Meaty Pussy Gets Hands On Orgasm Treatment

Meaty Pussy Gets Hands On Orgasm Treatment
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After last night with Cal I didn't think I could walk a straight line. It was the best fuck of my life. I don't think I ever came four times in my life. The thoughts of Pierre consumed my thoughts until I fell asleep. Pierre is a massage therapist and Cal and I were going to ask Pierre if he would give me an erotic massage while my husband, Cal, watched. Role playing fantasies made our sex life so great for the past eight years.

Getting a sexual massage while on our second honeymoon was a real turn-on, for Cal. I still wasn't quite up to it, but I was willing to try anything to make my man happy. I have to secretly admit, the thought of an erotic massage did make me a bit excited. Just as luck would have it, on our first day in Florida we attended a holistic convention on our way to the Keys.

Cal was trying to get me more in the mood and felt that seeing what massage is about may help. Let me say it did. As we were about to leave the convention, we stopped to discuss massage techniques with one of the practitioners. My heart started beating faster. The masseur we met reminded me of an old flame, Tommy Z. His physical features and even his mannerisms brought back memories and at that point it didn't take much coaxing from Cal to have me try a sample massage.

As I lay on the table receiving my massage, I closed my eyes and allowed thoughts of the years of torrid sex I had with Tommy before my marriage. I was aroused from my day dreaming and got up from the table. I thanked Pierre, and Cal even offered to pay him but he refused any money. I felt relaxed; and wet. I never told Cal exactly how great that massage felt. Nor did I tell him who he reminded me of. Pierre happened to be staying with a few other friends at the same motel as Cal and I.

During dinner, Cal asked me if I really liked my massage today and if I would be willing to go through with a full body massage. I told Cal that getting a massage with your clothes on is a lot different than getting one with your clothes off.

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We went back to the motel without further discussion about massage. We headed for the lounge later that evening to have a few refreshing drinks. That's where we met Pierre again. He joined us for a drink and soon, the topic of massage came up. I knew it would; Cal in his sweet way coaxing me to try a full body massage.

The idea of taking off all my clothes for a stranger wasn't on the top of my list of things to do. Before the evening ended, I told Cal I would go through with it. If he wanted to see me getting a sexual massage, I better get used to the idea of taking my clothes off. A full body massage would help; and Pierre would be the one to do it. I survived my first massage and was now looking forward to my next. Cal and I got up and headed for breakfast. We hoped to see Cal there, but instead we met his friends Gary and Louise.

They mentioned that Pierre had gone diving with Jessica and would be back late this afternoon. That sounds like a great idea, Cal. We were going to do some diving and today looks like a perfect day for it. He agreed and off we went for the day. We had a fantastic time together in the warm currents. It was fun but exhausting. Even though we are both in good physical shape, we both ached from using muscles that haven't been used.

I said to myself, "L. Kay, you sure can use a massage tonight." We showered and headed for the lounge for a light supper and a few drinks. Pierre was waiting for a table with Jessica; and invited Cal and I to join them. I didn't want to intrude on their night but Pierre insisted and Cal was all for it. We all talked about our diving experiences that day.

Cal mentioned all the new muscles that he and I had discovered and jokingly mentioned how a massage would help. Jessica and Pierre spoke in unison and suggested they would be happy to give us both a massage after dinner tonight. I wasn't expecting this. I wasn't sure how this would work out. Getting a massage in private for the first time was hard enough. Now I was about to be in a group massage session.

Even though the group was Cal and Jessica, I didn't know how I would react. Would I be able to go through with this again? I've gotten undressed in front of a stranger once in eight years, now I have to do it once more within twenty four hours of the first. I'm still very shy and modest about being naked. Can I do this again? Will Pierre be able to make me feel as relaxed as he did yesterday?

Maybe another daiquiri before I head back to the room will help. Yesterday I used alcohol as an excuse; it seemed to have worked out O.K. Well, if I get carried away and reach out and grab Pierre's thick cock, I'll just tell Cal it must have been the drinks.

This time Cal and I went to Jessica's room and Pierre brought his table over. We talked a little more while we undressed and prepared for our evening massages. The tables were side by side but facing in opposite ends. It worked out better that way. I didn't want Cal to look directly across at my face and see the pleasure I was receiving.

Cal was actually the shy one tonight. He left his shorts on. I noticed his eyes open wide as he watched me undress. It was like it was his first time he's ever seen me naked. I could see it pleased him as I slowly removed my top. My breasts bared full to his eyes. I was going to leave my panties on, but seeing Cal's facial expression drove me to go further. I boldly slid my panties down and off.

Cal continued to watch as I slipped my bare ass under the sheet. I wondered what was going through his mind.

Pierre started on my back before Jessica began on Cal. I purposely let out a lot of sexy moans and oohs and ahhs as Pierre touched my warm flesh.

I was hoping it would tease Cal into some reaction. Jessica was fairly tall, about 5'9" ash blonde; about a size six and a 36C bust. I've had a woman once in my life and I enjoyed it. I'm not a lesbian, but the taste of a sweet pussy was intoxicating. The flavor and aroma was still in my memory.

Watching her move in those thin shorts was turning me on. I watched as she worked on Cal's feet. Her tight ass was inches from my face. Not even three inches at several times. I wanted to touch her; I wanted to stick my tongue out to lick that succulent butt.

I was already horny and wanted to eat her pussy; maybe later. I moaned some more as Pierre slid his hands down my spine to the top of my butt. I couldn't stop moaning with pleasure as Pierre rocked me from side to side. Cal turned on his back about the same time I did. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He was enjoying his massage as well; maybe a bit too much.

Jessica had removed the sheet from Cal and as she worked on his front and his legs, I noticed his shorts were tented the whole time. I watched Jessica as she moved her hands slowly and dangerously close to her husband's shorts.

"Are men's massages different than women's? Are they allowed to be touched like that? Did she just slip her hand under the cuff? Cal twitched. "Damn it! That bitch," I thought. Just then I felt Pierre slide his hand under the sheet that was covering me. He didn't hesitate and went right up between my legs and over my mound. I was shocked and a little embarrassed having Pierre do that in front of my husband. I looked over toward Cal to see if he noticed, but all I saw was Jessica's tight shapely ass facing me and blocking Cal from seeing what Pierre was doing.

I did notice that Cal's stiff member had emerged from the slit of his boxers; its tip glistening. Did Jess pry it out or did it work its way out without help. I didn't know. At that same moment, every nerve ending in my body came to life from Pierre's touch. I forgot about Cal and Jess as Pierre continued to relax me. I looked at Pierre, but didn't say a word. I looked down at his shorts and saw his tented shorts as well. The atmosphere became thick with sexual excitement. Thoughts raced through my mind of the first massage by Pierre.

He moved up the side of the table; his thick cock was an inch from my hand. I looked up at his face again as he nodded; it's as if he knew what I was thinking. His warm smooth hand was sliding up and down between my legs. My clit was getting very sensitive from the slow rubbing. I wanted to feel that slab of meat pulsing at my side. I gave it the extra inch and thrust my hand uncontrollably to the front of Pierre's shorts. I had never done anything like this since I've been married.

I don't know what came over me, but I squeezed his thick meat as he continued rubbing my lower half with his right hand.

He reached over my arm with his left hand and slowly began rubbing my right breast and hardened nipple. It felt nice. I turned back to look at Cal, to see if he approved, but Jessica's was still obscuring his view. All of a sudden my tummy began fluttering and I was quickly losing control.

I started shaking as I gripped the side of the table with my left hand. Pierre's cock was throbbing in my other as he continued rubbing me. I closed my eyes oblivious to any one else in the room and began stroking Pierre's thick cock. I wanted to take it out and put it to my mouth I was so fucking hot. I took a deep breath and held it as Pierre fingers moved like a vibrator over my clit. I shook his shaft and jerked it faster also.

A few more tugs and pinches on my right nipple and I climaxed out of control. I tried to hide it; I was sure Cal had heard me. I let out my breath and panted for a few minutes until I was under control once more.

I couldn't believe what I was doing; letting Pierre diddle me to an orgasm less than six feet from my husband. What would have happened if Cal looked over and had seen me? Would he have second thoughts about my faithfulness? I love him very much and cheating had never entered my mind. I'll blame that extra daiquiri if he asks. It's just that Pierre has such a pleasant personality and bedside manner. I found myself almost immediately relaxed and put my full trust in him.

His hands felt so nice and soothing from the other day, it was easy for me to allow him to do whatever he wanted to do tonight. I looked over at Cal. He had not seen a thing. He was sleeping as Jessica was finishing up on him. His cock was limp but the tip was still drooling a shiny stream of slippery precum onto the front of his wet shorts. Jess looked over at me, smiled and winked; did she know what Pierre did to me, or was she smiling because Cal's dick was protruding from his shorts and dripping from pleasure.

Right now, who cares!

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Three days into our second honeymoon and my modesty was blown away; totally disappeared. In a way I was glad Cal hadn't seen me enjoying my massage as much as I did. I never did tell him. It was my little secret. I was happily married to Cal and loved him very much.

I would have died if he ever found out I had strong sexual feelings toward Pierre. Before this honeymoon was over, I wanted to see Pierre's thick hard cock.

It felt twice as thick as Cal and just as a fleeting thought, I wondered what it would feel like to have something like that stretching me. I thought of some of my toys I left home, one in particular was as big as Pierre. I loved to use that one whenever I had some alone time.

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I would come every time with it. We thanked Jess and Pierre for a great massage and made an appointment with Pierre for tomorrow; our anniversary fantasy massage. "After today," I told Cal, "I hope I will be ready for tomorrow. Getting a regular massage is one hurdle I had to overcome, but moving on to an erotic massage so fast, and with an audience; even though it is you, it all seems awkward.

I know we talked about it for a long time, but now I'm not sure." Cal tried to reassure me that every thing would work out fine and that he was excited just thinking about it. Back at our room Cal and I got ready for bed.

I was still horny thinking about Pierre/Tommy. I looked at Cal lying on his back with just his shorts on. As I crawled up between his legs, I fished my hand under his cuff, much like the way I saw Jess do earlier.

Cal rose to the occasion as I helped his little 'Willie' out. I thought of Pierre and felt myself getting wet as I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his tip. A few licks and sucks and he was stiff. I pulled his boxers down his legs and straddled his boner. Lowering myself just enough so I could rub his slick head along my wet pussy.

Everything was slippery as I eased all the way down. I rode his dick like a wild woman. My tits were slapping up and down and side to side. Cal's eyes were locked on my flailing tits. My nipples felt like they were being tugged on.

I leaned forward a little so Cal could take a nipple in his mouth. I was in control as I maneuvered his hard cock against my clit. It didn't take long as I had my first climax within seconds. "Oooh, Cal, this is the best vacation ever. Oooh, Cal, I'm coming." I stopped for a few seconds while my pussy squeezed his slick pole. I turned around facing his feet and continued riding Cal. I knew he liked it even more when he could see his cock sliding in and out. Watching my ass pounding up and down sucking his cock on every upward stroke drove him wild.

I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy it also. My swollen clit was nudging his balls on every plunge. It also gave me the opportunity to mouth the name Tommy and Pierre without Cal knowing as I exploded into another powerful climax. It took a couple of minutes longer, but I could feel myself building up and enormous release.

I inhaled deeply and held my breath before I convulsively slammed down on his cock. My clit was continually being slapped by his sac on each stroke; it couldn't take another whack. I collapsed and exhaled. I could feel Cal spurt into me as I drove my steaming pussy down to his balls on my final stroke. I stayed on top of him and squeezed him for every drop. My whole body shook as my orgasm electrified my whole body.

I didn't remember dismounting, but I did recall it was a bright sunny morning when I opened my eyes. Day four, I needed a rest before Cal and I could proceed with our honeymoon fantasy. Cal was going to play golf today; golf is not my thing. I told Cal I was planning on doing nothing but lounge around the pool. Jokingly, Cal suggested I go ask Pierre for a practice run on an erotic massage. Maybe after that it would be easier for me to fulfill our fantasy and do it with an audience.

"Forget it, Cal!

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All I need is rest. I'll be O.K. for tonight. You go play golf and I'll be ready when you get back." We finished breakfast; Cal was gone for the day and I donned my bikini and sauntered out to the poolside with an iced tea and a sultry romance novel. It was a hot morning and not a half hour later I was moving to the shade of one of the large umbrellas strewn around the pool.

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Although the story was pure fiction, it was getting me in the mood. Reading about 'tall and handsome thrusting himself against Monica at a chance meeting at the library', I was thinking of tall and blonde Pierre thrusting himself against me.

Just then, Pierre was heading toward me. He had a large towel over his left shoulder and his right hand held a tall glass of iced coffee. Most noticeable was the bulge in the front of his trunks. He wasn't even hard and his tight trunks were stretching. "Do you mind if I join you, Leslie?" I was getting those same feelings in my tummy with Pierre sitting close to me. A lot of small talk and as would happen, things finally got on the subject of massage and Pierre asked if I was ready for tonight.

I told Pierre I was still nervous about getting a sexual massage in front of Cal. Even though we both gave this a lot of thought and agreed to go through with it, I still didn't feel comfortable. I kept talking and the blurb about me getting a trial run massage today while Cal was out golfing poured from my lips.

Pierre was completely understanding and told me that many married women come to him for an erotic massage. Some of them never tell their husbands, but they tell me that after their massage, they go home and screw the brains out of their spouses. A sexual massage prepares both men and women for experiencing better sex and prolonged orgasms.

He emphasized the fact that it is not cheating if the massage fulfills its purpose in helping people to achieve a better and complete sex life. After Pierre told me that I felt relieved and I had to agree; Pierre's massages certainly helped me.

Listening to Pierre go on about massage got my insides churning once more and soon I was hinting that maybe I should give this practice run a go. Pierre had all morning free and the more I thought about it……Well, it didn't take much coaxing before we both got up and headed back to his room.

I caught myself staring at his tight butt as he opened the door. I wanted to touch him. I could already feel myself getting aroused. I don't know what came over me, but my bikini bra and bottom were off before Pierre could even get his table set up. His room was a little cool from the AC; I could feel goose bumps forming and my nipples were puckering as I stood there.

I was stark naked when Pierre turned around; he quickly notice I was cold and turned the AC off. I hopped up on his table; no sheet to cover me today. I wanted to be prepared for tonight. I told Pierre I wanted to get right to the erotic part and skip the initial relaxing part. He gave me regular massage anyhow; although it did seem quicker than before.


His warm hands felt so relaxing. Before he got into the erotic part, I mentioned how much I liked toys and things and asked if he ever used such things.

He said he had but didn't bring any with him. I felt I could tell Pierre anything and I happened to say how much I liked my butt probed and how I liked large toys for my pussy. Just as I finished, I saw Pierre reach into his bag and pull on a pair of latex gloves. He lubed up his hand and I felt his slick fingers near my butt hole. I shivered as he ran his finger around my sphincter and slowly eased it in. "Is this what you had in mind, Mrs.

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Leslie Kay Smythe?" All I could say was ooh and oh yah, Pierre. With his other hand rubbing my lips and clit, I could feel myself building fast toward an orgasm. I gripped each edge of the table; I started shaking more as Pierre drove two fingers into my butt. I couldn't help myself and came within minutes.

After I relaxed a bit, I turned over ready for the front. There must have been something in the air that morning to make me so horny.

After last night with Cal, I thought it would take me at least a week before I felt like that again. Pierre's thick cock was swollen as he massaged my breasts. I didn't hesitate this morning as I did last night when Cal and I were getting a massage together. I felt much more brazen this morning and reach out and grasped his throbbing tool. I was still wet and needed more, fast.

I reached into Pierre's trunks and wrapped my hand around his hot stiff member. God was he hard; extremely hard. He moved closer to me as he continued on my breasts. I was so hot and horny I wanted him in my mouth. I wanted to suck him off. My mind was raging as I pulled his cock out of his shorts. I wet myself when I notice a glistening drop of precum on his tip. Inches from my face, I open my mouth and licked his sweet precum.

Then I had thoughts of guilt as I savored Pierre. I thought of Cal and how he said I should go through a practice round of a sexual massage. Was this more than a practice massage? Damn right it was as I pulled Pierre closer and opened my mouth wider. I hadn't been drinking this morning and yet I still felt at ease with Pierre.

Cal would not have to know about this. I rationalized all sorts of reasons why this was O.K. I sucked and licked more precum from Pierre's thick cock. He was twice as thick as Cal. I slowly began jerking his tool while I held him in my mouth. I wanted taste his cum. I sucked and jerked faster. I wanted to feel him in me; even if only for a second.

Just as suddenly, Pierre pulled away and began working his way up my legs as he had done so several times already this week. Only today I was aware of what he would do. He would eventually get to my clit and make me cum. I was expecting it. Well, Pierre was full of surprises today.

He got to my clit with his hands; I was wet and swollen. I was about to cum when he said, "Leslie, may I try something different. I've never done this before, but there is something about you that just drives me closer to you?" Before I could answer or ask him what he wanted, he leaned down and attached his open mouth to my clit.

He instantly began sucking and licking. I couldn't say anything but, YES, Pierre, yes! I held his head and shook for three minutes as he expertly dined on my pussy. When he came up for air and stood beside me, his solid dripping log was screaming to enter me. I sat up and scooted to the end of the table. My butt was just over the edge as Pierre followed me. Without saying a word, I lay back down and parted my legs. Pierre instinctively slipped between them.

His trunks were on the floor beside the table He knew what I wanted as he aimed his massive shaft toward my sopping pussy.

He lifted my parted legs and rested my calves on his shoulders. He continued to massage my legs as I held his dripping tool to my awaiting pussy. He moved in closer as I rubbed him up and down a few times and positioned him to my entrance. He continued with light scratches on my thighs and tummy as he began opening me.

I was so wet and slippery. He slowly entered me; stretching every inch before he began pumping. I could feel his rock had dick hitting my cervix with each powerful thrust. His pubic bone was hammering my swollen clit. Cal never felt like this. I was ready to cum in seconds once more. Pierre increased his pace. I couldn't take my eyes off him; watching him drive his massive piston into me repeatedly, harder and faster, crushing my clit into orgasmic bliss.

I screamed out in pleasure and felt Pierre empty his hot load. I took my legs off his shoulders and wrapped them around his back. I sat up and put my arms around his neck as my pussy clamped his cock and I milked him dry.

I thanked Pierre for such a wonderful sample of what's to be expected in an erotic massage. I also mentioned that it is not necessary to tell Cal I took his advice to have a preview massage. I had enough massage for today and told Pierre I was ready for our honeymoon special tomorrow. He said that would be fine; he had to go pick up some supplies today and wouldn't be back until late. With a blissful smile on my face, I strolled back to my room to freshen up before going back out by the poolside and wait for Cal.

An hour or so later after reading half of my romance novel, my sweet hubby returned. He had a great day; an 83, one of his best. He was ready to celebrate and offered to take my out for dinner tonight; of course I accepted. He asked if I had a sample massage today and again of course I said no.

I told Cal how I had met Pierre earlier this morning by the poolside. He sat with me and we talked more about our fantasy massage tonight. I told him I didn't know if I was ready yet and I also brought up the idea of using toys. He seemed like that idea also. Last I saw of him he said heading toward Miami to pick up some supplies; maybe he might pick up some toys just for us! I think I need a rest from massage today and an evening out for a romantic dinner feels like just what the doctor ordered.

Cal and I had a wonderful evening of dining, drinking and dancing. We got back late, got undressed, showered, and went straight to bed. Thinking of what Pierre and I did this morning caused me to get aroused; not again I said to myself.


I mounted Cal and fucked him into unconsciousness once more, waking some of the neighbors in the process, I'm sure. This, so far, was becoming the best vacation/honeymoon ever.

I remembered thinking how much I just wanted to see that thick cock of Pierre's. Well I certainly got more than just an eyeful today. I just couldn't wait until tomorrow as I dozed off into dreamland.