her for a couple of days, "mom would it be ok if we fucked? Her face showed total surprise. "Honey a blow job is one thing fucking is totally another matter, I'll have to think about it for a while".

She stood up to leave the coy smile returned but I'm a great cocksucker and you seem to enjoy my blow jobs so that's it for a while". Evan opened the computer to talk to Luther to tell him the news. Later that day she called Luther to discuss their plans for Wednesday. She told him she was going out to get a sexy bra and matching boy short, he told her he'd like green as the wet patches would show.

She giggled "this cum thing really works for you babe". His response was immediate.


Jill you're our very own cum bucket we want you to be happy, gooey and full". She laughed "if that's what you guys want, what time will you be here"? "I'm guessing around 1". She smiled to herself "its ok if your early". She had bought the new outfit she told Luther about in green, it was Wednesday morning at 11:30 she was dressed.

Looking at herself in the mirror she nodded in approval. You are how bitch went through her mind. She headed to the kitchen for a glass of wine she wanted to relax a bit before the guys showed up. At 12:45 she saw a van pull into the driveway, as the doors opened a giant black guy got out of the driver's side while Luther came around the front.

They headed to the front door, as they were about to knock she opened the door enough to allow them to come in. She put her arms around Luther's neck pulling him down to her. She being 5'2" Luther was 6'1". Mouth open her tongue was in his mouth, he fondled her tits and squeezed her ass, she was moaning after 10 seconds. The separated and Luther said "Jill meet Brutus".

Her arms went to his neck she opened her mouth and now a new tongue was there. He groped her tits ass and crotch before they broke the kiss. "Can I get you guys something to drink"? They looked at each other Brutus said "I'd have a beer if you have any". Luther chimed in "I'll take one as well babe we'll go sit in the den and roll a joint".

She raised an eyebrow as she wiggled into the kitchen for their beers. "Wow Lu she has a great ass, she turned with a big smile "Thanks Bru she continued into the kitchen. A few minutes later she came back with the beer and wine for her. The joint was lit both guys had taken hits so they passed it to her she took two drags and passed it back. They repeated this until the joint was gone. She realized they needed more beer. As she stood she realized her legs were a little wobbly, the doorbell rang and she went and opened it to find Gary standing there with a big smile.

"I decided to cut class for a piece of your ass babe". She was laughing "sounds good to me honey want a beer while I'm up"?

"Yup" he headed into the den she wiggled into the kitchen. While she was getting the drinks she heard the conversation, it was all about her the wine and pot had created a warm relaxed feeling in her. As she left the kitchen Brutus told both guys "I want her now"! She gave them all their drinks took a sip of her wine smiled at Brutus. He stood up grabbed her by the waist, threw her over his shoulder and said "I'm getting some of this fine ass now, which way to her bedroom"?

Gary pointed and he was off, Jill was laughing so hard her eyes were watering. He got he to the room where he put her down. With one hand on her hip and a wide smile she looked up at him "well hi their big guy you see something you really want"? Picking her up he laid them on the bed her bra came off exposing two very hard nipples ready for sucking. After sucking both of them for several minutes he started rubbing her clit, she was moaning softly but steadily. She pulled her panties down "baby I think this is what you want"?

He stripped and was back next to her, as she rubbed his cock it started swelling, it was at least 11 inches. "My god babe" he looked a little disappointed "too much for you Jill"? "OH no honey but go very slow until we've see how I handle him. Brutus rubbed the head of his cock on her very moist pussy lips she was moaning he pushed forward and the head slipped in.

Her eye shot open "ok big guy now we go very slow and see how it goes". Brutus pushed his cock in her slowly moving it back and forth with slow steady strokes.

Her body responded by clamping on his cock and milling it. He got to her cervix, her eyes opened again "babe push slowly now". As he did she felt a shiver from deep within her she knew one very powerful orgasm was coming very soon. She started thrusting her mound up to meet his downward strokes.

They were working a good rhythm, grabbing his arms she held tight as the powerful orgasm racked her body with many waves of pleasure. Suddenly he pushed even deep, his body stiffen, a moment she had the sensation of warm liquid cum filling her womb to overflow. This sent her into orbit, all she could do was moan "oh my fucken god oh my fucken god. After a few minutes Brutus rolled off her "Jill that is some great pussy girl I hope you want to be our cum bucket".

She smiled "well thank you sir you have given this girl reason to accept the position of cum bucket". She leaned on her elbow and saw Gary and Luther standing their cocks at attention.


"Well I see my friends are ready, can we do a double guy's"? They gave her thumbs up. Luther laid on the bed she mounted him, cum was running out of her like a facet. Gary lubed up his cock and pushed it in to the hilt. She was moaning, thrashing and crying, "Oh god it feels wonderful please fuck me deep".

They kept the rhythm up for several minutes, Gary who was at her back door pulled her hips toward him, she felt his cock spurting cum in her bowels. That caused her pussy to erupt in another explosive orgasm which caused Luther to cum causing her to continue to have several additional orgasms. The uncoupled as Brutus grabbed her, he was sitting up he put her in his lap impaling her on his swollen cock. This time because of cum and pussy juice his entire cock went right in. He pounded her for ten minutes giving her at least six orgasms before he pulled her down grunted as she once again felt hot cum flowing deep into her womb.

She screamed as yet another orgasm overtook her. She rolled of Brutus but Gary and Luther had other ideas Luther was at her back door Gary got the pussy, there was cum everywhere as they got their rhythm, all she could do was cry, her pussy had never felt so good.

"Guys my pussy has never felt this good it's yours, if you want a cum bucket I'm your girl". Both guys pulled her at the same time and sg=he was rewarded with more cum in her bowels and pussy. Now a little tired they all sat up, she jumped off the bed got the panties and slipped the on.

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She laid back down and went to work cleaning three very dirty cocks. After cleaning their cocks, she gave Gary and Luther blow job, she worked Brutus's cock but could only get three quarters in her throat. When he came it was much a large volume of cum and it came out with such force it gaged her and came threw her nose down her throat and out the sides of her lips.

She managed to swallow all of it in her mouth. The guys told her leave it on your face it's a great look. She was covered in cum from her hair to her toes. The panties were completely soaked. Brutus looked at her "if you see my van parked in the street come in and get some".

"I most definitely will babe, are you guys coming over next week even if Al is home"? All three in unison said you bet we are. "Jill we have a question the team need a chaperone aka cum bucket when we have away games, we could get coach Higgins to give you the job". She thought about it for a minute "I could only do it if Evan was involved". Brutus laughed "done we need a guy to do the stats as the guy who is doing it now will be quitting tomorrow, right guys"!

She smiled "well if that's the deal I'm your chaperon, cum bucket and cocksucker, anything else I need to do"? Brutus said "Jill I want a few pictures of you covered in cum like you are now ok"? Before she could react they had taken shots of her in cum soaked panties with the rest of her covered in white sticky fluid. "Brutus I don't mind being gooey sticky and walking funny but no more photos".

"ok Jill but you are one hot momma with a great rack and magnificent ass. I can't wait till we get to fuck again". The guys left 20 minutes later just as Evan rolled in, they stopped briefly to chat in the driveway then they left in the van. He came in and got a drink and headed to hi room, Jill was sitting on her bed soaked, she had pulled cum from her hair and put it in her mouth.

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Their right she thought I am a cum bucket. "Hi honey what's up"? "Well for starters I'm the new stat guy for the team so the coach will be calling to ask you to chaperone the away game. She was giggling "what's up mom"? A big glob of cum just popped out if my butt, it felt funny". "Mom you need to clean up so we can get dinner". "I know but I'm not brushing my teeth until tomorrow I can still taste them and its great".

"Remember dad will be home in two days". She sighed, "I know it will probably take that long to not be walking funny" Evan got up to go to his room" Evan about our conversation of this morning I think it would be ok if we fucked, your father doesn't care and the guys are happy with my pussy and ass and don't mind sharing me.

I'm very happy with them and you did help me with this new sex life and we will need to cover each other once in a while so we can start Friday morning if you'd like"? He smiled "I'll be waiting for you Friday at 6 mom".