Intense Barebacking Sex Of Gays

Intense Barebacking Sex Of Gays
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The cold air pressed against Scarlett's soft, pale, but rose colored cheeks. Her eyes gleamed as the moon shone, and the stars around it, magnificently reflected in them. Her long black hair fell in her face, as part flew around.

She had no place to go. Johnny, her boyfriend who was 18, 3 years older than her, had decided that she was too much for him. She was childish, and refused to do anything he wanted. But it wasn't that she wanted, it was the fact that Johnny didn't have the sexualtity that she wanted.

He didn't know how she wanted to be treated as a toy.

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But a lusted after toy. Though she was 15, she knew what she wanted. She stepped along, her long black coat pressed against her body. Underneath was merely a red satin skirt that reached the tips of her black Doc's, and a black tank top. Though the coat was thick, her body still shivered.

Where am I supposed to go? I can't go home. It would be too obvious that I'm even more depressed. She thought as little tears fell from her almost black eyes.

This fucking sucks. She took a deep breath as she found her way to a small cafe that was open late. And so she ordered her coffee, but nothing special. Just something warm to ease her wounded and peirced soul. Scarlett took her regular seat-the window- and sipped on the steaming coffee. How could he call me childish? Just because I wouldn't fuck him? She fell into thought, feeling as if she was alone. She thought she loved Johnny, but realized that he only lusted after her.

She took a sip of her coffee, she looked out the window and saw a pair of bright green eyes looking upon her. They were intense and drew her in, even though she had no idea who they belonged to. A car passed by, and the eyes disappeared. She sighed in contemplation. Scarlett finished her coffee, and pressed on. It was nearly 12, but the night never frightened Scarlett. She considered herself nocternal sometimes. The nights were her favorite time to just.feel alive.

She passed by the ally, where a cool breeze swept up, and swam through her legs. She couldn't help but feel her body tingle at this. And she pressed on. She finally arrived at her friend Cynthia's house. Cynthia was her best friend who would openly make her feel better. And so she climbed up the drain pipe, and knocked on Cynthia's window.

She saw that Cynthia was obviously busy with her boyfriend Bobby. "Fuck." Scarlett said to herself and climbed back down. She jumped onto the green grass and walked on. Tears fell down her cheeks as she cried openly, knowing she had no one to talk to.

No one to make her feel better. And so at the corner, where a stop sign rested, Scarlett sat down. She rested her face in her hands, and wept. The streetlight was bright as she sat there for 5 long minutes of pure, somber, weeping.

And then she suddenly felt a light pressure against her shoulder. She looked up and saw a man with bright green eyes that seemed to look through her, stared back. But after 15 seconds, she jumped, and looked at the man wearing a black leather jacket and black jeans. She didn't speak, but turned around and ran. She ran as fast as her large boots could take her. She reached the end of the street, turned around, and saw the man was nowhere to be found.

Breathing heavily, she turned back around and jumped. The man was there, leaning against the street light. He looked at her, cocking an eyebrow. "H-h-how'd you do that?" She breathed heavily. The man didn't speak, just stood there. Scarlett felt motionless as the man looked at her. But finally, he moved. He threw his much heavier weight upon her body and wrapped his lips around her neck. She grabbed at his back and clawed in pain.

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She felt her blood being pulled from the veins. The feeling became sensual. And for a moment, she became aroused. But Scarlett then remembered that this man was trying to kill her. But the power of the sensuality was no longer in restistance. She fell to her knees, the pace of her breaths becoming swift.

She moaned slightly as she felt the man finish. He backed away, her blood dripping from his plump limps. She looked at him drowsily, and saw the man smile as if he were satisfied.

He stood up, and stepped behind her. But Scarlett didn't realize this. Her head had become light, and she became dizzy. Suddenly, she felt her head hit the hard concrete. The man lifted her up, and carried her away. He took her to his large New Orleans home.

He opened th large frech doors, and took her upstairs to his room. The walls that were painted deep red with a gold lining, and candles hung on the walls. Veils hung along the bed, and the man lay Scarlett down.

He walked into the large bathroom, and drew a large bath. Rose petals rested upon the heated water. He stepped over to the sink, an wiped away Scarlett's blood from his lps. He sighed and looked at his face. His hair had been shaved away many years ago, leaving him with a close cut to his head. He still remembered how it everything happened.

And as he reflected, her heard Scarlett stir. He looked one last moment in the mirror, and rushed back into the bedroom, where Scarlett's eyes fluttered open to look at him.

Her skin was white and milky like him. Her eyes had become black with pools of silver. The man stepped up to her, and smiled lightly. Scarlett didn't recoil though.

Instead, she felt her face. The smoothness gave her bare chills, and so she shook lightly. She reached her tongue to her teeth and felt something different. 2 pointed teeth. Then on the other side, 2 more. Her eyes widened in horror, so she took a deep breath and looked around. Everything seemed different. "What happened?" She asked finally. The man looked at her smiled. "Come, my love, I have prepared a bath for you." He said in a beautiful, deep, Scottish accent.

He extended his hand to her, offering to help her. And she took it. He lead her to the large bathtub, and as she stood still, he bagan peeling back her clothes. He pulled away the large coat and let it drop to the ground.

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He looked at her pale shoulder and touched it with his hand, slowly sliding the straps to her bra and tank top. Scarlett shivered lightly as he pulled the tank top off over her body. He stepped around to face her. And there he eyed here volumptuous breasts. He touched her bare abdomen, and with his index and middle finger, he pulled the silky skirt down, exposing a black g-string. He knelt down on one knee, closing his eyes. Scarlett placed her hand on his shoulder for balance as he pulled off her boots.

And as he set the large boots down he stood back up and looked down at Scarlett.


He felt at long last at peace. Scarlett though, felt comforted as well. But why, that she didn't know. She'd changed in less than an hour. From human to a newborn vampire. Why was she so comforted that a nameless man was undressing her and placing her into a large bathtub. The man reached behind Scarlett and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the ground.

He reached down and slowly slid the g-string off, not breaking eye contact with Scarlett. He grabbed her soft hand and led her to the tub. He assisted her getting in, and sat at the steps as she sank in. He grabbed a black cloth and dipped it into the water. He dragged it along her fragile back. And so she finally spoke. "What's your name?" She asked "William Fey." He said.

His long fingers crept along Scarlett's neck as she allowed him to bathe her youthful body. "Please forgive me. I just couldn't resist you." He smirked. "What have I become?" Scarlett blurts out. "A vampire. And you will belong to me." William told her. "Oh." Scarlett said easily, blinking once. "But please, let me ease you're pain and thoughts.

I know you're displeased with this situation. That I have taken you from your past life. But as I recall, everything seemed ripped apart. You're love had ripped your heart out and called you childish. You're closest friend wasn't there to console you." William said. "That is why I have brought you here. I wanted to take you away from the pain of that you have felt." William stood up and put his back to Scarlett. His chin rested on his chest. Scarlett stood, beads of water rest on her nude body.

She stepped out of the tub, gracefully and angelically glided to William. She wrapped her still wet arms around him black button up shirt and rested her head upon his back. Still nude, she stayed there for a moment. "What have I done?" William asked himself.

"You are a child." He said. "No, I am not.


I am in-human." Scarlett replied. She looked around and found a towel resting on the sink. She wrapped it around her body and stepped away.

William followed, and looked at her wet body. He licked his lips and eyed her up and down. He wanted her badly. He wanted to put himself inside her young body. Scarlett turned around and saw William looking at her with sultry, lust-filled eyes. He approached her and stood a hand width away from her body. And then, looking down at her, he kissed her. Passionatly, sliding his tonge into her mouth, and she returning her tongue.

He put his hands around her waist, and makes the kiss even more intense. He backed her up to a post of the bed and wrapped her arms around it.

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William dragged his hand to one of the veils and pulled it around Scarlett's arms, so tight she couldn't move. He pulled the towel off of Scarlett's virginal body. He looked at her nude body and couldn't help himself.

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He fell to his knees and started licking her abdomen. He licked it down to her clean shaven pussy that was becoming wet. He reached his long, slender fingers up, and slid them across her crease. Scarlett bit her lip. He didn't push his fingers all the way up, just teased her lips. With his other hand, he squeezed her rosey nipples, twisting and turning. Scarlett needed to get free. She wanted William. She wanted him so bad.

And so she wiggled, and squirmed, but Will still teased her. He then finally stood up and looked at her. He untied her, but didn't give her the freedom she wanted. He held her hands behind her back and threw her onto the bed. He yet again tied her up, but this time with chains that had been on his bedside table.

Scarlett's body tingled as she lay on her back and as Will tied her up. He was still clothed, which made her want to undress him so badly, but she had no control. Will stood up and walked out of the room. Scarlett sat there, squirming, wanting this man so badly.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes. But then she heard him enter. She saw him holding something;a snake.

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She yet again bit her lip as Will approaced. He knelt down on the bed, and let the snake slither onto Scarlett's body. The snake made it's way up to Scarlett's large breasts, and wiggled between them, making Scarlett wet.

Will stroked her face as the snake found its way down her abdomen, then to her pubic line. Scarlett breathed heavily as the snake slithered down into her pussy. She threw her head back in ecstacy. But still, she wanted William. She felt the snake lifted from her wet pussy, and she curled her toes. "Fuck me." She whispered as Will set the snake on the bed, away from her. "Oh God, fuck me now!" She screamed. Will stood up, teasing Scarlett yet again. Her chest beat up and down.

She couldn't help herself. She struggled, and struggled, until she felt the chains break open. She popped up, seeing William in pure awe. She reached her hand down to her wet, warm pussy, and slid her fingers along it. Will licked his lips as he watched her finger fuck herself. He walked up to her and kisses her lips, as she moans from her own pleasure. Her fingers slide out of herself, and Will licks her salty, warm cum off. Scarlett moaned heavily. Then, she pushed Will off her, causing him to fall to the ground.

She crawled atop him and straddled him, her remaining cum spilling onto his pants. She unbuttons Will's shirt, practically ripping it. Then, his buily body was exposed.

She grinded against his hips a little more, then reached down, unzipping the pants. She felt his huge 10 inch cock poke out with a certain needing. She slid his pants down and then his boxers.

She smiled, and slid her lips around his huge hard on. With her teeth poking at his dick everytime she went up, Will moaned. And so she swiftened her pace, going faster. And as he reached his climax and exploded in her mouth, she swollowed everything.

Will grabbed her hair and harshly pulled her up. He pushed her on her back, and sat on top of her. He jammed his huge cock into her tight, virginal pussy, causing her to moan in pain and pleasure. But Will didn't care. He went as hard as he could, and as fast as he could.

He didn't stop until he felt he was about to cum, and so he did. And Scarlett followed soon after. Both their juices swam on each other. They both lay there for a moment.


Until Scarlett sat up. She put one of her knees over Will's face, and squated so her pussy was right above his face. He stuck his tongue into her, and wiggled it around for a bit. He rolled his tongue around her, giving Scarlett the best pleasure ever. Will suddenly stopped. "Don't stop." Scarlett moaned. "Wait." Will stood up. Scarlett grabbed his hand. "Don't go." She groaned, but Will pulled on his pants and his leather jacket. He stepped out of the room, the door. Scarlett was dumbfounded and so she pulled on her skirt and shirt and sat on the bed.

She fell backwards, resting her hand over her aching, throbbing pussy. Moments later, she heard the door open, and someone walk upstairs. She hoped it was Will, and when the shadows appeared, then soon the body, she saw him. But he was carrying a limp body. "What's this?" Scarlett asked playfully. Will carried the body to the bed, and dropped it next to Scarlett.

"You're probably thirsty, aren't you." Will asked. Scarlett nodded, and looked at the man that lay next to her. She bent down, and first, licked his neck, then finally, bit in. She gulped the blood down. Oh, how sweet it tasted. She could hear his heart pounding and pounding, and then finally fade. It faded drastically, and stopped. She sat up and breathed heavily. Blood ran from her face, and Will walked over to her. He licked it off, then kissed her passionatly and dominatingly.

He shoved the body off the bed, and continued kissing her. "" WIll said through little kissed.

"I already am yours." Scarlett responded.