Rough strap on guy it wasnt wise of marsha may to get into a taxi and not have enough

Rough strap on guy it wasnt wise of marsha may to get into a taxi and not have enough
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May was a nice young girl.

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Sweet, short, petite, but she had a dark side. She may be the straight A student in school, who was the best in chess, wore glasses and always maintained her uniform, but when schools out, she turns into something else. She wasn't always innocent.

A sweet 14 year old, with b cups, brown hair and a sweet voice.


She ran down the road after school, her uniform all ironed well and proper, and slipped into the old house at the end of the road. She knocked 3 times on the floorboard and went to the living room.

She smiled as she waved innocently and giggled. She looked around and giggled. '4 blacks and one white girl? Perfection' as she knelt down and proceeded to devour all 4 cocks, sucking on one as her hand rubbed one in each hand and the final cock using her hair as a sleeve.

She smiled with the huge cock in her mouth stretching her jaw as her hands pumped furiously, the room filling with moans of both men and girl. The guys fucked her hands and face and her hair as they felt they were hard enough and lifted her off her feet.

Her clothes, still on her tiny body, were left alone, making her sweat profusely as her skirt was lifted revealing she wasn't wearing panties at all.

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She was sandwiched between 2 big black men, as they all called out 'OREO!' and she was penetrated in her pussy and ass with ease as they pounded away into the 14 year old. She grabbed a cock in each hand and tilted her head so it rested on the shoulder of the guy in her ass as she closed her eyes and felt every movement, every nerve, every vein.

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Thrust after thrust. She felt an orgasm coming as she screamed and bucked between the two men, crying out as the cocks turned from black to black covered in creamy pussy juices. They fell onto the back of the ass-fucking black guy, as they pounded away, with a cock in her mouth and another giving her a cocko to rub.

They pounded away as everyone moaned loudly and she felt every cock swell as her pussy twitched with the impending massive orgasm. Cum flew everywhere, as she cried out and shook with an earth-shattering orgasm. Every nerve in all their bodies broke out in pleasure as cum filled her womb, ass, mouth and all over her body as they blasted in and all over her uniform.

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She laid there as the guys rubbed the last drops of cum onto her uniform and laid next to her. They laughed loudly and said. 'same tomorrow, boys?

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I think I should have my assembly right after I head here so we could give the school a surprise hehe' 'fucking right bitch, we could crash the assembly and cheer her on. How about it fellas?

We head to assembly tomorrow and cheer out little cum dumpster on?' There was a mutual moan amongst the men as they licked their lips, as May giggled and pinched each cock once, knowing she was theirs, and they were hers.

The next day, she stopped over at the house again. She wore her pristine uniform, only having taken a photo for the assembly 10 minutes before, and smiled seeing the crowd of 10 black guys standing before her.

'so guys, I just took a photo for the assembly and they expect me to arrive in the same way. So I decided I'll arrive and show everyone my true colors.

Black' she winked at them.

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The guys cheered on as she kissed the leader on the lips, making out with him hard as she lifted her leg to wrap around him. The room filled with the sound of zippers opening as she screamed at the biggest cock out of the gang filling her pussy, as another filled her ass and mouth, the rest fighting over the touch of her skin.


On the floor of the carpet was a mass of black flesh, with the rare sight of her tiny white feet poking out of the pile of bodies. The room filled with moans as thrusts could be heard echoing, moans and groans filled the corridors as juices, both pre-cum and pussy juice and sweat, dripped from the bodies of the fucking animals, making the carpet smell which only spurred the people on.

Each vein, each nerve, each muscle, each drop of pre-cum, May could feel. She had closed her eyes to focus on every detail, every ounce of muscle working on her.


As the guys began to thrust harder n harder, she knew the inevitable was about to happen. Her uniform was wet, its ironed condition ruined by her sweat, as the guys began to cum in her pussy, in her bowels, in her mouth, her hair and on her uniform as cum flew past her eyes, looking like shooting stars as she laughed and giggled like a innocent schoolgirl, causing more cum to fly.

She laid back smiling, covered and soaking in cum, as she knew it looked as if she had taken a bath in cum.

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They helped her up and into the back of the truck. The assembly was always held outside, with the headmaster and every well known official in the town present. She could never forget the looks on their faces when they drove up to the stage, May running out to the microphone, covered in cum and yelling out.

'I'm a black cum slut and I love black cock.

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Fuck you all! Im the smartest girl in the school and behind all your backs, I've been fucking black cocks.' The last thing she remembered was her parents sobbing as she rode off with her new gang, making out as the looks of her friends and teachers were forever embedded in her memory.